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Naked Aces 5

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/24/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Cute effects for the opening sequence.  (click for trailer)

Naked Aces 5 (Riley Steele)

Digital Playground

Cody Bangs was the massage therapist on the set

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Robby D.

Daisy Marie and Jerry

Cast: Daisy Marie, Jerry, Kelly Divine, Tony DeSergio, Riley Steele, Erik Everhard, Shawna Lenee, James Deen, Shay Jordan, Tommy Gunn
Non sex roles: Jim F. and Yordog

Kelly Divine and Tony DeSergio

Length: 121:09 minutes

Date of Production: 5/2/2008

Riley Steele's debut

Extras: The best extra was the 15:37 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Jamal Johnson (edited by Evul Atheng). It some of the comedic effects added in and gave a nod to Jamal's lust for the ladies; not quite top tier for the company but better than several of their recent outings. There was also the usual extras like a slideshow, a photogallery, a pop shot compilation from the scenes as well as trailers to shows like Pirates II, Island Fever 4, Shay Jordan: All American Girl, Deeper 8, Image, Jana Cova: Sexual Freak, Pirates, and the usual Virtual Sex titles like Virtual Sex with Shay Jordan, Virtual Sex with Kira Kener, Virtual Sex with Jana Cova, Virtual Sex with Mercedez, Virtual Sex with Sophia Santi, Virtual Sex with Teagan Presley, Virtual Sex with Jesse Jane, and Virtual Sex with Nikki Tyler; being all that the DVD contained.

Shawna Lenee!

Condoms: None

Shay Jordan and Tommy Gunn!

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Audio/Video Quality: Naked Aces 5 was presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Robby D. for release by Digital Playground next month. The lighting was solid here, as expected given this was Robby's standard type of gonzo, and that meant that the limited amounts of grain and other visual elements used to lend a sense of texture were minimal. While I generally prefer flood lighting in my gonzo porn, Robby has a way of showing it all with less light, the tint of the colors only slightly off as a result and his Jim F. as a second cameraman (not to mention an uncredited henchman) in line with previous efforts in the series. The way the scenes were shot and edited decent, Willem Default the credited editor of the moment. The composition of the shots and the editing enhanced the look of the ladies more than a little bit too, proving what this critic has to say about the production team led by Robby with the DVD mastering revealing no compression artifacts (the bitrate varying but often staying near the upper 6 Mbps range). The audio was presented in a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English (using 448 Kbps as the audio bitrate and a 48 kHz sampling rate for those who care) with a minimalist leaning that seemed unique in most ways to productions outside of the other Jack series, with the vocals always dominating the audio track as I like it. While there wasn't much separation between the channels, if any, the ladies were almost always clearly heard and their moans added to the enjoyment of the show.

Body of Review: Robby D. is the type of director that does his own thing on occasion, his overall work at Digital Playground earning him enough leeway with the bosses to chase his deviant muse often enough. One of his stranger series to date has been one full of guns, gals, and goofiness, the latest volume being Naked Aces 5. To date, the series has played on a variety of weird situations and characters that remind me of a pornified Mexican action movie, the kind you see in low end video stores of the wrong side of town (or on very late night cable), this time the light plot centering on a scheme to turn men into zombified losers with the help of the internet. The draw this time was the use of two contract performers; newcomer Riley Steele and always cute Shay Jordan; using their feminine wiles to stop the plot less they lose their access to cock for all time. While it sounds silly, the idea of the series is a light nod to a certain style of movie using a lot more skill than one would thing necessary, making the lightly tied together vignettes even more amusing as a result. Ninja Tommy Gunn uses a website (this time portrayed by the Digital Playground website by the way) to send subliminal messages to get men more interested in lotion, apple pie, and flat screen televisions, the call to the Naked Aces secret society sent up to Shay so the ladies can defeat his scheme once more. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Daisy Marie, the first Naked Ace to crack a case, used her Latina charms to deprogram Jerry out of his fetish for blow up dolls. The humor of the guy making out with the device was a bit creepy but Daisy was aggressive enough to convince him that the "plastic pussy" wasn't as good as the real thing. While I could mention something about implants, I'll refrain in the spirit of the scene, Daisy's active blowjob more involving than Jerry's limited bout of tongue boning on her. Daisy was an active rider much of the time, Jerry plowing her fertile field as she pushed back to meet his thrusts. She provided dirty talk and opened her mouth for the population pudding, Jerry trying to "make it messy" as she asked for.

Scene Two: Kelly Divine, a fleshy gal with an ample sample, was up next as she coaxed moper Tony DeSergio out of his love for petroleum jelly and into a desire to drill her hot holes. Initially, she was shoving his face into her curves but a compromise where he coated her tits and ass with the goo was reached, her sweet ass looking better shiny than dry. The ass play led to Kelly inhaling his cock actively, moving forward to a vaginal and anal fuck where she bounced really hard on the rod. Kelly has been making a name for herself in some high end stroke flicks so she was a solid choice to include here even if she wasn't at her best. Kelly also was one of the most open ladies to taking the rubbed out load to her face, with open eyes and mouth while giving some post coital sucking. Yow!

Scene Three: Riley Steele, the beautiful little Xcritic blogger and company contract performer seen on the right hand side of the cover, was up in her first released scene for them as she dissuaded studly Erik Everhard from his mesmerized love of apple pie to a love for her hair pie. Riley's brilliant blue eyes sparkled and her face reminded me of a young Jenna Jameson without the mileage, the perfect cheerleader type plucked straight out of her teenage world to make her the latest contract gal with potential. She was far too lean for my tastes but those of you that like the barely legal body style and youthful appearance of the lady will find her a treat on the eyes. Needless to say, she exhibited a lot of chemistry with Erik, the guy eating her out successfully before she actively reciprocated with a short blowjob. She wanted a lot more though and backed up to him, taking his cock in doggy style as he nestled her from behind. Riley was too small to participate as actively as I wanted her though so her potential is as yet unrealized (maybe her scene in the forthcoming Pirates II, her first scene for the company, will prove her to be as fabulous as I've heard). Riley also became an active rider by the end of the scene, the comfortable bed serving nicely as their platform of love. Also of note is that she jerked him off to her own face, a nice change of pace even if done with too much emphasis on close up photography.

Scene Four: Shawna Lenee, the curvy babe seen on the left hand side of the cover, was up next as she took the case of moper James Deen and his newfound love for generic lotion. She thankfully interrupted his disgusting display of self love with "Happy Time Lube" and "Motion Lotion" to convince him that it would work better on her curvy form than his own brainwashed body. The goofy argument over the broken bottle aside (he really ran with it) was over as she started to work wonders on his body, the two of them doing some oral as the clothing flew off. They gave each other some limited head before banging vaginally, Shawna's perfect pussy the best spot to penetrate from the looks of it. She was swollen with desire and actively riding his rod in several positions, screaming out too loudly but maintaining eye contact with him as able to make it a better scene. She even sat on his face between positions as she did some PTM to clean her juices off the guy, some marks left from him slapping her ass or grabbing her throat being my only points of dislike. The scene closed up when he jerked off to her pussy, plunging back inside to finish the job as the camera faded away (showing some additional chemistry). Sweet!

Scene Five: Shay Jordan, the hotty Blogger on the center of the front cover, was up last as she took on the nefarious Tommy Gunn in the living room. They fought in comic "Batman" style (the television show, not the recently released movie The Dark Knight) complete with comic book fight noise bubbles, eventually settling in as they orally serviced each other. Shay was in good form as she aggressively inhaled his meat pipe, toying with him as she brought his excitement levels up even higher. That led to her taking his dick in several positions, not nearly as active as it could have been but the idea I got was how she was holding on for dear life and enjoying herself instead of performing for the camera. By the end of the scene she was pushing back on his penis driving inside of her though, their chemistry undeniable even when the wad of semen went to her face and mouth.

Summary: Naked Aces 5 by director Robby D. for release by Digital Playground next month was a solid showcase for newcomer cutie Riley Steele, her looks and charm indicative of what fans can expect of her in the future. Shay was also in top form as the lead player of the show, her star still on the rise as she playfully proves her ability to liven up any scene she is in, not to mention her sense of humor at some admittedly twisted comedic writing. The other ladies were a nice bunch too but there was enough strokability, replay value, and fuck for the buck to merit a rating of Recommended from me, some of you into guns and passive females in porn maybe considering it even better than that. The humorous elements were corny but managed to make me laugh more than a few times, making it as solid an effort as any previous volumes in the series. In short, Naked Aces 5 had some rough spots but will show fans that the company is responding to demands to go beyond generic gonzo into the wide open spaces of comedy in such a way that would make Quentin Tarentino proud.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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