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Anal Beach Buns: Special Extended Set

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/30/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Title Page (click for trailer)

Anal Beach Buns: Special Extended Set

Evil Angel/Jay Sin Video

Velicity Von and Lexi Love!

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Jay Sin

Ashley Blue and Melissa Lauren!

Cast: Lexi Love, Velicity Von, Sean Michaels, Ashley Blue, Melissa Lauren, Ricki White, Rucca Page, Criss Strokes, Carolyn Reese, Emilianna, Bobbi Starr, Mr. Marcus

Rucca Page and Ricki White!

Length: 255:57 minutes

Date of Production: 6/30/2008 (cover); 5/23/2008 (credits)

Carolyn Reese and Emilianna!

Extras: The majority of the extras were on the second disc, starting with a 40 second long set of Bloopers. They weren't numerous enough to merit extended discussion but still providing some comic relief. This was followed by a 7:33 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that also showed the cast having some fun on the sets of the flick, as well as some camera footage of the ladies in various states of undress on the road as well as by the pool. Then came a 31:48 minute long set of outtakes that included all that and more sexual conduct, amounting to what was left on the cutting room floor (to quote another company). Then came a slightly different extra called "Interviews" where the director essentially provided more footage by the cast talking (typically about themselves but also about their roles in the movie) lasting 44:52 minutes. Five set photogalleries, a cumshot recap, a number of limited filmographies, and a cast list later finished up the extensive extras selection of the movie. The first disc had four trailers and a cast list as well but primarily was devoted to the movie itself. Nice job!

Bobbi Starr!

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Anal Beach Buns was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Jay Sin for Evil Angel using the MPEG-2 codec for standard definition release. The bitrate was usually in the mid to upper 3 Mbps range but the basic lighting covered the action fairly well so there were not a lot of shadows around during the scenes. The flesh tones were slightly too saturated and the composition of the shots was not always the best for the ladies but the anal tricks that so fascinated director Jay Sin were obviously the most important thing to capture for him; the wacky fun a bit much at times for my sensibilities. Still, the action was clearly recorded and the raw energy of the cast was caught better than I expected; making it a decent looking fuck flick in most ways. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English using a 192 Kbps bitrate and 48 kHz sampling rate; the lack of separation and dynamic range meaning the audio was a bit flatter than hoped for. It was low end audio for the most part but given the gonzo niche of the movie, this is to be expected.

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Body of Review: Jay Sin is one of the few directors at Evil Angel that I really know little about other than he makes a good fit at the company due to his love of curve female ass. Jay seems driven to provide gonzo scenes with more circus act sex or fetish themes than most of his peers too, perhaps as a means of differentiating himself in the admittedly crowded field, the results varying significantly but the guy often finding just the right niche to provide something off the beaten track. His latest title making it my way is Anal Beach Buns: Special Extended Set, a series of five lengthy scenes full of tease and swimsuit appeal, using ladies that offer a sweet array of cunning stunts to serve as inspiration for your own hand to gland combat experiences. The company website said it like this: "Hot girls in skimpy swimsuits, crazy ass worship and lots of winking anuses await you in Jay Sin's new movie. Bobbi Starr starts out fully dressed, but soon strips down to a little bikini to tease us. She bounces bottomless on a beach ball and inserts a glass butt toy before getting mauled by Sean Michaels and Mr. Marcus, who apply clothespins to her sensitive nipples; they take turns fucking her ass, and spatter cum on her ass and face. Lexi Love and Velicity Von are poolside, swimming and frolicking, and they enlist their towel boy Sean in a steamy threesome, spreading lots of oil on their tits and buttocks; he fucks both of their fat, round asses and gives 'em a cum facial. Carolyn Reese and Emilianna are two blondes with big natural boobs, wearing sun dresses on the beach. They strip down to string swimsuits and tanktops, have some public fun in the surf, then take a shower together back at the house. There's ass-licking, toys in buttholes, lots of fun with oil, and sincerely ass-obsessive action. This 2-disc set has five extensive photo galleries along with 85 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, outtakes and bloopers, plus Jay Sin trailers." Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Lexi Love, a lean cutie with a pair of loveable beef curtains and thick pubic bush, was up first with curvier Velicity Von, as the two ladies lounged by the swimming pool in their bikinis. The camera captured their asses all too well and they were some frolicking in the water with a nod to horny fun and playfulness. They stripped their suits off upon leaving the crystal clear water, meeting seasoned porn veteran Sean Michaels at the edge of the pool. The ladies saw he was sporting a long, thick rod of black cock, handling him into a fully turgid state before they led him inside the house to get revved up for some heated action. I haven't seen much of Sean since he left PXP but he loves the ladies and has the equipment to handle the most experienced of them, oiling up the ladies as they bent over in anticipation of his dick tearing into them. The oiling procedure also served as additional tease, the ladies shaking their money makers as he licked their perfect puckers, exploring where many men have boldly gone before. The ladies then serviced him orally with a sultry hummer, cleaning his balls and shaft well beyond their expected limits (or at least what a reviewer that hasn't seen what they can do would perceive as their limits). The titty fucking led to the gals actively riding his monster, Velicity having a distinctive advantage in this portion of the show while Lexi was the oral whore of the moment (Velicity sitting on his face before his cock). Lexi was bold enough to go first by actively sitting on his rod too, her beef curtains parting to wrap around his shaft as Velicity played with her pucker. Velicity went next, the vaginal moving to anal where she slowed down a whole lot, Lexi assisting from underneath the gal in their 69 position. Lexi also took him in the ass after a preliminary pop, Velicity doing ATM clean up before licking her friend's wink all over again. The gals continued to alternate on him as well, Lexi pissing all over the camera ("squirting"...) and Sean busting a nut of population pudding in Velicity's mouth for cumswapping, the gals waving goodbye at the 64 minute mark of the movie. Wow!

Scene Two: Ashley Blue, a frisky anal princess or extreme queen for years now, was up next in a pink bikini by the pool, moving over to spray tanning lotion on newly implanted brunette Melissa Lauren on the sunny day. Ashley having a small chest liked feeling her friend up, the lotion/oil allowing for some shiny good times with them switching places for Melissa to massage Ashley's cute ass. This continued inside on the bed, the abrupt edit point jarring but understandable in quickly made porn, some plastic clothespins serving as nipple clamps on Ashley. Melissa couldn't get enough of her friend front or back, additional baby oil used on each as they ground against each other, the spanking and finger play looking exciting as their chemistry was displayed for all of the world to see. Both ladies were oral experts too and the fingering gave this jaded old porn hound some wood, a series of large anal toys stretching both of them beyond even their point of comfort. The ladies got off to the playful antics though, pushing each other to go further and calmly coaxing some heated anal play. For those that care, some of the toys were huge, nearly as wide around as their wrists but longer, so if you like seeing that kind of thing more than I do, you'll have to grab a copy. Nice!

Scene Three: Ricki White, a curvy brunette with a lot of spunk to her personality, was up next with also appealing Rucca Page, the ladies becoming the first in the cast to actually go to a beach, albeit a sucky, rock filled beach. Their bikinis were larger than the previous ones and they played in the murky water but their tan lines and curves were such that fans of "fluff" women will find them delightful to behold. They laid out in the sand on their towels when slacker Criss Strokes came along, the ripped guy assisting them by spreading the awesome oil to shine up their figures. They decided to reciprocate and oiled him up a bit as well, going up the stairs to the beach house where the ladies continued pawing him inside. The clothing fell to the wayside and the gals sucked him off aggressively, all three of them playing with tits, cock, and ass. The oral was handled mostly by the ladies initially though, the knob slobbing turning to the vaginal pounding where the gals were exceedingly active too. Ricki was probably the most able to impale herself on the cock, but I sure wouldn't have kicked Page out of bed for the chance at boning her either, the ladies taste testing between positions and Ricki loving Page's bushy pubic mound. The ladies were even more active riding anally here, their sweaty forms embracing their inner whore as it were to show they were not just doing it for money but showing a need for seed as well. The scene eventually ended when Criss popped most of his wad inside of Ricki, the spew dripping down her leg even as he tried to give them a second helped jerked off to their faces for swapping and swallowing. Yum!

Scene Four: Carolyn Reese and Emilianna, two very fetching blonds with sweetly curved figures, were up as the first scene of the second disc, the ladies good enough to be featured on the front cover. They also were shown at a beach, this one a more traditional looking beach with miles of sand as their incredibly tiny one piece swimsuits hugged their bodies; white crop tops probably keeping the police from arresting them in the public display of nudity. They played in the surf and splashed water on each other, laying out to dry off but using plenty of oil during the continued tease to get me even more interested. They went inside the expansive bathroom of the house to clean up, caressing each other slowly with a lot of attention paid to their asses. They had a lot of personal chemistry going on too, eating each other out and oiling up some more on the floor to continue the sexual depravity. The rest of the scene was a lighter version of Scene Two above, smaller toys used as the gals did their lesbian love tricks, less about performing than getting each other off with tongues, fingers, and toys. It was more believably heated as a result and a nice change of pace from the earlier size queens (though they did use some pretty big toys and the enema trick was gross in my estimation).

Scene Five: Bobbi Starr, another rising star in the porn world for her playful but passionate anal antics, was up next as she came back from the beach to show her tan line as she undressed in the living room. Her neon blue bikini hugged her sweetly and it was clear she got some sun (at least on her ass), her brilliant eyes sparkling as she teased the camera. After she was done showing her goodies, she was joined by Mr. Marcus and Sean Michaels; both studs worthy of her talents. She gave them messy blowjobs as she alternated back and forth, streamers flying everywhere but it was the penetrative sex that her fans will care most about. This was another of her award winning interracial scenes, the men slapping that sweet, fleshy ass of hers and pounding her deeper anally than she usually gets a chance to appreciate. Her "O" ring was really torn up too so while she continued to buck during the fuck, her active riding session here appeared to come at a cost, the guys licking her from time to time but the gal in need of a few days off from the looks of it. Neither of the guys was modestly endowed, her pussy still looking fresh enough to give her a break if needed by Bobbi driving them to new depths of depravity. The ending wads of semen hit her ass and mouth, the credits rolling with the droning but okay music and a great montage of tease footage. This was a fine way to end a decidedly passionate encounter and movie as a whole. Whoa!

Summary: Anal Beach Buns by director Jay Sin for Evil Angel was a lot to handle but the performances seemed to show the ladies naturally enjoying all that took place and their chemistry enhanced by passion warranted a rating of Highly Recommended. The technical values had some rough spots but the extras package was among the best I've seen this month, no small feat considering the stacks of porn proliferating on my tables and desk, making this one to check out. In short, Anal Beach Buns: Special Extended Set might have rougher sex than I generally watch but the casting was superior and fans of gonzo styled anal antics will be hard pressed to find a better release for what Jay Sin provided. Good work!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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