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Hung Country For Young Men

Studio: Jet Set Men » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 8/1/08

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Date of Production: 2008

Length: 90 minutes

Director: Chris Steele

Cast: Dylan Wood, Kyle York, Rod Daily, Tyler Saint, Trystian Sweet, Rocky Houston, Kevin Cavalli, and Tommy Blade

Body Types: body builder types, smooth chests, younger guys

Condoms: yes

Things to see: guys in uniforms, threesomes, chain-gang fucking

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Plot: Sheriff Wood is determined to find and punish the drifter who escaped from the town jail cell.

The Movie:

In the dusty town of Weed, New Mexico, sheriff Dylan Wood arrests a drunken man who threw a few punches at his face.  The unruly drunk is locked in the holding cell with a sexy drifter (Rocky Houston).  Rocky begins to erotically touch the passed out inmate, which entices the understaffed, overworked, and horny sheriff to come into the cell and fuck the town drunk.  In his aroused state, the sheriff fails to see that Rocky escaping and locking the cell door behind him.  For the rest of the film, sheriff Wood hunts down Rocky so that he can punish him (and his ass) for making a fool out of him. 

In a seamless blend of authentic looking sets and on-site shooting somewhere in the deserts of the southwest, Hung Country For Young Menpaints an erotic tale thanks to the high level of quality put into making this film feel and look authentic.  While the sets and scenery help with the film's realism, the sex and the attractive models serve to make this one one of 2008's hottest DVD's. 

Scene one: Dylan Wood and Kyle York

Once he tosses Kyle into the holding cell, sheriff Woody finds that he can't take his eyes off Rocky Houston gently playing with Kyle's erect penis.  Unable to control himself, Dylan enters the cell so that Kyle can get what's coming to him.  Kyle gives the sheriff a slobbery blowjob, while Rocky escapes.  Rocky then shuts the door and tells the sheriff that he should have been paying better attention. 

Knowing that no one will be in the office until dawn, the guys decide to make the best of the situation.  With his dick properly polished, he sucks on Kyle's cock, which surely must have an alcohol aftertaste by now.  Sheriff Wood then shoves his sheathed member into Kyle's tight ass.  Sheriff fucks him from behind and then follows with Kyle's legs up in the air.  Kyle moans throughout the process and keeps his dick hard.  Finally, Kyle shoots his load onto his own chest and Dylan shoots onto the floor. 

Scene two: Tyler Saint and Tommy Blade

While Tyler cleans the counters at the local bar the hunky Latin delivery boy (Tommy) stops bye to deliver a "special package."  The guys kiss passionately before they decide to head back to the stockroom to make out some more.  When the muscled studs remove their clothes Tyler pushes Tommy down to his cock.  Tommy sucks away, though Tyler is eager to face fuck him.  After that, Tyler bends Tommy over so that he can rim his fine piece of ass.  Some rough fucking follows for Tommy.  Tommy proves to be an incredibly aggressive bottom since he moves his hole back and forth on Tyler's shaft.  Tyler then fucks Tommy from above, giving us a great view of his fat cock.  Tommy eventually busts his nut onto his own chest, and Tyler shoots his cum onto Tommy below. 

Scene three: Rod Daily, Kevin Cavalli, and Trystian Sweet 

Back at the bar, Rod stops playing pool with his friend (Trystian) so that he can take a piss.  On his way to the restroom, he passes a hot guy (Kevin) and gives him the look of lust.  At the urinal he masturbates until Kevin walks in and starts to masturbate too.  The guys watch each other jerk off until Kevin heads south to orally please Rod.  Kevin also gets his dick sucked before Trystian walks into the bathroom to find the guys having sex.  Not wanting to pass up an opportunity, Trystian pulls out his cock so that Kevin can get it wet with his warm tongue. 

Rod and Kevin then expose their asses up into the air so that Trystian can give them a good ass licking.  Trystian spends some quality time probing and licking all around each guy's hole.  After that, Rod fucks Kevin on a haystack, while Trystian watches.  However, Trystian only waits a few moments before he then shoves himself into Rod, thus forming a fucking chain-gang for the boys.  More fucking follows, when Kevin gets his chance to fuck Rod's hole for a while.  Finally, the guys shoot their creamy loads all over Rod, making him look like a cum glazed doughnut. 

Scene four: Dylan Wood and Rocky Houston

While sheriff Wood lies passed out on the bar, Tyler Saint discovers the fugitive drifter hiding in the storage room.  Still drunk, the sheriff rises to his feet and grabs the drifter.  Dylan tells the little punk that he is going to punish him good for making a fool of him.  Dylan undoes his belt buckle and tells Rocky to suck his cock.  The sheriff face-fucks him good, though he can't resist sucking on Rocky's dick as well.  Sheriff Wood then fucks Rocky with his legs up in the air and from behind.  After the intense fucking, Dylan shoots his load onto Rocky's leg, followed by Rocky shooting his cum all over the place. 

Both drunk and well sexed, the sheriff passes out, allowing Rocky to escape once again.  Perhaps we might find out what happens in the sequel. 


The DVD:



Presented in anamorphic widescreen, the image is sharp, bright, and colorful.  Detail is pretty good and the film simply looks irresistible. 


The soundtrack is surprisingly good for a porno flick.  The music is both delicate and moody, helping to give this porno a cinematic feel.  All of the action can be clearly heard without a hitch. 


First things first, the menu system is very interesting.  Pressing one selection leads to a seamless animation that takes you to another menu.  Its harder to describe than it is just to see for yourself, but I found the menus to be something that even mainstream titles could learn a thing or two from.  Extras are plentiful including a lengthy Dylan Wood solo (very nice stuff!), a photo gallery, cumshot review, cast review (names and footage of the cast), and some trailers. 

Final thoughts:

This was a well made andgenuinely hot film.  All of the actors were very cute, so much so that it was difficult to pick favorites.  The sex is well staged and (more importantly) completely erotic and hot.  In addition to the high levels of quality, the DVD boasts a stunning widescreen transfer, excellent audio, and some nice extra features.  Therefore, Hung Country For Young Men clearly deserves the  XCriticPick rating.

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