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My Evil Sluts 2

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by The Horny Housewife » Review Date: 8/5/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Title: My Evil Sluts 2
Studio: Evil Angel
Category: Euro, Lez, Group, solo, Gonzo
Director: Raul Christian & Clara G
Starring: Aletta Alien, Cherry Jul, Cindy Hope, Clara G., Eliza, Eve Jordan, Jasmine Rouge, Joysen, Lauro Giotto, Mike Angelo, Mugur, Sabrina Sweet, Serilla Lamante, Titus Steel
Released Date: 6/30/2008
Running time: 3:04
Condoms: None

My Evil Sluts 2 from Evil Angel features 10 of the hottest Euro babes to be in XXX today. This DVD is packed with 6 hardcore scenes plus an extra bonus one that will leave any fan of XXX very happy. Keep in mind that these girls are fashion model beautiful yet are nasty and fuck and as hardcore as you could ever imagine. Clara G and Raul Christian Bring you the second installment of a very volcanic series and chances are you wont want to miss out on this.

Scene #1: Cherry Jul & Alien

Wow... both these girls looks absolutely stunning. Cherry Jul is dressed up in the sexiest little cop outfit you have ever seen while Alien is also dressed to kill in a tiny plaid mini skirt with a black skimpy top, black panties and knee high socks. The girls begin by massaging on each others beautiful bodies before getting nude. Before long each girl takes a turn at eating the other out while rubbing on each others firm bodies and passionately kissing. The girls then hear a knock an the door and they walk over to the the glass French Doors where they pull up on the blinds. Once they do so we see two guys dressed Hawaiian Luau attire both jacking themselves off . Cherry and Alien open the door and the guys enter the room. Once in the girls waste no time before sucking on their cocks in several very appealing positions. Before long the girls are layed out on the couch and both begin to get passionately fucked in several positions including doggy, missionary, and just about every way under the sun possible.  All of this fucking showcases both their amazing bodies very well. The action is fast and there is a lot going on in frame so its eye candy to the max. Eventually we see Cherry Jul get double penetrated while Alien kisses her and wow what a visual this was. Eventually both guys blow their loads of cum into Cherry's mouth where she then shows a mouthful of cum to the camera then goes and cum swaps into Aliens beautiful mouth and she swallows. The scene ends with the girls kissing and throwing the guys out of the house.

Scene #2: Clara G & Eliza

Clara is driving around town with her friend Eliza in the trunk of the car. She pulls over to talk to Raul Christian and Clara tells him that Eliza's tits are too big so she couldn't fit in the front of the car. Clara then drives to her house where she gets out the car opens up the trunk and pulls out Eliza by a belt tied around her neck. Eliza who is 27 years old is dressed up in a  one piece sexy vinyl top / mini skirt. Clara herself is dressed very nicely in a black top with thigh high stockings and  black high heels. Before Long Clara pulls out Eliza's huge tits and sucks on them. Clara then leads Eliza up some stairs and inside the house where Eliza gets on her knees and munches on Clara's cunt. Clara gets eaten out for a while before bending over Eliza to eat and finger her ass. Before long both girls are nude and Eliza takes her turn at eating out and tongue fucking Clara's anus, she does so with lots of passion. The girls take turns at licking, fingering, and caressing each other until a large double ended dildo is introduced and this is where things get nasty.  Eliza bends over in doggy where Clara mouths her on top and with each end of the dildo inserted into each girls respective asshole they fuck each other. The dildo fucking continues with both girls going into several positions and locations including a set of stairs where they fucking each other with the massive toy. Clara basically lands up using the dildo as an extension of her own body to work over Eliza in the best way possible for a majority of the scene. Ultimately Clara  gets Eliza on the a couch in missionary where she Fucks her gaping ass with the toy. Once Clara is done fucking Eliza's ass she lies back on the couch that she just finished fucking Eliza's on as says what a great scene it was and she is very happy with her sexual slave.

Scene #3: Jasmine Rouge

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Jasmine begins the scene by being interviewed by Clara G. We find out that Jasmine is very horny and that she will be fucking 3 guys and hopes to get double penetrated in her pussy for the very first time ever.  Jasmine gets up and show off her sexy body to the camera and she looks really great in her silver matching outfit. Jasmine teases the camera before getting nude. After she is nude she gets on the couch to play with her self and double finger her cunt to prepare for the two dicks she hopes to take in that hole. She plays with herself revealing her very beautiful body for a while until the three guys enter the room. Once they are all present she wastes no time getting on her knees and sucking them all off. After sucking them off she mounts one in Cowgirl while the other two take turns getting their cock sucked on.  While in cowgirl Jasmine gets a DP'd in her cunt and she really takes it like a champ and seems to do it with ease. This continues for a while until she changes position and gets fucked in spooning while this time sucking off two cocks in her mouth at the same time. She then goes into Missionary where much of the same formula of getting fucked while having at least one cock in her mouth continues. The guys move her from Missionary to doggy and finally into a standing position where once again she fucks one guy while sucking off another.  Much of the same action repeats itself including another DP before all three guys pop into her mouth while she is on her knees and she swallows.

Scene #4:  Eve Jordan &  Serilla Lamante

Clara begins by interviewing these two sexy sweethearts Eve & Serilla. They are both sitting on an outdoor patio table and these girls are definitely hot as fire. Both are dressed to match each other which really looks adorable and i loved every minute of seeing them before they eventually get naked. To describe their clothing they are both dressed in black and pink bras, tiny mini shirts / lingerie bottoms with blank panties, knee high socks and super hot black high heels.

The girls begin the scene by pulling down on each others tops ans sucking on each others beautiful tits. Lots of rubbing takes place which looks amazing coming from these amazing looking women. Before long Serilla is nude and Eve is massaging on her beautiful shaved cunt. Clara then tells Eve that she wants to see her naked as well and she pulls down on her panties. Eve then sucks on Serilla' s tits and fingers her cunt for a minute before the girls head inside. Once inside the  girls get on a bed where Serilla sucks on Eve's tits before Clara asks Serilla to get in to doggy where Eve fingers and licks her ass and pussy. It is so amazing to watch these girls on a scale of 1-10 these whores are 20's. Clara ( the director of the scene) off camera then introduces a dildo which she is wearing in P.O.V style and has both girls suck it like it was a cock. Both girls suck on the strap on dildo before each gets a turn at getting fucked by it. The girls get fucked in P.O.V by Clara in many positions including doggy, Missionary, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl before it all ens with Serilla getting fucked in Cowgirl until Clara decides that they have had enough. Once they have finished fucking Clara tells the girls to get the hell out of the house.

Scene #5: Sabrina Sweet, Clara G, Lauro Giotto

The scene starts off with Raul interviewing Clara G while she gets ready for the scene. She says that she along with Lauro Giotto will be fucking Sabrina Sweet and that she can't wait! They head outside where they find Sabrina with a huge dildo in her asshole preparing for the fucking she is about to take. Clara works over Sabrina's ass with the dildo and takes a few licks in before telling Sabrina to head inside. Once they are in the house Clara wastes no time by quickly to sucking on Sabrinas tits before turning her around to slap on her beautiful ass. The girls proceed with some passionate kissing and slapping before Clara gets on the couch and continue with the very rough foreplay. Clara then gets on the floor in doggy where Sabrina burry's her face in Clara's ass while tongue and finger fucking her anus. This continues for a while until Clara turns around on Sabrina and returns the favor this time adding the dildo Sabrina was playing with earlier. The girls then proceed fuck using the double ended dildo on each other. While this is going on Lauro enters the room and has Sabrina suck on his cock. Sabrina continues to suck on his cock through various positions while Clara is getting fucked over by Sabrina who is using the dildo. Lauro then enters Sabrina's ass in doggy style while Clara's is laying on the couch getting eaten out / fucked over by the toy which Sabrina has in her hand. Sabrina continues to get fucked by Lauro in various positions while she keeps up working over Clara. Eventually Sabrina goes to suck on Lauro's cock and Clara grabs the dildo and fucks the hell out of Sabrina's ass while taking time to occasionally eat her pussy. Sabrina finally mounts Lauro in reverse cowgirl where she gets fucked and eaten out by Clara at the same time. To wrap up the scene Sabrina gets off of riding Lauro and goes down to suck his cock and finger his asshole until he cums into her mouth. While this was going on Clara had been eating out Sabrina and getting foot fucked in her ass By Raul the cameraman. Before the scene can wrap Clara once again works over Sabrina with the dildo. 


Scene #6:  Joysen

Joysen enters the room and she is a knockout! She is wearing a black bra and a mini skirt to die for. Clara talks to her off camera asking her how old she is and we found out that she is 23 years old. She playfully moves around for the camera before getting up on a kitchen island to reveal her beautiful tits. She plays with her breasts for a while before moving on to rubbing her cunt. She turns around to reveal her beautiful ass and proceeds to pull down her panties and slap on her ass . The camera pans around her while she moves around so sexily and lands up at the kitchen sink here she spreads her legs turns on the water and has it flow onto her cunt. She eventually finger fucks herself while the water is running onto her before getting up lying back and deep throating a purple dildo.

Joysen eventually gets off the kitchen island and moves to a chair where she continues by fucking her cunt with the toy she just deep throated a few minutes earlier. She continues to play with her cunt and eventually shoves 4 fingers inside of herself before moving back fucking her slit with the dildo. She continues by fucking herself and sucking off the didlo until the scene ends.  Not a long scene but the girl was extremely beautiful and i loved every minute of it.



DVD Extras:


The DVD extras included a 20 Minute Bonus scene with Clara G and Cindy Hope.

There was no Behind the scenes here which is always a disappointment for me. I realize that with over 3 hours of sex already included into the disc adding anything more would lead to a lower bit rate which in turn would lead to a poor quality visuals.  Since that is the case Evil Angel would not sacrifice adding more content to already jam packed disc. A second disc with more BTS would be the best but then again that would raise the cost of the DVD so there are pro's and cons no matter which way you look at it.

Also included in the Extras is a Photo Gallery, a Cast list, and finally a tab for Website information. 

Final thoughts:

Beautiful visuals, beautiful sound, and most important beautiful women. This title much like its predecessor fires on all cylinders. It has everything you could want and then some more. To be perfectly honest the   Eve Jordan &  Serilla Lamante scene alone is worth the price of the Disc. That being said each scene is great and you cant go wrong with anyone of them. How many DVD's can you say that about?  I highly recommend you pick up this title.


Jen "The Horny Housewife"



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