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Runaway Love (Blu-Ray)

Studio: Metro » Review by The Horny Housewife » Review Date: 8/18/08

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Title: Runaway Love (Blu-Ray)
Studio: Cal Vista
Category: High Definition, Young girls
Director: DCypher
Starring: Barrett Blade, Ben English, Talon, Alexis Love, Justin Syder, Lexi Belle, Justice Young, Lindsey Meadows, Veronique Vega, Kissy Kapri
Released Date: 7/17/2008
Running time: 1:54
Condoms: None

Runaway Love revolves around the stories of 5 girls who run away from home for differing reasons. While the title can be misconstrued for being a feature in reality it is just 5 independent albeit weak stories of why these girls ran away from home and into sexual defiance.

Video / Audio

Runaway Love (Blu-Ray) is from Cal Vista is presented in a MPEG-2 Codec running at around 15mbps. The title looks good and compared to much of the upscaled DVD's I am accustomed to watching this one was definitely a notch above.  The flesh tones were very good and showed off the assets of the girls quite nicely. Being my first Blu-Ray porn title to date the difference between this and your regular run of the mil DVD was very noticeable and although I can't compare it directly to the SD version of this same title I can almost guarantee this one will look much MUCH better. That being said the Quality was not perfect as their appeared to be a bit of video noise present throughout the entire movie.

Audio was presented in 2 Channel Stereo running at 48 khz and the movie sounded very good.


Included in this title was an 18 Minute Behind the Scenes,  Trailers Section, and finally a Photo Gallery.

Scene #1: Lexi Belle 

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While Hitchhiking a voice over of Lexi is telling the story of how she left home so long ago that she doesn't know if her family would recognize her or her recognize them. Next thing we see is a hotel room door and once inside that room we see Lexi and her male partner kissing on the bed.  The guy pulls down on Lexi's shirt and sucks on her tits. She then unbuttons his shirt lies him back and pulls down his pants to suck on his nice cock. Before long Lexi undresses leaving only her panties on and continues with her nice cock sucking all the while showing off her cute little body. After she does some nice oral her partner gets Lexi on her back and commences to eat out on her nice looking little cunt. After eating out her pussy they proceed to fuck in missionary followed by cowgirl and then into reverse cowgirl. After They do some nice fucking in reverse cowgirl they go into a spooning postion where Lexi moans in such a cute voice while her pussy is getting filled with cock. Eventually the guy pulls out and shoots his cum all over her adorable little face.

Scene #2: Alexis Love

Alexis mom passed away and ever since that tragedy her alcoholic father has tightened up the grips on her. She feels that each person deals with death in their own way and her way is by giving herself up to guy for sex. The action begins with Alexis and her boyfriend Kissing on a bed where before long her top is off and she is getting her tits sucked on. Eventually Alexis lays her guy on his back and begins to suck on his fat cock doing so in a very erotic way.  After Alexis is done she gets put on her back where she spreads her legs reveling her cute little pussy and gets eaten out. Before long They are fucking in the missionary position and she fingers her clit and moans in extreme pleasure. After some nice fucking in missionary they go into cowgirl where Alexis wet little cunt gets pounded hard. They then proceed to reverse cowgirl where we see the really cute Alexis in some nice camera angles getting her pussy filled up.  Alexis finally gets off of the guy for a minute to taste her pussy off his cock but quickly returns to reverse cowgirl where she continues to get plowed. After revers Alexis goes into doggy followed again by missionary before getting a pop shot to the mouth.

Scene #3: Kissy Kapri & Talon

Kissy is living at home with her mom and step dad. She has no job because as she puts it her only skills are surfing the Internet and masturbating.  While surfing the net Kissy has met this older pervert who she loves to flirt with. After her stepfather tells her she needs a job and hits on her she can't take no more and runs away to be with her Internet boyfriend. Cue the guys house and Kissy walks into the living room. They sit and talk on the couch for a minute before Kissy goes down to suck on his cock. After sucking him off Talon lies Kissy on her back and commences to eat out and finger fuck her pussy.
They then begin to fuck in reverse cowgirl followed by cowgirl. Kissy eventually lands up on her back getting fucked in missionary before Talon pulls out of her wet pussy and shoots his load onto her face.

Scene #4: Veronique Vega

Growing up an army brat Veronique always loved art. After her father is sent to Iraq and killed her mother goes into her own shell and Veronigue is left on her own. She decides that she would love to do a road trip to NY to see all the art she can and she knows that her father would approve of this. While viewing some art at some gallery  Veronique gets nude and posses like a statue in hopes that the guard will not see her and she cant spend the night in the museum. He inst fooled and comes up to her to question her but quickly notices he likes what he sees so he grabs on her breasts. The next thing you know They kiss and the head to a back room to commence their fucking. Once in the room the two ist on a couch and the guard gets his cock sucked off by Veronique. The guy then gets Her on her back and plays with her pussy a bit before the two start to fuck in missionary. After Missionary they move into reverse cowgirl. Finally Veronigue gets fucked in spooning for a while until her partner cant take no more and pulls out to nut on her face.

Scene #5: Lindsey Meadows

Lindsey is a virgin who is madly in love with Tommy. He asks her to run away with him and she agrees. The way Tommy supports Lindsey is by robbing banks. The two are in a barn discussing getting married because Lindsey wont go past 2nd base with him until they do. He tells her don't worry after this next bank job we will so she decides it's time to go all the way. They begin by Lindsey lying on her back spreading her legs and getting eaten out. After Lindsey gets eaten out which looked good She moves to suck his cock. Lindsey sucks on his cock for a while before she turns around to get fucked from behind. The camera angle shown here was nice as it was able to show his cock sliding in and out of her attractive pussy very well. Eventually Lindsey lies on her back and gets fucked in missionary until he pulls out and cums on her face.

Final Thoughts:

Runaway Love ( Blu-Ray) from Cal Vista was definitely a nice title to review.  I found myself liking the title more than I would normally have due to the increased resolution provided by the blu-ray format. Had i been watching this same title in Standard Definition i don't know if i would have been so impressed though. The sex while good at times seemed to be lacking chemistry and each scene seemed to follow the exact same path as all the others. All in all the title was good just not great. I really enjoyed seeing Lexi Belle and Alexis Love getting fucked in HD and they were in my opinion the best girls featured in this release. If you are a big fan of either you should check this Disc out. I recommend you Rent this title due too my opinion of a lack of replay value.


Jen "The Horny Housewife"



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