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Best of Thugporn 2

Studio: Pitbull Productions » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 8/19/08

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Production Dates: September 2005-August 2006

Directed By: Jalin Fuentes

The Movie:

Scenes from Pitbull Productions' Bottoms Up, In the Heat, Lord of da Pinga, Dillon the One, Straight Meat, and Love of the Dick Volume Three.


Tiger Tyson, Supreme (aka Castro), Viper, Double R., Dillon, Carmello, T. Malone, Chaos, Bandit, Midnight, Joshua, Lil Jay, Ludacris.

The Dudes:

The Best of Thugporn 2 offers up thirteen hot Black and Latino dudes with long 'n short dark hair; muscular and toned bodies; lightly hairy and smooth chests; plenty of tattoos; full and trimmed pubes; hairy and shaved bungholes; and uncut 'n cut dongs.

Run Time: 2 Hours

Condoms: Yes.

Scene One: Bottoms Up:

Prison Guard Tiger Tyson (good-looking with short dark hair, goatee, toned/smooth body with tattoos) manhandles inmate T. Malone (good-looking with short dark hair, goatee, toned/smooth body) by tying his hands behind his back and forcing him to bend over a table. Tiger quickly yanks T.'s red briefs down revealing a tasty bum followed by Tiger pulling his own blue jeans and briefs down showing off his full dark pubes and big hard uncut cock. T. chows down on that tasty unclipped dong slowly sliding his mouth up 'n down giving some very hot head. Dude definitely knows how to suck a mean cock.

Tiger lubes T's tight hole and slides in from behind for some fast 'n hard doggy-style with some okay penetration shots from behind. T. cries out with sheer lust. This is some very rough 'n tumble quick 'n hard man-sex that comes of rather clumsy with equally clumsy videography although there are some decent penetration shots. T.'s cut cock is limp the entire time Tiger fucks him. Tiger busts a large thick nut on T.'s bum. Sadly, T. does not cum.

Scene Two: In the Heat:

Bandit (good-looking with short dark hair, muscular/smooth body) and Ludacris (good-looking with short dark hair, slender/toned/lightly hairy body) are on the roof of an apartment building smoking ciggies before they head inside for some deep 'n wet tongue sucking and sexy body rubbing. Ludacris sucks 'n licks Bandit's hard nipples working his way down and taking that big 'n stiff cut tube steak into his mouth giving some very good head. There are some very juicy close-ups of the dick sucking here. In return, Bandit takes his buddy's stiff clipped tool sliding his mouth up 'n down gettin' a good old-fashioned taste of delicious man meat. Ludacris sinks his tight hairy man-hole down on that large dong riding that thang like a champ cramming his chute full while crying out and moaning with carnal desire.

This is one fast 'n hard game of the ol' sink/bounce leading Bandit to hump his hips upward to fuck his friend's ass. "Yeah, take that shit!" Unfortunately, there are no decent penetration shots provided here. Switching to some doggy-style, Bandit plows his pal making Ludacris cry out, "Yeah! Ooh! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" Again, there are no good penetration shot provided and Ludacris's dick is limp. Switching positions once again, Bandit fucks his buddy fast 'n hard in the side/missionary position and the area of penetration is not lit enough to see much of anything. The picture quality in this scene is grainy with some lousy lighting, clumsy videography, and someone needs to check the fucking focus! Bandit shoots a thick load on his fist and Ludacris does not nut.

Scene Three: Lord of da Pinga:

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Viper (good-looking with long black hair pulled back, goatee, toned/smooth body with tattoos) is lifting weights while Carmello (good-looking with dark hair, white cap, tall/toned/tight/smooth body) spots him when Lil Jay (cute with very short hair, toned/smooth body) parks his ass on the stationary bike. The dudes want to know where he was and Lil Jay tells 'em that he just got back from the store buying "condoms for my dick." Lil Jay is soon on his knees as Carmello yanks his shorts down revealing dark pubes, plump nuts, and a nice clipped tool.

Lil Jay chows down deep throat giving an A+ blowjob sucking and jacking that big thang to full hardness while stroking his own hard unclipped cock. Viper watches the action becoming more turned on by the second and playing with his big uncut cock working the foreskin back 'n forth over the large purple knob. While Lil Jay continues to blow Carmello, Carmello sucks Viper's large dong cramming his mouth to the limit with that tasty uncut hog. The three dudes are definitely into the action and each other.

Viper fucks Carmello's tight hole from behind with fast 'n smooth strokes as Lil Jay continues to suck Carmello's pole. Carmello digs getting fucked breathing heavily and with a lusty voice, pants "That shit is big but that shit feels good as hell!" Viper switches up and drills Lil Jay's tight hairy bunghole from behind as Carmello plows Lil Jay's mouth for an exciting face fucking. Viper is soon back to pounding Carmello in the missionary position fast, hard, 'n smooth as Carmello fucks Lil Jay's hungry throat.

"Your ass is tight!" This is some hot and very intense action and the dudes give hot 'n sweaty energetic performances. Lil Jay is the first to cum but the camera is focused in on Viper and Carmello beating off. Lil Jay has a nice thick load on his dark bush. Carmello shoots a thick load on his fist, which drips down onto his bush. Viper shoots a thick load of jizz on Carmello's dark pubes. There are no good penetration shots during the fucking with just a few okay shots from above...but not very well by any stretch of the imagination.

Scene Four: Dillon the One:

Joshua (cute with short black hair, toned/smooth body with tattoos) is painting the apartment hallway when Dillon (good-looking with short dark hair, toned/smooth body with tattoos) approaches asking if he could paint a wall in his place. Joshua quickly finishes his task and races over to Dillon's apartment. As Joshua paints Dillon's bedroom wall, Dillon confesses that what he really wants is a sex slave. The dudes undress and Joshua goes down on Dillon's hard uncut cock wrapping his hand around the stiff shaft, stroking, and sucking his big purple cock knob.

Dillon fucks Joshua from behind as Joshua strokes his big cut tool with some good penetration shots; however, the camera is out of focus at times. Dillon flips Joshua over for some fast missionary position fucking with some very hot penetration shots of that hard tool sliding in 'n out of that tight hairy bunghole. Joshua seems to love the butt pounding as he moans with pleasure. There is more cock sucking as the dudes find themselves in a sexual frenzy. At one point, Dillon rubs his hard cock between Joshua's toes. The dudes jerk off with Dillon shooting a thick load on Joshua's chest and face. Joshua does not cum.

Scene Five: Straight Meat:

Double R. (good-looking with short dark curly hair, toned/smooth body with tattoos) and Chaos (nice-looking with short dark hair, toned/smooth body) play poker and sling back some beers before heading to bed. Double R. lays back allowing Chaos to pull those boxers down revealing full dark pubes and a fat clipped prick. Chaos really knows how to suck cock working his mouth up 'n down and deep throating all the way down to that bush. Double R. straddles his buddy leading Chaos to suck his hot 'n hangy nuts and a tasty face fucking.

Double R. bangs his buddy doggy-style using fast 'n smooth strokes to fill that tight touchhole while slapping those butt cheeks nice 'n hard. There are no penetration shots during this position. Switching to some missionary style, Double R. continues to plug his pal fast 'n smooth while Chaos plays with his dick. There are some okay penetration shots from the side but Double R.'s mouth-watering low hangers obscure everything shot from behind. Chaos shoots a thick load of jizz on his stomach while Double R. squirts a huge wet load on Chaos's face and on his own inside thigh.

Scene Six: Love of the Dick Volume 3:

Midnight (good-looking with black wave cap, tall/toned/lightly hairy body) wants to bum a cigarette off of Supreme (good-looking with white wave cap, toned/smooth body). Of course, Supreme's smokes are at his pad. Once back at Supreme's crib, Midnight takes his new pal's massive dong down his throat and licks n' sucks those large hangy salty nuts. Supreme's hand guides Midnight's head as he suckles that big cock head. Midnight is clearly into the cock sucking and gives it his all with some nice close-ups of the oral action.

The dudes make out as Midnight strokes his own large cut cock. Supreme rolls a condom down his hard tool and fucks Midnight from behind on the bed starting off with a slow tempo with no good penetration shots. Switching to sort of a behind/missionary position which looks downright clumsy, Supreme continues to drill his new pal and then switches to the traditional missionary style with fast/hard strokes. There are some nice penetration shots here of that big dick sliding in 'n out of that tight hairy bunghole. Supreme pulls out of Midnight's man-pussy and shoots a thick load on his butt. Midnight does not cum.  


All scenes from The Best of Thugporn 2 are shot directly on video and presented in full screen. For the most part, the handheld videography is clumsy, sometimes out of focus, and frankly very amateur. There are some decent close-ups of the butt sex penetration but this is not the norm here. Most of the scenes lack good penetration shots. The lighting is bad at times with not enough light or much too harsh. The picture quality is mostly grainy with pixel problems throughout.


The sound is clean allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes as they talk with plenty of loud moans, groans, and lusty cries during the rough 'n tumble sex.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, and trailers for: Take it Like A Man #1: Azz on Fire, Da Hating Game, Holla Back Boi, and Tiger Tyson: Paris is Mine.


This is the best of Thugporn? Heck No! I've reviewed a number of Pitbull Production's movies that are quite good. Whoever picked these particular scenes chose some of the most technically weak I've encountered: grainy picture, pixel problems, camera out of focus, lighting too low, lighting too harsh, plenty of missing cum shots, limp dicks, hardly any decent penetration shots. Sheesh! On a happier note, the dudes are all very hot with my favorites being Viper, Tiger Tyson, Bandit, Dillon, Double R., and Midnight. Skip It!  

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