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Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Staff Review » Review Date: 10/15/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Studio: Wicked Pictures

Director: Michael Raven

Writer: Stormy Daniel

Producer: Mark Nicholson

Videographer: François Clousot

Category: Feature

Length: 1 hrs. 44 mins.

Genre: Letterboxed, Straight, Anamorphic 16:9, Couples

Release Date: 7/2/2008

Production Year: 02/20/2008

Condoms: Yes


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Performers: Angie Savage, Cassidy Clay, Chavon Taylor, Devon Savage, Diana Doll, Gianna Lynn, Jay Huntington, Marcus London, Naomi Cruz, Penny Flame, Randy Spears, Roxy DeVille, Stormy Daniels, Tony DeSergio, Voodoo.

Non- Sex Role: Dave Cummings as  Henry Benson

Dave Cummings as " Henry Benson"

Wicked Teaser: Lily's (Stormy Daniels) passionless existence ends with the passing of her elderly husband. However, an unsatisfied need burns inside her. Enter Garrett (Tony DeSergio), his dominant persona leads Lily into erotic worlds of the forbidden and taboo, where she explores decadent fantasies that push her sexual limits. Will Garret please the insatiable? One thing is certain...they will both learn a lesson in sacrifice and what it means to be bound by love. Join award winning director Michael Raven and writer/performer Stormy Daniels as they guide you into the complex world of love and greed as they experience the dynamics of master and slave.

Stormy as "Lily"

The Movie:

Unhappy with her life the way it is caring for her sick husband, Lily thinks back to a time when things were different in her life. How at the lowest point of her life, she came to find happiness and  love  from an older gentleman, who took her out of the  self- destructive path  doing  drugs and  tricking to pay  for her  habit. He showed her that there is so much to live for. Ten years later, Lily has learned to trust him with her heart and her body, cleaning up her act, until he loses the battle with Cancer. Lily  finds  solace with  Garrett, the  family lawyer  who shows her there is  life and a  whole new  world out there to discover and  enjoy. At first Lily is  reluctant  shying away  from  scene but as  time  goes  by does she  give into the pleasure that  Garrett is willing to show her? For those of you that are squeamish, and do not condone the use of drugs or rough sex, drug use is shown as well as a mock rape scene and some light choking throughout the DVD.

The DVD:

Audio/Video: Bound is presented in 16:9 ratio anamorphic widescreen colors, shot in HD, directed by Michael Raven, distributed by Wicked Pictures. The picture was very clear and crisp with very little distortion with the flesh tones being almost near to perfect. The audio was presented in Wicked's usual 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English and in Spanish 2.0 which didn't test my speakers nor did it come off as too loud making it easy to listen too. The background music blended in very well with the entire storyline. There were a few changes up nothing too drastic, still keeping in tone with the movie.

The Extras:

Features: Interactive Menus, Chapter Selection, Trailer for Bound, Bonus Sex Scene with Stormy Daniels and Penny Flame, Extended Sex Scene with Stormy Daniels, Outtake BDSM, Behind the Scenes, Slide Shows, Star Stats, Trailers, Promo Reel, DVD-ROM Content,Int. Tel. Sex, Parental Lock.

Trailers for: Love for the First Time, Priceless Fantasies, Girl Talk, Black Widow, The Muse, Porn Valley, Man Hunters, SuperNatural, and Predator 2: The Return.

Bonus Sex Scene: Predator 2: The Return: Stormy Daniels & Penny Flame

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Penny Flame, one of the favored bloggers here at XCritic, was up next as a policewoman serving the public trust in trying to find the missing ladies, also falling into the trap of Stormy Daniels due to a drugged cup of java. Stormy went down on Penny first and Penny reciprocated, Penny adding most of the playfulness of the scene while Stormy seemed firmly in charge. Stormy kept her sexy fishnet stockings on and Penny couldn't get enough of her coochie, using her police baton in ways that probably will cause some people to cringe (as a dildo). To me, it was all too short though and I definitely wanted a lot more from them even if it did lead to another warm scene. Reviewed by Don Houston

BTS: Filled with over  28 minutes of footage,  the  cast and  crew  rehearse their line and shows the ladies prepping for their scene and  getting  feedback from director Michael Raven on how the  scene  should look and  feel.

Outtake BDSM: Shows the ladies primed and ready for the shoot and gives you a look at the toys used on set.

Opening Scene:

 Lily is sitting by the widow ledge crying, thinking back to her past and how far she has come along. Her voice over explains the demons she has fought off and how she feels like a prisoner in her own home. After 10 years of being married to Henry Benson, being wine, dined and pampered she feel like if her life has come to a sudden stop and unfulfilling. With her husband on his death bed, Lily remains ever faithful and by his side to the very end.

Scene 1: Stormy Daniels & Voodoo :

In a flashback that leds back to her past, Lily relives her drug induce haze and her passionless sex she had that night with Voodoo. Drugged up she gives one hell of a blowjob to Voodoo before he goes down on her. There is a lot of  good  chemistry between  them and  what is  suppose to be a very  generic sex scene is  filled with a lot of  raw emotion.


Back in present day, Lily is at the cemetery in the pouring rain at her husband's burial. A month's time has passed and Garrett is at her doorstep delivering some papers for her to look over. They get into a conversation about her getting out more accepting his invitation to go out to an intimate party.

Scene 2: Diana Doll, Jay Huntington, Marcus London, Roxy DeVille:

Once there Garrett walks off to grab a drink leaving Lily alone amongst strangers. Roxanne who is sitting next to her makes a pass at her. Lily storms off in search of Garrett demanding to know what kind of a party he has brought her too. Garrett then tells her and Lily storms out of the room calling her driver to take her home.

Back to the other room you have the two couples getting frisky feeling the other up. Roxanne mouth is busy sucking off Marcus while Diana has her legs spread wide with Jay's face buried in it. The camera focuses on both couples switching back and forth with each position change up. The result has the ladies taking control and riding the men before the get a double dose facial.

Scene 3: Stormy Daniels & Tony DeSergio:

Soaking in a tub with candlelight surrounding the tub, Lily thinks back to what she saw at the party and becomes instantly aroused. Lily quickly takes care of business and is then seen in bed dreaming about Garrett. Her dream has her calling him over to her place then eagerly sucking him off. She wakes from her dream shaken and finds that with time she is sexually attracted to him. Eventually she does give into Garrett wanting him to teach her about the lifestyle and his insatiable pleasure and comes to enjoy the new sexual sensations he brings her.

Scene 4: Stormy Daniels & Roxy Deville:

Lily is lead through the erotic D/s world confronting her sexuality at a BDSM party. Roxanne takes her from Garrett who remains watching as   Roxanne schools her on how it feels to be with another woman. The lighting and the music are very seducing and escalate the scene even more. While Roxanne is busy with Stormy, around them are couples in other BDSM scenarios. I would have preferred seeing more of Roxy and Stormy going at it. I 'm sure the men will agree with me on this. After all is  said  and done with  schooling Lily, Roxanne walks off leaving her  in the room while the others are literally all tied up.

Scene 5: Roxy Deville and Tony DeSergio:

Garrett is  in the corridor smoking and deep in thought about his feelings for Lily. Roxanne who confronts him about it interrupts his thoughts. They get into a heated argument which leads into Roxanne being very dominate in what she wants. She continues to egg Garrett on, pulling off his pants to suck on an already rock hard cock. Garrett then turns the tables on her taking her from behind up in a very heated scene. There is some hair pulling and slapping which heats up the scene even more. Roxy played the bad girl very nicely and looked great in the skin tight dress.

Scene 6: Gianna Lynn, Randy Spears:

While hosting a dinner  party  for  Garrett's friends, Lily comes to understand more about the  concept  between  Master and slave as Randy demonstrates just how  well trained his submissive is. Jasmine (Gianna Lynn) gets to work on giving her Master a blowjob at the dinner table with Garrett and Lily watching. Randy and Gianna take it up  a notch  when Gianna displeases her Master and he  spanks her  bottom before he  does her doggie style while their  host  watch eagerly.While all this is going on in front of  her, Lily  thoughts takes her  elsewhere having her  wonder  how  good it would feel if  Garrett would  look at her the  same  way  Randy looks at his  sub.

Scene 7: Stormy Daniels and Tony DeSergio:

Lily desires to be in similar relationship with Garrett, sits very well with him. Garrett collars her and shows her what life as a slave would feel like. The slow seduction and passionate scene makes for a electrically charges scene with Lily wearing a corset exposing her breast. The sex is just as hot as before ending with the pop shot on her breast.The next morning Lily who is still sleeping after a night of uninhibited sex, overhears a conversation Garrett has on the phone. The plot thickens and the story unravels even further as Lily finds out the truth about Garrett. You have to watch to find out what happens next or if there might be a sequel in the works.


Final Thoughts: In the deepest and darkest part of our mind, there is a need to explore the D/s lifestyle and see just how fulfilling it really is. Some of us are born to always be in control while others need to be told what has to be done. Michael Raven has done just that with Stormy Daniel's story of a women who loses her job as a waitress and needs to turns tricks to feed her drug habit. Bound is a journey into Lily's world showing of how she survived and overcame the demons of her past and has move on to a much happier life. Henry Benson, a much older man comes to her rescue when "turning a trick" almost gets her raped. Lily's story is very moving and very emotional as well. Here you have an adult feature that has more of a mainstream look and feel to it. Let's just say that I was did shed a tear or two. Stormy's Daniel role of Lily, showed just how trapped one can feel after all the hell she went through and how finally she gave into her inhibitions truly being free once and for all. There are a few twist and turns involving Garrett (Tony De Sergio) and Roxanne (Roxy De Ville) that will keep you watching. For the most part the mix of the storyline with the light D/s worked very well. However, I would have loved to have seen more and I went into watching this knowing that Wicked and Michael Raven would not cross that  thin line between light and hardcore bondage and D/s.

Enough about the storyline and the plot, now for the sex. In the first scene you have Stormy and Voodoo having sex right after she shoots up. It sounds too cliché but never the less it works. In the extended scene you see more emotions from both just to be a good fucking from being high. The quick solo scene with Stormy in the tub was very erotic but too short. The one scene that should have been a lot longer is the one with Roxy and Stormy. I know that the guys watching would agree with me. Roxy played a very naughty bad girl who electrifies her scene with Tony De Sergio in the stairwell. There is an abundance of good sex to be seen and combine that with the chemistry everyone had together merits a "Highly Recommended".

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