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P3 Power Balls

Studio: Doc Johnson » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/27/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Okay, one of the things that people with an adventurous spirit and open mind can explore when it comes to sex toys is devices made to enhance your pleasure using known pleasure points, such as those in and around your ass.  I have met a number of ladies in porn that swear they have "ass-gasms", the anal equivalent of an orgasm that relies not on the clitoris but the millions of nerve endings surrounding the anus.  Such gals may be called freaky but the bottom line is that they are great bed buddies even when they want push the limits of those they sleep with along side of their own advanced sexuality.  From those that enjoy a technical DP (my penis inside either the pussy or ass while a penetrative toy is in the other hole) or ladies that get steamy playing the rusty trombone to those that seek to get their male partner on the receiving end of things, there are a whole lot of variations you can enjoy with someone you care about (or at least have fun with).  That is where toys like the Doc Johnson P3 Power Balls come in.

Anal toys are common in some parts of the world, the Kama Sutra going into great detail with positions and tricks, Geisha using knotted silk scarfs, or just the surprise element of a pinky in the pucker when you're about to blow a load so whether it is the women getting the toys carefully inserted into her bottom or the guy she is with, a lot of fun can be had.  The P3 Power Balls are designed to make a potentially messy situation a bit easier to handle by virtue of the design, the "Velvet Touch" plastic balls measuring a bit over an inch in diameter and held together on a wire supplying power to each of them.  The best way to use them, regardless of the gender of the recipient, is to make sure a lot of lubricant is applied and that the couples are relaxed, as if after a hot bath or soak in the spa.

The power source is two AA batteries that go to the admittedly flimsy control device but each ball has its own vibrator, albeit a small one that takes the four distinctive signals on the push button control unit and converts it into a specific pattern.  The balls are phthalate free ABS so they are supposedly medically safe despite the warning labels that claim it is a novelty only but the control unit is NOT water proof so be extra cautious around bath tubs, pools, or other bodies of water.  I was told that the wire holding them was kind of thin and would be the first part to break down but given that you can buy this one for under $12 at Amazon (and several people are selling it so look for free shipping), what do you expect?

The P3 Power Balls can be used in a number of ways too, some prefer turning them on during insertion while others pull the vibrating spheres out at the point of male orgasm to provide extra stimulation to the prostate gland during the heady orgasm, while my tester said she liked leaving them in as she used another vibrator on her pussy.  Both men and women can come up with numerous ways to play with these though and the batteries lasted a long time, the biggest weakness being the relatively light vibration given off even during the highest setting.  Cleaning the spheres is extremely important so use plenty of germicidal soap and warm water, getting a nasty infection in your ass isn't worth the additional pleasure you will likely get from the toy but again, there are heavier duty devices in this genre but they tend to cost a lot more, balance out what works for you before making a decision. Mine came in "baby blue" but a pink version is also available, note that they appear to be mechanically the same either way, the toy made and packaged in China for those of you that care.
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You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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