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Splish Splash

Studio: COLT Studio » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 9/21/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production: 2008

Length: 95 minutes

Director: Kristofer Weston

Cast: Mason Wyler, Max Schulter, Kurt Wild, Andrew Blue, David Dakota, Jonathan Lowe, Jherrad Lopez and Guy Parker

Body Types: young guys, smooth chests, big dicks

Condoms: yes

Things to see: outdoor pool sex

Plot: no plot

The Movie:

Splish Splashis a pup lovers paradise.  Full of attractive college age hunks, the film will appeal to almost anyone looking for some hot sex acts performed by extremely cute models.   The models share a similar smooth chest, nice abs look, though there is a nice range of diverse body types and dick sizes present in the film.  While the model's looks are important, the sex acts are quite passionate and well shot, showcasing all of the model's various "assets."  Additionally, all of the scenes feature the models flip flopping for each other, which was a nice surprise.  In the end (pardon the pun) Splish Splash leaves no hole untouched.

Scene one: Mason Wyler and Max Schulter

Mason (an adorable brunette with a long, uncut cock) floats on a pool raft, touching himself through his Speedos.  The darker, and very well toned  Max waters the garden area close to the pool.  As Mason eyes his ripped chest and sagging shorts, Max starts to show off his pubes and flex for his admirer.  Max then jumps straight into the pool below and swims over to Mason.  The pair instantly starts to make out in the water.  Mason eventually pulls out his uncut rod and lets Max nibble on his foreskin.  Max sucks on Mason's dick, maintaining lustful eye contact with him. 

Max then pulls down his swimming trunks, revealing his dark and curved cock.  Max heads to the ledge so that Mason can blow him in the water.  Mason shows great enthusiasm as he sucks and licks Max's shaft and shaved balls.  The guys then move over to a beach towel where Mason plunges his big dick into Max's hole.  The boys fuck in the hot California sun, and Mason even strokes Max while his dick is deep inside him.  The guys eventually take a break and then swim to the other side of the pool. 

Mason sucks on Max's dick some more, ultimately leading to some face fucking for Mason.  Max then bends Mason over so that he can rim his tasty looking hole.  With his love channel loosened, Max fucks Mason on all fours.  Mason grunts a lot while his ass is plowed.  Finally, the guys jack off, side by side and kissing each other.  Each lad delivers a thick load of spunk on their own chests. 

Scene two: Kurt Wild and Andrew Blue

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Kurt and Andrew sunbathe near a large pool.  Kurt, a brunette/redhead with a plump cock, eyes his sleeping friend and checks out his pronounced package.  Kurt waves his hands over Andrew to see if he is awake.  When Andrew doesn't respond, Kurt reaches over and gently glides his sneaky hands over Andrew's package.  However, Kurt has "other" plans since he tiptoes to the pool and grabs a water gun.  He sneaks up to Andrew and then shoots the cold water all over Andrew's chest.  Andrew screams with shock and then jumps up to exact his revenge.  The boys proceed to spray their water pistols at each other, until they ultimately grab each other and start to playfully wrestle.  Just like an erotic pillow fight between two bisexual sorority girls, the boys start to make out after their playful behavior. 

Andrew pulls out his boner so that Kurt can touch it.  Kurt also pulls down his pants, leading to some sword fighting between the friends.  Kurt then gets on his knees so that he can get acquainted with Andrew's thick cock.  Andrew also sucks on Kurt's pinkish cock.  After that, Andrew bends over and Kurt starts to rim out his hairless hole.  Andrew squeals with erotic delight as Kurt's tongue enters his ass hole.  Kurt then shoves in his big dick and proceeds to give him a good pounding.  Andrew continues to moan like a cat in heat and maintains his erection throughout the action. 

The boys then switch so that Andrew can fuck Kurt.  Kurt assumes a straddle position and proceeds to bob up and down on Andrew's cock.  Kurt's hard dick bounces all around while Andy screws him.  Eventually, Kurt starts to pull on his dick, resulting in a creamy and explosive cumshot on the grass.  Andrew then rips off his condom and continues to stroke his dick until he shoots out a nice load onto his own chest.  Still feeling horny, Kurt busts another nut onto Andrew's shoulder. 

Scene three: Guy Parker and Jherrad Lopez

Jherrad, a tan and toned Latin guy, cruises Guy (the coverboy model) in the pool.  Soon enough, Guy starts to play with Jherrad's cock through his tight swimwear.  Guy manages to shove the whole shaft down his throat and still smile up  at Jherrad.  The guys switch so that Jherrad gets to share in on the oral action.  As Jherrad sucks away, he takes his time to tease Guy's dick head and gently glide his wet lips around the shaft.  The guys then move to a nearby lawn chair.  Guy bends over and allows Jherrad to spread his smooth ass cheeks and lick out his hole. 

Next, Jherrad inserts his thick dick into Guy's tender ass.  Jherrad fucks him in the warm sun, making Guy moan and squeal with pleasure.  After that,  Guy fucks Jherrad on his back.  Jherrad retains his hard cock throughout the screwing.  Finally, the guys jack off into the pool, standing next to each other.  


Scene four: Jonathan Lowe and David Dakota


Jonathan and David stumble upon a deserted pool.  The guys approach the pool and decide to jump in for a quick swim.  Of course, once the guys are in the water, they decide to do a few more things in the pool as well.  The guys innocently start to kiss and rub each other before leading into some old fashioned pool sex.  David stands out of the water, revealing his perfect six pack abs and some red drawstring swimming shorts.  Jonathan can't help but reach over and start to suck on David's package through his swim trunks.  Eventually, he pulls out David's curved cock and large nut sack.  Jonathan's thick penis head looks particularly good as it pops in and out of David's tight mouth.

The boys dry hump, with David paying lots of attention to grabbing Jonathan's fine tan ass cheeks.   David eventually spreads Jonathan's ass cheeks and starts to give him a deep hole rimming, while stroking his cock.  After the tongue thrashing, David fucks him on the pool's cement edge.  David intensely flexes his chest muscles while he fucks Jonathan, looking as if he were operating a big piece of farm equipment.  The guys then switch so that David is the one to be fucked.  Jonathan fucks him, teasing his hole by removing and then reinserting his cock into David's accommodating ass.  When Jonathan fucks David even harder, David's dick becomes rock hard and it doesn't take long for his to shoot out his load.  Jonathan ultimately squirts his load down onto the ground. 

The DVD:



Presented in anamorphic widescreen, the image is superb.  The transfer is colorful, sharp, and simply beautiful.  While some films suffer from graininess when the action is shot outdoors, Splish Splash, features a consistently well lit and sharp transfer.  It never waivers in it's quality, making for an almost high definition looking transfer. 


The audio is rather subdued, though completely effective.  Soft, non distracting music plays in the background and it's quite good.  The actors can be clearly heard throughout the action. 


Extras include some slickly animated menus, several trailers, a slideshow, and a climax reel.

Final thoughts:

Splish Splash is a great DVD.  The cast is very hot and attractive.  All of the models work well together and look convincingly turned on by the other.  In addition to the hot sex and hunky models, the DVD boasts a beautiful widescreen transfer and a few decent extras.  Therefore, Splish Splash easily comes with a highly recommended rating. 

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