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Big Sloppy Asses

Studio: JM Productions » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/22/08

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Shyla Stylez

Big Sloppy Asses

JM Productions


Genre: Gonzo

Director: Uncredited

Sarah Vandella

Cast: Shyla Stylez, Cherokee, Sarah Vandella, Alexis Texas, Jayden James, Ayana Angel

Length: 148:40 minutes

Alexis Texas and Jayden James

Date of Production: 5/29/2008

Extra's: There were no extras.

Ayana Angel

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Big Sloppy Asses was presented in 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as shot by an uncredited director for JM Productions and released in standard definition using the MPEG-2 codec. I haven't seen many JM Productions releases of late so I was pleasantly surprised that this one had such solid lighting, leading to low grain, video noise, moiré, and other issues directly related to this aspect of production. The fleshtones were accurate and the ladies were shown very clearly. The bitrate hovered around the mid 3.7 Mbps range when I spot checked it too, the resolution and detail of the visuals nicely complimenting the camerawork that did not spend too much time on extreme close up shots. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English using a 48 kHz sampling rate and the usual 192 Kbps audio bitrate. There wasn't any noticed separation but the vocals were clearly heard and on par with most other gonzo releases I've heard in the past year.

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Body of Review: JM Productions is the porn company best known for making hard edged, rough sex styled porn that will never be confused with the "erotica" or "couples" porn some companies seek to offer the market. Their market niche secure, the company distributes a number of releases too, typically relying on humor and aggressive sexual activity where the limits of the audience are not considered a big issue, preferring to expand the mindset of their customers over catering to the lowest common denominator. The most recent release from the company coming my way was an offering originally shot and released on the internet for Fuck You Cash, now resulting in a series of five scenes called Big Sloppy Asses. Each skit (scene) sets up the action nicely to provide some of the most bodacious booty you will find in porn these days, Alexis Texas and Shyla Stylez making it a title I couldn't pass up. While there were no credits for the moper male cast members, some of whom did not even get to fuck the ladies, I couldn't help but notice the amount of style employed by the uncredited crew behind this deviously twisted bit of smut. With no condoms used, here is a brief look at the scenes by female cast, noting that no condoms were used in the scenes:

Scene One: Shyla Stylez, a curvy blond with a lot of attitude, was up first as a prison guard in charge of some jailbird mopers, including a Hannibal Lector impersonator that smuggled some 40 ounce beer bottles in for his fellow inmates. They took advantage of a brief moment where she was inattentive and pawed her, resulting in the sole white guy (the impersonator) getting to enjoy the fruits of her genetics. She dropped down to suck his average sized rod and deep throated him with ease, working him to the bone actively as she got off on giving him head. This led to the pair fucking like heated little bunnies, Shyla pushing back on his cock as he pounded into her, remaining a vaginal bout of boning where the two tried out a variety of positions until he launched his genetic juice into her mouth for swallowing. The black guys in the cell with him were left hanging but this was a solid scene to start off with.

Scene Two: Cherokee, a black gal with an ass much like the title suggested she should have, was up next as she became the latest gal to succumb to a religious experience where an erstwhile preacher preyed on her willingness to please. The silly moments included a lot of 40 ounce beer, fake afros, and mopes on deck that got no pussy, Cherokee being brought in late to the sermon to address the black preacher's love of ass. Her blue satin outfit and fishnet stockings enhanced her appeal to him as he nuzzled her ass and took charge of the lady, the guy using her breasts and body to satiate his need to release seed. They went at it as expected with a blowjob, some moderately active screwing, and a facial, making it a fair scene if you like her looks. The company website described the scene like this: "Welcome to the church of 40oz Bounce, where we spray our holy water and baptize these girls asses only a 40oz Bounce lover would know how. See her shake it, do all her booty tricks, get hosed down in 40oz and then watch that ass get fucked nice and raw. This one is for the real ass lovers, when was the last time you saw shit like this?"

Scene Three: Sarah Vandella, a curvy blond in a 1960'd hippie outfit, was the property of a crazy pot smoking lunatic that was jacked up by a cop with his friends. The three brothers beat her fleshy ass with a pillow and the officer arrived back at the location, just missing them but taking a personal interest in assisting her further. He eyed her body and soon started pawing her himself, Sarah showing an affinity for the lawman as her panties fell down to the ground and her dress soon joined it. He began by pulling out his chubby for her to suck, a small chubby but a willing mouth on her part. Sarah showed that she was a skilled fellatrix and serviced his cock in her mouth, giving some dirty talk as the camera moved around to capture the essence of the action. Sarah was good at giving head but her vaginal riding skills were even better as she impaled herself on his dick, taste testing it between positions to savor her own juices. I especially liked how she milked his nuts dry of population pudding with her hand and mouth, the ending weird (to say the least).

Scene Four: Alexis Texas and Jayden James, the two ladies featured on the front cover (Alexis on the right hand side), were up next as hayseed farmer daughters in need of seed. Their father was drinking a 40 ounce and had them feed the animals, in this case a scrawny black male who was made to impersonate various barnyard animals as the scantily clad ladies fed him. One thing led to another and Chris came in to give the father some more beer, the ladies pouncing on him as soon as dad left. The silly antics had the gals sucking him off, teasing him, and then riding his dick hard as their fleshy ass cheeks rippled in delight, the duo of dames tag teaming him to their mutual satisfaction. There was some ball sucking and face sitting too, the camera spending moist of the time honed in on the asses of the gals. It ended when he rubbed out a nut to their tongues, the gals moaning and ending up giving some 40 ounce bouncing for the guys.

Scene Five: Ayana Angel, another thick black gal, was up last as she took care of her shotgun wielding male friend after some shenanigans involving drug deals gone bad (improvisational acting at it's worst). She aggressively sucked him off on her knees and spread her legs to allow him entry to her biscuit, a titty fuck adding to the pleasure of the day even if she seemed a bit lost at times. The sex was otherwise generic and while I'd probably fuck her if she asked me nicely, the shapely gal was not given a lot of freedom to show any chemistry or enthusiasm. The modest semen shot landed on her tongue at the end, typically porn moaning provided for those that care.

Summary: Big Sloppy Asses by JM Productions had no extras and amounted to a collection of scenes from the company website tossed onto DVD without any thought put into the release so I rated the disc as a Rent It. There was some stroke value but the replayability was limited and while that might work on a website better than a physical disc made for a consumer to revisit a bunch, I didn't see as much value as usual here. In short, Big Sloppy Asses showed some potential but my favorite scenes involved Alexis Texas, Jayden James, and Shyla Stylez and even their approach here was not their best work of late. Give it a look and let me know what you think, the monotonous song used for each scene needing something more than a single line about bitches to work as well as it should have.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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