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Wicked, The

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Ravyn C » Review Date: 10/12/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Studio: Wicked Pictures

Director: Michael Raven

Editing: Michael Raven

Producer: Mark Nicholson & Michael Raven

Videographer: François Clousot & Red Ezra & Michael Raven

Screenplay: Jennifer Allison & Michael Raven

BTS: Mark Stone

BTS Editing: Alex Sanders

Category: Feature Erotic Thriller

Genre: Vampyres

Release Date: 9/29/2008

Production Year: 07/12/ 2008

Number of Discs: 2

Length: 106 Minutes

Condoms: Yes

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Performers:Barrett Blade, Barry Scott, Derrick Pierce, Evan Stone, Jenny Hendrix, Johnny Castle, Kaylani Lei, Mikayla Mendez, Rocco Reed, Roxy DeVille, Scarlett Fay, Sophia Santi, Stormy Daniels, Tori Black, Voodoo, Aaron Wilcox.

More Extras!

Even More Still!

Even More!

Non - Sex Roles: Jim Enright, Dennis Dema, Mark Nicholson, Randy Spears (News Announcer)

Festival Attendees: Lorenzo Gomez, Ryan Matthew Grassmeyer, Natalie Dominique, Amanda Briggs, Harry Miller Hanson, Andrea Van Epps, Natasha Soahc, Florence Tung, Wesley Nguyen, Michael Arturo, Regan Senter, Dave  Johnson, David Stamp, Ruddy.

Welcome To BlackRock!

Wicked Teaser: A road trip turns deadly when five young friends embark on a journey to attend an annual festival in the desert. The eclectic group is looking forward to a free-spirited weekend, a place to let down their hair and escape their hectic lives. However, what begins as mild paranoia becomes a most dangerous game when one of them goes missing. Soon thereafter, the danger intensifies into a horrifying reality as they learn The Wicked have awakened. Award winning director Michael Raven skillfully showcases his talent as a story teller in this epic adventure. Starring Wicked contract sensations Kaylani Lei and Stormy Daniels, this eerie thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat. The Wicked: Can you survive 'til dawn?

Hitchhikers or Crazed Killers? You Decide!

The Movie: Jane (Kaylani Lei) and her friend take a trip escaping the every day hassles of their lives to enjoy the yearly retreat at Blackrock where sex, booze, and rock and roll are the main events. Jane who is trying to forget catching her boyfriend with another woman in their bed becomes somewhat of a downer to the others as she goes on about how men can't be trusted. Along the  way they pick up two hitchhikers( Stormy Daniels and Derrick Pierce)who are having  car  trouble and seem very strange. While the others are hell bent in having funny and getting laid, strange things begin to happen as night falls and the inhabitants of Black Rock show their true nature.

Jenny Hendrix

The DVD:

Audio/Video: The Wicked is presented in 16:9 ratio anamorphic widescreen colors, shot and mastered in HD, directed by Michael Raven, distributed by Wicked Pictures. The picture was very clear and crisp with very little distortion with the flesh tones being almost near to perfect. You can enjoy the movie in standard 5.1 Dolby digital, music only, and sex only option. In two of the set ups option the movie starts the same while in the third goes right into the sex with Scarlet Fey and Aaron Wilcox. There is a slight difference in some of the scenes which are barely noticeable until you watch all three versions. M. Smithie did the SFX makeup on the vampires which are very realistic looking. Baja Digital Media provided the Digital Visual effects adding the horror aspect to it. The audio was presented in Wicked's usual 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English. Unlike previous Wicked titles, there was no Spanish audio included. The soundtrack was as one would except to be in a vampire flix which was a combination of techno and rock. Judge D, Dial 7, Phuckjunkees, and OPM provided the selected soundtracks you heard throughout the film.

Blood Stained Radio

Features: Interactive Menus, Chapter Selection, Slide Shows, Star Stats, Trailers,Promo Reels, Int. Tele. Sex, DVD Rom Content Company Profile, Wicked Awards and Nominations, Wicked Pictures.com, Wicked Desktop Backgrounds, Parental Lock, Photo Gallery, Star Gallery, Star Stats, Sex Scene Gallery, More Adult Fun.

Disc 1: Interactive Menus, Chapter Selection, and Previews: Race 2 Race & The Last Rose was both presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital Surround Sound.

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Disc 2: Blood and Lust - The Making of Michael Raven's The Wicked, Girls of The Wicked, Interview with Michael Raven, Bloopers, Outtakes, SFX Reel w/ commentary, Extended Sex Scenes, Bonus Scenes from  The Accidental  Hooker and Se7en, The Cast Speaks, The Extras Speak, The Wicked Comedy Horror, Slide Shows, Star Stats, Trailers, Promo Reel, Bonus Digital Exclusive.

Blood Stained Motel Sign

The Extras:

Trailers: Wicked Pictures always has a nice selection of trailers when it comes to their Feature Adult titles. Including in this DVD is: The Wicked, Fallen, Cock Star, Two, Predator 2- The Return, The Accidental Hooker, The Oracle, and Bound.

Blood Lust: The Making of The Wicked:

Lasting almost 22 minutes, Michael Raven takes the viewers behind the scene of his newest release "The Wicked" where the vampires gather in search of their next meal. We get to meet the vamps first two victims, the ever so sweet and innocent Scarlet Fey and the insatiable Tori Black who I enjoyed watching her performance with Voodoo and her openness of how sexual she is. Shots of the motel used which looks similar to the one used in Psycho including the ice machine. Also included is how much work went into the SFX and makeup.

Girls of The Wicked:

Kaylani Lei

Features the ladies of the Wicked in costume in different areas of the set. Included are: Kaylani Lei, Tori Black, Mikayla Mendez, Sophia Santi, Roxy DeVille, Scarlet Fey.

Interview with Michael Raven:

 Inspired by his love for horror genre, "The Wicked" came together via several of his favorite horror flicks giving it the 70's look and feel making it something fun to watch. He goes on to express the daily challenges they faced on the set with the extreme heat and coordinating the cast with the extras. Michael Raven goes into detail about the SFX and how well the cast and crew worked extremely well together. At the end he praises his director of photography François Clousot on how well they work together on all their projects.

Photo Gallery: Consisting of numerous hard and  soft stills of the  cast on the"Wicked "set with  background  music   from the  various  groups that worked together on the  soundtrack.

Vampire Hunter Stormy Daniels

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Bloopers: From props not working properly to the cast flubbing their lines, these next few minutes briefly highlight the never ending antics that went on.


Short footage of the on coming storm with Voodoo freaking out about it, Stormy having  fun killing the vampires, Evan having  fun with Voodoo losing  control towards the  end, Blade  being  seduce by Tori Black and Sophia Santi dancing on camera in  full vamp makeup.

SFX Reel:

 Lasting 1: 42 secs, Michael Raven clues the viewer into how a few post production scenes are edited including dark ominous storm clouds over the clear desert skies and how the edits in other parts in post- production were completed.

The Cast Speaks:

                                                              Tori Black

An insatiable and beautiful 19 year old at the  time of  production, fills the  viewers in one just how new she is to the  adult industry and how  sexually  outgoing she is.

Mikayla Mendez

The newest addition to the "Wicked" family gives a detail account of her past and previous jobs including working in a hospital before entering into the adult industry. Mikayla goes on to say that she enjoys doing G/G and did so for 3 years before doing B/G.

                                                               Sophia Santi

Plays the Vampire Queen, remembers vividly being teased for being flat chested.Sophia tells us just how sensitive her back is and talks about her lucid dreams. She goes on to say that sucking cock is her favorite thing to do and loves to be dominated.

Roxy Deville

Gives a quick flash to the camera baring her fangs and  boobs nad sinking her  fangs into Johnny Castle.

                                                              Scarlet Fey

Sweet and innocent looking, don't let her looks deceive you for a moment. At the age of 23, a recent newcomer to porn and has found that she has become more outgoing and more self confident about herself.

The Extras Speaks:

Gathered together for the  final scene, the  extras have  fun in front of the  camera expressing  themselves  after knowing that they are  going to be  killed off and how.

The Wicked Comedy Horror:

Evan Stone clowns around with Blade Barrett before getting into makeup, The Undead Safe Sex Public Service Announcement by Evan Stone who pleads with the mortal mating with otherkin to practice safe sex and more fun with the cast and crew.

Vampires and OtherKins Practice Safe Sex!

Extended Bonus Sex Scene: Stormy Daniels & Derrick Pierce:

The  scene  first  opens with  Stormy ( Baby) and  Derrick Pierce ( Otis) walking down the hot  desert road then  it pans over to them  in what looks to be a  store  front engaging in   foreplay. It shoots back over to them again walking down the road carrying guns. Again we see Derrick and Stormy going at it missionary style on a make shift table, shifting, over to doggie with Stormy getting more than a mouthful of Derrick's juices.

Extended Bonus Sex Scene: Jenny Hendrix & Rocco Reed:

This next scene opens with Kaylani dreaming of her ex and what caused the break up between them. Before entering the bedroom we see Jenny busy sucking off Rocco. They then work into missionary position. While  Rocco is nailing  Jenny  from behind , in walks Kaylani  in shocking watching as  he  remove  his condom and  unload  all over  Jenny's round  bottom. Jenny is the first to see Kaylani and flees the bedroom grabbing her clothing. Kaylani has a few words with him then walks up startled by a different vision.

Bonus Digital Exclusive: For fans of the movie you can download the entire movie on to you IPOD or Zune Media Player. I did download into my hubby's IPOD to check the picture and sound quality and it was a perfect transfer. There was no difference at all in the Digital copy which was included in the 2nd disc.

Bonus Scene: The Accidental Hooker:  w/ Kaylani Lei & Deep Threat:

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Excepting to be picked up by Brad, Kaylani finds herself in a limo with someone she doesn't know. He explains to her that he arranged this with him (Brad) under the pretext that he is suppose to show her the town. Deep Threat offers her some champagne and from there they start to make out. After sucking him off they work into doggie then cowgirl. Kaylani then gives him a hand job till he unloads on her.

Bonus Scene: Se7en Deadly Sins: w/ Mikayla Mendez & Scott Nails:

Click For Trailer!

In the bedroom Scott is literally having a very hard time trying his best not to fall under the seductive and sensual power of Mikayla. Throughout the tease she keeps reminding him that she is there for his and his pleasure alone. Totally overcome by her seductive and skillful touch, Scott give into the carnal pleasures that she gives him.

Opening Scene:

Depending on  which  version you are  watching, the  opening scene  will either  be  Scarlet Fey and  Aaron Wilcox making out on a  blanket or Scarlet  already  deep into giving  Aaron a  blowjob.

Scene 1: Aaron Wilcox & Scarlett Fay: 

 Scarlet's mouth has already found what she wants when it comes to pleasing her man. Working her mouth and hands skillfully, she takes him deep into her throat with out any trouble. She then takes the reigns straddling his lap for some cowgirl action. Aaron and Scarlet finish the scene with an internal pop shot. While getting dressed Scarlet finds herself all alone in the dead of night. Scared by a sound  in the  distance , she lets out an  earth  shattering scream and then is dragged off by  something.....

Scene 2: Jenny Hendrix & Rocco Reed & Kaylani Lei-

While  Rocco is nailing  Jenny  from behind , in walks Kaylani  in shocking watching as  he  remove  his condom and  unload  all over  Jenny's round  bottom. Jenny is the first to see Kaylani and flees the bedroom grabbing her clothing. Kaylani has a few words with him then walks up startled by a different vision.

Scene 3: Derrick Pierce & Stormy Daniels-

The  scene  first  opens with  Stormy ( Baby) and  Derrick Pierce ( Otis) walking down the hot  desert road then  it pans over to them  in what looks to be a  store  front engaging in foreplay. It shoots back over to them again walking down the road carrying guns. Again we see Derrick and Stormy going at it missionary style on a make shift table, shifting, over to doggie with Stormy getting more than a mouthful of Derrick's juices. Once done they pile into their jeep and drive off headed to Blackrock.

Scene 4: Barry Scott & Evan Stone & Kaylani Lei & Mikayla Mendez & Sophia Santi -

Once at the  motel ,Kaylani  has  another  lucid  dream which has her body  being  caressed and  fondled by Mikayla Mendez, the Queen of the  Vampires Sophia Santi and Evan Stone. While Sophia and Mikayla are busy getting it on, Kaylani is sucking off Barry while Evan is doing her from behind. The guys pair up with one of the ladies in doggie style while Sophia watches on. Both men vigorously pound the ladies backside and give them each a facial.

Scene 5: Roxy DeVille & Johnny Castle-

After  waking up  totally  freaked out  by her  dream Kaylani  and her  roommate meet up with eat the bar where the guys are at. While at the bar Voodoo and Blade are joined by Johnny who has been checking out one of the dancers (Roxy De Ville). Johnny ends up leaving with Roxy while the others stay behind watching the pole dancers. Back in the alley Roxy waste no time at all sating her thirst when it comes to giving Johnny a blowjob. She uses her hands and mouth to get him off. Moments later Johnny has her up against the truck doing her doggie style. Roxy grabs him and continues to work on him orally until her unloads on her face. Back at the bar the group breaks up after Tori and Voodoo leave going their own way.

Scene 6: Voodoo & Tori Black-

Tori and Voodoo finally give into their desires after all the teasing and flirting that has gone on since they got into the Volkswagen with Kaylani and Blade. Voodoo and Tori have their own private party. Tori gives Voodoo a very through and energetic blowjob taking him balls deep in her mouth. While Voodoo is slipping the condom on, Tori fingers gets to work in her throbbing clit. Voodoo then pounds into her hard and deep in the missionary position then switching over to doggie with Tori getting a facial.

Scene 7: Barrett Blade & Kaylani Lei-

Partying with the UnDead

Once at the festival after having a few beers, Kaylani and Blade slip away to a storage room and admit that they have been sexually attracted to the other for three years. They start by making out then Blade drops are pants and gets a blowjob from her. Blade then removes his and her clothing placing her on a mountain of baggage. He proceeds to eat her out then spreads her legs open for easy access in the missionary position and doggie style ending up with Kaylani getting a facial. As they are getting dressed loud screams are coming from around the huge campfire. What happens next?? I won't give away the ending but guaranteed you will enjoy it.

Final Thoughts: While The Wicked excelled with the SFX and the soundtracks used in various scenes, The Wicked looks and sounds fantastic. Given the Vampiric theme of the film, the scenes which  took place at night, a great job was  done with the lighting. I am going to do a break down of what worked and what didn't. Starting with what didn't work. The  sex scenes  are  a  bit shorter than the  norm you  are used to seeing in other  Wicked titles but that  doesn't mean that the content of it was  lacking. As a matter of  fact the majority of the scenes are what  Wicked is  known  for and I  especially  enjoyed  watching the ladies  going at it in scene 4.

Does She Kill Him????

What Didn't Work:

Queen of the Vampires Sophia Santi

1-  First off the existence of the vampires was never really explained nor did it really tie into the storyline of Jane being  betrayed  by her boyfriend. Granted that she was  taking that  trip to  forget  what  he did, Jane's character became rather annoying and I was praying that she was the first victim to be killed off.

Riding an Emotional RollerCoaster

2-  The introduction of the Vamps could have come sooner instead of focusing on Jane's insecurities. I would have liked to have heard more dialogue from the ladies that are the Vamps especially the Queen Vamp Sophia Santi and Mikayla Mendez.

3- The three guys Johnny Castle, Voodoo and Rocco Reed looked too much alike making it hard to  figure  out  who was whom and  I was able  to do so with the  stills in the  promo disc.

4-  The role of Baby played by Stormy Daniels was way too "perky" to be a vampire killer. The flash back in her scene with Derrick having sex made no sense at all. Why show them having sex first then walking along the side of the road?

Stormy & Derrick

5-  Evan Stone as a vampire worked nicely but to use him and not give him any lines didn't make any sense at all especially knowing just how good his performances are in any adult title.

The Vampire Evan Stone

However, with just these minor issues that I have mentioned above, the" What Worked" out weighed the "What Didn't".

What Did Work:

"Who's Out There??

1-  The build up in each scene when the characters were abducted. I especially liked how Tori Black dead body was shown next to the ice machine reminisant of the thriller Psycho. Voodoo's character dragged off after being killed by Evan Stone ie: mainstream action meets porn nice mix. Kaylani's role of the neurotic spurned girlfriend who finally unwinds and enjoys herself. The Vampire Queen stalking her prey.

Eyeing Her Next Meal

2-  In the 5th scene with all of them  gathered together in the  bar, Voodoo is watching one of the girls pole  dancing while  Mikayla is behind him being her  vamps self.. I especially enjoyed how the ladies took their roles as vampires and put a lot of sexuality into it. I've seen other vamp porn movies and nothing comes as close to this.

3-  Between the special effects, the technical aspects and the combination of different groups credited to soundtrack the music used for  a few of the scenes made a great difference on the outcome of  how one perceived the movie. Watching it with and without the music made a big difference.Great production value!

4- The enormous amount of extras included and the Digital extra that one can download into their IPOD or other media player.

Considering how much work and effort went into making "The Wicked", one has to take into consideration who the film was made for.. Was it for the Vampire lovers that want something to call their own or was it for the porn lovers that wanted to see what happens when vampires take over a porn flick? Michael Raven and his cast and crew had the right idea venturing into the erotic world of Vampires. Vampires are known to be very sexual and carried that over into their individual personalities which I saw clearly watching the ladies at their roles. What it all boils down to is a porno taking on the look and feel of a like a mainstream film. The Wicked has enough to sate the thirst of both vampires and mortals alike.

Darkest Greetings!


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