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Slave Dolls Vol. 3

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/30/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Jandi Lin (click for trailer)

Slave Dolls 3

Elegant Angel

Kristina Rose

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Mason

Lorelei Lee!

Cast: Jandi Lin, Mr. Pete, Toni Ribas, Kristina Rose, Manuel Ferrara, Lorelei Lee, Brandon Iron, Ashley Blue, Mick Blue, Ava Rose, Bobbi Starr

Length: 175:09 minutes

Ashley Blue

Date of Production: 8/30/2008

Extras: The best extra was the 9:39 minutes of Bonus sex footage from the scene between Kristina Rose & Manuel Ferrara (showing how much she was into him despite what some might think). There was also a splendid 20:11 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Mason I appreciated. There was extra sex, some goofing off, and Mason interacting with the ladies so while it wasn't enough to suit me, there was some appealing footage here, the ladies claiming to like the rougher sex (Lorelei telling the camera this was her harshest scene that included sex to date). There were also some trailers, a photogallery, a pop shot recap, and some spam for those that care.

Ava Rose and Bobbi Starr

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Slave Dolls 3 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Mason for Elegant Angel using the standard definition MPEG-2 codec with 480i resolution. The camera work was solid with plentiful lighting to eliminate grain, video noise and shadows and the picture appeared to be crisp this time. Mason has made or assisted on a number of titles over the years, the technical matters taking back seat (pun intended) to the raw energy of the sex, but her skill levels have definitely been improving with the camera too, showing she pays attention to those that care. I saw no compression artifacts (it was largely falling around the mid 4.1 Mbps video bitrate; on the low end but probably needed given the amount of material on the DVD) and the composition of the camera angles strongly favored the female performers as most of her work these days tends to do. The 2.0 Dolby Digital English track was pretty basic with little separation or dynamic range yet I could hear the cast well enough in most cases. For those keeping track, the audio was offered in a 192 Kbps offering with a 48 kHz sampling rate, plenty of room considering how little took place on it but leaving room for future efforts too.

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Body of Review: Elegant Angel was long known as a cutting edge company when it came to providing hardcore sex just a bit ahead of the pack, eventually taming down a bit as others took up the mantle of extreme sex to the point where they had legal troubles. Now the home of director Mason, there are a number of people that think Elegant is heading back to its roots, the gal renowned for the kinds of rough sex she likes to shoot in her movies, pushing the limits as far as she can while always keeping in mind what her performers enjoy doing. One such flick was the recently released Slave Dolls 3, Mason taking the series over from Graham (who did a decent job with Slave Dolls 2), to show a cast of true rough-sex aficionados for the home viewer to appreciate. The five scenes lasted almost three hours and each of them displayed a lot of hardcore circus act sex, including choking, slapping, spanking, anal, crying, and really going at it in a manner that made it clear they into no holes barred action. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Jandi Lin, an exotic looking performer with a huge tattoo, was up first as she recalled her ride through the streets, recounting her experience on the wilder side of life. An SUV pulled up to the warehouse and two masked men were present, one the driver that carried her out of the back of the vehicle and the other working at the place, their identities soon discovered as Mr. Pete and Toni Ribas. Jandi was wearing a great looking fetish corset and matching boots, her fishnet stockings and mesh top enhancing her look for me significantly. The men used a riding crop on her fleshy ass and she screamed out through the ball gag in her mouth, her nipples as hard as diamonds while they roughed her up (she later claimed it was awesome fun). She jerked them off and then started slobbing their knobs, her saliva going all over the place as she alternated between them. This led to some intense vaginal and anal penetration, Jandi aggressively riding the cocks as she begged for more, crying out as they tore into her willing body (Jandi doing a lot of taste testing too). The action continued in various forms until the men rubbed out loads of genetic juice to her face as she begged for more, the gal looking happily spent even before Toni pulled her hair and gave her four fingers inside her snatch to get her off with (in short, it was very intense!). Whew!

Scene Two: Kristina Rose, an attractive brunette with a bit too much makeup, was up next as she rode beside the director claiming it was her first scene with Manuel Ferrara (and she was excited!). Kristina gave some amusing anecdotes about her sorted past that made Mason howl with laughter, the scene starting with Kristina wearing a sexy black corset, dark plaid skirt, matching fishnet stockings and stripper shoes, all while pinned against a support pillar in an abandoned warehouse by Manuel. He was into her as well, his nose inhaling her scent as he kissed and choked her, taking his time as he worked both of them up to a frenzy. Manuel began slapping her as he demanded her verbal love, his reward to her more physical than mental. She looked great bent over in that outfit and as it started coming off, her placed his face into her sweet ass crack to service her, the gal getting off a few times before he was done with the oral in standing as well as on the mattress. She jerked him off and gave him a heated but short blowjob, Manuel plowing into her pussy in record time as her dripping wet biscuit glistened nearly as much as her sweaty body. She was an active rider and took his seed to her open mouth, drenched as the camera faded away. Yum!

Scene Three: Lorelei Lee, a curvy blond and the main reason I picked this title up, was next in the company warehouse as she teased in a black mesh body stocking wearing only some stripper boots as she knelt before Brandon Iron. He controlled her actions and began by grabbing her hair, the guy spanking her and testing the merchandise as she showed her appreciation for his manly touch. I haven't seen much of the guy in recent times but she purred like she was a kitty under his attentions, Brandon verbally abusing her as he put her through her paces. She kissed his cock through his pants and was soon sucking it off, more foot fetish material provided on his toes (which I'm sure was more satisfying than her boot worship earlier in the scene). Brandon then climbed onto her back as she struggled to maintain balance, Lorelei licking his ass when he dismounted. Lorelei loved ass and cock in her mouth so he gave her more, an active vaginal ride following before the anal antics started up. He tore off her outfit piece by piece as she felt waves of pleasure overtake her, a makeshift blindfold serving to focus her attention nicely. Brandon fucked her ass some more on the stairs and she orally cleaned him off, taking the load of population pudding into her mouth as well as licking some off the floor. Yikes!

Scene Four: Ashley Blue, a short brunette wearing generic clothing, was up next as she was interviewed by the director on the floor of an empty warehouse (not the company one full of DVDs or the rundown one from earlier scenes). They discussed the term "slut" and their sexuality, the scene beginning with her wearing a respectable dress as she macked out with studly Mick Blue. He choked her as they kissed and helped her settle in on her knees as she blew him, rubbing his cock on her face as she greedily gave him increasing amounts of oral attention on his pecker. It was a messy blowjob and he slapped her ass hard enough to echo in the room, the deep throating leading to him diddling her before they fucked vaginally. Ashley screamed loudly as he porked her too, easing up as she got used to it from what I could tell, Mick holding her down as he plowed through her fertile field. This led to a substantially slower anal session where she received his turgid member in her asshole at rapid pace, more of the rough stuff punctuating what was going on as they found the couch a suitable place to screw. Mick continued to pull her hair and drill her too, resulting in her mouth milking a wad of spew for her to savor, Mick continuing to drill her mouth after that. Whoa!

Scene Five: Ava Rose, the cutie on the front cover, extreme queen Bobbi Starr, and Toni Ribas were up next after a brief interview (Ava complaining about her former contract that greatly limited what she could do) and some lesbian action. The fetish attire both wore was a huge turn on for me, something I have long appreciated from Mason's scenes, Bobbi's leaner ass sporting a decidedly skimpier thong but both of them appealing as far as I was concerned. They were dressed to the hilt too, stripper boots and fishnets holding in their curvy physiques I like so much, the hair pulling, spanking and other edgy actions a far better use of Ava than she has been allowed to do in some time now. The empty warehouse seemed smaller once Toni joined them too, the ladies orally servicing him all the way as he stood before them; Bobbi in the dominant role for the gals but Toni in charge overall. They moved to the mattress to fuck, Bobbi getting first dibs and Ava cleaning Toni's cock off out of her pussy. This led to more choking and some anal, the gals receptive to whatever took place. There was more penetrative and oral (taste testing from each hole) as well as some squirting (pissing) and then Ava took the wad of sperm to her mouth, Bobbi greedily licking it off her friend. In all, it was a dirty way to end a nasty flick, well done in most ways!

Summary: Slave Dolls 3 by director Mason for Elegant Angel was certainly an upgrade to Slave Dolls 2, proving that the director really has an ability to bring the most out of her casts to make a show worthy of being Highly Recommended. The movie provided exactly the kind of action one would expect, displaying a lot of hardcore abuse sex just as it advertised and ultimately, that is the best way to rate a movie. With substantial amounts of fuck for the buck, replay value, and personal chemistry between the performers that were totally into their work, it is easy to see the appeal of Slave Dolls 3 even if you are not heavily into the edgy style of sex they had, the kind where the performers were let loose to explore their darker sides regardless of the movie being shot.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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