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Alexis Texas is Buttwoman (Blu-Ray)

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/16/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The title page for the movie itself (click for trailer, all pics in SD).

Alexis Texas is Buttwoman Blu-ray

Elegant Angel

The opening montage showed great ideas!

Genre: Gonzo

Alexis Texas rubbing butt cheeks with Kristina Rose

Director: Sam No/Mason and William H. Nutsack

Alexis Texas and Gianna!

Cast: Alexis Texas, Kristina Rose, Michael Stefano, Gianna, Mark Ashley, Mick Blue, Jenna Haze, Anthony Rosano, Mr. Pete
Non-sex roles: Kelly Skyline, Josh Hunter, Tripleshift, Marc "The Bartender", Jim Orlando

Alexis Texas!

Length: 221:09 minutes

Alexis Texas and Jenna Haze!

Date of Production: 8/16/2008

Alexis Texas!

Extras: All the extras were on the second disc, the set of five bonus scenes from previous movies probably being the best material for most fans of the genre. They were each from the various Buttwoman titles of the past (with one exception to showcase Alexis Texas), including scenes from Performers of the Year, Massive Asses 1, Brianna Love is Buttwoman, Buttwoman Back in Budapest, and Buttwoman '97. There was also some extra footage lasting 10:52 minutes which took clips from the scenes and opening title montage to showcase Alexis Texas really well. Then came a short, 2:33 minute Blooper Reel, a pop shot recap, and trailers to Performers of the Year, Brianna Love is Buttwoman, and Swimsuit Calendar Girls. Of special interest to me were the four features of the disc though, the first being the Making of Buttwoman that lasted 29:02 minutes, providing substantial footage of the cast and crew (Alexis Texas, Mason, and William all getting some love but hilarious tidbits you'll want to watch too). It was fun, had plenty of additional nudity and tease footage, and will delight fans of Alexis Texas. Then came a similar Hanging on the Set featurettes lasting 20:57 which was much like the other feature except it concentrated more on Alexis this time (yes!). There was then a lengthy set of clips from past efforts (some of which were featured in the bonus scenes) of past Buttwomen lasting 56:10 minutes (including some fine sexual material too). The two directors then provided some information on the audio -only director interview lasting 22 minutes exactly, providing a wealth of detail regarding the shooting of the movie as they playfully bantered back and forth. There was no consistency regarding the which extras were upgraded to high definition this time, the movie mixing them up with regard to space most likely.  The bonus scenes and longer extras were all in MPEG-2 while the shorter features were in VC-1.

The Extras!

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Alexis Texas is Buttwoman Blu-ray was presented in an widescreen color as shot by directors Sam No/Mason and William H. Nutsack for Elegant Angel using the standard definition VC-1 codec with 1080p resolution. The camera work was solid with plentiful lighting to eliminate grain, video noise and shadows and the picture appeared to be crisp this time. There was an emphasis on too many close ups and some tint problems (mostly in the second and third scenes) but this is common to many gonzo directors and allowed every nock and cranny to be displayed really well (especially in high definition). Mason has made some of the best porn of the year (even winning a spot on the recent Xcritic top female director list), this time Nutsack as a major contributor with co-directing credits (instead of as merely a cameraman) as the pair showed what they could do together as they built upon their respective strengths. I saw few compression artifacts (it was largely falling around the mid 13.4 Mbps video bitrate; on the low end for high definition but probably needed given the amount of material on the DVD) and the composition of the camera angles strongly favored the female performers as most of their work these days tends to do. The high definition upgrade was not the very best I have seen but it served well as a sign of things to come and I applaud Elegant for making this their first title to earn the upgrade.  The 2.0 Dolby Digital English track was pretty basic with little separation or dynamic range yet I could hear the cast well enough in most cases. For those keeping track, the audio was offered in a 192 Kbps offering with a 48 kHz sampling rate, plenty of room considering how little took place on it but leaving room for future efforts too. Overall, the high definition upgrade was modest but noticable without a side by side comparison, marking a nice first try by a company poised to do even better in 2009 thanks to the directors of this movie (and Patrick's leadership).

The featurettes!

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Body of Review: Elegant Angel is one of the most reliable companies in terms of old school styled gonzo offerings, directors Sam No/Mason and William H. Nutsack having impressed me repeatedly this year for all sorts of awesome flicks crammed full of replay value, strokability, and wild chemistry that even some of the biggest companies are not as consistently able to provide. This being "that time of year" when the best of the best are released, I was ready for the sequel to last year's Brianna Love is Buttwoman title, the result being Alexis Texas is Buttwoman Blu-ray, a double disc set showcasing the curvy Texan like no other release to date. Alexis is known for not giving up her sweet ass in scenes, nor showing a lot of love for black men but the first barrier is now broken with her infamous ass proudly displayed while she receives a good, hard cock a few times. I have found Alexis to be a very appealing lady since first seeing her in action but her sexual skills have not always been as consistently heated as many of her peers so I had concerns regarding what the movie would provide for a jaded old porn hound like me. Then I remembered how many scenes in the various related series were either lesbian outings, lacked anal altogether, or had marginal secondary performers. It was also pointed out to me that the series is not about which lady can do the most circus act sex, who is the most whorish (that would be the Slutwoman series), or who does the most anal since frankly, having a world class ass is what merits inclusion into the exclusive club. That the cast also included award winning ladies like Jenna Haze and Gianna was merely icing on the proverbial cake but she was provided with a lot of decent male talent to liven things up as well. With a full disc of extras and the movie lasting over three and a half hours, I was sure that this would be a winner, the movie now released as the company's first Blu-ray title to excellent benefit for those of us with the proper equipment to enjoy it. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Alexis Texas, the wonderfully curvy gal featured on the front cover (and in each scene of the movie itself), was up first in a very amusing set up scene that led to her having sex with Kristina Rose and Michael Stefano. The feature-styled opening led to the usual type of tease footage with plenty of oiled ass shaking, rubbing between the ladies outside, and skimpy bikinis tossed aside after some obligatory footage of the camera following the ladies. Alexis than was quite aggressive with Kristina on the red couch, fingering her and orally satisfying her with a degree of enthusiasm she is not always known for in her movies (especially her lesbian outings). The ladies kissed and rubbed against each other some more, a playful ass rub session I could have watched for hours. That was when Michael walked in on them with a willingness to eat them both out, his pecker fully turgid through his pants as he spanked and sniffed at the delights in store for him. The ladies then double teamed him orally with some solid blowjob action, licking and sucking his shaft & balls as the camera caught plenty of booty footage (emphasis on Alexis). They trio then resorted to pussy licking, ass rimming, vaginal pounding (of both gals) and a lot of taste testing that included face sitting. The gals got sweaty and clearly had fun, their enthusiasm going well beyond the fake porn moans where the ladies look into the camera as a means of convincing viewers how great they are. No, these two gals focused on what was going on and their partners, whispering dirty talk as much as trying to get each other off. Say what you will about the casting but I was pleased they were so driven in the scene, the vaginal riding moderately active and Alexis taking the load of genetic juice to her ass for lubrication to rub against Kristina's cheeks as the scene came full circle. The only anal outside of rimming here was Alexis plunging a single finger into Kristina's perfect pucker so the search was on for the first anal scene by the Texan's tush! Yum!

Scene Two: Alexis Texas, this time dressed in black boots and a matching set of booty shorts with fish net stockings, incredible Gianna (who deserves a showcase title herself), and studly Mark Ashley, were up next in the house after the gals got really well acquainted with each other. To be paired between these two ladies would probably kill me from anticipation alone, their rubbing of large breasts and substantial booties plenty to handle never mind their completely different styles of playing. Gianna took a big liking to Alexis' ass and serviced it and the rest of her wordlessly; shushing the blond as they looked into each other with a lot of passion. Gianna was the main driver of the scene here but again, they were into the moment and not looking at the camera, some toy play included before Mark took control of the penetration. The lesbian action alone merited consideration for a follow up volume where the ladies did each other (as in previous Buttwoman titles from the 1990's), I longed to clean their fingers if not allowed straight access to their pussies. There was some anal play here too, the taste testing and kissing elevating the chemistry and energy as they tore into each other. When Mark did come into the scene, the subtle changes were almost immediately apparent too, the action getting rougher as Gianna beckoned him to choke her with Alexis following suit. There was a lot more oral too with the blowjobs and cunnilingus flowing freely, the face sitting showing each of them into it too. The booty shaking during the vaginal rides was awesome too, a bit of hair pulling and smacking around giving each of them something extra to motivate them. The scene ended when Mark jerked out his load of population pudding onto Alexis' ass cheek and into Gianna's mouth, some post coital head by Gianna a nice touch. Whew!

Scene Three: Alexis Texas, this time teasing out in public to a droning musical score in her neon pink bikini along the beach, made a great impression with her mirrored sunglasses as she frolicked along the walkway. This led to more tease on the beach itself in her cover outfit (the white piece of string) that did little to cover her up, letting waves crash into her and walking into the house where studly Mick Blue was happily waiting for her. Alexis loved the way he ate her ass, shaking her booty into his tongue and pushing back to enjoy the lavish oral attention he spent on her. This extensive rimming session led to her glowing with energy, some face sitting taking place until she was ready to blow him. It was a short and sweet hummer, the cameraman feeling fit to focus on her ass more than her mouth but it resulted in a very active vaginal ride in several positions, Alexis pumping and impaling herself really well as he pounded her as fast as he could. They continually looked deep into each other's eyes too, establishing some chemistry and additional desire, Alexis even guiding his dick inside of her when it was called for. By the time Mick was ready to launch his load, he plastered her face and she appeared to swallow more than a bit of it with a smile, looking at the camera only briefly as if to acknowledge her appreciation (Mick going down on her ass one last time). Sweet!

Scene Four: Alexis Texas, next up in an animal print bikini alongside tiny Jenna Haze as they walked outside, showed the difference between the two ladies as they pawed each other in the brilliant light of day. The tease footage and lesbian work was decent, Jenna looking at the camera a few too many times, but making up for it by oiling Alexis' ass to make it glisten. I prefer fluffy gals so as much as I adore Jenna, Alexis kept my attention, the pair sadly moved inside far too early onto the garish red couch where they got even friskier before moper Anthony Rosano joined in. As the weakest male of the cast (by far), he must have been the way the cut costs so while I appreciated that the ladies did the best they could with him, he was not much of a challenge for either. There was some more oral and even foot fetish action but the blowjobs reflected their view of his quality level from what I could tell, the continued attempts at secondary lesbian action decent telling me they'd rather have been left without him. Jenna did some anal after both ladies took the modest cock inside of their snatches, the activity level okay this time but hardly comparable to the other scenes. Even Jenna's anal was pretty slow and I've seen her handle guys much larger, wider, and better so this was perhaps the only mediocre scene of the bunch. It did get rough at times with minor choking (hardly enough to mention too) but Alexis milked him dry by aggressively riding him and the taste testing wasn't bad (except for his attempt to eat feet). The pop shot went to Alexis' asshole, Jenna lapping it up while Alexis whispered dirty talk.

Scene Five: Alexis Texas, was up last wearing a metallic bikini as she looked over the balcony to see the city below, walking inside the dining room to give up some fine tease. She was sporting a blue jeweled anal plug to stretch her perfect pucker, the bikini cast aside as the gal showed her stuff, the edits nicely played to provide a montage with the score. That was when Mr. Pete walked into the room to play with her, their personal relationship almost guaranteeing it would be a lot of fun. This was to be the vaunted first anal scene of hers advertised on the front cover and she began by doing ATM with the plug when he pulled it out of her, a larger glass anal plug used to further ready her for anal action. They both gave each other some lengthy oral loving after that too, Alexis showing herself to be in ecstasy as her lover fingered and licked at her crotch. There was again some minimal foot play but hardly enough for the fans of that stuff, the couple moving to the bedroom to screw anally after some "ass in the air" vaginal warmed her up. Fans will appreciate how she crawled after his balls to get to the bedroom but this was cut short with an edit, her limits tested as she moved from the easier vaginal to the much tougher anal (Alexis even fingering herself). Anal newcomers are not my big thing given how much better they get with extensive practice, Alexis giving me the impression she had practiced extensively with Pete before the scene was shot. Alexis begged for him to choke her and wanted her hair pulled, Pete complying as she pushed her limited ever further as she got into the rhythm of the moment. I strongly suspect Alexis will do a better job with future anal efforts but this was a welcome new act for her to explore, other tricks in her repertoire now getting more attention as fans wait for her to try them (some idiots think she's racist because she has yet to do a black man ON CAMERA but industry insiders point out that she is as friendly to the brothers as anyone else, more than a number who do IR strictly for bigger paychecks). The colors were more saturated at the end of the scene but Alexis finished up by doing ATM and milking him dry, ending the very appealing fuck flick as she gazed into Pete's eyes. Whoa!

Bonus Scene: Performers of the Year: Alexis Texas, the only gal in the movie with a bigger ass than Brianna, was up next as she gave her interview; William pointing out how big a splash she had made in the first nine months of her career. The native Texan was shown on the far left hand side of the front cover and gave the term "ample sample" a whole new meaning thanks to her award winning ass. She shook her money maker in the music video ever so slightly, building up the heat with her moves and adding in some oil antics that drove me crazy. Her scene was with Mr. Pete in the kitchen and having seen the pair signing at the recent AEE together (at the RLD booth), I got a head's up on the scene that both of them swore I would love. She was looking better than ever and he was insistent as he bent her over the counter, exploring her labia to discover a lot of wetness that he then fed her. His oral antics were minimal but she came out sucking as she inhaled his dick so enthusiastically; wrapping her lips around the shaft to service him as best she could. Pete may look like a lame guy but he likes women and can perform up to speed so this was the first scene that both of the performers were giving 100%. They were into one another the entire time, not just when he throat fucked her, and she continued to perform really passionately as they bumped uglies; pounding herself down on his lap as he spanked her after they moved to the living room couch. Of note too was the way they kissed so much, giving each other adoring eyes though he rubbed out the smallest load I think I've ever seen from the guy on her ass cheek. Yowza!

Bonus Scene: Brianna Love is Buttwoman: Brianna Love, now playing a popular stripper in a dive style bar, wore glasses as she readied herself for some action with Dick Nasty, Kyle Stone, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, Andrew Riviera, Buster Goode, and Dwayne Cummings. I had taken a break by this point lest I be too weary to complete my task of reviewing the movie, the scene started at about the 135 minute mark. If you're familiar with gonzo porn, few companies offer this much fuck for the buck, and there were still two scenes to go and a whole disc full of extras that Mason was proud to provide. The strip show was a mixture of comedy (the drunk mopers coming to life as she worked the metal pole on stage in her pink & black outfit) and heated tease; leading to the men pulling out their wallets and emptying them in her clothing, clothing that came off as the money poured in. The result was a decent blowbang much like Mike John might offer (he is often considered the industry leader of such things) except it was enhanced by the playful nature Brianna provided with substantially higher replay value as a result too. She slobbed their knobs with a drive rarely seen in the gal, making me wonder how the directors got such a wonderful performance out of her (her oral talents are known as decent but rarely exceptional like this one showed); the men dropping loads all over her mouth, face, and ass cheeks before she scurried away with her cash. Yum!

Summary: Alexis Texas is Buttwoman Blu-ray by director Sam No/Mason and William H. Nutsack was the best showcase I have seen for Alexis Texas, the gal excelling in all five of her scenes with great chemistry, replay value, and strokability worthy of a superior effort, meriting a rating of Highly Recommended. The action included her first anal scene on camera, more footage of the beauty than any other movie to date, and had a wealth of extras that few companies could possibly offer up these days. In short, Alexis Texas is Buttwoman Blu-ray proved that she could provide a wonderful series of heated scenes just as her friend did in Brianna Love is Buttwoman, the bottom line being that this is a "must have" for any of her fans but certainly strong enough an effort to merit inclusion on the list of gonzo aficionados that love large ass gals giving up their mouths and pussies really well too. I had my doubts going into watching this one but Alexis Texas managed to put my fears at ease by the way she kept up with her peers that starred in the previous volumes, outdoing most of her previous scenes to the point where I wonder if she would consider a follow up next year as her skills develop. Fans of the high definition Blu-ray titles that have been coming out will likely find this a decent upgrade too but for fans of Alexis Texas, it simply does not get any better than this. In terms of the visual upgrade, I could more readily make out the freckles on Alexis' face and her curves but I honestly expect more of the company in future efforts (maybe even upgrading all the extras to high definition too).

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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