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Studio: Babeland » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/24/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Every once in awhile, I come across a movie or sex toy that strikes me as outside of the pack, boldly stepping outside of the generic parameters set forth by the huge mega-corporations to provide an inventive new approach to getting someone off.  Movies have pretty much conquered every kink, every orifice, and every sex act long ago, and sex novelties have rarely gone much beyond an insertable device with a vibrating unit inside to stimulate their users so it was particularly interesting to be handed a device called a SaSi by Je Joue a few weeks ago by my publisher who wanted extensive bed testing done to see if it merited special attention.

The handheld device is not made for jamming inside a bodily orifice and amounts to an intelligently programmable "tongue" for high end users without access to the talents of your reviewer.  Whereas most vibrators have a setting or two that simply increase the speed of the vibration, the SaSi takes the use of artificial intelligence a few steps further by allowing the curved toy to learn what a user likes (and dislikes), skipping the "one size fits all" type of answer that tends to have toys generically made.  In this case, you can program it on the fly to avoid certain motions or increase the likelihood of motions you like or you can sit down and design a program of your very own to satisfy your tastes.

The SaSi is one of the smartest means of getting off for ladies currently available.

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The operational end of the device is a small ball that sticks out under a silicon membrane, the included booklet providing a wealth of information on which motions the toy offers.  The trick to designing the best program for your needs it to think ahead and program out a lengthy series of motions that will not get boring as a strict vibrator might but mix things up.  This means it will take some time to get used to and adjusting the mindset to look past the simplistic toys of the past is imperative for getting the most out of the SaSi. The company website points out the following:
SaSi is the ultimate, customisable vibrator. Using the latest Sensual Intelligence technology, SaSi is uniquely intuitive. It learns and remembers exactly what you like, giving you the perfect, intense sensual massage every time. SaSi is like no other toy using combinations of movement and vibration as a form of stimulation. A smooth, rounded head undulates under a thin, silky cover, creating a soft kneading sensation that can be customized by adjusting movement type, speed and vibration.
Fantastic for partner foreplay or solo massage
Splashproof, non-porous and bacteria resilient
Removable covers made from phthalate and latex-free medical grade silicone, using the patent pending SMITEN technology
Fully customisable with fascias and silicon covers available in different colours.
Beautifully packaged ideal as a gift
SaSi measures approximately 130 by 55 by 45 millimeters

Given that the device is medically safe and uses a rechargable Lithium-Ion battery that is environmentally safe (it lasted over 95 minutes continuously before starting to noticeably weaken) so high end users may find it a nice toy to play with based on the merits too but keep in mind that the initial usage will require some effort to get the most out of.  Otherwise, it comes with a designer case, a charging base, the charger and a set of adapters for traveling around the world, and a lengthy booklet that gives all sorts of helpful tips to newcomers to the SaSi phenomenon.

Make no mistake about it though, the SaSi is not for shoving inside of you and the pleasure it provides is far more subtle than a generic vibrator, the motions of the motor inside the toy relatively light compared to the competition but if you have the time, the patience, and the money to afford the SaSi, you might want to invest in one as I consider it worth being Recommended for the unique pleasure it provides.  Unlike so many devices on the market, a lot of consideration went into the packaging (it was excellent looking as a gift) and considerable attention was paid to address the usual concerns about the cheese factor that puts some ladies off from using sex toys (right down to the materials used to make it).  And if color matters to you, keep in mind that there are several colors to choose from, the fascias making the toy splash proof (though not water proof so be careful around water).

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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