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Gapeman 2

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 4/12/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Gapeman 2

An Evil Angel Release of a Brian Pumper Production
Starring:  Britney Stevens, Ashley Blue, Emma Heart, Melissa Lauren, Madison Young & Aurora Snow
With:  Brian Pumper
Total Runtime:  3hrs 45min (2-Disc Set)
Condoms?:  None
Keywords:  All-Anal, Toys, Gapes

Brief Synopsis:  In this all-anal release, director/star/producer/wardrobe coordinator Brian Pumper sets us up with a trip alongside his ass-associated alias, the Gapeman.  As megalomaniacal as it may seem (he even performs a theme song - why not?), Mr. Pumper
is more interested in getting those glorious gapes on camera from his fine set of co-stars,
here all donned up as professional callers in search of ass play.

- Disc One -

[Scene One]  Britney Stevens

Responding to an emergency fire call, fighter Britney treads around an empty house looking for Gapeman.  Poolside, a massive black dildo sits suctioned on the edge, prompting her to wrap her mouth around it, pushing it between her ass cheeks a handful of times.  On a nearby tree a string of flesh-colored plugs hangs from a branch, which Britney crushes into her spread port hole three prongs deep, repeating for a few minutes before heading back inside the house.  Upstairs yet another toy awaits, this one a jelly red cock & balls that she immediately spits on for a smooth ride, uncorking it for three delightful gapes. 

Opening the last door down, Britney finds a somewhat catatonic Gapeman waiting behind
it, taking almost no time thereafter to raise her countertop for a doggy ass pump.  Lifting
her off into the air, he holds her for a bit of cowgirl anal, going back into doggy for a run of widening gapes, onto missionary and an ass-to-mouth taste by Britney.  Carrying her while in mid-stroke, Gapeman takes her to the floor for reverse cowgirl, more prick & tongue cleaning, and closing Britney's legs together for the tightest fit yet.  Her responses during all this devolve into a kind of gibberishwagon full of nonsensical ramblings, half-thoughts, and room-filling cries for Gapeman to keep going harder; he replies by turning her around for cowgirl plunking, pulling his nose close into Britney's breathing gape, sniffing "fire lady have good ass meat AAAAAAAAAAH!", both hilarious and true (it would seem!).  The duo spoon and Gapeman keeps her fire hat afloat in between a few more sniffs, moving onto even more doggy pulse beating from high above, culminating in a beat stroke of froth into Britney's open mouth, all swallowed down.

Through Gapeman's goofy faces and continual hole worship, Britney's gaping skills are swell and sweet, especially with her fine circle of rim hair serving as the welcome mat to her "ass meat".  The introductory stretch of toy play was a touch slow, and Britney's rambling during the latter half is a bit confusing, but some will find rhyme and reason with it where I didn't especially fall in love.  Her gape is quite wide, even pornically speaking, so that alone will be enough to tingle the synapses long after the fire lady goes back to the station.

[Scene Two]  Ashley Blue

Stepping out of her car, active duty nurse Ashley chats on her phone in a search for Gapeman, who's stranded on a garage floor after a nasty spill.  She helps him up, kneeling down to reveal her lightly furred crotch, underwear free beneath her uniform.  Somewhat confused by his nickname, Gapeman explains the origins while Ashley does her best Pam Beesley impression before leaning down and blowing him.  It morphs into close face fucking, with Ashley keeping her hands behind her back in spells, only to bring them back for a full charge as she takes a few breaths.

She spreads in missionary on an abandoned chaise, beginning the ass fucking producing gapes galore!  Gapeman balances himself from above and arrows down into Ashley's bum, bringing her the shaft to taste in between heaves.  In turn, she widens her mouth as well, pushing her mouth open with four fingers for additional spit for the ongoing grind.  In reverse cowgirl, Ashley's white stockings poke out from beneath Gapeman's strokes, spreading and showing off her polished hole before shifting into missionary, grazing her partner's instrument with licks and more spit, he soon leaning down and sniffing her drilled wreckage.  Despite all the heavy rump rolling that happens, Ashley keeps it light: "I love your accent.  What island are you from?" ("Don't worry, no one needs to know," he clicks back).  A pink rod is soon procured, Gapeman toying with Ashley's ass and leading it back into her mouth for an even bigger dig.  The final steady hump ends in missionary, Ashley's ass turned way up, and a knob nibbling, ass-to-mouth (of course) that leads him to stroke and pop, driving it down her throat until it disappears.

-- sponsored by --

From her tiny frame to her incredible capacity for the more extreme end of performance, Ashley keeps her partner in good spirits while being one of the dirtiest girls ever.  Even as she jokes around, it's never in spite, but instead surrounded by her caught breaths and believably woozy exclamations, always, it seems, ready to go further and stronger, down harder and fuller all the way through.  And while the location may not have been quite ideal, Ashley doesn't seem to mind at all, bending herself into shapes for maximum gapeshifting and making it all look so easy.  Thank you, Nurse Ashley!

[Scene Three]  Emma Heart

Breaking throught the massive stable gates of Gapeman's house comes Emma, angry cop answering a disturbance call.  A few shouts into the empty house leads her to an upstairs bedroom, wherein she takes a break to lie back and fiddle with her kitten for a brief while, arising for one last quick look around before heading off.  In the kitchen, Gapeman sits dazed and glassy eyed, dick in hand and unresponsive to Emma's irate shouts of  "are you the Gapeman!?!" to comply with her orders (it's kind of scary, really, how well she wields her nightstick).  She cuffs him and soon enough he relents and breaks his spell, agreeing to show her just how he became the man behind the not-so-mysterious name.  Emma crouches down and hardens his wick with her tongue, straddling herself in classic anal cowgirl for a full-on wail, vis-a-vis the other side of that mean streak of hers.  A few gapes later, she tastes the culmination and spreads herself in a chair, black dildo in Gapeman's hand, widening Emma's depth with a few more spreads.  Flinging her netted legs into the air, she allows him to keep the toy play going with a pink dildo, readying the chute for missionary deep dicking, pushing her legs together as they continue onto the floor.  The sinkholes continue, bringing Gapeman to fire his wad into Emma's open mouth, not a drop wasted.

As severe and irate as she seems at first, Emma turns most of that energy back into her performance, which does tend to overcompensate.  But really, I'd like to think that she's just an anal junkie, and that Brian jiggles that white ass of hers just so, even if her tight little hole only puckers even with the longest of sticks poking it.  The toy play tended to slow down the sex slightly, but it really all seemed to brief on the whole.

[Scene Four]  Melissa Lauren & Madison Young

Behind the camera, Brian quizzes Melissa & Madison about their host.  "Does he drive a gapemobile?" Madison somewhat innocently asks, and for once he's lost for words.  In the kitchen, the now nude girls each fill their asses with a stud butt plug each (Madison goes for depth while Melissa keeps to her backhole with tender jolts), leading Melissa to assist her partner with a goodly amount of spit for the guide, with Madison doing the same to her: "it's beautiful!" she crows between lithe licks.  Down the hallway steps is another duo of toys, slightly more opera singer sized and grounded to the marble floor.  The girls take turns shifting from reverse to standard cowgirl atop the spreaders, keeping their third eyes pried open further as they keep the ceilings full of their gauzy ooohs & aaahhs.  The final stage of toys is found on a green leather couch one room over, on which Melissa & Madison plant their asses into and lift their legs toward the sky, the roped plugs sinking in between their cracks with both force (Melissa) and all the jiggly spit possible (Madison).  After a while wigging out, they hear a bit of rumbling from the kitchen, only to find Gapeman waiting for them between the set of chairs.  A dual blow job is served (one on balls, the other on staff duty), growing into anal doggy between each girl, ass to mouth run aplenty. 

Madison is the more adventursome of the two, always ready with a flitting tongue, while Melissa more than often leers and masturbates while her partners go on ahead. Madison, in fact, often pries her kiester farther apart with her own fingertips, eager for more even as Gapeman runs from ass to ass with his prick looking for a way in!  The girls each ride along in cowgirl, gapes now in full effect, and each receive a face fucking as Gapeman goes from hole to hole.  The three flock to that green couch, Madison soon bearing the heave of cowgirl and a similar side-saddle approach as Melissa diddles herself and awaits her turn (of the latter).

Presenting their asses face-out and together, Gapeman flaunts himself upon their asses, doggy-style, per each fine lady, and he orders them to take to the floor, shoes off.  "Smell the feet, jack the dick," he says, mashing his syllables together as the girls snarl and lead him on with their toes wiggling, soon guiding over his dick.  The each go onto missionary anal play, afterward going with a massive black dildo for even more cheek spread, a sip of the schlong between the two.  He drops his resulting cream into Melissa's mouth, carried over and swapped with Melissa, who somewhat maddeningly yells "gape juice!" as she tastes and swallows her share.  In the sweat they kiss and fade out, leaving us to only wipe our brows in relief.

Coming into this scene held an enormous amount of expectation, what with the seasoned
pros that both Melissa and Madison have turned into almost too much to grasp at first.  Thankfully, their skills pay off when combined together, though Melissa isn't as full force as our girl Madison.  While both are quite ready and able to dive in head first, Madison, with her killer quips and elastic sprightliness, plays the cheetah against Melissa's more cougarish tendencies.  Brian, it seems, is almost totally agog with the riches presented before him, and can't seem to take a breath to appreciate Madison's sense of humor (or so it would seem).  As before, the toy play does get a bit stodgy, but the gapes are all worth the prepared trouble.  Perhaps if the scales could have been tipped toward the more pussified play, Melissa would have been a more equal player, but alas it stands as a very fine performance from both girls.

- Disc Two -

[Scene Five]  Aurora Snow

The endlessly sweet Aurora, done up like a futuristic stewardess, chats a bit with Brian behind the camera, wondering just where Gapeman is.  Smoothing out the edges of her rump with her tiny fingers, she poses a bit on a pair of half stairs, finding a blue arrow dildo, the first of many toys to venture up her gorgeous ass.  Further on, with two fingers up her pussy, Aurora dips a red ridged spear up her rear, plugging away and pulling it out for us to get a glimpse of her glossed & puckering butt.  Onto the floor with a maroon tickler, she lifts her ass up and fingers each hole as it's geared open with her solo prodding, soon levitating atop a shin-length saber wobbling on a square of nearby tile.  Of course, plenty of tasting carries these playful goings-on, and from a stray corner emerges Gapeman himself, lifting her into missionary position right before Aurora slathers his jock with a good tongue lashing. 

Anal cowgirl thus begins the gapery, splitting Aurora's hole easily and winking almost immediately!  Atop the couch in reverse cowgirl, she uses those digits of hers to pry apart her cheeks for a princely sum of width, bending over to "lick all those gapes off."  A bit of face fucking segues into a lifted session of reverse cowgirl, Gapeman pushing her legs together and picking up that maroon diggler for an anal encore.  On the floor he leans into her with an extended force, upping Aurora's eclipse with breaks between doggy style pushing and delicious ass-to-mouth post tastes. In a cute moment, Aurora extends her legs into space, allowing Gapeman to not only keep his shove deep, but also to whiff his nose around her understandably throbbing bum (she giggles and twists her ankles with a huge grin - it's priceless!).  Ass into the air, she offers herself up to Gapeman's additional anal plug, bringing it to her mouth before continuing in spoon.  At last he streaks the inside of her mouth, pushing the excess wanderings from her chin, all for a single swallow down: "thank you, Gapeman!"

Through and through, Aurora is chipper and ready to spread her bountiful holes in every way that her partner can throw at her, keeping the mood light, cute, and positively burning. It's a wonderful walk through her park, even if I'm still not entirely sold on the lengthy pre-show featuring all those toys.  Just about any of Aurora's performances are a joy to witness, and this is no different: she simply knows how to be all sorts of wonderfully nasty, especially when it comes to anal play, and knows how to give her parter exactly what (he) wants. A great time, and an excellent performance to finish off the disc!


Bonus Features

A Bonus Scene (37min) from Phatty's Rhymes N' Dimes 2 features Alicia, propped up against a bonus beat as Brian takes in her polka dotted bikini poolside.  It's her first scene, it seems, and she admits "I love to fuck" as her butt spills out and she spreads against a bench.  Indoors, Alicia works her tongue smooth against Brian's cock in a slow curve, briefly going into a 2-handed grind, point of view style.  Back together on the couch, the two tumult into 69, bringing swift pumps in classic cowgirl, Alicia creaming herself over that dick in no time flat.  Her ample buns flap with the push, Brian lifting her up for missionary, a post-taste, and back into reverse and standard cowgirl.  "Your dick...it feels so good!" she intones, and the surrounding oomphs sell that statement on home quite easily.  Brian glides slowly in doggy, piling down into Alicia's pussy as he soon shifts his angle into a more aerial play, vamping into spooning thereafter.  Grinding out into a finish face to face in missionary, our dude pops inside of her coochie, unplying himself for Alicia to spread her juices in a smear across her shiny clam.  After the strictly-anal play in the feature, finding this additional scene was glorious and quite stunning, just as Alicia herself.  Though new to the scene, she certainly has all the high watermarks covered here, including her fevered performance overall.  The creampie, of course, was the topper!

Elsewhere, a Behind the Scenes featurette (39 min) takes our main man Brian through the preliminary minutes pre-scene per girl, the main topic covering (you guessed it) Gapeman! It's a little silly, but by the last five or six minutes, Brian is prepping his talent in POV style more often than not, much to the chagrin of the girls.  We do learn much of Ashley's background in the business ("figure modeling"), as well as a few key minutes with Britney before she turns around for a closer spread inspection.  A Photo Gallery (5 min) includes a rotation of scene stills, as well as a bountiful set of Trailers for twenty-two (!) additional Brian Pumper productions.  Nicely put overall, though for the weight of an entire second disc, perhaps a few extra dollops of weight could have been included in addition.

Audio/Video Quality
The 1.85:1 picture arrives enhanced for 16x9 televisions, clean and bright with true skin tones throughout.  A few pesky bright spots arrive when outdoor light sneaks in from time to time (Emma and the Melissa/Madison scenes, specifically), with the majority of indoor bulbs sometimes washing the background out in a high white.  Emma's scene suffers a greenish tinge from time to time (resultant from all the sunlight hitting the outside plants, perhaps), only slightly distracting once the countertop sex soldiers on (a blurriness results, temporarily).  As slight as these may seem, the overall camerawork is steady and eye-catching, though the background audio bed of beats (looping endlessly during the toy play during each scene) tend to grate after the second instance, and may drive you loopy/crazy/hopping mad if not for all the asses on display.  The overall source audio capture is in direct correlation to the camera, lending the oohs and aahhs balanced enough to carry from the smooth and sticky, up to Brian's sniffs in gaping close-up.

Final Thoughts
Even though I would have preferred even a smidgen of pussy play amongst all the ass
swordsmanship that Gapeman 2 has to offer here (over three and a half hours worth!),
what remains is a stink hole lover's guide to some of the best rumps in the business.  Pumper truly saves the best scene for last (Aurora), though Ashley's is particularly lasting
in the memory with her savory glands bubbled up with her treatment-bound gobs of spit.  Melissa & Madison's scene turned out to not be quite the tour-de-force that their combined powers could have produced (Melissa tends to drift), and Emma's rage-a-holic portrayal of a cop in need of a gaping is almost more scary than sexy (almost!).  And for the more meat-hungry, Britney's bloom is more stunt-worthy than it works as true chemistry, though find in it what you will.  I, for one, am just thankful that Pumper's alias turned out less hammy and actually kind of funny, after all is said and done, and he truly seems to be in love with a good solid gape, goofin' around or not: for that, how could we not keep it Recommended?

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