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Studio: Dirty Bird Pictures » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 1/26/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Production Date: June 2008

Directed By: Jett Blakk

The Movie:

"King B (Brock) is the best in the ring and the ringleader in a wrestling sex scandal. When a newcomer refuses to get on board, which guy will end up on the bottom? Featuring a cast of exclusive Active Duty amateurs!"

Cast: Kasey, Brock, Kaden, Cole, Chaz, Reese, Domenic, and Spencer.

Run Time N Rubbers: 1 Hour and 29 Minutes. Yes.

Scene One:


Kasey (good-looking with short brown hair, muscular/smooth body) and his buddy Kaden (cute with short blond/brown hair, toned/smooth body) engage in a rough 'n tumble wrestling match in their high school gym while a cool rock n roll tune plays on the soundtrack. Kasey wins and while straddling Kaden, pulls his own singlet down revealing shortly trimmed dark pubes, plump balls, and a big fat cut cock. Kaden takes that delicious meat down his gullet sliding his mouth up 'n down giving some very tasty head. The dudes soon find themselves in a sixty-nine with Kasey on top chowing down on his buddy's big clipped tool working his lips up 'n down, jacking the shaft, and nursing the large purple knob.

Kasey fucks Kaden's tight shaved bunghole in the side/missionary position using long 'n lubed strokes with some nice penetration shots from the front. Crazed with lust, Kaden plays a fun game of the ol' sink/bounce humping up 'n down on Kasey's throbbing man-meat while jerking his stiff prick. This time, the penetration shots from behind are simply okay. Switching to the missionary position, Kasey bangs that tight man-hole fast 'n smooth with some very hot penetration shots from above. To finish up, the guys kneel side-by-side and yank their pork leading Kasey to shoot a big thick load of spunk and Kaden to spray a large wet load all over the blue wrestling mat. The dudes are very into each other and the action making the scene sizzling hot.

Scene Two:


Brock (good-looking with short brown hair, muscular/smooth body with heavy tattoos) and Reese (cute with short reddish-blond hair, tall/slender/toned/smooth body with heavy tattoos) wrestle fast 'n hard while a groovy 1970s funk tune blares on the soundtrack. Brock wins the match and when Reese tries to back out of "giving the prize" Brock become enraged. "Don't be tryin' to cheat me outta no deal! It's time to pay the piper and I got your flute right here!"

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Brock straddles Reese and pulls his own singlet down revealing shortly trimmed dark pubes, plump nuts, and a big fat cut dong. He slaps Reese's face with it and then slides it down dude's throat. Reese gives very good head sliding his mouth up 'n down the blood-engorged organ and even gags a couple of times. Brock grabs Reese's large chubby clipped meat and jacks the shaft while nursing the large purple knob giving a decent blowjob. Brock feels Reese's body and slaps his chest pretty hard a number of times while sucking him.

Brock fucks Reese's tight shaved asshole fast 'n hard doggy-style and Reese digs it crying out, moaning with lust, and wildly pulling his pork.  "Tight little asshole you got!" The penetration shots from the side are simply okay but get better when they are filmed from above.  Switching to the missionary position, Brock continues to pound Reese quick 'n lubed and then goes for the side/missionary position where we can see Reese's big ol' plump balls slappin' around as he frantically beats his meat. There are plenty of nice penetration shots of Brock's big ol' dick sliding in 'n out of that snug chute. Reese busts a large thick nut while Brock squirts his load all over Reese.

Scene Three:


Chaz (cute with short blond hair, toned/smooth body) introduces himself to Cole (good-looking with short brown hair, toned/smooth body) as "Spastic Chaz" and makes him an offer. "You pin me, my ass is yours but if I pin you......" The dudes wrestle and are very rough with each other. Cole wins, straddles Chaz, pulls down his own singlet, and shows off his dark bush and fat cut cock. Chaz grabs that thang and crams it down his hungry throat leading Cole to fuck that hot wet mouth fast 'n smooth. Both dudes are very into the action and each other filling the room with heavy breathing, loud sucking noises, and moans 'n groans. "Suck on my balls, bitch!"  Chaz fucking loves that big dick! Cole chows down on Chaz's stiff clipped prick grasping the throbbing organ at the base and nursing the large purple helmet.

Cole mostly just sucks the knob and gives what I call "Cheater's Head". Oh well, it's still pretty hot. Chaz bends over and Cole spreads his butt cheeks apart exposing his tight hairy bunghole with some nice camera shots of that one-eyed kitty. He slides in doggy-style and fucks Chaz smooth 'n long with some okay penetration shots from the side that could be much better. Chaz loves being fucked and ills the room with heavy breathing and moans of pleasure. Finally, there are some decent penetration shots from behind where the viewer will be able to see that big hard cock sliding in 'n out of Chaz's snug little man-twat. Chaz even cries out, "Call me a cum dumpster!"  Cole shoots a large thick load on Chaz's butt. Chaz beats off and dumps a small thick load on his stomach.

Scene Four:


Brock (scene two) is being a big cunt when he loses a wrestling match to Kasey (scene one). He angrily overpowers dude and forces that big cut meat down his rival's throat to fuck that sexy face while berating him. Brock fucks Kasey's tight bunghole fast 'n hard in the side/missionary position but there are no decent penetration shots. Hearing the ruckus, Spencer (cute with dark hair, tall/toned/smooth body) and Domenic (good-looking with short dark hair, toned/smooth body with heavy tattoos) investigate. The dudes turn the tables on Brock and make him their sex pig! Kasey fucks Brock's mouth with his big fat cut cock while Spencer slaps his hard clipped tool against Brock's head and Domenic watching pulling on his hard cut dick. The dudes take turns fucking Brock's face. "There you go! Fuck his face! Force it down his throat!"

The guys force Brock to bend over and fuck his tight hairy bunghole doggy-style. Kasey slides his large cock in and bangs his nemesis fast 'n hard with some simply okay penetration shots from the side. "Oh he likes it and if he doesn't, were gonna make him like it!" Spencer is up next pounding Brock in the same position quick 'n smooth with some nice penetration shots from above and hot close-ups. Domenic gets in on the butt sex action by plowing Brock doggy-style with some tasty penetration shots from above of his hard cock sliding in 'n out of that snug man-pussy while Spencer fucks Brock's mouth. The dudes talk rough 'n dirty and smack Brock's ass really hard while fucking him. To finish teaching their "lesson", the guys all bust thick nuts on Brock's hot tattooed chest. Brock beats off and sprays a big load on the blue wrestling mat.


Ringleader is shot directly on high quality video and presented in widescreen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The videography is a mixed bag with excellent camera work of the wrestling and cock sucking but uneven with the butt sex penetration shots. This is will be a factor in my overall score. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes as they talk. There are plenty of hot 'n horny man-sex noises and some groovy rock 'n roll tunes.


The disc includes a bunch of groovy extras! The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selections, chapter stops, trailers for: Porne Ultimatum, Father Knows Best, Brent Corrigan's Summit, Just the Sex, Mugshots, and an entertaining feature-length audio commentary with writer/director Jett Blakk, producer Dink Flamingo, and stars Cole, Chaz ("Spastic Chaz"!), and Spencer. Disc two includes all four extended wrestling scenes, a very cool photo gallery for each dude, and a one hour behind-the-scenes feature. Excellent extras!!


I really enjoyed Ringleader. The amateur dudes from Active Duty are all very hot, give energetic performances, and look to be into the action. My favorites here are Kasey, Brock, Chaz, and Domenic. The dialogue written by director Jett Black is snappy 'n funny and the wrestling scenes are rough 'n tumble, realistic, and should appeal to wrestling fans. My only problem is with the videography (by director Jett Blakk) in that most of the butt sex penetration shots are weak. There are some decent camera shots but most of 'em during the fucking could have been better. The cock sucking footage is excellent as are the bonus features. I Recommend for fans of hot amateur dudes and rough wrestling action.

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