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Jenny Hendrix's House of Sex & Fetish

Studio: Tru Filth » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/27/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Jenny Hendrix w/Jack (click for trailer)

Jenny Hendrix's House of Sex and Pain (SD and Blu-ray)

Tru Filth

Trisha Rey

Genre: Vignette

Director: Uncredited

Emma Cummings

Cast: Jenny Hendrix, Jack Spade, Trisha Rey, Maui, Emma Cummings, Reno, Anita Blue, Chris Charming, Kris Slater

Length: 120:49 minutes

Anita Blue

Date of Production: 8/18/2008, 9/8/2008, 9/18/2008

Extras: The extras on the SD version included a short, 5:33 minute long, Behind the Scenes feature (focusing mostly on Emma Cummings and Anita Blue), a photogallery, and a 1:35 minute long interview with Jenny Hendrix (that was mostly a montage of BTS footage). The Blu-ray version only had a slideshow (I hate when the entire body of extras are not included on the upgraded high definition version!).

Jenny Hendrix!

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: Jenny Hendrix's House of Sex and Pain was presented in a 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color offering in 480i resolution using the MPEG-2 codec for the standard definition version as shot by an uncredited director for a new company, Tru Filth. The lighting was pretty decent here (most of the time) and the basic settings did not pose much of a challenge for the shoot so the lighting helped keep the compression artifacts away as well as keep the fleshtones accurate. The camera angles were not the best and the editing could have used significant polishing up but the technical aspects were not bad at all, some seasoned camera operators likely in charge of capturing the footage. The video bitrate hovered around the 4.6 Mbps area when I paid attention to it on the SD version, about a fifth of what the Blu-ray version of the movie provided for those keeping track. The high definition version showed a lot more resolution (1080i) and detail too, the upgrade a solid one from what I could see but it used the inefficient MPEG-2 codec as well so the higher bitrate could have been better used to allow for extras had one of the more advanced codecs been tried out. While neither version made the best use of the elements at hand, it was a good initial outing by the company and took advantage of the high definition aspects better than some of the bigger companies still trying to figure things out. The audio in both versions was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English at 192 Kbps and the usual 48 kHz sampling rate, the vocals the dominant part of the aural experience. There was no separation to speak of and the dynamic range was limited but the throaty whispers and moans combined with the vocals more clearly spoken were all easily heard for those that care, the minimal music rarely noticed when I watched either version of the fuck flick.

Body of Review: In these harsh economic times, most companies seem to be under some form of distress, a number of them closing down or selling out to competitors given the status of the times. Still, some entrepreneurs' find a way to initiate start up firms, one of the newest being Tru Filth. I read the press releases last year and wondered how well they would do given the way so many others have been cutting corners, their first release being a movie titled Jenny Hendrix's House of Sex and Pain. The movie was a selection of five unrelated scenes of various quality, two of them starring booty babe Jenny Hendrix in a role where she played a cock hungry slut on the prowl for satisfaction. While not the most original premise for such a movie, I applaud anyone trying to start a new company in adverse times, the new ideas they might bring to the mix something I look forward to checking out. The company website described the movie like this: "Jenny Hendrix is joined by Anita Blue, Trisha Rey, and Emma Cummings in this wild fetish fuck movie you're going to have to see to believe! Jenny Hendrix's House of Sex & Fetish runs the gamut from leather to lace, from stocking and foot fetish to full Fem-Dom and humiliation. Jenny stars in two scintillating encounters, first commanding her pretty slave boys to lick her boots then tongue clean all of her juicy holes before allowing them the privilege of servicing her young, tight holes to completion. With 5 brand new hardcore fetish themed scenes you'll be begging for more!" Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Jenny Hendrix, sitting on a couch as she brandished her favorite flogger, was in a pissy mood because her fireplace wasn't working right so she called repairman Jack Spade to help her. As he got down to work, she assaulted him, taking off her white bathrobe to reveal her fetish attire, her attitude showing even more as she made him her bitch boy. He licked her from toe to head and she verbally abused him, his oral skills not exactly the greatest but she did not seem to mind. This led to some face sitting and smothering before she reciprocated by slobbing his knob aggressively, the couple soon screwing actively in various vaginal positions. Her nipples were erect and she portrayed the cock hungry slut better than most of her work last year, some rough stuff like choking used to elevate the dynamic. By the time she took the load of genetic juice to her face, her labia were red & puffy, Jenny never shying away from the cock in the scene but still showing some decent chemistry with the moper. Nice!

Scene Two: Trisha Rey, a lean gal with jungle hair and a fishnet body stocking, was up next with Maui on the couch, the lady deciding to make him her sex slave. He licked her sweaty feet and she loved it, Trisha keeping him from going down on her much before she wrapped her lips around his pecker to slob his knob aggressively. The vaginal screwing was not as active this time but she tried to provide some verbal queues to go by, her hip gyrations making it easier to milk his wad of population pudding after several moderately heated positions. The scene ended when the active lady made him blow a gasket, his spew landing on his abdomen with Trisha jerking him off for whatever minimal amount remained.

Scene Three: Emma Cummings, a frisky brunette dressed in a red PVC corset and boots, was up next as she brandished a flogger herself, beckoning Reno over to service her orally. He started with the boots and she pushed her boot against his crotch, the foot job leading to a sexy blowjob where she gave him her all. He was as erect as possible when she wanted him to go down on her, a minimal amount of that leading to the couple vaginally screwing. Emma kept up the vocals as he hammered away on her cookie, several positions on the couch showing just how active she could become. Her ass cheeks pumped away on his dick really well too, the gal impaling herself as she put on some fake moans, Reno busting a nut on her boots for her to lick off as the sweaty couple broke apart. Whew!

Scene Four: Anita Blue, a lusty blond wearing fetish attire (red PVC corset, stockings, sarong, and thong), was up next as she told Chris Charming to start working her over. He sucked her titties and slapped them around, his svengali look a bit creepier than usual. Chris worshipped her big white booty and the thong rode up her ass crack as he spanked her, Anita giving him a very messy hummer before climbing on board him to vaginally ride aggressively. While not as toned as she used to be, she gave a good series of positions from what I could tell, the PTM enhancing the moment where he eventually dropped a wad of spew into her pussy (vaginal creampie) for her to suck off his fingers. Yum!

Scene Five: Jenny Hendrix, dressed up in her cover outfit, was up last and her ample sample of an ass looked better than the first scene as she gave more attitude toward the camera. The lighting was not optimal but she kept slave boy Kris Slater at bay during the tease portion of the scene by making him wear a blindfold. She walked around him like he was her prey, Jenny commenting that he always wanted to fuck her and demanding he remain silent. She moved in for the kill by rubbing her boot against his cock through his shorts, the turgid member responding to her touch as one might expect of it. He serviced her orally without his blindfold on and she returned the favor with a short blowjob, throatfucking the cock before they began to bang. It did not take him very long to pop a nut on her ass cheeks either, the guy holding out as best he could but Jenny wanting more. She shook her ass with the spew running off, the scene closing out to her spamming the website and no credits.

Summary: Jenny Hendrix's House of Sex and Pain by Tru Filth was a success due to the use of a talented bunch of babes that had fun fucking on camera with the slightly twisted kink aspects making it just different enough to merit a rating of Recommended. I would have liked to see better technical aspects and more extras but the use of Jenny Hendrix has long been a selling point from what I have observed. I ran into Jenny several times during the 2009 AEE and she looked even better with blond hair but I would like to see more performers featured in this manner, perhaps given a third scene to showcase their abilities a bit more aggressively in forthcoming projects. In short, Jenny Hendrix's House of Sex and Pain was a BDSM lite styled fetish flick for those of you testing the waters of the genre, the ladies taking charge in all five scenes. If you like Jenny Hendrix as much as I do or want to see her push her envelope a bit further, you might find this one well worth the replay and stroke value it provided. As far as the Blu-ray version is concerned, while I hated that all the extras were not included and it used a lame compression codec, there was a better picture immediately noticeable and the SD extras were nothing special, the upgrade probably warranted for those properly equipped to handle them.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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