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Porn Reviews » Sex Toy Reviews » Waterproof Unity - Fusion Edition

Waterproof Unity - Fusion Edition

Studio: Evolved » Review by Beautiful Dreamer » Review Date: 3/1/09

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

I was so excited to try this toy. With its shape, two motors, two separate controls, black phthalates free plastic and very cute metal tin, it's easy to see why I shredded the box as soon as I closed the door on the delivery woman. The Evolved Waterproof Unity- Fusion Edition and me were going to become good friends. I was quite certain of it. I removed it from the tin, washed it with some warm water and soap, popped four (yes four) AAA batteries into it and was ready to become acquanted.

The toy is definitely heavier with the batteries loaded, but I welcomed this as the weight felt good in my hands. The buttons are very elevated and easy to push. The small heart and fleur-di-lis on the button panel were a nice touch. This toy measures 10" in total length. The battery compartment isn't centered, but more located towards the straight end. The largest circumference is 5".

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I pressed the button towards the curved end first. It is a simple low, medium, high continuous setting. it should definitely be noted that the high setting on this end isn't nearly as high as previous Evolved toys I've tried. The straight ends patterns are definitely more interesting. The first is a steady, medium paced pulse. The second is the same pulse, with a burst of high that lasts about a second, then it pulses twice and then high again. The third starts out whiny, steadily builds up in pulse and intensity and then repeats. Its one of the more interesting patterns I've encountered.

So the ever lovely bed test. I tried the straight end for penetration first. The bumps certainly felt good going in and out, but in order to get enough penetration, I lost the ability to press the buttons as they were inside me. Minor annoyance, as I usually stuck with one setting. I flipped it around hoping the curved end would hit my g-spot. One word: ouch. It's just too pointy to use for thrusting as it feels like its dragging across the top of my vaginal canal.

Not to be deterred from loving this toy, I tried both ends on my clit. The patterns of the straight end were nice, but the toys length and shape made it a little awkward to hold. And as the vibe is situated in the third bump, it didn't transfer as well to the tip as I had hoped. I flipped the toy over, marveling at what I thought would be the perfect pin point clit stimulator. The vibrations felt pretty strong internally, and I couldn't wait to try them out. The tip sits directly on my clit. I personally love this, though it's definitely not for all girls. I turned the first setting on, not enough. Pressed the button again, still not enough. Sadly, the same could be said of the third setting. Once again, the vibrator is not positioned towards the tip, and sadly the vibrations don't transfer through the material well.

The batteries are tricky to get out. I broke 2 of my very short nails trying to get them out without bending the metal contacts. But they don't ever move when in use, which is good as well. Make sure to always have the two pieces tightly connected in order to apply pressure to the O-ring which makes this toy waterproof.

The Evolved Waterproof Unity- Fusion Edition was more of a lust than a love. It started out great, and then the fun quickly faded. It's not a badly constructed toy though. The vibrations just don't transfer very well. It's a skip it for me, but for someone who really enjoys light penetration or moderate vibrations, it is a recommended.

Beautiful Dreamer

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