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Manplay Double Pack - Ten Tops One Fuller and Sex in The City

Studio: Titan » Review by Brokeback » Review Date: 2/18/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

This Manplay double pack contains two full-length features:  Ten Tops One Fuller and Sex in the City.


Ten Tops One Fuller

Date of Production: February 2004

Director: Ed Maxx

Cast: Rod Barry, Justin Clydesdale, Ben Damon, Chad Donovan, Cameron Fox, Lane Fuller, Andy Hunter, Clay Maverick, Marco Paris, Dillon Press, Jack Ryan.

Body Types: Muscular, toned, smooth, ages 20-30

Condoms: Yes

Special Features: Gangbang, double penetrations

Plot: As the title suggests, ten hot men top Lane Fuller.

The Movie:

Lane Fuller, a cute clean-cut guy, is giving an interview. In the short interview before the ten men gangbang, he admits he's never been in a gangbang and is looking forward to the experience. In an interview following the gangbang, Lane discusses how surprised he was at handling all the cocks in his ass. His satisfaction is evident by a grin that stretches from ear to ear.

In the gangbang, the ten men (most of whom are hot young muscular studs) lift Lane who is naked onto a leather covered table. Lane looks like he's in his 20's. He sports a nice chest with furry pecs, a hot little treasure trail, furry legs, and some nice fuzz on his bubble ass. For the first half of this movie and for most of the second, Lane is on his back with his legs spread apart. The table spins lazy Susan style which makes it well-suited for the gangbang. The men surround Lane and each take turns fucking him and stuffing his mouth with cock. He always has a ready supply of cock at both ends from all of them when they spin the table. The guys talk dirty to him, treat him like a pig and flog him with a leather belt.

For the second half of the movie, Lane gets up and rides the men in the reverse cowboy position. To spice things up, a third guy jumps on the table and fucks Lane for two cocks up the boy's ass. Another pair of guys gets the chance of performing DP on Lane, and another, and another, etc.

Though some of the guys engage is some oral with each other, most of their undivided attention is on Lane. The lucky guy lies on his back and the guys fuck him and cum on his chest.



Sex in the City

Date of Production: November 2000

Director: Jett Blakk

Cast: Andrew Addams, Patrick Allen, Matt Bradshaw, Eric Hanson, Matt Majors, Eddie Moreno, Mark Reed, Mauro Pelle, York Powers.

Body Types: Hung, hairy, smooth, muscular, toned, ages 20-30

Condoms: Yes

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Special Features: dildos, light BDSM

Plot: The cast of the wildly popular HBO cable show is replaced by four gay porn stars.

The Movie:

Substituting for the role of Carrie Bradshaw (the narrator and writer of HBO's Sex and the City), Matt Bradshaw (irony of the last names) who plays himself questions the possibility of a gay porn star finding true romantic love. During lunch with a few of his gay star colleagues--Andrew Addams, Eric Hanson, York Powers, Matt hopes to find some answers. The guys individually recall their sexual relationships the day before, Valentine's Day. York manages to vamp it up in his take of Samantha Jones, the star cougar in the cable series.

The first to start is Andrew.

Andrew, Eddie: Andrew meets an old friend at a hotel. As soon as they enter the room, their mouths are on each other and the clothes come off. Andrew who has a very tight body and perky nips goes ravenous on his lean muscular Latino buddy, Eddie (who also has a great smile). His tongue and mouth work over Eddie's dick and balls. On the sofa, Andrew buries his face in Eddie's bronze bubble ass. He enjoys bouncing his hole on Eddie's prick to the point that he blurts out "I love you." Given the buildup, I'd expect a great climax but Andrew instead lets out an unsatisfying load while getting fucked. His partner's load is better but not by much. Eddie offers his business card to him and needs to attend to his next "client."

Then it dawns on the guys that Andrew had been with a hooker, er, escort.

York is more than willing to talk about his special Valentine's Day.

York, Mark: York who is smooth and muscular and his buddy Mark, a dark muscle bear, find themselves in a dungeon lit with candles and filled with an assortment of giant dildos. The guys are drunk after a run-in with a cop and they playfully pour beer on each other. York pulls Mark's pants off and carries him onto a sling. With Mark's legs spread apart, the bud is in full view. It's a dark purple and moves as he breathes. Some viewers including me may find it hard to watch because it looks damaged. Both guys are clad only in strips of black leather. Mark trembles when Mark teases his rosebud with leather. After a quick blowjob, York grabs one of the dildos and pushes the massive thick member into Mark's black hole. York allows Mark to relax a few minutes before using another dildo on him. Shortly after, York ties Mark's hand behind a post all the while teasing him with cock. He unties Mark and lies back on the sling so that Mark can service his ass with his tongue. York then tops Mark and cums on his chest. Unfortunately, the loads are really wimpy.

York boasts that they fucked five times and squabbles with Eric who sarcastically remarks how romantic that date was. Then Eric shares his Valentine's after York prods him.

Eric, Mauro: Meeting his fresh off-the-boat boyfriend Mauro at his home, Eric the romantic brings him some red roses which will complement the other flowers and candles. Mauro services his hung boyfriend quite well and Eric fucks him on the bed leading to a satisfying money shot. These two guys, Eric who has an attractive face and a swimmer's body and his Italian boyfriend with a nice small hairy body, make a nice couple.

After listening to their romantic stories, Bradshaw has one of his own to tell.

Matt Majors, Patrick: Matt Bradshaw's boyfriend, Matt Majors, has company at his home. The guest has an insatiable appetite for Major's thick, long dick. While in the middle of receiving head, Major checks his watch realizing Bradshaw could be home any minute. Well, Bradshaw opens the door and drops a bouquet of roses at the site of his boyfriend and Patrick fucking around in the living room. Bradshaw throws Patrick out and orders Majors to wipe his dick clean.

Matt Bradshaw, Matt Majors: In a moment of clarity or sheer stupidity, Bradshaw is willing to forgive Majors and the boys make out on the sofa. Both enjoy a long session of sucking cock and then turn their attention to eating ass. One of the better moments in this scene shows both of them on the floor eating ass in the 69 position. Major fucks Bradshaw with his big pole and their nutsacks empty onto Bradshaw's lean turso. Overall, it's a nice performance with both two guys who are equally hung.

In the end, Matt Bradshaw learns about the true meaning of Valentine's Day.


The DVD (applies to both movies)

Video & Sound:

Naturally, Ten Tops One Fuller has a better picture and sound than Sex given that the former is a newer production. Some of the dialogue in Sex is hard to make out.


Trailers for other Titan Men titles are the only extras.

Final Thoughts:

You really need to be a fan of gangbangs and orgies to have interest in Ten Tops. Although Lane Fuller is a very cute bottom and the tops are hot, what you see on screen most of the time are a bunch of dicks fucking his ass one after another. The camera avoids staying on their faces for any length of time.

With Sex, however, you get a basic plot that fits in the confines of a gay porn movie. The dicks are big and the performances are convincing and enthusiastic. Best of all, York Powers gets extra credit for his over-the-top acting performance in this sex parody.

Ten Tops is worth a rental and Sex in the City is recommended. Together for the price, the double packs receives a recommended rating overall.

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