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Studio: Titan » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 2/22/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:2008

Length: 125 minutes

Director: Brian Mills

Cast: Alex Baresi, Dirk Jager, Diesel Washington, Leo Giamani, Frank Philipp, Kyle Quinn, Xavier St. Jude, Kameron Scott, and Leed Scott

Body Types: buff guys, naturally hairy bodies, guys with tattoos, athletes

Condoms: yes

Things to see: voyeurism, threeways, sports sex

Plot: These athletes score more than just the game.

The Movie:

Athletic sports provide countless naughty scenarios for gay porn: there's locker room sex, gang shower encounters, domineering gym coaches, eager to please sports fans, and of course the towel boy.  The director of Playbookhas expertly crafted a film that plays with these scenarios, resulting in a fantastically hot sports film.  Whether you watch the jockstrap sniffing gym coach or the basketball star who gets to fuck the brains out of a younger fan, you are guaranteed an erotic experience.   In addition to the film and its models being so unbelievably hot, I felt that the acting was convincing and the sets looked impressive.  The locker room set, for example,  was equipped with a tiled shower area, resembling something that you might actually see at your local gym.  This attention to detail lends an aura of authenticity and quality that simply isn't present in most porn.  Thus, while other companies try hard, Playbook aims to shoot for the goal. 

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Scene one: Dirk Jager and Kyle Quinn

Coach Jager enters the locker room and discovers a mess of towels, clothes, and one used jockstrap.  He picks up the jockstrap and immediately starts to sniff the manly scent of balls and sweat.  Dirk plays with his perfect-looking cock while the jockstrap rests on his face.  Dirk then heads to the gang showers to wash up and sniff the jockstrap some more.  In the warm spray of the shower head, Dirk strokes on his cock; the water glistening off of his expertly chiseled body.  Meanwhile, a young blond athlete (Kyle) catches the coach stroking his cock, so he decides to hide in the shadows, enjoying his coach's erotic showering.  Kyle then enters the locker room, which promptly stops the coach from stroking.  Kyle starts to talk to the coach, but his eyes are diverted away from Dirk.  Coach Jager notices this, so he tells him to look at him while he's talking.   The coach soon realizes that this young lad wants a piece of his big meat.

Dirk pulls down Kyle's pants and the two guys slowly touch their cocks in front of each other.  Dirk then walks over to Kyle and allows him to place his lips around his bulbous dick head.  While Kyle is sucking, Dirk drops some saliva down onto his own shaft to aid Kyle with his oral endeavors.  Dirk then moves his ass over Kyle's face, hoping for a tongue bath.  Kyle has to lick through a forest of dark ass hair, but he seems to enjoy the thick man patch.  After that, Dirk walks over to orally service Kyle's cock and tongue his tender pink hole.  Using the bench for support Kyle is fucked incredibly deep and hard, yet he still remains rock hard.  The guys then proceed to fuck all over the locker room until they both start busting off their loaded dicks.  Dirk coats Kyle's young chest and face with a string of white gold.  Kyle lets loose his spunk onto a sports towel.

This was my favorite scene due to the chemistry, the intense oral action, and Dirk's unbelievable body.

Scene two: Leed Scott and Leo Giamani

Leed (dark and handsome) prepares some of the gym washes, but stops to take a jerk off break when he finds the same used jockstrap.  Stroking his cock through his jockstrap, the hunky handyman (Leo) enters the room and tells Leed to keep going.  Leed puts on a sexy show until Leo unzips his handyman outfit and removes his thick Italian sausage. The guys proceed to stroke their cocks in front of each other until Leed comes over to taste Leos thick dick.  Leed sucks on Leo's penis and then releases a load onto some dirty laundry below.  Finally, Leo busts his nut onto Leed's chest.

The guys then head to the maintenance room for some more fun.  After some passionate kissing, Leo lubes up and penetrates Leed from behind.  Leo fucks Leed slow and easy, perhaps not wanting to hurt Lee with his big cock.  Leed then climbs on top of Leo's cock for a straddle fuck.  Leed rides away on that cock, remaining completely hard.  Eventually, Leed tosses out a load while being screwed and Leo helps to make Leed's chest a little bit messy.

Leo looks so damn hot in this scene, and (on an interesting note) he seems to get off best by flexing his muscles on his chest.   

Scene three: Alex Baresi, Frank Philipp, and Xavier St. Jude

Alex Baresi, the biggest bear in the room, serves as the practice dummy for the sports masseuses in training .  Frank begins to massage Alex's furry legs, rubbing close to his jockstrap region.  Xavier watches, learning from the master.  Frank then invites Xavier to rub the same region on Alex's inner thighs.  When Alex starts to play with Frank's cock, Frank moves over to Alex's face so that he can passionately kiss him.  Xavier helps out by playing with Alex's cock.  Alex soon wants something other than a tongue in his mouth, so Frank slips his cock deep into Alex's throat.  Meanwhile Xavier licks Alex's hole clean, making Alex pant with pleasure.  Xavier then switches with Frank so that his cock can be serviced.  Soon, both of the masseuses dirty up Alex's hairy chest with their creamy man juice. 

Still horny for more action, Paul is fucked by Frank while he services Xavier (a very hot formation).  Finally Xavier walks over to Frank, who is still fucking Alex, and starts to fuck Frank's man hole.  The guys fuck in unison like some sort of erotic conga line.  Finally, the guys stroke off their cocks, unloading again onto Paul. 

Bear lovers will enjoy this scene.  I particularly loved watching Alex, who reminded me of a gay version of Animal from the Muppets; he constantly goes ape-shit over cock.

Scene four: Diesel Washington and Kameron Scott

Kameron is a young blond dude who just happens to be a huge fan of Diesel's work on the basketball court.  He heads to the court where Diesel plays so that he can tell him that he still has faith in his skills, despite the recent losing streak for the team.  Diesel likes the kid's spunk, so he asks him to shoot some hoops with him.  After a sweaty one-on-one session, the guys head back to Diesel's place.  In a dankly lit storeroom, Kameron aggressively pushes Diesel against a wall and pulls down his pants.  Diesel looks surprised, but he certainly won't refuse a blowjob from a fan.  Kameron pulls out Diesel's large black mamba and starts to service him.  Diesel gets carried away since he starts to face fuck the young lad. Diesel then lifts Kameron up, stands him on top of a bucket, rips off his clothes, and then ferociously sucks on his cock.  After that, Diesel lets the fan suck on his cock some more.  While Diesel rides Kameron's face, Kameron shoots off a load down onto the ground.  Diesel promptly lets loose his juice, leaving such a huge cumshot all over Kameron's chest that he can't help but smile. 

Diesel then lifts Kameron up again, turns him around, and starts to rim his tight hole.  With his hole properly lubed up, Kameron is fucked from behind.  Diesel fucks the lucky fan incredibly deep.  After the fucking, Diesel performs one of the film's most exciting sex positions; he lifts Kameron into the air, still inside him, then fucks him in the air while holding onto Kameron's wrists.  Kameron's hard dick bounces around while Diesel fucks the boy mercilessly.  Kameron is then fucked some more on a bag of popcorn!  Kameron fiercely strokes his cock during the screwing, ultimately leading to a juice load onto his own stomach.  Finally, Diesel jacks off his cock again onto Kameron's chest.  Diesel takes off, but he leaves the guy a souvenir; his jersey. 

This scene works incredibly well.  Both actors are hot, show lots of passion for each other, and the acrobatic sex simply must be seen! 

The DVD:


The anamorphic transfer was superb.  Colors were great, the image was properly lit and detail levels were very high.  These dicks have never looked better!


The audio was pretty good.  Music plays throughout most scenes though it wasn't at all distracting.  Generally this was a very good sound mix. 


Extras include a brief but fun behind the scenes footage, cumshots selection, some additional rimming footage cut from scene two, trailers for Double Standard and Overdrive, animated menus, and trailers for titan men web site, as well as titanmen tools. 

Final thoughts:

Playbook was a blast (in more ways than one!) to reviewAll of the action is hot, the models look great thanks to a sparkling widescreen transfer, and the DVD boasts a decent assortment of special features.  If you are into watching hot guys have sex with each other in erotic sports scenarios then I can't recommend this film enough.  Highly recommended!

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