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Studio: Dirty Bird Pictures » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 2/28/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Date: December 2008

Directed By: Jett Blakk

The Movie:

"Jett Blakk takes you on an epic journey of sex and revelations in Dirty Bird Pictures' biggest film to date. Tyler Green (Trevor Knight) is shocked when a stranger named Garvy(Chad Hunt) claims to be his forgotten brother. Together the two men go on a motorcyle trip to fix the broken of Tyler's memory but can Garvy be trusted?"


Chad Hunt, Trevor Knight, Cort Donovan, Nash Lawler, Phenix Saint, Scott Campbell, Kyle Pierce, Tyler Saint, and James Hamilton

Run Time N Rubbers: 1 Hour and 47 Minutes. Yes.

Scene One:

Scott Campbell

Boss Man Tyler Saint (handsome with short brown hair, muscular/smooth body) cruises horny employee Scott Campbell (good-looking with closely-cropped brown hair, goatee, toned/hairy body) in the office stairwell. The dudes stare each other down with lusty looks while rubbing their own bulging crotches. They are soon locked in a passionate embrace with plenty of hot tongue sucking and hands squeezing bubble butts before Scott sinks to his knees to blow Tyler's big fat cut cock. Dude definitely knows how to give some totally groovy head sliding his wet mouth up 'n down while jacking the meaty shaft and deep throating all the way down. In return, Tyler gets down on Scott's stiff clipped tool deep throating that fucker all the way down and giving an excellent blowjob.

Scott bends over offering up his sexy butt and Tyler munches down on that tight hairy bunghole with some okay side camera shots of the rimming. Scott sits on Tyler's face and rides his busy tongue while both guys beat their meat. Tyler fucks his employee long 'n full doggy-style with some okay penetration shots from the side and from above. The dudes are clearly into each other and the action filling the stairwell with heavy breathing and loud moans. Switching up, Scott porks Tyler's tight shaved asshole in the missionary position using fast 'n smooth strokes with some okay penetration shots from above. He pulls his tool all the way out and slams it right back in. Tyler jerks off shooing a thick load of jizz on his stomach while Scott quirts a large load on the floor.

Scene Two:

Chad Hunt

Trevor Knight (good-looking with short brown hair, toned/lightly hairy body) is standing at a rest stop urinal when asshole cop Kyle Pierce (good-looking with short dark hair, toned/smooth body) honeys up to him with some heavy cruising, baby! Kyle, clearly on a power trip, uses his authority to bully poor Trevor into a blowjob right as Chad Hunt (good-looking with short dark hair, toned/slender/smooth body with heavy tattoos) walks in and takes a blackmail photo with his cell phone. Chad makes Kyle get on his knees and then crams his huge 'n fat cut monster cock down his gullet with no mercy. Kyle gives some dandy head taking as much of that chubby throbber down his gullet as possible while his fist can barely wrap around the thick shaft.

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Trevor has his big fat clipped dong out jerking off and watching as Chad munches down on Kyle's tight shaved bunghole with some very hot close-ups of that delicious rim job and finger fucking. Chad slowly slides his big dick up Kyle's tight hole doggy-style and fucks him long, smooth, 'n hard with some very hot penetration shots from behind. Kyle digs being screwed and fills the grungy men's room with loud groans 'n heavy breathing. Worked up by total lust, Kyle plays a wild game of the ol' sink bounce quickly bouncing up 'n down Chad's huge meat while yanking his own hard cut prick. Kyle shoot a thick load on Chad's thigh, Trevor cuts loose squirting a large thick load of cock snot on the floor, and Chad busts a small nut on his thigh.

Scene Three:

James Hamilton

Trevor Knight (scene two) is about to take a shower when a cute motel housekeeping dude James Hamilton (dark hair, goatee, toned/slender/lightly hairy body) barges in to "make the bed".  The dudes look at one another for a li'l while rubbing their baskets leading James to strip down showing off his big fat cut cock. He lies back in bed and jacks off while watching Trevor pull his own large clipped member.  James chows down on his new buddy's dong giving some nice head 'n nursing that knob that naturally leads to a hot face fuckin'! These guys are clearly into each other filling the room with heavy breathing and loud moans. Practically starved for man-meat, Trevor gets down on James's big ol' weenie stroking the shaft, sliding his mouth up 'n down, and giving some very groovy head.

Trevor rubs James's tight hairy bunghole and then munches down on that pink pucker and really eats making it quiver with his tongue. There are plenty of very tasty camera shots of the rimming provided. He fucks James fast, smooth, 'n hard in the missionary position with hot penetration shots from above and below of that chubby dick sliding in 'n out while James makes all sorts of loud 'n lusty noises. James fucking loves being porked and is quite vocal. He actually cries out with pleasure. He plays a wild game of the ol' sink/bounce on Trevor's throbbing tool riding up 'n down while Trevor humps up to fuck him quick 'n lubed. To finish their passion session, the guys lay side-by-side and yank their meat with James squirting a load that hits his goatee 'n neck! Trevor sprays a large load of jizz all over James's stomach.

Scene Four:

Phenix Saint

Chad Hunt (scene two) explores a beach cave not knowing that punks Phenix Saint (good-looking with dark hair, goatee, toned/slender/smooth body), Cort Donovan (cute with short brown hair, toned/smooth body, tattoos), and Nash Lawler (good-looking with short dark hair, beard, toned/lightly hairy body) are hiding inside and ready to pounce. The dudes verbally abuse Chad and then make him get down and suck their hard cut cocks. Chad gives excellent head to all three of these jerks sliding his mouth up 'n down each tool and cramming his gullet full of tasty dick. The blowjobs quickly turn into a three-way face fuck with Chad easily keeping up with the horny trio. The dudes use Chad's mouth 'n throat for their own personal suck machine. This is some rough 'n tumble action.

The hellions force Chad onto a rock and fuck his tight hairy bunghole doggy-style using fast, smooth 'n hard strokes and making Chad loudly moan with pleasure 'n pain. There are plenty of hot penetration shots from above and from behind of those stiff tools sliding in 'n out of that tight butt hole and showing Chad no mercy. Chad is very into the rough scene and yells, "fuck me!" as he shoots a thick load outta his clipped monster dong.  Next up, the dudes take turns fucking their captive in the missionary position and they do not let up pounding fast 'n hard with lots of hot penetration shots from behind. To finish up, the guys pull their pork and cut loose with large thick loads all over Chad (including his face) giving him a groovy jizz bath. Chad pulls off and shoots a second load that flies all over places unknown.


Endgame is shot directly on high quality video and presented in wide screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Overall the videography by director Jett Blakk is strong providing plenty of close-ups of the cock sucking, bungholes, ass eating, and butt sex penetration. These close-ups could have been better in scene one but definitely make up for it in scenes two through four. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the guys' dialogue along with all the hot lusty sounds of no-holds-barred man-sex.


The bonus features here are excellent! On disc one, there's the movie with an option for a feature length commentary track with director Jett Blakk and a trailer for the movie. The disc also includes an interactive menu, scene selections, and chapter stops. Disc Two contains a one hour Behind-the Scenes feature, the two minute featurette The Sword: Suck on This with director Jett Blakk telling viewers about the movie's plot and showing the interior sets, the seven minute featurette of Chad Hunt climbing up and down a thirty foot beach boulder, photo galleries for each scene with high quality action photographs, and trailers for: Father Knows Best, Brent Corrigan's Summit, Mugshots, Just the Sex, Porn Ultimatum, and Ringleader.


Jett Blakk has once again written and directed a hot smut fest with four scenes that move along at a steady pace filled with snappy and touching dialogue. The videography, editing, and musical score are all quite good. The dudes are all very hot, give energetic performances, and look to really be enjoying each other and the action. My favorites here are Chad Hunt, Scott Campbell, James Hamilton, and Phenix Saint. The bonus features are outstanding and much more than I ever thought I would see in an adult movie so kudos for Jett Blakk for including them. Reportedly this is Chad Hunt's last movie and this is why he decided to bottom for the first (and last) time in front of the camera. Chad is one of my all-time favorite performers. He'll be missed and I wish him the best of luck with whatever he decides to pursue outside the world of adult entertainment. I Highly Recommend.

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