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Joey Silvera's She-Male All-Stars 5

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 3/16/09

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Genre: She-Males
Director: Joey Silvera
Cast: Victoria Adams, Rubi, Tyfany Arytyny, Monik Corran, Jeana James, Sarah Sin, Rene Pornero, Kaylane Soares, Giovanna DiPietro, Judy Mastronelli, Danielle Foxxx, Avy Lee Roth, Ariana Jollee, Sasha Heveyn, Morgana
Length: 184 minutes
Date of Production: 1/1/2009
Extras: There is a good photo gallery. Most of the performers are featured in the filmogrophies section. A cast list of who is in the scenes is shown. The three good trailers are She-Male XTC #4, Rogue #32, and Strap Attack #9. To round out the special features section, two websites are listed.
Condoms: Yes
Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video qualities are good. The lighting is adequate.
Overview: This is the fifth installment to the Joey Silvera Big Ass She-Male All-Stars series. The studio is Evil Angel. For the most part, the scenes have one or two she-males with one or two regular women. However, in one scene, a regular man briefly appears for some stimulation, but he does not fuck a she-male nor does he get fucked by anyone too. Some of these she-males are pretty and along with a pretty woman to screw, the action is hot.
Scene One: Victoria Adams and Rubi are outside. Moments later, as they walk hand in hand, they are seen on the balcony. Rubi eats her snatch from behind. Then, she sucks Victoria's cock. Next, the scene switches indoors. After the blowjob, they kiss. Soon, the woman gets back to her oral antics with his dick. By the way, the she-male's tits look hot. Afterwards, Victoria licks Rubi's pink mound before doggying her. She uses a condom. I like Victoria's body. Soon, a nice looking missionary hump occurs. Another fuck from behind follows. Then, a missionary is shown. Rubi sucks the cock again. At the end, Victoria jacks off on the lady's mouth. So far, the movie is very promising.

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Scene Two: Cutie pie Jeana James is walking in her school girl's outfit. She teases the camera by sucking on her lollipop. Then, the scene shifts indoors to where Miss James is sucking on Tyfany Arytyny's cock. She also rubs it with two lollipops. Moments later, the young woman orally pleasures Monik Corran's dick. Then, the two she-males play with Jeana's snatch. The close-ups of the woman's boobs are great. They suck them next. Then, she gives their cocks some tongue and mouth tender loving care. Nevertheless, Jeana gets spanked often. Later, Monik fucks her from behind as she sucks Tyfany's sausage. Monik is using a condom. Afterwards, the lollipop female uses her oral skills on their rods again. The cute Jeana sucks Tyfany's tit as the other she-male gives a blowjob. Soon, Miss James humps her own groin on Tyfany's stockinged leg. Then, the she-male screws the young woman as Monik rubs her tit and clit. Afterwards, Tyfany gets fucked from behind by Monik. Then, Jeana sucks Tyfany's dick as Tyfany sucks Monik's cock. Then, the lady gets tit fucked as she sucks Monik's tool. Lastly, Tyfany cums on her right bosom first and then, Monik leaves his mark on her left titty.
Scene Three: Sarah Sin is dressing a bit. Rene Pornero rubs lotion on the woman's rubbery boots. We can see Rene's hot butt. It gets spanked a lot. Then, Rene sucks his long cock. Later, the female is laying on the floor on her stomach. The she-male spanks her and prepares to fuck her from behind by running his cock along Rene's butt crack. Then, Sarah shoves his cock into her pussy. A doggie and missionary activity follows. Rene looks hot. Later, while still fucking her, Sarah sticks a white dildo into her pussy. Soon, a nice looking cowgirl ride occurs. Afterwards, Rene uses a strap-on plaything to screw the she-male as Sarah strokes his own cock. The action looks quite good. Then, Sarah sucks the dildo. Surprisingly, a man enters the scene. Rene and Sarah suck his manhood. Finally, the guy shoots his load on their faces before Sarah cums in Rene's mouth.
Scene Four: Judy Mastronelli teases the camera and shows off her boobies and wiggles her sweet ass. Later, two she-males are shown next to her. They do a good job teasing the camera too. After pawing the woman's body, Giovanna DiPietro has his dick sucked by Judy while Kaylane Soares eats her feminine plaything. Next, Judy orally plays with their weenies. While Judy stimulates Kaylane's dick with her pretty mouth, Giovanna sucks her bosoms. The woman gets slapped a bit. Then, she tastes their sausages. Moments later, the lady teases the camera again. Next, she rides Kaylane's condom covered dick. She also gets to pleasure the other she-male's rod. Later, Kaylane fucks Judy while Giovanna has his dick inside the woman's warm mouth. Next, Kaylane sticks his finger in Judy's asshole. Later, Giovanna fucks her as Judy sucks on the other she-male's penis. The she-male slaps Judy a bit. Judy rubs her own clit. Kaylane sucks her tit and Giovanna caresses Kaylane's bosom. A bouncy ride on Kaylane's groin occurs for Judy. A double penetration follows. The dp action flows well. It also looks very cool. Judy Mastronelli is a cute woman. Then, they take turns jacking off on her mouth.
Scene Five: On account of fighting with Avy Lee Roth, Ariana Jollee has her wrists taped together by Danielle Foxxx. Her mouth is also taped too. The blond slaps the young woman and spits on her. Moments later, she leaves her in a room alone. Then, Ms. Foxxx spanks Avy with a paddle. It does not take long until Ariana is in the action. Avy spanks her while Danielle shoves the woman's mouth in his groin. Next, the two brunette women kiss. Soon, Ariana sucks dick while Miss Avy plays with the mistress' breast. She joins in on orally pleasing the cock. Danielle slaps the woman's face with his tool. Avy continues to suck it next. Ariana sucks the blond's left bosom. All three performers have amazing bodies. The blowjob continues, but this time Adriana plays with Avy's breast. Then, both women take turns in stimulating the dick. Next, Danielle tit fucks Ariana. They kiss. Later, Ariana sucks cock after Avy strokes it a while. Then, Avy gets fucked missionary style by Danielle. Ariana slaps Avy's body and kisses her. Next, Ariana finger fucks herself as Danielle strokes himself. Later, Ariana rides the mistress' rod as Avy rubs her tits. Then, the woman gets off his cock and sucks it. Afterwards, the she-male screws Ariana anally as the women kiss. Soon, Ariana rides him and squirts. Avy sucks her wet pussy. The two ladies suck the dick again. Then, Ariana rides it anally. The scene is great. She squirts again. The women kiss again. The time comes when Danielle gets fucked by Ariana. Avy sucks the mistress' tit. He strokes his own dick. The camera angles are good. Danielle cums and Avy sucks on his hose. Ariana sucks on it too. In a short bonus scene right after this main scene, the three performers are fooling around again. This time Ariana finger fucks Avy's pussy as Avy sucks Danielle's cock. Ariana's workout on her pussy makes her squirt and soak Ariana's hands.
Scene Six: A blond Morgana is playing with herself. The close-up of her pussy is sensational. She has a very pretty beauty spot. As a matter of fact, Morgana is a gorgeous woman. Her clit is amazing. She gives good eye contact at the camera. Suddenly, Sasha Heveyn is sucking on her tit. She is also thumbing the woman's asshole. Then, the she-male is stroking his own cock and licking Morgana's snatch from behind her. They kiss later as the blond strokes his dick. The close-ups of the kissing action are hot. Next, Sasha eats her sexual plaything. Soon, Morgana sucks his sexual counterpart. During the blowjob, Sasha pinches the blond's nose at times. She also rubs the woman's snatch. Then, Morgana rides him cowgirl style. Sasha is wearing a condom. The woman's body looks great while being on top of the she-male. A doggie fuck follows. Morgana's mouth is shut with a ball clamp. A spoonful of sugar follows. The babe removes the ball. A nice doggie anal is next. Morgana has her mouth shut again in the beginning. The woman has a cute ass. Then, Sasha sucks Morgana's strap-on dildo. The scene is pretty hot. Sasha strokes his own dick too. Then, the blonde beauty fucks the she-male doggystyle. The action is cool. Later Morgana lays on her back and rubs her own clit as the she-male strokes his dick beside her. The woman's pussy is wet and sticky. Her pinkness is hot. At the end, Sasha jacks off on her breast. They kiss as Morgana strokes his dick.
Final Thoughts: For those porn lovers who may want to check out she-males, then this movie would be a good beginning. These she-males are with regular women. So, they fuck pussies. Also, a few of these she-males are good looking. They can pass as women if one never knew that they had dicks. It is worth noting that the only man appears in the third scene and he gets his cock sucked and then, ejaculates his goo on the two main performers. So, if you are willing to experience something new, then rent this dvd. If not, then thank you for reading my review. I appreciate your time.  

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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