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Over Drive - Director's Expanded Edtiion

Studio: Titan » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 3/16/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Date: July 2008

Directed By: Brian Mills


Dean Flynn, Francois Sagat, Marco Blaze, Max Schutler, Scott Alexander, Arthur Gordon, Victor Steele, Rick Van Sant, Chris Thomas, Coby Mitchell, and Dirk Jager.

Runtime N Rubbers: 3 Hours and 47 Minutes (including bonus features). Yes.

Scene One:

Max Schutler

Dean Flynn (good-looking with brown hair, beard stubble, toned/hairy body) is tooling around in his sporty convertible, picks up Max Schutler (good-looking with dark hair, toned/smooth body), and finds a wooded area to get down to some hot 'n heavy man-sex. The guys kiss with plenty of deep wet tongue action leading Dean to pull Max's shorts and white briefs down exposing his shortly trimmed dark pubes, plump balls, and hard uncut cock. He chows down on that tasty tool giving an excellent blowjob and deep throats all the way down. Max obviously loves the head and fills the air with heavy breathing and moans. In return, Max gets down on Dean's stiff clipped prick sliding his mouth up 'n down, deep throating and giving some very groovy head while Dean groans and pinches his own hard nipples. These two are definitely into each other and the action.

Dean bends over the rear of the car and Max munches down on his tight hairy bunghole with some nice camera shots of the pucker and the rimming. Dean fuck Max's tight asshole doggy-style fast, smooth, 'n hard with some excellent penetration camera shots from behind of that throbbing cock sliding in 'n out. Max's prick stays completely hard and his delicious foreskin completely covers the knob. To finish their steamy lust-session, the guys passionately kiss while wildly beating off. Max dumps a thick load of jizz on Dean's thigh and Dean squirts a large load on Max's leg, thigh, and wrist. Hot load! After Max takes a powder, Dean relaxes with a nice long piss with warm golden liquid flying though the air splattering on the ground.

Scene Two:

Dirk Jager

Dirk Jager (good-looking with short dark hair, beard, muscular/hairy body) drives up to Marco Blaze (good-looking with buzzed dark hair, toned/smooth body) and barks, "I want this car perfectly clean!" I guess horny Dirk isn't that serious about his auto since the two dudes get down with some deep soul kissing and body rubbing completely distracting Marco from his duties. Marco pulls his own faded blue jeans and white briefs down to show off his shortly trimmed almost shaved pubes and throbbing fat uncut cock (with foreskin covering most of the knob).

Dirk sinks to his knees and takes care of that delicious dong giving some very good head and receives a hot face fucking. Marco digs the action filling the air with grunts, moans, and heavy breathing. Francois Sagat (handsome with closely-cropped dark hair, beard, muscular/hairy body) struts over to where all the action is looking humpy as heck in his blue jeans and tight white tee shirt. Dirk yanks Francois' jeans and white briefs down exposing his dark pubes and big unclipped meat. He takes that thang down his gullet sliding his mouth up 'n down and giving some tasty head. Dirk loves those uncut cocks and wildly switches back 'n forth gobbling 'em down.

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Dirk pulls his own hard uncut dick out and Francois is soon on his haunches blowing both dudes providing some very good oral pleasure. It's a foreskin party! Marco wants his turn too and blows both guys giving hot blowjobs. Dirk and Francois jerk off and shoot their loads on Marco's chest. Marco works his thick pork 'n foreskin and dumps jizz on his fist. The dudes then piss all over Marco's chest to clean off all the cum. Dirk takes a hike leaving Marco and Francois still horny for more man-lovin'. After some deep tongue kissing, Marco fucks Francois' tight man-hole doggy-style fast, smooth, 'n hard with some very hot penetration camera shots from behind. Marco crams that fat cock up that snug chute and Francois reaches back to play with Marco's tight shaved bunghole. This is some mouth-watering man-sex!

Switching up, Francois munches down on Marco's pink starfish for a very quick moment and then pounds his butt doggy-style on a picnic table using fast 'n hard strokes. There are plenty of excellent penetration shots from below. These guys are clearly into the action and each other. Francois fucks Marco in the missionary position while Marco beats off working his foreskin back 'n forth and dumps thick jizz on his fist. Hot cum-filled foreskin! Francois squirts a huge thick load that flies through the air with the greatest of ease hitting Marco's chest and inside thigh. Amazing load!

Scene Three:

Scott Alexander

Road crew Coby Mitchell (good-looking with a shaved head, muscular/lightly hairy body), Arthur Gordon (good-looking with short dark hair, toned/smooth body), and Scott Alexander (good-looking with a shaved head, goatee, toned/smooth body) are hard at work when an asshole driver comes speeding through almost hitting one of 'em. After such a shock, the guys have to settle down by feeling each other's hot bodies and kissing with plentiful deep wet tongues. Coby is quickly on his knees pulling Arthur's pants 'n briefs down exposing his dark pubes and large uncut cock. He takes that fucker down his gullet giving some excellent head with deep throat while Arthur sucks Scott's big ebony unclipped tool giving a tasty jawjob.

Scott has some big 'ol mouth-watering nuts! The guys really dig that man-meat filling the air with loud slurps, moans, 'n groans and shooting thick loads all over one another. Coby bends over exposing his hairy crack as Scott and Arthur give his hot bum a good feel. Arthur munches down with some nice tongue-on-pucker shots. He then fucks Coby doggy-style fast 'n smooth with some excellent penetration shots from behind.

Arthur really pounds Coby's butt while Coby jerks his stiff clipped prick and chows down on Scott's business. Scott slides his long dong up Scott's man-chute doggy-style and then gets down with some quick 'n lubed screwing with hot penetration shots from behind while Coby blows Arthur. Coby is the man! Next, he plays a lusty game of the ol' sink/bounce with Scott really riding that thang with groovy penetration shots from behind. Dude also gets porked in the missionary position by Arthur and the viewer will again be able to see everythang along with a nice shot of Arthur's tight dusky butthole from behind. Arthur busts a large thick nut on Coby's stomach; Scott shoots a huge thick load on Arthur's bum, and Coby dumps thick jizz on his fist.

Scene Four:

Dean Flynn

Dean Flynn (scene one) walks through the woods naked and stops to take a nice long piss. He then gets caught by Victor Steele (good-looking with dark brown hair, facial hair, toned/smooth body) trying to steal some clothes to wear from a backyard laundry line. Victor throws down his shotgun and blows Dean's rigid clipped dick rubbing those nuts and giving complete oral pleasure. Dean chows down on Victor's stiff cut prick sliding his mouth up 'n down, deep throats all the way down to a lush full bush, and then receives a hot face fucking. Victor bends over leading Dean to munch down on that tight hairy man-hole with some nice camera shots of the action.

Victor digs having his asshole eaten filling the surrounding area with heavy breathing and moans. He jerks off and sprays a large thick load all over Dean's face and chest. Hot! Dean shoots a thick load of spooge on Victor's chest and stomach. Victor fucks Dean doggy-style fast 'n smooth with some hot penetration shots from behind of that dick sliding in 'n out. Switching to the missionary position, Victor continues to fuck Dean's bunghole quick 'n smooth with hot penetration shots from above. Changing up, Dean bangs Victor in the missionary position fast 'n lubed with some tasty penetration shots from behind. Victor ends up busting a thick nut on his stomach and Dean cuts loose with a large thick load on Victor's toned tummy.

Scene Five:

Rick Van Sant

Max Schutler (scene one) picks Rick Van Sant (good-looking with closely-cropped brown hair, facial hair, muscular/lightly hairy body)up in a stolen sports car and the dudes zoom off looking for a secluded spot for some highly erotic fun. The guys kiss with deep tongues and then Max sinks to his knees unleashing Rick's large uncut curved cock. It looks like a flesh hook! Hot! He gets down on that thang sliding his wet mouth up 'n down and giving a very hot blowjob while a local deputy Chris Thomas (good-looking with short dark hair, muscular/hairy body) spies and rubs his bulging crotch. Max can actually deep throat Rick's long dong all the way down to those shortly-trimmed pubes. Amazing!

Wanting to return the pleasure, Rick gets down on his haunches and blows Max's hard uncut dick nursing the foreskin-covered knob, cupping those warm nuts, and deep throating all the way down to shortly-trimmed pubes while receiving a face fucking. Chris finally joins in on the action leading Max to suck his rigid clipped tool switching back 'n forth between the dicks. Chris shoots a large thick load on Max's chest and then leaves. Max bends over allowing Rick to munch down on his tight shaved bunghole with some nice camera shots of the pucker and rimming. Rick slides in doggy-style and fucks Max fast, smooth, 'n hard with some hot penetration shots from below.

Switching to the missionary position, Rick continues to bang Max fast 'n lubed with some hot penetration shots from above while Max jerks off working his foreskin and shooting a thick load of man-juice on his fist and stomach. Rick beats off dumping a thick load of cock snot on Max's lower stomach area.  Rick lays back on a car trunk with his legs spread nice 'n wide and up in the air. Max snaps on a pair of black latex gloves, generously lubes up, and begins working his fingers in Rick's butthole. Working slowly, Max finally gets his entire fist up Rick's man-chute making Rick loudly grunt with pleasure. Switching to the doggy-style position, Max switches back 'n forth between his left and right fists giving Rick a good scrubbing and making him moan, "Fuck me with your arm!" Rick shoots a thick load on his hairy stomach and Max cuts loose with thick jizz on his fist. Hot cum-filled foreskin!


Over Drive is shot directly on high quality video and presented in anamorphic widescreen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The picture is crisp 'n clean and the videography by Paul Wild and Jeff Slurry is strong providing full coverage of all the action, nice camera shots of the bungholes 'n ass eating, and hot close-ups of the cock sucking 'n butt sex penetration.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes as they speak a cool techno musical score by Orlando Moneyshot and James Sheridan, and plenty of panting, grunting, heavy breathing.


This two disc set includes some groovy bonus material. Both include an interactive menu, scene selection, and chapter stops. Disc one includes previews for: Funhouse, Double Standard, Warehouse, POV, and Breakers. Disc two includes a Behind-the-Scenes featurette, photo sessions, and a bonus soft core scene with Francois Sagat and Marco Blaze during an erotic car wash, and a cumshot compilation. The bonus features run a little over one hour.


Whew! Over Drive is one hot smut fest! Strong direction by Brian Mills, videography, and editing by James Sheridan and Kawan create five hot 'n sweaty scenes that never become dull. The dudes are all very appealing so I don't have any personal favorites this time. They give energetic performance and look to really be into each other and the action. There's a nice collection of bonus materials offered up as well. I Highly Recommend.

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