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Dark Side Of The Sun

Studio: Vivid » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/16/09

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Dark Side of the Sun

Vivid Entertainment/Sunlust Pictures

Genre: Vignette

Director: Luther King

Sunny Leone!

Cast: Sunny Leone, Ariel King, Penny Flame, Tony DiSergio, Brea Lynn, Sunny Leone, Ariel King, Celeste Star

Length: 71:27 minutes

Penny Flame and Tony DiSergio

Date of Production: 10/29/2008 & 10/30/2008

Brea Lynn

Extras: The only extra was a 2:43 minute long look at a "masturbation scene" being shot, but it was too dark to see clearly and the grain bugged me as much as the limited light so as cute as Brea Lynn might be, this was a disservice to her.

Sunny Leone!

Condoms: None

Celeste Star and Sunny Leone

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Audio/Video Quality: Dark Side of the Sun was presented in 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color (and B&W) as shot by director Luther King for Vivid Entertainment as the first collaboration with Sunny's new production company, Sunlust Pictures. The resolution was the expected 480i and the mastering process employed the MPEG-2 codec but the grain, video noise, and many other issues made it look like an old videotape tossed in a bin of speaker magnets more often than not. I can appreciate it when directors feel the need to try out every artistic effect they can get their hands on because I did that myself when I was ten years old and handed an 8mm film camera long ago but seeing as how the director originally shot for Club Jenna, I am pretty certain that he got the impression that "more is better" in that regard (though conveniently leaving the concept out when it came time to count the running length of the very short fuck flick). There were all sorts of visual issues that were compounded by the editing credited to Jay Rett as well but the limited animation was not a bad touch as far as I was concerned. In general, it was one of the worst shot productions I have seen in a long time, even fans of MTV styled editing and special effects are likely to balk at this one. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English with a 192 Kbps bitrate and the standard 48 kHz sampling rate, the vocals hollow and the music credited to OJ Lucid, on the "hate it or hate it" variety. It basically sounded like a poor man's attempt at 80's heavy metal combined with punk, certainly catering to Sunny's desire to check out her darker side but seemingly ill fitted to the kind of production this was.

Brea Lynn and Sunny Leone

Body of Review: Sunny Leone is currently one of the hottest looking women in porn, the 27 year old always taking the breath away of those around her thanks to her beauty alone. Those that have followed her limited career know that while she was featured in Penthouse and went on to make a handful of movies for Vivid Entertainment, most of those showed her with other women until she made a few scenes with her then-fiance. Since that time, Sunny has tried her hand in mainstream productions and now presents her first movie made under her own production company, a title called Dark Side of the Sun. The idea of the movie was supposed to be to allow the starlet to explore her darker nature but it came off largely as pretentious thanks to the directing done by Luther King. Replacing male model type Matt Erickson with tattooed bad boy Ariel King, Sunny did her man a few times in the movie but always looked to be in pain as a result, greatly limiting the stroke value even for fans such as myself. The company website described the movie like this: ""When Sunny and I first talked about doing a movie I knew she wanted something different than anything she had done before," says director Luther King. "I knew we had to dim the lights and get to work. You have to eclipse the sun if you want to see what really shines in the darkness!" Sunny is thrilled by the results of their collaboration. "I wanted something with a different vibe to expand on what I have done before. Luther was the perfect director to help us achieve what we needed." King has high praise for his leading lady. "Sunny's beauty is unrivaled and her smile is blinding, but I wanted to see what her deviant side was like. I wanted to see what she really wanted to do. Some of these things we couldn't shoot cause people truly would have been shocked. All of the talent was picked by Sunny and she knew exactly what she wanted. I think what was done with the sex, the leather, the tone, and the dark twist it's all wrapped in will really turn people's heads. What we got in this movie is pure passion from the back alleys of Sunny's fantasies!" His praise expands beyond the on screen talent. "Thanks to an amazing editor, J Ret and the animation of Harrington Talent we really captured Sunny's darker side. I really hope everyone enjoys the movie and can see how much fun it was to create." Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Sunny Leone, smoking a cancer stick and wearing a tight dress, gave Brea Lynn some tough love before dumping the gal during the opening montage to join Ariel King in a short blowjob scene. The animation was interesting for a porno but the lack of light caused all sorts of mosquito noise and overly saturated colors, her aggressive knob slobbing soon ending when she milked the (very) modest member of genetic juice.

Scene Two: Penny Flame, the sexy starlet known for her talents in all sorts of porn, was up next in what looked like the loft of Kylie Ireland as she blew Tony DiSergio while Brea Lynn masturbated in the background. Her oral skills were as good as ever but the clumsy editing weakened it even more than the music or montage effect used so heavily. He went down on Penny and they screwed vaginally in bed, the pained look on her face having less to do with his size so much as what I assume must have been her guilt at being part of this train wreck. Penny was typically passive here and her dirty talk was appreciated but the lack of chemistry was much like the first scene in terms of replay value, his wad of population pudding rubbed onto her face.

Scene Three: Sunny Leone, still looking great despite the effects, was up next in a dark room with Ariel King,the two of them making out during a thunderstorm. He manhandled her a bit but the pacing was fucked up by the edits, Sunny never given much of a chance to shine compared to her titles shot by better directors. They did oral on each other and he spanked her, the rough sex apparently a means to elevate the dynamic since chemistry was easily observed. Ariel bound her hands behind her with wrist restraints and then proceeded to "fuck her face" as she asked, well at least tried to since she gave a hand assisted hummer lacking any force. He then fucked her passive pussy until she climbed on board his pecker, pumping herself on his limp body until he gave her a vaginal cream pie.

Scene Four: Celeste Star, a very attractive lady bound to a chair, was up next as the love slave of Sunny Leone. Sunny toyed with her and licked her, full mouth kissing the gal before moving south. Both ladies did limited lesbian antics on each other too, at least until Ariel King entered the picture to do Sunny while Celeste was kicked to the curb. He wore a dog mask and the oral/vaginal routine was deployed, the guy holding her neck as she inhaled his miniscule meat. They fucked in a few positions but he lost his erection early, Sunny having to hold him to continue blowing him even before the small load of semen came out.

Scene Five: Brea Lynn, the cite former contract performer, was up last with sexy Sunny Leone as they went at each other against a chain link fence. The industrial setting in the background was not the worst I've seen of late but the music was bad enough to make me want to mute the whole thing, missing out on fake moans and limited comments by the gals as much as the off key tunes. They even used a large glass dildo (technically, two of them) on the hood of a car but this was mostly a rug munching fest to be sure.

Summary: Dark Side of the Sun by Sunlust Pictures was pretty lame in many ways, the technical aspects alone reducing it to a rating of Rent It at very best, keeping in mind that I'm a huge fan of Sunny Leone. For most people, the rating was best described as a Skip It, the amount of far, far better scenes by the gal at Vivid Entertainment just too superior to justify the special effects, home movie appeal, and rock star wannabe soundtrack deployed here. I know a lot of people bag on Vivid for all sorts of reasons but this was solid evidence that their contract performers might want to stay closer to home if they want decent looking porn to star in. In short, Dark Side of the Sun was "dark" in terms of lighting, musically horrid, and technically devoid of quality even though you could pretty much leave a camera pointed at Sunny and get a strokable title compared to this one. To sum it up in two letters (even as a huge fan of Sunny, mind you): P.U.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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