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Slow Heat in A Texas Town

Studio: Titan » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 4/25/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Date: August 2008

Directed By: Joe Gage

The Movie:

"Bartholomew Texas is a little town. There's not a lot of people around and most of the year it's real hot. There's not a lot going on except when it's duck huntin' season when the big city folks come out to rough it in the woods. Every single one of them has some kind of story."


Chad Manning, Nick Capra, Steve Carlisle, Del Cobb, Cory Flint, Zane Jacobs, Steve O'Donnell, Colton Steele, Josh West, and Jackson Wilde.

Runtime N Rubbers: 2 Hours and 46 Minutes. Yes.

Scene One:

Colton Steele

Exterior: wooded campground. While camper Colton Steele (good-looking with short dark brown hair, heavy beard stubble, and toned/hairy body) is attempting to shave, Park Ranger Del Cobb (good-looking with a shaved head, tall/toned/smooth body) ambles up asking Colton for his duck hunting permit. Colton's towel "accidentally" falls off revealing his dark trimmed pubes and stiff clipped cock. Del is mesmerized by the throbbing man-organ and cannot take his eyes off of it. He sinks to his knees and slides it down his gullet giving excellent head with plenty of mouth-watering deep throat action. Colton clearly digs the jaw job and fills the surrounding forest with heavy breathing, moans, and excited words of encouragement: "Suck it, man! Suck my dick, man!" Colton beats off shooting a large thick load all over Del's badge and uniform shirt.

Del is now laying on his back with long 'n hard condom-covered cut dick sticking straight up leading Colton to slowly sink his tight hairy bunghole down and playing a highly erotic game of the ol' sink/bounce. Both dudes are totally into each other and Colton really rocks 'n rolls on that big tool humping up 'n down with plenty of hot penetration shots from the front. Switching to doggy-style, Del fucks his new buddy fast 'n smooth with only side shots of the penetration which are simply okay and the viewer will not be able to really see anything. That's too bad but the guys' energetic performances carry the scene through keeping the sexual tension nice 'n high. Del pulls out, yanks his rubber off, and shoots a large thick load on Colton's back.

Scene Two:

Steve O'Donnell

At the local community college, instructor Steve O'Donnell (good-looking with brown 'n blond hair, toned/hairy body) is preparing for the start of next week's classes when humpy Janitor Steve Carlisle (good-looking with a shaved head, muscular/lightly hairy body) comes on strong. As with the previous scene, the sexual tension is high as the dudes test each other's boundaries with sexual dialogue and longing stares. O'Donnell ends up stripping down and pulling his rigid clipped prick from the fly of his plaid boxers as Carlisle slowly unzips his work suit releasing his large plump nuts and big cut cock.

The guys watch each other stroke which leads 'em to rubbing their straining dicks together. Carlisle sinks to his knees taking that member down his gullet giving excellent head sliding his mouth up 'n down and cramming his throat full. O'Donnell definitely loves the blow job filling the room with sighs, moans, and heavy breathing. O'Donnell grabs Carlisle's head and begins slowly fucking his windpipe then picks up speed to bang that mouth fast 'n smooth. As he sucks cock, Carlisle beats off dumping a thick load of spooge on his fist and on the floor. O'Donnell jerks off squirting a large wet load on Carlisle's shoulder and neck.  

Scene Three:

Chad Manning

Hunters Chad Manning (good-looking with short dark hair, beard stubble, toned/smooth body) and Colton Steele (scene one) stand with their cut cocks out letting go with twin golden streams of piss. When finished, the guys watch each other as they stroke those stiff tools. County boy Cory Flint (cute with short black hair, toned/lightly hairy body) moseys on up and catches the two big city guys fiddling with each other. He pulls his own big uncut dick out and begins taking a leak in front of 'em and ends up pulling on that thang working the foreskin back 'n forth over the moist purple knob. Cory sinks to his knees engulfing Chad's chubby dong with his hot wet mouth giving some very good head while stroking the shaft and nursing the head. He switches over and chows down on Colton's dick giving the same tasty head while pulling Chad's pork.

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Chad fucks Colton's tight hairy bunghole doggy-style fast, smooth, 'n hard with plenty of hot penetration shots from below. Colton digs having that fat meat up his man-chute and fills the woods with heavy breathing, moans, 'n groans. Cory gets in on the butt-sex action by fucking Chad's tight shaved asshole while Chad plows Colton in the missionary position. Again, there are lots of tasty penetration shots from behind/below and the viewer will also get a good look at Cory's hairy buts and gooch. The dudes are totally into each other 'n sex and really cut loose in this three-way fuck fest. Cory pulls out, yanks his condom off, and shoots a thick load of Chad's back. Chad busts a thick nut all over Colton's hairy balls 'n body, and Colton cries out 'n cuts loose with a thick was on his hairy stomach.

Scene Four:

Nick Capra

Community college football player Zane Jacobs (good-looking with buzzed brown hair, and toned/lightly hairy body) meets with his Coach Nick Capra (handsome with short dark hair, tall/toned/lightly hairy body) because he doesn't think he's bulked up enough. Naturally, the horny coach says, "Let's see." Zane gladly strips down to his white jock strap and Nick offers to oil him up. Slick hands roaming all over the jock's body, Nick has Zane pull his jock strap off revealing shortly trimmed brown pubes and a large cut cock. Nick sinks to his knees taking that meaty tool down his gullet giving an excellent blow job and making his player breathe heavily and moan. Nick soon strips outta his clothing and Zane chows down on that fat clipped dick cramming his mouth full and receiving a tasty face fucking.

Nick bends Zane over his desk, spreads those butt cheeks, and exposes a tight pink hairy bunghole. There are excellent camera shots of the rimming as Nick tongues that pouting starfish making it quiver like a whore in church. Nick slides his chubby cock up that snug chute using long 'n full strokes in the doggy-style position with plenty of hot penetration shots from below. These guys are clearly into each other and the action filling the room with loud grunts, groans, and cries/hiccups of pure pleasure. Switching to the missionary position, Nick continues to bang Zane's asshole with lots of tasty penetration shots from below. Zane beats his meat while being fucked and sprays a large thick load all over his trembling body. Nick pulls out, yanks his rubber off, and shoots a thick load of cum on Zane's pubes, cock, balls, and stomach.

Scene Five:

Del Cobb

Horny Park Ranger Del Cobb (scene one) is once again on the prowl looking for hard cocks when he sees Chad Manning (scene three) taking a piss. Chad is preparing to take a refreshing outdoor shower and heavily cruises Del leading the guys to strip down and watch one another as they stoke their hard cut dicks. Chad invites Del to help soap him up and the randy ranger's hands are soon all over the mouthy hunter's sexy body giving him a complete rubdown. Del ends up sinking to his knees taking Chad's fat tool down his gullet giving excellent head as he jacks 'n strokes up a storm leading to a hot face fuck. Chad bends over allowing Del to munch down on his tight shaved bunghole with plenty of nice rimming shots of tongue on rosebud. Chad gets so worked up that he shoots a thick load all over Del's tattooed chest. Sadly, Del doesn't cum this time.

Scene Six:

Jackson Wilde

Na´ve small-town college student Jackson Wilde (good-looking with short dark hair, toned/lightly hairy body) heads over to butch daddy Police Officer Josh West's (good-looking with closely cropped brown hair, beard, and toned/hairy body) house to discuss a career in law enforcement.  Upon arrival, Jackson is surprised to his Work Shop instructor Steve O'Donnell (scene two) who is also "visiting" the horny cop. Before long, Josh hauls his huge fat clipped prick out and proudly shows it to his guests. Steve repositions a floor lamp near the meaty monster as if he's going to interrogate it. Ha!

Jackson has a secret of his own and pulls his blue jeans down exposing his brown pubes, plump hangy balls, and big chubby clipped pork. This leads Steve to take his stiff cut dick out as well and the dudes watch each other play with themselves and cup their nuts."Get down there, boy." It seems Jackson has a very cool hidden talent. He drops to his knees and amazingly takes Josh's entire huge cock down his gullet deep throat to trimmed pubes with absolutely no problem at all! Wow! Jackson is fucking awesome and gives excellent fast 'n wet head gorging on that mighty member and then switching over to Steve's giving it the same full oral service.

Dude definitely digs those dongs! Jackson bends over on the coffee table wearing only cowboy boots and Steve fucks the ever-living heck outta his tight hairy bunghole doggy-style. Dude show absolutely no mercy as he pounds Jackson's hole fast, smooth, and clearly very hard. There are some nice penetration shots from the side/below but there definitely needs to be some close-ups here. Josh fucks Jackson's throat at the same time so he's getting it rough 'n wild from both ends! These guys are obviously very into each other and the action. Josh shoots a large thick load all over Jackson's upper back while Steve spurts a large wet load all over his student's back. Sadly, Jackson does not bust a nut.

Scene Seven:

Cory Flint

Buddies Cory Flint (scene three) and Zane Jacobs (scene four) have pulled over on the side of an old road to empty their very full bladders. You piss enthusiasts are in for a treat as there are a lot of splattering sounds and wet ground as the dudes let go with their flows! Back in the tuck, the guys begin talking about sex which leads Cory to pull Zane's big stiff clipped dick out and begin stroking it. Wanting to please his friend, Zane plays copy cat releasing Cory's large fat uncut cock out and starts jerking 'n working that tasty foreskin back 'n forth over the purple knob. This is more than Cory can take and he exclaims, "Man, I gotta do this!" 'n chows down on Zane's throbbing member giving some very good head as he slides his hungry mouth up 'n down.

Wanting a taste, Zane takes that big unclipped thang into his mouth and begins sucking the foreskin and sliding his tongue all around underneath the delicious overhang.  "Let's get out and get us some breathin' room!" Once the dudes are outta the tuck, Cory drops to his knees and blows Zane making him shoot a large thick load all over the ground. Cory continues to jack Zane and he shoots a second load of hot jizz. Wanting to pleasure his buddy, Zane takes that big uncut tool into his mouth and once again works that foreskin giving a hot wet blowjob. Cory beats his meat shooting a big wet load all over Zane's tee shirt. This is a very hot scene, the guys are really into each other, and there lots of sexy eye contact and "dirty" talk.  

Scene Eight:

Josh West

Horny college student Jackson Wilde (scene six) simply cannot get enough man-sex and high tails it back over to the butch Police Officer Josh West's (scene six) house for a few "extra pointers"!  Once Jackson arrives, he and Josh take off their pants revealing big cut cocks. Jackson slouches on the sofa as Steve Carlisle (scene two) and Coach Nick Capra (scene four) arrive, yanks off their pants, and show off their hard clipped tools. Nick orders Jackson to, "Drop and give me twenty" which he gladly does while the older dudes surround him in a semi circle, begins flexing 'n posing, and stroking their stiff dicks. This is all too much for horny Jackson and he chows down on Nick's member and then makes the round orally pleasuring Steve and Josh. Jackson is excellent cock sucker taking those dongs deep throat all the way down with no problems.

Jackson offers himself up to Josh by bending over on the sofa with is bum in the air showing off his mouth-watering big hangy balls and tight hairy asshole. Josh fucks him fast 'n smooth doggy-style with some nice penetration shots from the side. Steve is now in the missionary position with his legs spread nice 'n wide exposing his tight hairy asshole. Nick munches down on that pulsing pink pucker and some nice camera shots of the rimming. Nick then fucks Steve quick 'n lubed in the missionary position with some decent penetration shots from the side while Steve beats his hard meat. Steve switches up and plays a wild game of the ol' sink/bounce riding fast 'n smooth up 'n down while Nick thrusts his hips upward to pound his buddy. Nick shoots a thick load on Steve's hairy body, Steve dumps thick jizz on his fist, Jackson busts a large wet nut on his inside thigh 'n fist and Josh shoots a huge thick load all over Jackson.


The movie is shot on high quality video and presented in widescreen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the guys as they speak their dialogue. All the lusty sounds of man-on-man lovin' are clear and loud filling the viewers room with heavy breathing, moans, grunts, and sighs. The music score is groovy with plenty of bluesy rock 'n roll and some traditional country.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, previews for Men's Room III and Chainsaw, a three-minute Behind-the-Scenes short, and a cumshot review.


Slow Heat in a Texas Town is a complete turn on!  Joe Gage directs with a strong hand creating eight scenes of sizzling sexual tension that he lets build between the characters until it finally erupts in hot man-on-man sexin'. The videography (Brian Mills), editing (James Sheridan, Kawai), and sound are all top of the line and definitely helps set the slow burn tone of the movie. The guys all give energetic performances as well as convincing non-sexual performances. They are quite believable in their roles and the viewer will easily believe that this is the first time these actors have had sex with another man.

Jackson Wilde as the na´ve college student, Cory Flint as the country boy, and Del Cobb as the Park Ranger struggling with his sexual identity give strong believable performances that highlight the movie. It's also great to see Steve O'Donnell's return to adult movies. He's been one of my favorites in the past and he looks just as hot as he ever did. There are a few missteps along the way like no decent penetration shots during the doggy-style butt sex in scene one and a couple of missing cum shots (although these same guys are shown busting nuts in other scenes). That said, the overall quality of the production, excellent performances, and strong believable sexual tension makes Slow Heat in a Texas Town a Highly Recommended.

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