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Porn Reviews » Sex Toy Reviews » Meiki No Hinkaku

Meiki No Hinkaku

Studio: Toy Demon » Review by Buzz Buhrmann » Review Date: 6/1/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

When it comes to high end masturbators for men, the options are few and far between. I've long been a fan of the Fleshlight and have struggled to find anything that even comes close to it in terms of utility and overall pleasure experience.

That is until now. The Meiki "Up" or "Down" is a high end masturbator from Japan. Rather than being encased in an hard shell the entire Meiki is made from a soft and extremely fleshy material.

From the get go you know that the Meiki is a high end toy as it arrives in a fancy pine box with Japaneese calligraphy on the top. You could easily leave this box out in plain sight and no one would EVER know that it was a sex toy.  The Meki comes packed in a regal red casing along with a small tube of lube and one of the most outrageous instruction sheets I've ever seen:

Meiki Up

(click the image for full size version)

-- sponsored by --

While I was amused by the instructions, I couldn't make heads or tails out of them. I recognize that this toy is an import from Japan by ToyDemon but with such a high end toy the least they could do is post a translation pdf on their website.

Not being able to fully follow the instructions I decided to "wing it" and give Meiki a spin, I thoroughly washed it out and tried to warming it as I do with the fleshlight. As I was cleaning it I noticed that the entry of the Meiki was not fully "open". I don't know if they were going for some sort of hymen or not, but the hole did need to be cleared. I also noticed a slight imperfection in the labia of the toy. It wasn't a huge deal but I wouldn't expect it on a high end toy.

The lube which comes along with the Meiki is quite different than other lubes I've used before. It's a lot stickier but once applied it is extremely long lasting. During my sessions with the Meiki I very rarely had to re-lube.

The best way to express my first impressions upon entering the Meiki is "Fleshy". All the way around the Meiki feels like a big hunk of flesh. The Meiki's biggest asset is also it's biggest drawback. The toy moves and expands as you fuck it. Unlike the fleshlight with a hard outer casing, the Meiki has a tremendous amount of 'give to it'.  So if ultra tight is your thing you're not going to be wild about the Meiki.

But the Meiki experience is amazingly 'real'. The toy has been painstakingly crafted to mirror the real interior of a woman's anatomy and so the experience of this toy is as close to the real thing as you will find.

The toys fleshyness ultimately provides an experience that's pretty unrivaled. The toy brought me to an extremely nice orgasm and since it was a more natural experience I didn't find that I was over stimulated or had any irritation from the friction of the toy.

My only real concern with the toy is cleaning it. All it's deep interior pits and pockets make it easy for water to get trapped inside the toy, and so I'm concerned about the long term ability to keep the toy dry and free of any nasties.

The Meiki is truly an exceptional toy, it is so close to an XCritic Pick rating that I've debated about it for a long time. The ONLY thing holding it back from our top pick is the issue I had with build quality, cleaning concerns and the lack of good instruction. Otherwise this is one of the THE top male masturbator toys out there and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it.

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