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Mommy Got Boobs Vol. 4

Studio: Brazzers » Review by Marine Hardcore » Review Date: 6/4/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: MILF/Vignettes
Condoms: No
Director:  not listed
Length:  2:41.22
Date of Production:  12-20-08
Cast:  Diamond Foxxx, Rikki Raxxx, Kayla Synz, Dylan Ryder, Amber-Lynn Bach
Special Features:  Bonus Scene with SheilaMarie, a Photo Gallery. Cumshot Recap, Trailers, and Web Access
The bonus scene was fun and hot with Sheila having a prisoner from a penitentiary appearing as if from a dream and fucks her lights out. She is a good looking brunette with huge boobs, but she is way too vocal and repetitive, with her Yeahs, Yeahs over and over. At least use alittle variety, Sheila.
The trailers were real good with several presented and enough footage to make me want to get several more ofBrazzer's discs. Other studios can learn from these guys.
Audio/VideoQuality: Brazzers DVDs have always had excellent sound and picture quality
and this one was no exception. The sound came through my center channel quite
well, the scenes were well-lit and production values high--a well-made disc.
Overview: Mommy Got Boobs is a standard MILF movie with our Moms basically seducing theirdaughter's significant others in five scenes. All of the women have pretty good
bodies and the stories and setups are good and frame the scenes nicely. I like these movies when they are well-done and this one fits the bill, for the most part. Read on.
Scene 1
Diamond Foxx is an extraordinarily endowed blonde who has a sultry look to her. She plays Mom, of course, and she catches her daughter's boyfriend outside her window trying to get some time, aka, fuck her. Diamond grabs the kid by the ear and drags him into her bedroom to punish him, telling her trailing daughter to go away and not come around until she is done. She handcuffs him to the bed and taunts him with the punishment he is going toreceive for coming around chasing her daughter.

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She steps out and reappears in a red corset and riding crop. She does some mild smacking with the crop and gets on top of him as he finally figures out how he is going to get "punished". Man, I wish I had gotten punished like this when I was his age. Diamond looks great sucking his cock and fucking him in various positions. She has the kind of body just perfect of this kind of work. I wonder if little girls growing up look at themselves and say, "I'mgoing to do porn one day." If so, Diamond had to be one of those girls.
The overall scene is very hot and the final shot from the good looking stud to Diamond's face is impressive and makes you want to be there. She is very vocal in a non-distracting ways that makes you more stimulated than if she wasn't. There is nothing worse than a gal justcollecting a check. Diamond likes sex, though, and it really shows in this very
good scene.
Scene 2
Rikki Raxxx is in the next scene and it is priceless as the daughter brings home her boyfriend to meet Mom and it turns out the guy is Rikki's probation officer. The daughter is shocked, shocked, I tell you that they know each other. Indiscretions are revealed and the daughter stomps off leaving Rikki there to offer herself as a bribe to keep those indiscretionsfrom affecting her probation. What a novel idea!
Rikki is heavily tattooed on her arms and while those usually turn me off, on her they are acceptable and attractive to me. She has great breasts and has a sultry look. The probation officer is attractive and looks like a linebacker and together they make a great scene.
Scene 3
Kayla Synz stars in the third scene with a garage band (The Juggalites, who play that hit we all know, "Big Boobs", directed by Brett Brando) and fucks the lead singer after sitting in on a number in which she plays the drums and her tits keep falling out. The other band members take a break and Kayla slinks up to the guy with lightening-bolt tats up his arm, grabbing his mike and sticks it between her boobs, which he starts sucking after they fall out once more. Kayla needs toshop at a better store--her clothes just don't fit!
Kayla is very nice to look with a cool hair and eyes that seduce you, but the scene just does not work for. The garage set was unattractive and the positions on the equipment more an exercise in "can we do it here" than generating any heat. My wife and I both chuckle at these things, calling them "special effects" and wondering what the hell the director isthinking. Another setting and I probably would have given this scene a positive
review because Kayla is sexy and to have seen her in some lingerie or jeans with high heels or a swimsuit would have been more effective. I will look forher elsewhere and advise our buyers and renters to skip this scene.
Scene 4
Dylan Ryder's scene took place in a small dining-type room/wine cellar type of room and she is drunk on the stuff as she enters and pisses off her daughter (deliberately spilling wine on her) who leaves in a huff. She seduces the boyfriend in a sloppy way and the sex is not hot,although she is a little noisy, but not in a stimulating way. The confines of
the set were not enticing and the whole thing did not convey any sort of possible realism. While I don't watch porn for the situational realism but for the sex, a good setup and good sets will make me  want to spend money on a disc. This one just failed,for me anyway, across the board.
Scene 5
This is the first time I have watched Amber-Lynn Back in porn and she is a cutie and a whore at the same time--a very nice combination. Making breakfast for her son's friend after he has spent the night there, she gets curious and takes a peek at his body as he is sleeping on the couch. She then makes her plan, changing into a white apron that just barely covers hernaked and tanned body, her giant tits sticking out like two artillery shells
fused to explode at the slightest touch. The kid wakes up and at first thinks he is
dreaming, but quickly realizes his friend's Mom is one fucking-hot woman with
an agenda.
They move back to the couch and there the seduction takes place, nice and easy at first and then more rapidly. The kid eats her and the sight of her boobs wiggling as he munches on her is to die for! Like I said, she is compact and most of the shots are lined up well to get her whole body in the frame. As things progress, she gets more vocal and the positions move nicely along to a facial that looks great, her mouth covered as she looks upat him, a satisfied look on her face. Worth the money, this one is!
Summary: Mommy Got Boobs gets a Recommended rating from me primarily for the scenes with Diamond, Rikki, and Amber-Lynn, as well as the overall production. All three women are great to look at and fuck and suck with an air of enthusiasm that show they love it and not just acting.Diamond is very authoritative and is someone who brings a "my way or the
highway" attitude to doing her daughter's boyfriend--and what a body she has! Rikki has a biker/hippie look with a lot of tats and a soft body with big tits. Amber-Lynn is a Kewpie-pie fuck doll, shorter, heavier, and with big tits that look natural. She has fantastic nipples and they just grow like little kids while she is having sex, this getting from me a gold star. They seem to twist and get tighter all by themselves and when she arches her back..., well, so did I.

The other women and the scenes were merely okay and did not shoot the meter upward for me, although Kayla Synz has a sexy look and body and I will definitely check her out somewhere else. Her scene was tainted by a less than attractive stud and set, but that may have been the point. I just didn't like it. Dylan Ryder did not excite me and the scene was boring. Get this disc for the three scenes I mentioned and you will get sustained replay value and many happy times,worthwhile for both couples and singles.

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