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Manplay Double Pack - Truck Stop on I-95 and Road Trip

Studio: Titan » Review by Rod Woodman » Review Date: 6/7/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended




CAST: Aaron Heights, Adam Gabriel, Billy Wild, Dylan West, Hank Cruz, Joe Sarge, Josh Kole, Logan Bryant & Sebastian Jaymz

MODEL TYPES: A wide range of ages, looks and body types - from a mid 20s swimmer's build to 30s muscular to late 40s muscle-bears; handsome to everyday "real" looks; most are satisfyingly well-hung.

CONDOMS: yes, and from out of nowhere

RUNNING TIME: 1 hour 31 minutes


A few years ago, after the head of MSR (Tony Alizzi) passed suddenly away, Titan purchased the entire video library.  Since that time they have been slowly releasing the MSR line on DVD - most recently two features at a time in their Manplay Double Pack Series -  two full movies in a two disc set for the price of one. 

The first in this pack is the Joe Gage directed feature TRUCK STOP ON I-95.  Joe has his tongue firmly in his cheek from the start.  It says it takes place at a truck stop on I-95 in the town of Gulfport, MS.  One glance at a map will tell you that I-95 runs from Maine to Florida, and nowhere near Gulfport, MS.  Perhaps he misread the sign I-59, but I doubt it.  And the facility in question appears to be a semi-derelict anonymous building standing alone at some distance from where all the trucks are parked, and nothing like any truck stop I've ever been to.  BUT this is a work of imagination and fiction, peopled by truly horny guys who may or may not be gay.  The men approach each other gingerly, testing their desire to engage in sex before jumping into it.  Although it was shot just five years ago, it seems to belong more to the '90s.  I am a big fan of Joe Gage's films.  He always takes what seems like infinite time to let relationships slowly build.  And this one is constructed like a piece of music - two guys here, two guys there, and then four men, building to a sexual crescendo of five men having sex at once.  He always casts "real", non-model looking guys in a wide range of ages, looks and body types - something and someone for everyone.  He is especially fond of cock-sucking and only gets around to actually fucking when there is no other choice.  And there is always a semi-dangerous atmosphere, the feeling that they might all get caught.

This one is set in a bleak, unadorned building, equipped with only the barest of furniture.  And yet oddly, everything they need - magazines, lube, condoms, towels - is there when they need it.  Dialog is sparse, the guys only talking when they absolutely have to, and then in a very casual, non-theatrical way. 

The story is framed by the handsome Billy Wild who is driving down the highway,  looking for this "notorious spot" to find equally horny men to have sex with and get off.


Before Billy arrives there however, the action has already started.  Cute young dude Logan Bryant comes out of the shower room wrapped in a towel and sits down to read a "girlie" magazine, possibly to "rub one out".  He is stroking away at his hard-on when a slightly older and better built stud Dylan West enters from the showers, also in a towel.  Seeing what Logan is up to, he sits beside him.  They share the magazine and ever so gradually let their hands wander to each other's legs, and then their dicks.  They mutually jack each other off, until Dylan takes it a step farther and goes down on Logan's balls, working his up to his throbbing dick.  Logan takes this as his call to action and deep throats Dylan.  Dylan next gets to rim Logan's hot ass, pulling his cheeks apart and licking deeply.  But surprise, it's Logan who, against expectations, gets to top Dylan and fuck him.  Dylan even takes a turn riding up and down on Logan's cock.  Billy finally arrives and just watches the action for a moment.  The two suggest he go downstairs to find some action of his own, which he does.


The camera shifts to watch Billy tentatively head down the stairs - to what looks like a "cellar" .  But, yes, there IS a glory hole in a nearby wall.  On the other side of it, big daddy Hank and slender goatee wearing Aaron are going at it.  The light on their side of the glory hole has a surreal bluish cast to it.  Hank is busy sucking on Aaron and eventually gets around to rimming his ass.  Billy kneels down and gets his own dick out to stroke while watching the duo beyond the wall have sex.  Aaron shoots a big load for Hank as he inserts his finger up Aaron's ass.  Suddenly on Billy's side, a smooth, handsome Sebastian Jaymz starts down the stairs.  He stops short to watch him.  He unzips his pants and gets his own dick out to jack off and further stimulate Billy.  Then suddenly (the director is fond of surprises) Hank and Aaron stick their dicks through the hole, so that Billy can suck on them up close and personal.  One eventually shoots again, this time on Billy's face, and the other on his leather jacket.  Sebastian shoves his dick back in his pants and heads back up the stairs, with Billy following closely behind.


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Back in the main room of this facility, the first two guys are gone, but another muscle daddy-type Joe Sarge is energetically sucking Josh Kole's big dick.  Josh, a lean muscular, slightly hairy 40ish dude, has a baseball cap on that he wears throughout the scene.  His dick protrudes through the fly of his boxer shorts.  Joe is as enthusiastic a cock-sucker as Billy was downstairs.  Sebastian and Billy enter and just take the scene in.  Joe finally turns to Sebastian and asks, "You want some of this?" So Sebastian takes over sucking on Josh.  Joe takes his pants off and sits on a nearby chair to jack off.  Billy, not one to pass up a big cock to suck, gets his own dick out to stroke and goes down on Joe.  And then Joe takes a turn blowing Billy.  Variety being the name of the game here, Billy eventually switches to Josh, and - in the frame right behind them - Joe is  blowing Sebastian.  Josh's boxers are now gone.  Joe comes over and joins Billy and Josh.  Still on his knees, Billy really gets into high gear, blowing them both, back and forth, stroking the dick he can't wrap his lips around.  Sebastian joins them, and Billy adds him to the cock-sucking / stroking mix.  Josh gets serious and puts his hat on backward to rim Billy's ass, as Joe and Sebastian sit and stroke watching the action.  Josh and Billy look ready to fuck when a friendly looking Adam Gabriel  enters the scene.  "What are you waiting for," someone asks? "Come on in." 


Adam gets naked and proceeds to suck on Joe and stroke Sebastian.  Josh fingers Billy's ass and even offers him a taste of it.  Adam goes to work on Joe and Sebastian, while Billy gets fucked by Josh - effectively backing his ass onto Josh's dick as the stud pounds him.  Before long, Billy dribbles some cum on the floor and then really shoots a load.  Sebastian and Joe work on Adam, as Josh and Billy take some time out to watch their action.  Eventually, Billy moves to work on Adam's really big cock, and Sebastian takes a shot at Josh in the background.  Joe finally shoots an impressive load that lands on Josh.  They squeeze each other's nipples, and Josh lets another big stored up load go, an orgasm that's shown in repeated bursts from different vantage points.  Billy, emulating the "Energizer Bunny", is still cock sucking on Adam, as Sebastian shoots on Josh, another cum shot that's repeated.  Billy now has Adam on his back on the table, jacking off as Billy eats his ass and tongues his hole.  Billy pushes his dick into Adams ass and fucks him.  Finally, Billy pulls out and cums on Adam's dick and balls.  Immediately Adam follows suit.  This has been one exhausting night.


It is a mostly clear shoot, with only occasional atmospheric lighting lessening the view.  I feel it was shot on film and transferred to video, but I don't know that for sure.  This director always knows how to get the camera's eye right where it should be for maximum sexual action coverage.  The main room is the color of orange sherbet with no adornment.  Downstairs was "celler-like", darkly lit with the sex seen through the glory hole lit with bluish light.  I did note that Tony DeMarco, who surfaced more prominently as Michael Lucas's co-director and now, I believe Raging Stallion flicks like THE LAST MAN, was 2nd Camera on this movie.


There is not much dialog, but most of what there is seems clear.  Music is unobtrusive.  Truck horns blare out from time to time to remind you where you are, or supposed to think you are.  It's easy to get caught up and  forget.


There really are none to speak of.  Four trailers for other Manplay offerings, a promo for Titanmen.com and Ordering Info are about it.


The sex is great, varied and builds in intensity throughout.  I realized only after the fact that no one ever kisses.  But then it's not about love, it's about male hormone driven lust.  If this is what you turns you on, go for it.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.



CAST: Trey Rexx, Leo Bramm, Rhett O'Hara, Joey Russo, Jesse Cooper, Brett Wolfe, Steven Richards


MODEL TYPES: Mostly guys in their 20s - late 30s; well built; a few with some face hair and occasional tattoos; all are well-hung.



As the title indicates, this is about four guys who are loaded into a sizable RV in LA and whisked off for a get-away trip to the desert.  The oldest of the group - the vehicle's driver - quickly gathers the guys, stows their baggage below, closes the door and off they go.  The rest is a playing out of the sex they have along the way, the first two duos in the cabin of the vehicle, the next, a three-way in a motel, one more duo in the desert and a grand finale with five guys taking part at still another desert location.  "Slam, bam....", more about that later.


Rhett O'Hara and Jesse Cooper are seated in the passenger section of the RV as Steven Richards, in tank top and shades drives the vehicle out of LA and into the desert.  Before long, Rhett and Jesse takes advantage of the ride to have sex with each other.  We have no idea where they're all headed, but no one seems to care.  Jesse, a handsome brunet, makes a dive for nice looking Rhett's crotch, and the sex is on.  Jesse sucks Rhett's cock, getting him more than going and soon the two are stripped naked and fucking.  Jesse takes it riding on Rhett's cock and then missionary.  Rhett is the first to cum followed by Jesse shooting.  Driver Steven notes the action but never stops or gets into it.


The first two guys have disappeared - perhaps to the back for a well-deserved rest - and scruffy- faced Joey Russo is up in the front.  He sits in the seat next to the driver, and begins to work on his dick in his pants.  Eventually, he gets it out and jacks it off in plain view of Steven, who reciprocates by getting his own hard-on out to stroke.  Joey is obviously horny, and drops to his knees to go down on Steven, even as he drives down the highway.  Eventually, Steven pulls the vehicle over, and the two wander off into the desert.  They drop their pants, and Steven face-fucks Joey with his big cock.  Joey jacks himself off hard and cums, with Steven then shooting a big load on Joey.


Twice in this film, the director lost me for a minute, and this is one of those times.  We see the vehicle going down the highway and catch sight of some unidentified buildings in the distance. Steven pulls the vehicle to a stop and unloads everyone's luggage., but exactly where they are is unclear.  They are stopping at a motel, but it is not at all typical looking, and we didn't see a motel sign. It could have been someone's house in the desert.  And then, when Rhett comes to the door of his room, and Steven and Joey come in, I just wasn't clear about what I was seeing. But what follows is the hottest of the five scenes. All three are immediately naked and hard.  Joey starts in high gear, sucking both Steven's and Rhett's cocks.  He sucks on them hungrily, eventually taking both at once.  They move into a train rimming session with Joey's face buried in Rhett's butt and Steven munching Joey's ass.  Steven then sucks Joey's cock before fucking him on his back as he downs Rhett's cock at the same time.  Then Rhett fucks Joey as he simultaneously sucks on Steven.  Both Rhett and Steven cum on Joey's chest before he too shoots.  Great scene! They could have spared the initial confusion with this scene if the director had just provided a shot or two of the bus actually arriving at the motel, but there were no establishing shots.  There is no dialog to speak of, so I was in the dark for a while - or at least the shadows.


The next morning, we see the exterior of the motel.  But here again, there is nothing to link this fourth scene to the on-going movie.  The camera pans the area and desert scenery and suddenly focuses on naked blond muscular Trey Rexx and Leo Bramm, a darker more European muscle stud.  Who they are or where they came from is not addressed.  They are just there, "discovered" making love among the rocks in the desert.  Simply seeing them wandering out of the motel and into the desert, or catching a glimpse of them from the moving bus would have provided the viewer with a connection to the rest of the movie, but no such bridge exists.  But there they are, naked and going at it.  They blow each other's big dicks, back and forth, until Trey decides to rim Leo's ass and eventually fuck him in a standing position.  They both shoot generous cum shots, and we then catch up with the RV speeding down the road.


Bret Wolfe is hitch-hiking out in the desert (Did someone just leave him out there?), when the RV comes to a halt.  Someone grabs him and pulls him on board, and the vehicle drives off.  CUT: to another similar isolated rocky desert area, and the four riders are naked and  having outdoor sex with the hitch-hiker.  It literally seems more like a gang-rape than five guys enjoying sex together.  There is no reason why these guys who haven't been at all hostile toward one another would suddenly treat this co-operative stranger so badly and be so mean.  It is totally out of character and uncalled for.  Bret isn't tied up or restrained in any way, but he certainly does cry out as they fuck him.  They all dump their cum on him.  Back on the RV, the door opens, and they push him out of the RV, naked into the road and drive off - a nasty ending to an otherwise hot sexy movie.


The quality of the video is clear, with most of it shot in daylight or  bright interior light.  There are lots of atmospheric shots of the desert as it flies by.


The is almost no dialog.  Appropriate music plays throughout.


Again, the only Extras are Manplay trailers.  But who need Extras when you have two hot movies.


Except for the two slight continuity problems and the unnecessarily nasty ending, it's a hot movie with lots of great sex along the way.  If the aforementioned problems don't bother your enjoyment, it's definitely worth your time.  I still HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Rod Woodman

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