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Spark Plug

Studio: Titan » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 6/12/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Date of Production: 2009

Length: 2 hours 23 minutes

Director: Richie Oldmann

Cast: Rob Kelin, Matt Woody, David White, Luke Taylor, Valentin Skala, Ron Sykora, Marco Phoenix, Angelo Brada

Body Types: Mostly young European guys with uncut cocks and smooth bodies

Condoms: yes

Things to see: threesomes, dildo play, armpit licking

Plot: They service more than your car at this auto repair shop.

The Movie:

The film Spark Plug is like a beautiful, compact box of truffles; there aren't too many truffles in the box, but each one is sumptuously good.  Though there are only three scenes in Spark Plug, each segment is incredibly well crafted to coax out the best from each performer.  As a result, the action is continuously exciting, erotic, and simply enjoyable to watch.  Take for example each scene's mandatory blowjobs, which always occur before the anal sex.  In Spark Plug, the actors spend a considerable amount of time servicing each other.  Each actor looks like they are having the time of their life, especially Luke Taylor who gets to suck on two lovely dicks at once.  Similarly, the anal sex is uniformly good with lots of eye contact and rarely a soft performer.  All of these aspects make up for quite a sexy experience and a very well made film.  Therefore, if the thought of beautiful European mechanics sounds appealing to you, then I think it's time for you to check out the "quality service" that Spark Plug has to offer. 

Scene one: Rob Kelin and Matt Woody

A tasty looking brunette (Rob Kelin) brings his car in for some maintenance.  Matt Woody (cute and handsome brunette twink) sits down at the computer so that he can input his customer information.  However, when Rob hands over his keys, he discovers that Matt is looking for a little bit of "maintenance" for himself as well.  The guys start to kiss and rub each other, looking into each other's eyes and smiling throughout.  Soon their shirts come off, resulting in some wet armpit licking as well as nipple flicking.  Eventually Matt gets on his knees and pulls out Rob's hard member from his constraining underwear.  Matt doesn't beat around the bush (or maybe he does, they just didn't film it for this film!) since he jumps right in and starts to suck on Rob's perfect pecker: nibbling on his foreskin and massaging his balls.  After a lengthy cock suck, Rob gets personally acquainted with Matt's woody.  Matt then shifts back to sucking on Rob some more (customer satisfaction is a high priority here).  Matt sucks him until Rob can't hold back any more, resulting in a cumshot all over Rob's chest.  Rob then concludes by stroking off his dick onto his own chest.

The guys walk into the main "servicing" room and continue to make out next to Rob's car.  More licking and erotic rubbing ensues.  Matt then turns Rob around, props him up on the hood of the car, and begins to give his tender hole a tongue and finger probing.  After that, Rob probes Matt's manhole with his tongue.  He soon puts on a condom and then starts to fuck Matt from behind.  The boys straddle fuck on the grease splattered floor and then shift to Matt being fucked on his back with his legs held up in the air.  Rob pumps away until he unloads some more of his man juice onto Matt's chest.  Matt concludes the scene by letting loose another one. 

Scene two: David White, Luke Taylor, and Valentin Skala

Two hunky mechanics (David and Valentin) work on Luke's car.  While David (blond with a smooth chest) leaves the room to fix the tire, Luke decides to show Valentin his appreciation for the quality servicing of his car.  Luke (a smiley brunette) undoes Valentin's sweaty work outfit so that the two of them can kiss bare chested.  David then returns to the room with the spare tire, unphased by the guys making out in front of him.  Luke soon pulls off Valentin's work apparel so that the can suck on Valentin's lovely hard member.  At this point, David becomes sufficiently distracted so he starts to stroke his cock through the opening in his work outfit.  The room's temperature heats up when David walks over to the boys and props his hard cock right next to Valentin's dick.  Luke then proceeds to suck on each guy, sometimes touching their cocks together while he smothers them with saliva.  After that, Luke stands up with the guys so that all three of their hard cocks are touching each other.  The mechanics then lower Luke onto the hood of the car and immediately begin to orally service his pleasant pecker.  More dick sucking follows when Luke stands up next to Valentin so that David can take on both of their cocks at once; even trying to shove both dicks in his mouth at the same time.  The action proves to be very stimulating for the boys since they quickly unload onto David's chest.  Covered with cum, David swiftly lets loose his own thick load of white goo.

The trio grope their way to another section of the room.  Naked and hard, the guys continue to stroke and kiss each other, eventually progressing to some armpit licking and heavy nipple teasing.  Luke then hoists David onto the car where he begins to rim David's hairy hole.  While David sucks on Valentin's cock, Luke really thrusts his tongue deep into David's hole and inserts a few probing fingers.  Next, Luke rests on the car so that David can tongue his hole.  Luke has a very accommodating hole, so David progresses from his tongue to three fingers and then concludes with some intense thrusting and deep probing with a thick and bulbous black dildo.  David then puts on a condom and starts to fuck Luke, while Luke keeps Valentin's dick wet with mouth.  After that, the guys prop David onto his back and begin to fuck him with his legs held up.  Luke manages to get in a few thrusts before Valentin shoves his cock into Luke's ass.  The trio pump and grind in unison; all of them looking rather hot!  Finally, Valentin gets some one-on-one time with David's hole, though Luke tag teams David in his mouth.  Eventually the guys shoot out their wads onto David's chest.  Yet again, David cums onto his own chest.

Scene three: Ron Sykora, Marco Phoenix, and Angelo Brada

Two more mechanics (Ron and Marco) work on a car.  The boys quickly get distracted by each other's equipment.  Marco, resembling actor/singer Val Emmich, starts to kiss Ron and unzip his outfit.  Ron, who is as close as humanly possible to a porn God, begins to suck on Ron's uncut member.  Ron takes the shaft into his mouth and sucks away like his life depended on it.  Marco eventually starts to face-fuck Ron yet Ron doesn't mind a bit.   Marco eventually heads south, repaying the oral pleasures.  Marco takes great pride in how he pleases Ron: looking up passionately at him and only using his tight lips around Ron's cock.  Marco continues to suck away with glee until Ron pulls out, strokes his cock a bit, and then sprays Marco's chest with his glistening semen.  Marco follows by stroking off his own cock onto his leg. 

The guys head to another section of workshop for some more action.  The guys rub each other's penis on top of the other, kiss passionately, and Marco spreads open Ron's perfect ass cheeks.  Ron then props himself on top of some tires, holds his legs up, and invites Marco to come on over and have a taste.  Marco probes and pokes his way into Ron's ass, making it pucker open in anticipation.  Suddenly, the tanned and smooth Angelo walks in, unzips his dirty work pants, and shoves his hard cock into Ron's mouth.  The guys then rise up to greet each other with a kiss.  The kissing doesn't last for long, though, since Ron is eager to get a taste of Angelo's hole.  Marco face fucks Angelo while Ron licks away.  Ron eventually resumes his position on the tires, where the boys proceed to tag-team him.  Ron looks insatiable as he takes cocks in both openings without the slightest wince of pain.  The guys then switch, allowing Marco to fuck Ron's hole.  Marco fucks Ron much deeper and faster than the gentle thrusts of Angelo.  Ron is bent over for even more fucking; this time Angelo thrusts him a little bit harder than before.  Finally, Ron gets on his knees and proceeds to stroke off his cock while the sexy mechanics deliver their "payload" all over his chest.

The DVD:


The anamorphic widescreen presentation was colorful and sharp.  Detail level was high, though the quality dipped when the film was shot outdoors.  This only lasts for a few seconds, however, so it's barely worth squabbling over.    


The sound mix was similarly pleasant.  All of the moans, zippers opening, and squirts of cum juice can be heard.  There was just one moment where I noticed that the audio seemed out-of-sync.  This occurred during the third segment when you hear the sounds of intense moans, when it didn't look like the models were moaning at all.  This only seemed to occur once, and I don't think it's a deal breaker.


Extras include a breezy, two minute behind-the-scenes piece, showing off the models posing for pictures.  There are also four trailers, a cumshot compilation, animated menus, and some additional trailers for Titan products and services.

Final thoughts:

Spark Plugis a well made film, with a handsome cast and lengthy (but actually good) sex scenes.  In addition to the quality film, the DVD boasts a nice widescreen transfer and few pleasant extras.  On a final note, I can't end this review without stressing the sheer joy I had from watching Ron Skyora in action.  The man is blessed with a perfect body and he can both act and fit into nearly any position possible.  I think it's time that we all pay our respects to the porn God Ron Skyora.  I know that I'm ready to personally bow down and worship him, if you know I'm saying!  Highly Recommended!

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