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Best of Rick Van Sant Double Wide, The

Studio: Titan » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 6/14/09

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Date of Production: 2007-2009

Length: not listed

Director: various

Cast: Rick Van Sant, Max Schutler, Billy Berlin, Dean Flynn, Domic Sol, Vinnie D'Angelo, Dak Ramsey, Diesel Washington, Alex Baresi, Tony Buff, Dirk Jager, Lars Svenson, Francois Sagat, Brendan Davies, Tober Brandt, Tyler Saint, and Adam Faust

Body Types: Older muscle guys, hairy chests, younger guys, big dicks

Condoms: yes

Things to see: fisting, self-fisting, double fisting, multiple fistings, piss play, a "footing", whipping, threesomes, slings and leather play

Plot: no plot

The Movie:

I applaud programs like Scared Straight, where they take at-risk youth to a lecture and intimidation speech by convicted felons in an attempt to scare them into changing their ways.  I do have to wonder, after seeing this film, if a far more effective way to scare them of the evils of crime would be to just show them fisting porn, with the tag line "this is what happens to you if you get sent to prison."  The moment they see an anus "crowning", I doubt that any of those macho straight guys would be able to fight back tears of fear while they cry out "I promise I'll go to back to school and get my GED!"  While I say this in jest, and absolutely don't condone showing minors porn, I do wonder if a great number of people actually find this stuff to be hot.  I guess it's like torture laden horror films; if you like gore, then you probably want to watch something extreme.

The Best of Rick Van Sant Double Wide is a compilation of Rick Van Sant's sexual adventures with gloved fists and one pair of feet.  Culled from various Titan films (Over Drive, Breakers, FEAR, Folsom Leather, Folsom Prison, Folsom Undercover, Telescope, and Warehouse) this compilation offers up the material that was cut from these Titan DVD's due to US state laws of indecency (Titan sells uncut versions to customers, depending on what state the customer resides in).  Unfortunately, these scenes are both cut and uncut, and not in the good way.  Basically, we only get to watch the reinserted fisting and pissing action; not the blowjob/anal sex material present on the regular and uncut versions of the film.  This means that unless you really like to watch fisting, then you won't find that much appealing here.

Speaking of fisting, Titan discovered some sort of fisting wunderkind because Rick has a very accommodating anal cavity.  He's able to tolerate fists (up to their forearm) shoved deeply inside him and he even tolerates Diesel Washington's big foot shoved up there.  Rick is able to consistently get off with a fist shoved deep in his hole too.  In addition to his anal skills, the boy doesn't seem to mind pissing all over himself nor does he flinch when being pissed on, and he even takes a sip of the golden shower.  After watching Rick perform and participate in all of these acts, I can see that no one else was better suited for these fisting scenes than Rick Van Sant.

Most of the segments jump right into the fisting action, though the best scenes feature a little bit of erotic buildup.  For example, the scene from Breakersfeatures Rick and Dean Flynn assaulted by a rough and mean forest ranger (Tony Buff).  After the ranger has sufficiently whipped poor Dean with his belt, he dons on some gloves and begins to fist Rick on a picnic table (so that's where those mysterious table stains come from).  Rick is also pissed on by Dean and Tony.  Rick's face is plastered with piss and even takes some of the juice into his mouth.  The other noteworthy scene is taken from the film Telescope.  Here, the lean and mean Diesel Washington performs a side-by-side fisting for both Alex Baresi and Rick Van Sant.  The guys even form a fisting chain-gang!  The guys are then "footed" from below while Diesel raises his legs up into the air.  I had heard of fisting before, but the fact that they used probing feet for intercourse amazed me.  In fact it made me wonder, what other exotic and strange things on the human body can be used for sex?  An ear?

There is no question about this being a niche product.  Yet for a niche DVD, I wish that Titan had included more "regular" sex acts such as blowjobs, etc.  Instead we get a whole lot of Rick being fisted , but not much else.  Its like eating chocolate ice cream, covered in chocolate sauce, chocolate whipped cream, and sprinkled with chocolate candy.  Well, that actually sounds pretty good to me, but the point is that sometimes there is just too much of a good thing and, in this case, there's just too much fisting action for it to be erotic.  I could see some fans liking one or two scenes, but all of the scenes put together result in a not so spectacular experience.


This DVD includes both fullframe and anamorphic widescreen segments.  The images were consistently sharp, yet some of the scenes were darkly lit, resulting in a slight loss of detail.  Generally, though, there is little to complain about these fine transfers. 


Sound levels were good and all of the action can be heard.  Light music plays through all of the scenes


The only extra consists of scene selection.  However, trailers for each of the films can be selected next to the scene selection (a nice touch).

Final thoughts:

The Best of Rick Van Sant Double Wide is a missed opportunity.  Most of the segments lack oral/anal sex, relying instead on the merits of the fisting.  This makes for a slightly clinical presentation of Rick's accommodating hole, as opposed to an erotic experience.  While there are a few titillating scenarios, most of the scenes jump too quickly into the fisting, without a buildup and little erotic anticipation.  Therefore, this title comes with a rent it recommendation.  If you really like fisting, then it might appeal to you.  The rest of you probably won't be impressed. 

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