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Fuck Me In The Bathroom Number Three

Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by Beautiful Dreamer » Review Date: 6/28/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: All Sex

Cast: Joanna Angel, Cali Nova, Sparky, Andy San Dimas, Baby Sinead, Nova TA, Draven Star, James Dean, Steve Holmes, Mick Blue, Alex Gonz

Director: Joanna Angel

Length: 2:27:36

Date of Production: March 17, 2008 (Box cover: February 26, 2009)

Studio: Burning Angel

Condoms: None

Burning Angel Teaser: When you're out and you meet someone, and you just have to fuck them immediately, you drag them into the bathroom and screw their brains out, right there and then, in a dirty stall. And that's what me and all my slutty girlfriends did in this movie. There's nothing "charming' about this third time.... it's three times as dirty and nasty as the ones before it!

Audio/Video Quality: Not specified. The audio and images are both very good. You can clearly hear everything in the scene and the camera shots, angles, and lighting are all well done.

ATM, Literally:  Cali Nova & James Dean

James is at the ATM and gets drug into the bathroom by Cali Nova. She immediately starts by pulling down his pants and sucking his cock- I can't see most guys refusing this. I don't care for cock sucking scenes, so the first part does little for me. James sucks on Cali's nipples- something I will always love about him is that he does seem genuinely into pleasing the women he is with. And then we're back to cock sucking. Finally they head into a stall and with her pressed against the wall, James enters her from behind.  I'd never thought I'd say this- but she's a little quiet. I understand their in a bathroom and presumably trying to keep the volume down, but she's so quiet I'm not sure she's enjoying it at times- James is more vocal than her. He fingers her for awhile, licks her ass, fucks her in the ass while she is kneeling on the toilet and you can hear it clanging. In the one scene, the squeaking from her leg against the stall wall is enough to make me turn it off. Annoying in what should have been hot sex. He comes all over her ass. A welcome departure from a face shot. Overall an okay scene- she's got an awesome body and James is just amazing. 

Tattoo Shop Pit Stop: Sparki & Steve Holmes

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Steve is getting off in the Tattoo shop's bathroom and not being very quiet about it. Sparky takes not, looks concerned, smirks devilishly, then goes to his aid. Thank goodness because he was overplaying it so much I wanted to turn it off- who says only girls perform? And we start with the obligatory blow job. I hate the spit as lube. And don't like that the girls always have to start pleasing the guy first. Why can't it be the other way around? Speech over. Luckily he pays the favor back immediately after. He looks awesome, she's shaking like a leaf- so very hot. She licks his ass- something you usually don't see which is hot that he enjoys it. She straddles him on the toilet. He fucks her in the ass over the sink. It's a hot scene and both seem into it. They get on the floor, using his coat as a barrier. The scene ends with him making her lick his come off the toilet seat. And that alone ruined the entire scene for me.

OMFG It's Mick Blue: Andy Sand Dimas & Mick Blue

We start with Andy trying to steal CDs. Mick comes into the warehouse and Andy seeks refuge in.... the bathroom! And Mick busts her- she's evidently a really big fan. And we start with.... a blow job. She's very very hot. But her moaning seems overdone and a bit fake to me. And she keeps staring into the camera. Her coming even sounded fake. And it ends with a CD shot.  It was agreed by all who viewed this that she gives a good blow job. This scene could have easily been the best. Smoking hot girl, awesome sex, the best bathroom- but her overdone performance ruined it for me. That and her tanning bed lines. 

Bitch He's Mine: Baby Sinead & Alex Gonz

We start in a bar. Joanna is complaining she doesn't get laid enough (for a porn star, this is a common theme in this scene and the last Burning Angel DVD I reviewed). Alex doesn't seem at all interested in her and can't seem to take his eyes off Sinead- and with good reason- twirling her hair, finger in the mouth, she's in a string bikini and black corset. She indicates she's going to the bathroom and he obviously follows with poor Joanna being left alone at the bar thinking she's going home with him tonight. He starts on her breasts immediately. And then what seems to be the trademark starting blow job. She moans a lot but it seems genuine in her case. He quite literally sweeps her off her feet and up the wall at a few points.  And it ends with him coming on her face. I'm torn on this scene. I don't like when people stare into the camera and the fact Alex doesn't focus enough on Sinead's pleasure but rather his own blow jobs. But the sex is hot and Sinead has some of the hottest boobs you'll ever see. 

Heterosexual Sex is So 90's: Nova TA & Joanna Angel, Draven Star
& James Deen

We start with a shot of the entrance of a mens and a womens bathroom. That have a shared reach through sink. James suggests he and Draven head to the bathroom together. She's hot, but her tongue barbell is so large it actually looks burdensome. We start with an obligatory blow job. Joanna and Nova start making out and slowly proceed into the women's bathroom, with James & Draven heading into the mens. Joanna licks Novas nipples, the height difference between them is a little extreme. In the meantime James and Draven are messing around in the men's bathroom with James licking her asshole. He then turns her around and licks her cunt. Both couples go at each other, it's all very hot. By far this is the best scenes in the DVD. As hot as Nova and Joanna are together, Draven and James are totally mind blowing. And their scene ends with James coming on the toilet paper roll. Credits roll over Joanna doing the funky chicken.

Behind the Scenes- 30 minutes- Random shots behind the scenes.  We got shots of someone shaving her vagina, in the freezing cold- OW! It's not quite as good as previous Behind the scenes I've seen from Burning Angel, but worth watching at least once. Probably because it is really, really long it looses my attention.

Trailers- Various Burning Angel titles available

Photo Gallery- Very hot shots of beautiful women- what more could you want??

Internet- BurningAngel.com.

Final Thoughts
Joanna Angel and her company Burning Angel bring another solid choice to their selection of adult DVDs. The sex is good- amazing between Draven and James. With the exception of my minor annoyance of always starting with a blow job and the prevalence of coming on the girls face in most of the scenes, I enjoyed watching them. One thing that continues to baffle me about Burning Angel titles, is the apparent lack of female orgasms. I just wish they were more plentiful. Still, this is a good choice and one I would enjoy watching again. I'm saying Highly Recommended.

Beautiful Dreamer

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