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Gettin' Off

Studio: Citi Boyz » Review by Rod Woodman » Review Date: 7/27/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


RUNNING TIME: 1 Hour 57 Minutes

DIRECTOR: Steve Shay

GENRE: Twinks' Solo Jack-Off

CAST: Aaron Armstrong, Aiden Shay, Brian Beckham, Devin Moss, Ethan Cross, Jake Blade, Jake Wolfe, Jason Zeno, Joe Yatzor, Justyn Steele, T. J. Strong, & Trystian Sweet

MODEL TYPES: 18-23 - young and mostly very well-hung men - nicely muscular to "twink thin".


OVERVIEW: Starting with the deservedly popular, super-hung young model Devin Moss, Citiboyz (who label themselves "America's #1 Twink Studio" - and are now in their 10th year) parade out twelve young men in eleven mostly gratifying solo scenes, presumably to help guys have a similar orgasmic experience.  There is only minimal difference in the structure of the scenes.  The magic is in the chemistry of the performer, his male appeal, and how "into it" he gets.


#1 DEVIN MOSS - A wise choice to start off with to get the viewer's attention.  Devin comes down a set of stairs in a house and massages his body and crotch.  He quickly gets his exceptionally large (10") thick dick out of his black undershorts.  He loses his shirt and pants in quick succession.  The camera is viewing him from a lower step, which only increases the size of his dick.   He sits on a step, dropping a little spit expertly on his dick from time to time, and strokes away.  He engages the camera and smiles, probably knowing full well what the viewer is seeing.  He has a slim body, but is not without definition.  He finally gets his black briefs off to jack-off completely, shooting his load of cum on the stairs.  Quickly gathering up his discarded clothes, he heads back up the stairs.  He turns around to give a parting "stripper-like" seductive glance or two at the camera, and then vanishes.

SCENE 2 - ETHAN CROSS - This young man basically avoids the camera's eye.  He is lying on a bed, looking at a magazine, but he definitely knows what he's there for.  He pushes his shirt up and his shorts open.  He works his dick in his shorts. (Who wants to show off a less-than-hard dick?)  He turns over and humps the bed for a bit, pushing his underwear down and feeling his ass like he'd wants to get fucked.  On his back again, his shirt comes off.  His dick is not totally hard, but it's certainly getting there.  The camera angle changes, and his dick is now firm.  He works his dick hard, up to about 8", and then pops his load.  Only then does he take a look into the camera.

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SCENE 3 - TRYSTIAN SWEET & T. J. LONG - These two are in a home spa together, jacking-off and talking to each other.  Trystian is a young, handsome, muscular  white man, and T. J. is an equally muscular young, good looking black man.  Both are well-hung.  They are sitting on the edge of the tub mutually masturbating.  Tystian is totally focused on T. J., his big dick and great body, and very open about his attraction.  T. J. seems newer to this game and a little hesitant.  They both keep their swim briefs on, but pushed just below their dicks and balls.  Finally, Trystian pulls his suit totally off and heads over to T. J. to shoot a load of cum on his chest.  T. J. reciprocates.  Neither one ever touches the other.  That would have quickly become another kind of sex scene, one that Trystian would seemingly have been game for.

SCENE 4 - JOE YATZOR - Joe has a darker, Mediterranean look.  He's about to take a shower and seems unaware of the camera.  His clothes come off, and he turns on the water.  He lathers himself up, including his dick, ass and balls in the process.  His dick gets larger each time he pays it some attention.  Then, he sits in the shower  and strokes his dick, eventually with both hands, working it up easily beyond 8".  He jacks it until he shoots a load.  He rinses off.  Then he dries off, puts his underwear and hat back on and leaves the bathroom.  Maybe this is how he showers every day.

SCENE 5 - AARON ARMSTRONG - Aaron is another handsome young black dude, with smooth milk-chocolate skin.  He works his dick in his his shorts and massages his nipples and chest, slowly developing a major boner in his underpants.  He checks out the camera as if to say, "You like this big cock?"  He gets totally naked, and standing up, jacks off his big - now lubed and shiny - dick.  The camera is down below him as he jacks-off and lets go with a big thick cum shot.  From that angle at least, Aaron definitely ranks up there in size with Devin Moss.

SCENE 6 - AIDEN SHAY - He is lying on a bed in Army camouflage pants and a tank top.  He sneaks up on his dick and big balls, feeling his nipples as he strokes them.  His shirt comes off, his pants get pushed down, and he jacks-off with his eyes either closed or watching his cock grow.  He definitely likes the feeling.  He gets rid of his pants to spread his legs and totally jack-off.  His left hand works his ass as he fingers his butt hole, turning himself totally on.  He sucks on his middle finger to wet it and pushes it up his ass, then adds a second.  He turns over to hump the bed and work his ass even more.  This is a young man who definitely longs to get his butt fucked.  He just doesn't have anyone at hand to do it.  His hot ass arches into the air just begging for some attention.  He flips over on his back again and, looking pleadingly into the camera, shoots a load of cum.  This is a very hot and involving scene.  He tastes his cum, and shows it to the camera as he eats it.

SCENE 7 - BRIAN BECKHAM - This is the one scene that includes an interviewer, prodding this newcomer into a performance.  Brian is constantly being urged to relate his fantasies and longings, but it's tough going.  He's cute enough, but a bit reticent.  He's twenty-two, but looks more like 18.  He was in the Army, and dreams of "fucking some twink in the woods".  The interviewer keeps dwelling on his very fuckable butt and questioning him about being "just a top".  My guess is that he will eventually bottom, and love every second of it.  Today, he jacks-off and shoots a healthy load, showing off his clean body and muscular legs in the process, but I'm not sure it is worth the effort.

SCENE 8 - JAKE BLADE - This skater-leather-type kid is lying on the bed and totally dressed.  His dark hair is cut short on top and shaved all around the sides and back.  He has spiked bracelets on both wrists, a tank top and black jeans.  He opens the jeans to reveal wild black and white print undershorts.  He works his dick out of the top, lubing the head with some spit. You can tell it's going to be a hefty one.  He pushes his shirt up and then off.  He gets his dick and balls out all the way, keeping his eyes on his dick with an occasional glance toward the camera.  He then stands up and drops some spit directly on it, fully stretching it out.  He gets down to lick the head, making one realize that he can self-suck it.  It is really getting long, allowing him to go down on it even farther.  He gets his pants totally off and plays with his ass with his fingers.  He gets some lube and works his dick, eventually shooting cum up the length of his smooth body.  A real pro and very hot.

SCENE 9 - JAKE WOLFE - The second "Jake" has about a two day growth of beard and some scattered tattoos.  He definitely is moving out of "twinkdom".  He pushes his shirt up, then off, and gets his dick out to stroke.  It is HUGE, giving Devin another run for his money.  He jacks it and gets out of his pants.  As in the case of Aiden, you will find yourself wanting to be there with him to suck and fuck.  He produces a dildo of blue plastic beads, which along with his dick and ass get treated to some lube.  He works it up his ass and, with his legs spread wide apart, jacks-off as he pushes it in and out.  It causes him to shoot a terrific load, clear up to his chin.  It was definitely good for him.  He is SO HUGE.

SCENE 10 - JUSTYN STEELE - Another big dick pops out of this guy's jeans.  (As this movie progresses, it gets hotter and hotter - and down to serious business.)  Justyn has a thin body but a big uncut dick.  He undoes his pants, gets them down and his shirt off.  His dick is soon out over his blue briefs.  Soon, all his clothes are discarded and he drops down on his knees to stroke his meat.  He looks like he could shove a serious fuck into someone's hot ass.  He gets on his back again and, when he's ready, shoots a load on himself.

SCENE 11 - JASON ZENO - (Hold on, there's just one more, and he's worth the wait.)  Jason looks like he takes being sexy seriously.  He flops down on a comforter-covered sofa, wild hair flying.  He shows off his biceps, and then his shirt comes off, revealing his muscular torso.  He's sexy and he knows it.  He opens his jeans and lets his already hardening dick out.  His pants come off, and he lays back to whack off.  It's growing into a really big hard-on.  He feels his body up, as he strokes his dick.  Taking advantage of some handy lube, he gets his dick gets even harder.  He looks like a guy who would like to have some serious help with his erection.  He gets more lube and just keeps jacking - now standing and stroking with both hands.  He feels his body some more and keeps on whacking it.  He's definitely someone who's an expert fucker, a pro.  My guess is he has sex often - alone or with others.  He finally cums, shooting up his body.

VIDEO: There is nothing of note.  The lighting is properly revealing, but not atmospheric or unusual.

AUDIO: There are only two scenes with any actual dialog.  It's a little difficult to understand what Trystian and T. J. are saying to one another, but it makes little difference.  The interviewer in Brian's scene is always very clear, though Brian's answers aren't always.  The various moans and groans during the solos definitely add to the enjoyment.

FINAL THOUGHTS:  This is a solo effort for those who get off viewing hot young and hung guys jacking-off.  They will not be disappointed.  For actual man-on-man sex, Citiboyz have many titles to pick from.  For the fans of solos, I would definitely RECOMMEND.

Rod Woodman

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