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Brent Corrigan's Big Easy

Studio: Dirty Bird Pictures » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 8/2/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production: October 2008

Directed By: Brent Corrigan


Jake Green, Ryan Buckley, Brent Corrigan, M.J. Taylor, and Aiden Tyler

(Below) M.J. Taylor, Ryan Buckley, Jeremy Lange, and Aiden Tyler 

Run Time N Rubbers: 3 Hours and 25 Minutes. Yes.

The Movie:

Cute Thang Brent Corrigan brings a group of hot dudes down south to New Orleans, Louisiana for plenty of site-seeing, partying, and sex. The guys are quite giddy as they arrive in "Nawlins'" and high-tail it to a stately bed 'n breakfast in the Garden District to relax 'n plan what will be done during the week-long vacation. In documenting non-sexual footage, Brent hopes to capture for the viewer what each guy is really like, their individual personailites, and just simply who they are beyond models for erotic movies. The guys hit The French Quarter and Bourbon street where they try the local delicacies of fried gator with cocktail sauce (do I see Padma peeking around the corner?), pose for photographs in the St. Louis Cathedral area, shake their groove-thangs at local gay bar OZ, tell dirty jokes, and skinny dip.

Scene One:

Brent Corrigan (good-looking with dark brown hair, toned/smooth body) and Ryan Buckley (cute with short spiky brown hair, goatee, piercings, tattoos, and a toned/smooth body) sneak into one of the empty bedrooms for some highly erotic alone time. These two guys truly dig each other and the viewer will easily be able to pick up on that vibe. They are not simply going through the motions. This is the hottest scene on the movie. The dudes get down to some heavy soul kissing with plenty of deep wet tongue and body rubbing action. Brent sinks to his knees yanking down Ryan's blue jeans down revealing shortly-trimmed pubes, tasty nuts, and a stiff 'n plump clipped cock. Dude gives some very hot head licking the length of the shaft, sucking balls, and cramming as much meat down his gullet as possible.

Ryan clearly loves the head and fills the room with heavy breathing and moans. Wanting to return the pleasure, Ryan chows down on Brent's hard cut dick sliding his mouth up 'n down, licks those balls, and gives a groovy blowjob. Ryan soon has his legs spread wide exposing his tight shaved bunghole leading Ryan to munch down on that quivering pucker and eat the heck out of it. There are some excellent camera shots of the rimming. The guys move on to a traditional sixty-nine with Ryan on top and we get a good look at his tight shaved asshole in the process. Ryan soon straddles Brent and slowly sinks down on that turgid tube steak to play a fun game of the ol' sink/bounce with plenty of tasty penetration shots.

Brent grabs Ryan's waist and begins thrusting upward to fuck his pal fast, smooth, 'n hard. Switching to the missionary position, Brent fucks his buddy long 'n smooth. Switching up, Ryan screws Brent's snug man-hole in the missionary position with hot penetration shots from behind as that fat cock stretches that beautiful chute. Ryan picks Brent up while still inside him having Brent cling tightly to him as he continues to thrust his meaty dong in 'n out. Brent loves having his asshole reamed and makes all sorts of hot lusty noises while a soothing acoustic guitar ditty plays on the soundtrack. Back in the missionary position, Brent jacks off while he's being fucked and shoots a large thick load all over his stomach. In a cum shot that's almost missed by the videographer, Brent beats off and squirts a thick load of jizz on Brent's chest 'n stomach.

Scene Two:

M.J. Taylor (cute with longish blond hair, toned/smooth body) and Aiden Tyler (cute with short dark hair, toned/lightly hairy body) hang out on an orange soft and flirt up a storm. The guys are quickly engaged in a red-hot make-out session with deep wet tongue sucking the exploring each other's bodies with curious hands. Aiden is soon outta his faded blue jeans showing off his shortly-trimmed pubes, delicious nuts, and hard cut prick. M.J. chows down on that fucker giving some very cool head sliding his hungry mouth up 'n down, sucking balls, and fingering that tight shaved bunghole. Naturally, Aiden loves the oral attention and sighs heavily with pleasure. Aiden wants a taste and gets down on M.J.'s big fat cut dick cramming as much down his gullet as possible and giving those mouth-watering plump low-hangers a good sucking. Hot!

Aiden bends over the couch exposing his tight shaved butthole and M. J. goes to town licking that pink pucker with plenty of excellent camera shots of the rimming. After more soul kissing and cock sucking, M.J. fucks Aiden's butt in the missionary position with excellent penetration shots from behind/below as that snug bunghole actually clings for life on that fat sausage. Switching to doggy-style, M.J. continues to bang his buddy nice 'n steady with more tasty penetration shots from behind. After some frenzied sink/bounce with Aiden bucking up 'n down riding that baloney pony, Aiden buts a big thick nut on his tattooed stomach. M.J. pulls pork and squirts a large wet load on Aiden's face.

Scene Three:

Jeremy Lange (good-looking with short brown hair, toned/smooth body), Jake Green (cute with closely-cropped dark hair, toned/lightly hairy body), and M.J. Taylor (scene two) and relaxing in bed joking around when they begin kissing and exploring each other's bodies. They are soon totally naked with Jake blowing M.J. big cut cock giving some tasty head as M.J. sucks Jeremy's throbbing uncut meat. Moans, sighs, and heavy breathing fill the room while the guys "enjoy each other's company". Jake bends over offering up his tight shaved asshole and M.J. is more than happy to lick that pouting pink starfish with some hot camera shots of the "salad tossing" while Jake gets face fucked by Jeremy. These dudes love that delicious throbbing man-meat!

M.J. bangs Jake doggy-style lubed 'n long with hot penetration shots from below while Jake continues to orally pleasure Jeremy. Switching to them missionary position, Jake jacks his hard cut tool while continuing to be screwed by M.J. and being face fucked by Jeremy. The dudes are totally into the action and look like one large ball of quivering flesh fulfilling their torrid desires of man-on-man lovin'.  Taking charge, Jeremy pounds Jake's butt in the missionary position as Jake wildly pulls his pud and chows down on M.J.'s member. Jake shoots a large thick load of cum on his stomach, Jeremy works his foreskin and cuts loose with wet load on Jake's chest, and M.J. squirts a large wet load on Jake's stomach.

Scene Four:

Well, good ol' M.J. Taylor (scenes two and three) is back once again and this time "studying" when hunky Jeremy Lange (scene three) barges in wanting some lovin'. Of course, M.J. forgets all about what he's doing and the guys begins deep soul kissing and feeling one another up. Roamin' hands and hot hearts! Are these two under a Louisiana voodoo love spell? It could be in that fried gator they both ate! Jeremy lovingly sucks M.J. large clipped rod working his busy lips up 'n down the pulsing shaft making his buddy's big hangy nuts draw up with excitement! M.J. gets down on Jeremy's mouth-watering unclipped wonder licking 'n jacking the shaft, balls, and every damn thang making Jeremy moan with lust.

Jeremy bends over 'n offers up his sexy bum and M.J. gets down eating that tight shaved butt hole. Sadly, this time there are no good shots of the rimming. Not sure why since the other scenes have 'em.  Dude fucks Jeremy's butt doggy-style with some very hot penetration shots from below documenting the delicious porking he's receiving. Lots of fun 'n lust sex noises here to demonstrate that both guys are having a good time.  Jeremy goes wild during a bit of the ol' sink bounce as he really rocks 'n rolls loving that chubby dick up his asshole. Finishing up in the missionary position, the dudes fuck each other's brains out with Jeremy jacking and dumping a small load on his shortly trimmed pubes and M.J. squirting a tasty load on Jeremy's cock.

Scene Five:

The scene starts out as a photo shoot and as such has many freeze-frames and clicks of the camera as the photographs are taken. Brent Corrigan, Aiden Tyler, Ryan Buckley, and Jake Green kiss with heavy tongues, jack each other's hard clipped cocks, show off their tight shaved bungholes, and get down to some mouth-watering dick sucking. Once the photo shoot is complete, the constant freeze frames end and the guys get down to some hot butt fucking. Brent screws Aiden in the missionary position while Aiden strokes his hard tool. At the same time, Ryan bangs Jake fast, smooth, 'n hard in the missionary position giving him a complete ass-fucking workout. There are plenty of hot penetration shots provided here of both couples as they really go at it.

Switching up, Ryan fucks Aiden fast 'n smooth in the missionary position which leads Aiden to go wild and begin a spirited game of the ol' sink/bounce humping up 'n down while Ryan holds on thrusting his hips to fuck his buddy quick 'n lubed. Brent bangs Jake doggy-style and they are totally into it. Jakes big fat cut cock stays completely hard while he's being porked. That said all four dudes are very into each other. Back in the missionary position, Aiden shoots a large thick load on his stomach while being drilled by Ryan. Ryan then high-tails it over and fucks Brent from behind while Brent is still fucking Jake doggy-style. Jake pulls that pork and dumps a big thick load on the couch. This sets Brent off who busts a thick nut on the floor followed by Ryan shooting thick love-juice on Brent's back. The scene ends with a photo shoot.


Brent Corrigan's Big Easy is shot directly on high quality video and presented in wide screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The hand-held videography by Grant Roy, Steve Jerome, and Daniel T. Banks is strong providing full coverage of all the action and lots of hot close-ups of the cock sucking, ass eating, and butt sex penetration. The picture is sharp 'n clean.


The stereo sound is a little uneven at times but that's to be expected with the documentary-style footage filmed around New Orleans in various bars and restaurants. That said the viewer will always be able to clearly hear what each dude says.


Wow! The movie is jam-packed with extras that are all included on a second disc. Besides the usual interactive menu, scene selection, and chapter stops, there is a hilarious thirty-eight minute feature titled Truth or Dare. Here the frisky dudes get into all sorts of mischief that they do not want you to try at home: ice cubes up buttholes, drawing self-portraits with a sharpie pen up the butt (Ryan Buckly exclaims, "I cannot draw with my own hand...never mind my own fucking ass!"), watermelon fucking, and a hot fudge sundae on Aiden's hot little butt.

Next up are the parting interviews that run forty-eight minutes. I like these interviews as I feel the guys show their true personalities here as they reminisce about their week-long stay in New Orleans. The biggest surprise is Brent Corrigan's interview that shows raw emotion I've never seen in a model interview. Brent really lets his guard down and tells it all. I actually wanted to reach through the screen and give him a big ol' hug.  There is a nice selection of movie trailers for: Just the Sex, Summit-Director's Cut, Grindass House, Ringleader, Endgame, Mug Shots, and Bowser Makes a Porn. Last but certainly not least is a great slide-show of groovy photographs divided into chapters: Just for Fun, French Quarter, Models, Truth or Dare, and Hardcore.


As a director, Brent Corrigan set out to create a movie that shows the guys as real human beings and not simply pieces of meat in a porno. He really succeeds as the non-sexual footage does indeed show each dude as a real individual through interviews and just joking around and having fun in the wonderful city of New Orleans. The sex scene between Brent Corrigan and Ryan Buckly is one of the most genuine I've seen during my stint as a reviewer. In fact all the dudes seem to truly like each other's company and it shows while they get down with some very hot man-on-man action. I loved the plethora of bonus materials that are highly entertaining and quite emotionally revealing at times. This is not the typical porn movie. There's plenty of hot sex but also plenty of documentary-style footage. Great job Brent! I Highly Recommend.

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