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Neo Pornographia

Studio: Ninn Worx » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 8/3/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Feature
Director: Michael Ninn
Cast: Alex Knight, Anthony Hardwood, Audrey Hollander, Frank Gunn, Julie Knight, Melissa Lauren, Mike Foster, Nicki Hunter, Otto Bauer, Sandra Romain
Length: 03:02
Condoms: None
Bonus points: There's no condoms to be seen anywhere in this movie. So, one bonus star! I'm giving the movie a second bonus star for Nicki Hunter's work as our on-screen "agent." There's nothing like somebody as skillful as Nicki looking out for our best interests!


In this three-hour lust fest, delectable Nicki Hunter plays your agent. Her job? To make sure the girls do exactly what a very important client (you) want! Is she successful? Definitely! Even though each girl is shown fucking somebody else, she always remembers that it's you who's the boss and the center of her world--she looks at you, talks to you, watches you stroke your cock, and, in essence, fucks you. Excellent! 

Nicki introduces each scene by talking with the girl(s) and telling them their tasks. Subsequently, she hangs around during the action to make sure you get what you want. She orders the girls around, talks wickedly nasty, and, when all is said and done, helps the girls deliver some of the edgiest sex Michael Ninn has ever captured. Sadly, luscious Nicki never strips off her clothes (she's a stunning blond with a magnificent body). However, it's my understanding that all that changes in Neo_Pornographia 2 when Nicki becomes the sexual center of attention.

Director Michael Ninn is one of my favorite directors because he is extremely innovative in his depictions of sexual encounters. Traditionally, you can depend upon him to pick only the best girls, give them inventive scenarios to play out, dress them imaginatively, and capture them fucking in some of the most striking outfits and locations you'll see in porn movies. That said, the sex in Ninn's movies is generally what might be called "couples fare." Not so in Neo_Pornographia. It's almost as if Ninn had been storing up all his nasty desires so that they could all come to life in one wicked explosion of passion. The result is must-see sex! Truly, I advise each and every one of you readers to buy, rent, or watch this movie on-line!

Neo_Pornographia is slightly over three hours long and is composed of only three scenes (do the math and you'll realize that the scenes average one hour each!) that feature the nefarious performances of Audrey Hollander, Julie Night, Melissa Lauren, and Sandra Romain. However, each of the three scenes is subdivided into at least two parts: tease and sex. A girl/girl mle featuring Melissa and Sandra really has six segments: Nicki interviews each girl separately, each girl does her tease, the girls get into an all-claws-bared catfight, and then they fuck each other into oblivion. Because the scenes are broken down into subsections, they don't seem overly long. I know what you might be thinking: "How could a sex scene last an hour? Who could watch such a long scene? Wouldn't it get boring?" Even though my schedule required that I watch Neo_Pornographia in two sittings, I had no trouble staying involved with--and remaining interested in--each of the scenes from start to finish. In other words, the fast-forward button was never a consideration. That is a testament to the skill and inventiveness of Michael Ninn and his editor.

One last overall comment: the toys used by the girls during their tease segments are among some of the largest and most unique I've ever seen! Wait until you see what Audrey tries (unsuccessfully, I'm afraid) to shove up her ass! And, Julie Night's multiple-ended fuck stick is large- and heavy-enough to stand on the floor while she fucks it. In addition to the toys' size, their beauty is also noteworthy. They're made by Phallix Glass and are truly objects of art as well as pleasure.


I really don't want to give away the intensity of the sexual performances that comprise Neo_Pornographia. If you like great looking women doing the hottest things, you really owe it to yourself to watch what accomplished director Michael Ninn can create when he sets out to push his own sexual envelope. So, instead of giving you my customary blow-by-blow review, I'm going to give you some highlights so you can convince yourself to get this movie. 

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Scene One consumes one hour and ten minutes and features the extraordinary talent, insatiable lust, and unparalleled sexual indulgence skills of one of the hottest redheads in the business, Audrey Hollander. A little over a half hour of the scene is devoted to the most intense tease and masturbation performance I've ever seen. Period. Nicki Hunter helps out by inflaming and enraging Audrey with nasty vocabulary and explicit instructions and by wielding toys whenever Audrey needs a hand. However, Audrey is the one who's going to inflame your lust, especially when she fucks her mouth, big tits, pussy, and asshole with her hands and/or an incredibly large glass artistic masterpiece that is, to say the least, mind-boggling. Your blood will also boil when you take part in her oh-so-nasty and sexually charged dialog with you during which she lucidly describes everything she's thinking and feeling. And, she tells you exactly what to do with your cock, too! Frankly, I would be surprised if you're able to make it through Audrey's tease without, well, making a mess. After this award-worthy solo sequence, Otto Bauer and Mike Foster join Audrey. During the next 35 minutes or so, you'll see some of the hottest sex in which Audrey has ever engaged--and likely the edgiest sex Michael Ninn has ever captured. Audrey: performs high-spirited and very slobbery fellatio on both dicks (including gag-inducing deep-throat action); shoves both dicks in her mouth at once; uses her tongue to lick her guy's balls while his dick is shoved down her throat; gets her ass reamed for most of the scene in numerous positions including the difficult-yet-appealing piledriver position (her bald pussy looks absolutely delightful as it winks open and closed while her asshole swallows dick!); expertly fingers her clit while she's getting fucked; motivates the guys with exceedingly nasty talk and shrieks of ecstasy; enjoys remarkably wicked ass-to-pussy action; has her pleasure level heightened when the guys choke her throat and when she vehemently spanks her own ass; gapes both her pussy and anus for our enjoyment; takes pleasure in conventional DPs as well as both double vaginal and repeated double anal penetrations; sucks her ass juices off the guys' cocks; and screams through multiple powerful orgasms. To finish up this world-class scene, both of the guys jerk off onto the shaft of the aforementioned huge glass dildo (the popshots were captured in two angles and the clips are stitched together effectively). Then, Audrey, at Nicki's insistence, licks up all she can and swallows it. Five stars.

Scene Two is a girl/girl confrontation between two enemies, Melissa Lauren and Sandra Romain. The scene takes place in six stages: 1-2) Nicki interviews each girl and draws out her hatred of the other girl; 3-4) the girls each do a dick-stiffening tease/masturbation scene complete with toys (wait until you see what the girls use to fuck their assholes!); 5) the girls find out that they're supposed to fuck each other and then go completely ballistic--even burly security guards can't separate them; and 6) their fury eventually turns to passion as they frantically fuck each other, each girl trying to surpass the other's carnal performance. I've seen Melissa and Sandra attack each other before--in Jewel de'Nyle's Lick Between the Lines. In my review of that movie, I wrote: "...it is the wildest, the hardest, the roughest, and the edgiest girl/girl action I've ever seen. There's only one way it could have been better: Jewel de'Nyle would have to step from behind the camera to join in the action with Melissa Lauren and Sandra Romaine. Wow! This really is like a grudge match with each girl desperately trying to outdo the other. It's also one of the most intense catfights you'll ever witness. It's a win-win situation that you've gotta see!" If possible, the volcanic girl/girl catfight in Neo_Pornographia is even better! If you like girl/girl sex--or even if you couldn't help but watch girls scratch and claw each other in all-girl high school brawls--you've gotta see this scene. I'm a sucker for girl/girl sex--I've watched a LOT of it!--and I think that I can safely say, no girls fuck each other better than Melissa and Sandra! And, to make things even better, both of the girls are absolute tens on the gorgeous scale (I especially like Sandra's ass, thighs, and pussy and Melissa's bedroom eyes and nasty vocabulary heightened by her sexy accent).This hour-long scene is fucking awesome. I am only disappointed by one thing: it's too bad that Nicki didn't strip off her clothes when she joined in on the fun. Five stars!

Scene Three features one of my favorite people...Julie Night. Why do I like her so much? Because she has two qualities I really like in women: she's extremely smart (I know because I saw her textbooks and college homework when I interviewed her in her apartment a couple of years ago) and she likes hard and rough sex. To add icing to the cake, she's very good looking, too! Her scene, a little shorter than the others (about 49 minutes), begins with interaction between her and Nicki Hunter. However, their dealings take on quite a different tone than Nicki's interviews with the other girls...instead of just talking, Nicki fucks Julie's mouth and spit-lubricated pussy with yet another striking toy. While she's fucking Julie, Nicki makes the only pledge she doesn't keep...she promises that Julie will take three cocks up her tight ass. Three cocks in one anus at a time? That's something that I think is pretty much physically impossible unless one of the "cocks" is a dildo. Can you imagine some way to fit three human guys around a girl so they can all shove their cocks into her ass? I didn't think so! To Nicki's credit, she never did say that Julie would take all three cocks at the same time. Eventually, three guys (Anthony Hardwood, Frank Gunn, and Mike Foster) do join Julie. And, each of them does fuck her ass. So, I guess Nicki didn't technically engage in false advertising. Truthfully, Julie does lots of double anal. However, there's no triple ass reaming. Sigh. Anyway, I get ahead of myself. After Julie and Nicki play for a while, during which they spend some time simultaneously licking the gorgeous toy with their tongues, Julie does a first-class job of fucking herself while talking nasty to you, her lord and master. She also shows off her delectable ass (she spanks it hard); ripe, juicy, and puffy bald pussy; and lovely asshole. She even demonstrates her impressive vaginal muscle tone by clamping down tight to keep the slippery glass toy deep inside her pussy while three-finger-fucking her spit-lubricated asshole. And, she uses an incredible three-headed dildo (it's heavy and big enough to stand on the floor) to fuck her ass while fingering her clit (great moves, Julie!). Believe me, her pussy looks SO fine as she uses the unique toy to ream her asshole. Even more astonishing, Julie--with Nicki's help--takes a huge cone shaped glass toy almost completely into her very accommodating anus. By this time, Julie's a babbling mass of unfulfilled flesh that just has to have some real cock. So, the guys appear on the scene and, while the other two guys look on and Nicki gives blow-by-blow instructions, Julie gives Frank a very aggressive blowjob that would make a lesser man cry for mercy. Julie loves to suck and deep-throat, growling like a wild lioness as the very slobbery dick slides all the way down her throat. Eventually, each of the guys gets a chance to fuck her spit-soaked asshole...she takes it up the ass in doggie and reverse cowgirl positions. In addition, she almost always has one or more cocks in her voracious mouth! And, being nasty Julie Night, she keeps the three cocks squeaky clean ass-to-mouth style. In due course, she enjoys being triple penetrated (vagina, asshole, and mouth) by the guys (they take turns plugging different holes) for about 10 minutes. Then, after they take a break so that Julie can suck all three dicks round-robin style, Nicki again appears on scene to motivate all four horny bodies to even greater heights of lust until Julie cums violently for a long time. Afterward, the guys spend about four minutes double fucking her asshole (great camera angles and close-ups). To finish up, each of the guys shoots his load on the outside of Julie's asshole as she kneels way down doggie style. Then, Nicki uses a spoon to scoop the semen off of Julie's cheeks and out of her ass...and then feeds it to her. Julie swallows every drop. How fucking nasty is that? Five stars.


The extras are way below average and, in addition to the standard full-motion chapter selector and scene access functions, consist of only an almost nine-minute self-running slide show. I must admit that the chapter selector interface is quite nice. The opening menu allows you to choose which of the three sections of the movie you wish to watch. The subsequent screen provides a text narrative of the goal of the scene and its outcome from director Michael Ninn's perspective and also provides several full-motion buttons that can be used to jump to various subsections of the scene. As for the scarcity of other extras, there's an undeniable reason: the DVD is so full of more than three hours of wide-screen video that there's simply no more room on the disc for additional behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, and so on (I checked the contents of the DVD using my computer's DVD drive and it is full!). Still, the Extras are sub-par. Two stars.


  • Video (technical): Michael Ninn is a demanding director in terms of video quality. That's one reason that he's one of my favorite directors. Neo_Pornographia, however, is a bit below his conventional five-star quality. In particular, I didn't care much for the lighting in some segments--sometimes the video is too bright and other times it's just right. Also, the color balance is sometimes skewed a little too much toward orange. In addition, it is quite evident that multiple cameras were used to capture the action. Unfortunately, the cameras were not well calibrated to each other. So, as the video cuts back and forth from one camera's footage to another's, the image goes from too-saturated to too-desaturated. I also noticed a bit of out-of-focus footage as well as some pixelization. That said, the quality of the wide-screen video is still head-and-shoulders above that captured by most other directors. It's just not quite as good as what Ninn usually provides. On the up side, the chic black-and-white footage, the highly-effective camera angles, and the editing are all superb. Four stars.
  • Audio (technical): The audio is always crisp and clear. Since the movie highlights the nasty vocabulary of each of the four featured girls, it's gratifying to be able to clearly hear each and every wicked syllable. And, there's no meddlesome musical soundtrack during sex to obfuscate the sounds of sex. Four stars.
  • Aesthetics: Michael Ninn is known for his outstanding aesthetic skills. His movies feature incredible locations, sets, and props; superb wardrobe; music; and mainstream-quality makeup. Even though Neo_Pornographia is Michael's hardest-ever movie (my opinion) in terms of sex, he still hasn't lost his aesthetic sensibilities. However, in comparison to his other releases, the aesthetics in Neo_Pornographia are somewhat downplayed. In fact, there's no supportive musical soundtrack! Even so, the aesthetics are, like the video, head-and-shoulders above his competition. Four stars.

Dr. Jay

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