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Ass Eaters Unanimous 19

Studio: Tom Byron Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/18/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Ass Eaters Unanimous 19: Sasha Eats Ass!

Tom Byron Pictures

Genre: Salad Tossing (females rimming men)

Director: Tom Byron

Cast: Sasha Grey, Tom Byron, Aurora Snow, Rebeca Linares, Kaci Starr, Chastity Lynn

Length: 140:53 minutes

Sasha Grey

Date of Production: 4/29/2009

Extras: The best extra was the 33:36 minutes of interviews with the ladies by Craig Daze, each giving their own take on life for fans as Craig interviewed them. There was also a photogallery, some trailers, a slipcase, and some inevitable spam but the interviews really added the most value by far.

Condoms: None

Aurora Snow

Audio/Video Quality: Ass Eaters Unanimous 19 was presented in a 1.78:1 letterboxed widescreen offering as shot by director Tom Byron for Tom Byron Pictures in the MPEG-2 codec (like most standard definition titles are, using a 480p resolution). The camera work mixed it up this time with a bit of tease footage taken inside the house, including some quality time of the ladies in skimpy outfits or naked, but much of it out by Tom's pool where the lighting was better too. The video maintained a bitrate of mid 4.3 Mbps most of the time, reducing the obvious compression artifacts to almost none and each scene provided solid fleshtones that appeared to be accurate as Craig Daze and Tom worked the cameras. The composition of the scenes was consistent too with the picture not always optimal (looking better this time though) but as far as Tom's work is concerned, it was shot with the ladies in mind; making the gals look their best for the most part or at least as much as the point of view style he employed could make them. The editing was generally decent, showing the same level of skill as the last time I checked out one of his movies for review, albeit I wished some additional tease footage was left in the scenes or provided in the extras section of the DVD. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English offering at 192 Kbps with a 48 kHz sampling rate. There was no noticeable separation between the tracks and the dynamic range was limited but I could hear the ladies and the music was not a factor so I would say it was about average in most respects.

Rebeca Linares

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Body of Review: Tom Byron is the owner of Tom Byron Pictures, the guy settled into his own niche of working with a variety of appealing ladies for fans to appreciate. While most of his work is a bit vanilla, Tom also delves into the dark side from time to time with niche products such as Ass Eaters Unanimous 19: Sasha Eats Ass!. The series is dedicated to the select group of female performers that like the taste of a man's ass, specifically Tom's ass, and will lick him clean for extended periods of time while jerking him off, now changed to include some bouts of boning (vaginal, anal, or both), or are otherwise orally inclined to service him. The phrase "tossing the salad" or "playing the rusty trombone" are typically used to describe this kind of thing, the important thing for the performers to remember is that they get squeaky clean before engaging in such medically risky behavior. Aficionados of ass will already be aware of the series, this volume changing the usual dynamic a bit by using just one lady per scene instead of the more traditional two, Tom getting his licks in just as much as the ladies in the five scenes but also getting to nail them. This time, Tom worked with Rebeca Linares, Kaci Starr, Sasha Grey, Aurora Snow, and Chastity Lynn, all the ladies appearing to be happy slurping up on some Tom butt if you catch my drift. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Kaci Starr

Scene One: Sasha Grey, the gal featured on the cover and arguably the biggest current "name" of the cast, was up first, shaking her ass and teasing before a short interview with Tom Byron in the living room. Tom took it slow with her to savor the experience, Sasha admitting to like having her asshole eaten, Tom giving her the experience before she tossed his salad at great length. Sasha otherwise gave a decent hummer and showed him the wonders her hands could achieve on his pecker, the vaginal screwing proving her quite an active rider. I know she usually portrays an ice princess type of personality that does little for me but she seemed more in tune with Tom than most I've seen her with of late, their chemistry together striking me as pretty darned solid in most ways even without the requisite rimming by both of them. Sasha also provided dirty talk and took the ending wad of genetic juice to her face, that being the sole time she wasn't spending more time looking at the camera than him (a pet peeve of mine).

Chastity Lynn

Scene Two: Aurora Snow, a long time hotty in porn known for being something of a frisky extreme queen, looked especially appealing this time, her booty shorts and bikini (when out by the pool at least), enhancing her well kept body. She teased, did the interview, and then jumped right into inhaling the ass of Tom Byron. Selling herself as much on her personality as her physique, Aurora was an active participant of the show, jerking Tom off as she tossed his salad without hesitation, smiling during the POV segments. I have been a fan of hers for close to ten years now (not quite but close) so I was glad to see she upgraded her act this time, the gal another one with some chemistry for Tom but also full of enthusiasm. I was half surprised that she did not do anal here given the wealth of rimming by both partners but she was just fine impaling herself on his bone, making it her own as she rode him on home. All kidding aside, the taste testing and other oral antics marked her as an even better performer than Sasha, the facial closing things out as she blew him to completion, his population pudding flying all over the place.

Scene Three: Rebeca Linares, a sexy Latina wearing red lingerie, was up next looking a bit older & wiser than usual, her appeal to the youth market slowly giving way to those of us that prefer experience. She teased a little and wound up on the bed of Tom Byron, the outdoor footage looking far better due to the natural lighting. Rebeca was a frisky gal too, whispering to him as he warmed her up with his hand, the lean gal sucking his fingers clean of her juices once he finished diddling her. This led to a powerful and rapid paced hummer, her dirty talk starting just before she rimmed him. Rebeca liked giving head and working Tom's ass, looking up at him to gauge his appreciation and guide her to do what worked best. There was some foot fetish action too but Rebeca's main draw was the power of her enthusiasm, the relative lack of chemistry overcome by the way in which she kept going like an energizer bunny. Tom also went down on her too though, Rebeca enjoying the action as much as he did even before the active vaginal penetration started, the intermittent oral providing both of them the best action in the scene before he bust a nut of spew on her face.

Scene Four: Kaci Starr, a thicker brunette with a nice set of curves, was up next in the bed, the formula followed as she teased during the music-ridden montage to full effect for Tom Byron. The couple were reacquainted once more, Kaci having slobbed his knob in the past, Tom appreciating her sweet ass for its firmness and taste. The edit to start the action was too abrupt but she inhaled his cock with gusto, her hand assisting to provide more friction as the POV angle was best exploited. Kaci seemed to like sucking cock more than ass but she did what was expected of her all the same, Tom reciprocating before they vaginally screwed with modest active participation by the gal. There were more oral opportunities throughout the scene too, Kaci earning her pay before taking his nut all over her face.

Scene Five: Chastity Lynn, a very lean cutie with a girl next door look to her, was up last, the tease montage giving way to the interview and another POV blowjob on Tom Byron. Chastity was deceptively aggressive during the blowjob and salad tossing, giving in to her darker desires as she worked hard to make a name for herself. She was another one that liked cock more than ass though, slightly holding back her scene even though she was right at home giving and receiving head (front and back). Her dirty talk was pretty exceptional when applied though and she liked getting his dick inside her to ride. The scene ended with the requisite facial too, Chastity's pouty look beckoning his seed as he jerked off on her face.

Summary: Ass Eaters Unanimous 19 by director Tom Byron for Tom Byron Pictures was another in the gonzo series that fans of salad tossing should place on their "must have" list even though the rest of the action was at times a bit too formulaic to rate as higher than Recommended. The strokability and replay value will therefore vary considerably depending on just how much you enjoy watching a stream of ladies going down on Tom's ass, the show a solid representation of this act more than anything else. In short, Ass Eaters Unanimous 19: Sasha Eats Ass! should appeal to those of you wanting a slight diversion on the wild side, the gonzo fare it offered in addition to females rimming guys worthy too.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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