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Young & Glamorous

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/24/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Disc One (click screen captures for trailer)

Young & Glamorous: Special Edition

Jules Jordan Video/Chris Streams Productions

Genre: Gonzo, Erotica

Director: Chris Streams

Cast: Tanner Mayes, Michael Stefano, Eden Adams, Mr. Pete, Madison Parker, Mark Ashley, Kiara Diane, Ben English, Faye Reagan, Amy Brooke, John Strong, Mark Wood

Length: 413:57 minutes (115:22 + 118:35 minutes)

Tanner Mayes and Michael Stefano

Date of Production: 7/22/2009

Extras: Yet again, the discs had their own unique extras, the first one with a lengthy 39:38 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by the talented Tony Flush; the men interviewing the ladies as they got ready for their scenes but also catching them in various states of undress or getting ready. There were three trailers, a popshot recap, a photogallery, websites, and a cast list too. The second disc had similar extras, including another long BTS lasting 38:06 minutes, all the other extras, as well as three more trailers to shows like Internal Damnation 3, Rio Loco, Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers 3, The Brother Load, Crazy 4 Cougars, Oil Overload 2, Internal Damnation 2, Pretty As They Cum, Oil Overload, The Interactive Gina Lynn, and Squirt Machines.

Condoms: None

Eden Adams

Audio/Video Quality: Young & Glamorous was presented in an appealingly clear 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Chris Streams for Jules Jordan Video as presented in the MPEG-2 format so common to standard definition titles (with 480i resolution). The lighting was pretty good, limiting the grain and other visual flaws in the open settings of the house but some of the scenes had an uncharacteristic amount of washed out parts too, owing largely to the erotic manner in which the movie was shot (as if to emulate some of the couples porn found on the market). The composition of the shots was largely enhancing to the ladies though as they diddled themselves or took on their partners with my biggest concern being that so many portions of the movie had some aliasing and moiré (pattern noise) compared to some of his works of the past; the bumpy transition to new equipment likely the reason for this temporary issue that should clear up in the future. There were no compression artifacts (the bitrate hovering in the 5.9 Mbps range most of the time) but the fleshtones were not what I expected them to be, making this one visually fair for me and not the best I've seen from Chris in the past. The 2.0 Dolby Digital English audio (in 192 Kbps with a 48 kHz sampling rate) was a bit more basic with no separation or major dynamic range but I could always hear what was said and the music didn't interfere with my viewing pleasure. The music dominated during the tease sequences and fans may find this a marked change for the director from most of his works to date.

Madison Parker

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Body of Review: Chris Streams is known for his hardcore gonzo productions released by Jules Jordan Video, the director dabbling in a variety of niches to the delight of his fans. One of his more stylish productions coming out last year was Pretty As They Cum, using some of the soft focus and camera tricks not typically associated with gonzo work to mix things up a bit, the all star cast elevating the production beyond expectations so he tried it again this year. The name of the title is Young & Glamorous: Special Edition, this time Chris trying to apply his vision to a relatively unknown cast with mixed effect. As so many fans appreciate younger ladies, the appeal here is for their tastes more than those of us that prefer established babes, but there is no doubt in my mind that if you liked the former title mentioned, you will enjoy this one too, even though the unpolished nature of the cast was certainly a different breed of fuck flick. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Kiara Diane

Scene One: Tanner Mayes, the fetching brunette seen on the upper left hand corner of the front cover, was up first as she teased outside of the mansion in her cover apparel, the gal still fairly new to porn (although her recent feud with JM Productions has reached near classic levels of "he said/she said" amusement). Her moves somewhat unpolished, she gave off the newcomer dynamic better than many, perhaps seasoned by some time in a strip club or something. The tease led to her going inside the house to hook up with Michael Stefano on a couch, the pair kissing before she aggressively slobbed his knob while looking right into his eyes. The gal knew just what she was doing during this oral escapade, even asking him to fuck her face as though she were as slutty as they come, a few technical issues marring the otherwise appealing pairing (someone hitting the boom mike and the camera chopping off some of the action at times). Michael reciprocated as expected, savoring her youthful pussy as she provided a stream of nasty talk and moaning. The relative lack of chemistry was not bothersome here because the two of them seemed to establish some connection enhanced by their active participation in their respective roles, the vaginal hammering starting off slowly but Tanner getting into the role by slowly pumping herself on his rod. She had some crotch blemishes that were minimized by the soft focus and Michael ate her ass a little, both of them spanking her fine little ass before he jerked off his largest load in recent memory into her mouth for swallowing.

Faye Reagan with Mr. Pete

Scene Two: Eden Adams, the sexy blond seen featured on the lower left hand corner of the cover, was up next, her all natural body and winning smile enhanced by her pretty eyes and shapely features. The tease with the pink boa was okay but I really wanted to see her let loose in the action, the gal having proven herself in the past for me (as the second most shot gal of the flick after Faye). The solo act she did before joining Mr. Pete was interesting too, those that enjoy shoe fetish work will find it most stimulating. Pete started off by going down on her, using his fingers to pry her open as he tongued her clitoris. She responded well enough too, even the weird depth of field camerawork not limiting her appeal. She then went down on him, blowing him outside the house before moving in by the couch far too briefly before he began the vaginal penetration. Eden was extremely passive though, at least until she was on top of him, and it struck me that she connected with him sexually even if she wasn't star struck by the talented guy here. She did some taste testing and in a few portions of the scene, she provided some fine dirty talk, though the mike positioning did not pick it up all that well. The mouth pop showed Pete drenching her tonsils with genetic juice too, Eden swallowing the wad of spew while mouthing some words to him (for all I know, she could have said "I hope Don likes that one").

Amy Brooke

Scene Three: Madison Parker, the appealing brunette seen featured on the lower right side of the DVD cover, was up next as the last scene of the first disc, her hair looking especially good as did her body in the lingerie provided her. The tease took place on the deck overlooking the valley, her sweet curves providing that fuckable dynamic that really worked for me. She began masturbating with a glass dildo until studly Mark Ashley offered her a better alternative, his cock sliding easily inside of her mouth as the limitations of the audio were made apparent (wind noises, him sounding as if he was deep in a tunnel). Mark savored her pussy and ass orally too, Madison weakening the moment somewhat by looking into the camera instead of at him but her physical appeal quite nice indeed. They moved inside for the vaginal and anal penetration, Madison initially a very passive ride until she was completely warmed up enough to push back and truly go at it. She did taste testing too, smiling up at him as she licked his cock clean of ass juices and tongued his nuts. The scene seemed uneven to me but the highlights were among the best of the entire show, ending in the expected facial where she licked him clean of his own semen.

Scene Four: Kiara Diane, the sexy lean blond seen on the upper right corner of the front cover, was up next as the first scene of the second disc, the gal alluring in her bikini out by the pool. Her eyes were such that she practically beckoned the viewer to join her as her bikini bottom crept up her ass. The music struck me as almost an homage to vintage 1970's porn too, her solo efforts met with a cock in her mouth by Ben English. She had obviously had many other cocks in her mouth given the way she aggressively slobbed his knob, using her hand to increase the friction before taking him inside the house to actively ride him vaginally. Kiara had a lot of dirty talk to share and the loss of the music made it easier to hear her, though her best moves were always on top of his rod since he took the lead in the rest. Kiara did taste testing and while showing precious little chemistry with Ben, she was energetic well beyond her limited career at this writing. The ending was a standard facial, Ben rubbing out a load of genetic juice as he held her down at his knees with the gal providing some post coital head.

Scene Five: Faye Reagan, the curvy redhead spotted on the center of the front cover, was up next as she paraded around a luxurious pool outside in her seductive lingerie. As the most seasoned lady used in the show, she also seemed the most polished in front of the camera, the glamour tease leading to some solo work and Mr. Pete ready to pound her pussy as he is apt to do. He slapped her ass under the shade of the deck and diddled her to a juicy state, the waterworks flowing as though she were taking a piss all over his hand. They kissed and exchanged pleasantries before she sucked him off, Pete responding with a short burst of boning before they went inside to a comfy couch to continue. Faye was only active during her time on top of him, the camera work looking especially soft focused this time in part to cover up her huge blemish by her crotch, Faye impaling herself until Pete jerked out a wad of population pudding to her tits for her to lick up with her hands.

Scene Six: Amy Brooke, the sexy strumpet seen on the top middle of the front cover, was up last as she waded in the pool in her undies, her smile appealing as the camera caught her teasing. Unlike the others here, she wasn't given a chance to masturbate, the edit showing her walk over to John Strong and Mark Wood in the house to start jerking the lucky men off. This was her first credited scene but I'm sure she's done more (perhaps internet work or an alias?) yet she took to their peckers like a gal on fire, aggressively inhaling their meaty members while alternating using her hand to keep them ready. John went first inside her wet pussy, her ass cheeks rippling in response. She pushed back to meet him while maintaining a rhythm on Mark's cock too, both men getting to switch out to see her actively ride on top of their laps. She wasn't very talkative but helped make up for it by doing anal, a huge pimple by her ass crack the only obvious blemish under the forgiving level of soft focus and resolution. This was followed by a lot of DP material, the guys moving around to drill both her holes as she appeared to be turned on at the way she was being pushed to her limits. There was no chemistry here but the enthusiasm helped keep it watchable, both men unleashing their seed on her face.

Summary: Young & Glamorous by director Chris Streams for Jules Jordan Video once again showed the man trying to provide something a bit more visually interesting by using photographic means to eroticize the action. I liked it better when he did it the first time in Pretty As They Cum due to the casting of the flick but the appeal of using newcomers (for the most part) as he did here also had some merit. The movie itself was just short of four hours (not the "over 5 hours" advertised on the front cover, this obviously including the lengthy BTS footage) but there was more than enough glamour fuck for the buck to satiate any of those that are into the wannabe Andrew Blake attempts that so much of this one appeared to be that it merited a rating of at least Recommended from me. In short, Young & Glamorous: Special Edition might not be your favorite type of porn if you're reading this but it did show talented Chris Streams trying to offer up something different in a world of generic gonzo, a fact that should impress upon many of you the need for evolving to look for other ways of showcasing the ladies. In all them, while not my preferred method of shooting, it struck me as an even more glamorized look than the way Robby D. shoots the "Celeste" flicks at another company so you just might appreciate it more than I did if you give it a look.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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