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Studio: Doc Johnson » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/24/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Everyone seems to have different tastes in sex toys these days, my reviews eliciting feedback (and boy howdy do I get some!) to provide me with a greater understanding of what people want in reviews.  Just as we all like different things in our porn, toys (or "novelties" as some companies prefer to call them for legal reasons) seem to provide each of us with different levels of stimulation, so a review should concentrate a fair amount of time on simply describing them as completely as possible.  In the case of the Doc Johnson Amore, I suspect there will be a lot of people that either truly like it or truly hate it with little middle ground, my observations over the years telling me that it appears to cater to a select crowd yet on a modest price tier so your mileage may vary considerably.

photo courtesy of Amazon

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The Amore comes in two colors, Fire Red or Ice Blue, the version I acquired being the blue one (and it looks much more like baby blue to me but I don't work in advertising.  Measuring in at 6 3/8 by 2.5 inches, this is not a large toy but the usable length amounts to around 5" given the placement of the battery compartment.  The box claims it is waterproof and if the battery compartment is screwed on tightly, this appears to be true, the device showing no signs of water penetration when placed under water for several minutes.  The main selling point of the toy appears to be the curved top third of the device, the unstated idea that it should stimulate the G-Spot on women and the prostate on men but that didn't really happen (more on that later).

photo courtesy of Babeland

The ABS plastic material is advertised as phathalate free and made in China, the control portion being a small button on the bottom of the toy allowing for three settings.  The highest setting was indeed okay, but not remarkable, the other two under-powered to the point where only the most sensitive would consider using them.  In terms of size and shape of the curve, I would say that it looks like a giant thumb pushing down, the ridgeline along the side of it tightly fused together but noticable all the same (some people really hate that aspect of toys).  It was not tested out on the prostate here because, quite frankly, it was pretty large around and as hard plastic, there was no give whatsoever so only a seasoned anal user should try actual anal penetration.

The bed test was not as extensive this time, the basic merits of the toy proving it to be a welcome addition to Nadine's collection of fun apparatus.  The settings on it were whisper light, barely there, and okay for a small cheap toy using two AAA batteries.  I actually liked the sleeve the batteries went in for insertion though, it removes some of the trial and error tests I've gone through with unmarked toys in the past.  The Amore came in a cheap plastic box unadorned by any hotty porn stars and the molded plastic holding it in place allows consumers to see the whole toy without removing it from the unsecurable box.

The good news was that despite a complete lack of options to make the vibrations sing, the highest setting worked for Nadine as a clitoral stimulator.  It also worked for vaginal penetration but she mentioned that it didn't go deep enough for her, the up side to that being she can handle a lot of toy (even if she goes out with me and is no size queen to be sure!). The bad news is that as a G-Spot stimulator, it just did not work all that well, Nadine providing barely a moan when it was tried for quite some time in that regard.  She also didn't exactly adore the hard plastic nature of the device, the lack of flexibility possible to tear something or just not work as well for those of you less equipped for such a toy.

The batteries didn't last an hour when tested (I'm 99% sure they were brand new energizers, some of my assistants occasionally borrowing batteries for remote controls and then placing them back in the battery box I've since found out) but the basic equation of the toy allowed me to suggest it as worthy of being lightly Recommended.  If you look around, you will find this one online for under $20 (maybe less on sale but as an alternative to some of the more modest toys, it held up fairly well so check it out. 

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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