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8th Day, The

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/25/09

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The 8TH Day

Adam & Eve

Genre: Feature, Blockbuster

Director: Ren Savant

Kayden Kross, Tommy Gunn, Aaron Wilcoxxx, Kylie Ireland, Jandi Lynn, Derrick Pierce, Krissy Leigh, Tyler Knight, Bree Olson, Tori Black, Poppy Morgan, Darryl Hanah, Violet Marcell, Evan Stone, Amber Rayne, Sledge Hammer, Cheyne Collins, Trinity Post, Chris Cannon, Jerry

Non-sex roles: Kelly Skyline, Julie Knight, Ameatabh Bachan, Jack Logan, Monstar, Dutch Midland, Ethan Cage, Richard "Crash" Bacchler, HM Smith, Feather Rosewood, David Lord, Jefferson Dunkelkirk, Heidi Mayne, Lestat Skyline, Gram Ponante, DCypher, Grant Thomas, Michael Ibarra, Rudy Villagrana, Stephen Fegely, Paul Pofhaul, Mary Ellen Devoe, Genesis Pink, Varla Vex, Gage Emeraldo, Ian Squires, Trion Cook, Johnny Cab, Tall Paul, Boots, St. Rick, Margarita, Wendy, Leona, Helen, Tina, Wizzard, Jeff Klein, Josh Gill, Davie Brown, Mark Nobel, James Cousar, Cary Lewis, MasoniKK, Princess Frank, Trixie Jewel, Christie Cyra, Darth Schart, P. Danny Hollywood, Digital Dave, Magick, Flounce, Tommy, Manny, Steve, Chris, Josh, Willie, Elvis

Length: 265:34 minutes (123:05 + 142:29 minutes)

Dates of Production: 8/2008 through 11/2008

Extras: The first disc had a wonderfully in depth audio commentary by Kayden Kross, Ren Savant, David Lord, Ameatabh Bachan, and Tyler Knight (Kylie and Amber not able to make it sadly enough) that continued onto the second disc. At this writing, I've really only had the chance to listen to about an hour of it but there was a lot going on and it helped fill in a few gaps of information for me during the writing of the review so I endeavor to listen to the rest of it between other reviews. There were also a few Easter Eggs found on the disc, the first being a 2:00 minute long one starring Kayden Kross called "I've fallen and can't get up" (hit the nuclear button found by the company logo) and a 1:55 minute long one of Kayden called "douche dilemma" (hit the nuclear button by the title near the upper left corner of it). The second disc had the continued audio commentary but that was all I found on two passes through the disc.

The third disc was the first one dedicated to the extras so it had a great deal of material on it, the first three being extended version of three sex scenes (Kylie Ireland's Scene with Jandi Lynn lasting 21:22 minutes, Darryl Hanah's scene with Violet Marcell and the Mighty Evan Stone lasting 27:18, and the scene seven orgy lasting a whopping 53:35 minutes. Then came six full interviews of Kayden Kross, Amber Rayne, Tyler Knight, Ameatabh Bachan, Kylie Ireland, and Ren Savant, that totaled 98:56 minutes (only Kayden appearing to be flippant about the science fiction genre). Then came 17:56 minutes of bloopers and a 25:14 minute long feature on Makeup, Wardrobe, and Hair; four You Tube videos (click my screen captures to see them), a couple of trailers, and a 4:07 minute long Music Video by Anand Clique called Down Below. The disc was fleshed out by three long photogalleries (one for the movie, one for the BTS, and one for the box cover shoot), and a PDF file to download if you want a look at the production script. Yowza!

The fourth disc in the set was also intensive with extras, the longest being the 153:55 minute long Behind the Scenes feature shot by Barrett Blade, David Lord, Kylie Ireland, and Tom Elliot (a quick listen to some of the scenes showing some familiar voices). Then came a 24:57 minute long Special Effects reel that included a lot of the composite shots and sound effects, a great deal of effort going into the smallest of details to enhance the final product (including Nikki Hunter's voice work on the musical score). Then came a 58:32 minute special on the props and set design where Ren and Kylie went into great detail discussing some of the issues that arose with the making of the movie. Kayden Kross' series of three video blogs providing about ten minutes worth of material from the zany contract star's point of view.

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: The 8TH Day was presented in a very appealing 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Ren Savant for Adam & Eve. The standard definition version was in 480 resolution though a future upgrade should take advantage of the fact that the movie was shot in 1080p/24p, especially if the multi-disc approach is kept to truly take advantage of the Blu-ray format. First up, let me point out that Ren was an important part of making movies like Corruption and Upload, most of the production crew from those movies assisting him including Kylie Ireland, David "Crawdaddy" Lord, and many others (such as Nikki Hunter). This being a seriously huge undertaking that started back in 2008, the length of the production days and sheer number of man-hours going into the project eclipsed everything else coming out this year. Unlike the aforementioned titles that Ren contributed to though, this was his puppy all the way, the man channeling the frustrations, abilities, and resources to make what amounts to a movie surely to be on everyone's top titles list when it comes out next month. The technical aspects were far less stylish than those titles too, relying on a straightforward approach that many of us, myself included, will prefer, the grain, video noise, and compression artifacts limited substantially by superior lighting and camerawork, the video bitrate tending to hover around the 6.7 Mbps area though going higher on occasion too. The use of atmospheric effects on a smaller scale seemed to work well too, like the editing being more subtle than the majority of features released to date enhancing the totality of the experience. This was one project where the closer I looked, the more I liked what I saw, the end result never losing the video look it was shot in but always looking crisp and clear as many fans prefer. The audio was presented in 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English, the vocals apparently captured in stereo and then enhanced along with the music and other aural effects in post production. While getting the entire production shot in 5.1 would have been preferable (though cost prohibitive), this was perhaps the best sounding porno to date in terms of the blockbusters winning awards over the years, a few minor glitches so infrequent as to be exceptions to the rule. For those that care, the audio bitrate was presented in 448 Kbps using a 48 kHz sampling rate, the score definitely on my short list for all the award shows I participate in. Listening on your home theater will enhance the experience and while it might not compare to a Hollywood budget feature, Ren made extensive use of his background to sweeten this one up considerably.

Body of Review: Ren Savant is one of the most talented cameramen and directors in the porn industry these days, his current status at Adam & Eve about to change considerably from what I've seen in the last few days. The project so many of us have been waiting for endlessly, The 8TH Day is but weeks away from an official release and fans are going to stand up to take notice if my experiences are indicative of the masses. I've spoken to Ren about the movie back in January (where both of us took care of some drunken porn chicks to protect them from the sharks circling) and several of the production crew that clearly had some bittersweet memories about how much effort went into the movie, all of them making it clear that this was a pirate killer of a blockbuster that fans of science fiction will appreciate time and again. The movie is set in the future, a future turning out quite unlike it was supposed to, a tragedy plummeting the world into a second Dark Age, ragtag bands of humans clinging to life and enslaved by self appointed warlords. Without spoiling the plot too much for you, Kayden Kross plays Samantha, a gal frozen in time by her genius father after he invented a wonderful power source that was supposed to end the strife associated with the haves and have-nots fighting over dwindling resources, awakened to fend for herself as a mysterious timer counts down. Samantha has just over 8 days to figure out the significance of the timer and save the world lest things get even worse for the survivors. The back of the DVD cover described it like this: "Time is running out in this apocalyptical erotic adventure. Awakened from a cryogenic slumber, Samantha (Kayden Kross) finds the world she used to know is gone. Lost in a strange city overrun by brutal tribes of proto-humans and teeming with sexual fervor, Samantha is rescued by a scrappy scavenger girl (Amber Rayne). Samantha's only hope for salvation lies in the hands of the charismatic ruler of a desolate dessert village, known as Elysium Fields. But when Prince Amir takes Samantha under his wing, he discovers who she really is and decides that she must make the ultimate sacrifice. Time is up. Time is over." Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Kayden Kross, the blond Barbie-doll looking gal with implants featured on the front cover, was up first awakening from her lengthy slumber in a cryogenic stasis tube. She was buck naked but looking hot for having a 37 year sleep, the gal stumbling across Tommy Gunn, Aaron Wilcoxxx, and Jack Logan. She began by sucking off Aaron and savoring his meaty treat in her mouth, then moving to Tommy as to give him head as Aaron reciprocated on her. Aaron was impatient and started vaginally pounding away at her, Kayden giving some very over the top screams that weakened the effect of the tryst. Jack stayed out of the action though, the reasoning not quite clear but Kayden and her toy boy toys seemed content with pleasuring one another, the varied oral and vaginal sex showing her to be a moderately active rider at best, the men rubbing out loads of genetic juice to her face and ass cheeks in unison. It was not the best sexual start to a feature I've seen all week but Kayden is a beautiful gal and probably relies heavily on her looks over her performance abilities, a time tested dynamic for a great many contract gals. Kayden did an okay job playing the disoriented blond throughout the movie though, warming up by the time her next scene came up hours later and taking a piss once outside.

Scene Two: Kylie Ireland, playing a futuristic dominatrix, was up next as she ordered her slaves Jandi Lynn and Derrick Pierce, to put on a show for her. Derrick was told to spank Jandi and he did so willingly, tanning her tattooed hide as Kayden watched from the distance. Kylie then called him over to slob his knob, her hair extensions and garb giving her a distinctive look as she worked his pipe actively. Whispering sweet nothings to him, she climbed up onto his lap to give an active vaginal ride, doing some taste testing before the anal started up. Kylie was a solid performer and this largely made up for the first scene in my eyes, Kylie calling over Jandi to receive the facial of population pudding. I'd have preferred Jandi play a more active role than just the spanking and ending cumswap with Kylie but it did manage to show how decadent the situation was.

Scene Three: Krissy Leigh, a sexy little blond with an all natural body, was up next with Tyler Knight, in the back room. Tyler was made up like George Clinton and actually showed his acting chops quite well, Amber another highlight introduced here as she freed Kayden from the clutches of the outback general store as Tyler brought newcomer Krissy into the porn world. Tyler went down on Krissy and her clean shaven muff looked most inviting, her moans more believable than Kayden's had been as he sought to provide her pleasure. She gave him a short hummer here but both of them wanted to bump uglies, the vaginal ride and subsequent taste testing showing a degree of chemistry approaching that of Kylie and Derrick in the last scene. She was an active rider too, wanting his cock pounding away at her, his scene ending load jerked off to her ass.

Scene Four: Bree Olson, Tori Black, and Poppy Morgan, were up next outside at night in a lesbian tryst. The women were made up as tattooed "cats", the almost surreal look of the scene interesting to me. While it wasn't the best lesbian scene of the year so far (sorry David, start eating that cockroach), once the ladies started going at one another sexually it was mighty hot (Tori ruined the illusion by starting to laugh at Bree during the initial fight). The ladies ate each other out at great length and stayed in character, screeching like a pack of wild cats (or at least gals raised by a pack of cats) and fingering one another though one dildo was presented for penetration too. I like lesbian action and Bree is always welcome in a movie as far as I'm concerned but there were times when this one got on my nerves as excessive. My gal pal toy tester thought they were unintentionally funny too, abhorring how much spitting was done by the ladies as well as the post production aural changes in the voices but they did look pretty hot to me.

Scene Five: Darryl Hanah, a blond MILF known for her fetish work, and Violet Marcell, a sexy Canadian all gussied up in body paint, were up next in the Prince's tent with the Mighty Evan Stone. The ladies teased and ended up servicing Evan, Darryl slobbing his knob as Violet sat on his face to get some loving. Both gals shared him though and he gave as well as he got, the camera a bit too involved in close up shots for my taste but the ladies both actively riding his rod and doing extensive taste testing, Evan plowing their fertile fields energetically as they established some solid chemistry together. Darryl gave the appearance of getting off at least twice here, not so much screaming (I hate when porn chicks think that loudly screaming equates to an orgasm; what kind of buffoon believes that?) but just enjoying the moment, her erect nipples and elevated respiration rate accompanied by the look in her face as she gazed into her partners' eyes. Both ladies also actively participated with one another no matter who was getting boned at the time, some hand to gland action adding to the moment before Evan followed Darryl's command to orgasm on Violett's face, the ladies sharing their reward with a cumswap (and some oil wrestling by Julie Knight and Feather Rosewood added in for good measure).

Scene Six: Amber Rayne, the best female actress of the movie by far, as Melinda Lucas, was up next as she was purged of her technological stink by Sledge Hammer and Cheyne Collins as the Prince watched from the sidelines. Amber was an active cock sucker and just as into the riding, the men (Cheyne at first) going down on her as she blew them (Sledge first), but her passion certainly a high point in the show. While Amber might not be considered the best looking lady of the movie by some, her role as the scavenger and sexual beast on fire helped elevate the rating an entire point, perhaps best suited as the lead in a prequel were justice to prevail. There was no doubt in my mind that she enjoyed getting them off too, aggressively working them to the bone on the antique couch as one man pounded her asshole and the other fucked her face. This led to a DP that slowed her down to the level of the contract performer but she managed to convey enjoying her cleansing all the same. The scene finished up when she did some taste testing and swallowed their two wads of spew, begging for her meal as she knelt before them.

Scene Seven: Trinity Post, Amber Rayne, Darryl Hanah, Jerry, Tyler Knight, and Chris Cannon, were up next in a lengthy orgy emanating from the banquet. Tyler got frisky with Trinity, slapping her ass as Amber held her hands, the Prince explaining to Samantha (Kayden) how the world turned out as it did, and made it clear that her fate was sealed. Amber then began using hot wax on Trinity, Darryl content to get some love from Chris and Jerry across the tent. The two trios worked side by side, the extended version even better in my estimation, with a whole lot of oral by the players as well as some serious vaginal pounding. The ladies were all active riders and into the moment, showing plenty of passion with Amber and Trinity showing the most energy. The three ladies also did anal here too, the groups merging or at least swapping things around as the ladies were boned like they were owned. Darryl was a lot quieter in this group setting and Trinity ruled in terms of giving the best overall performance, Amber adding a lot of chemistry in what amounted to a serious grudge fuck with Tyler over their competition that started when Amber snuck off with his new prize near the beginning of the show (Kayden). The pacing of the orgy was not exactly great for me but taken as a whole, there was a lot of fuck for the buck here, the biggest surprise being that none of the ladies took a DP. There were swallowed loads of semen and some limited cumswapping to spice things up, a crotch pop for Darryl and Trinity's facial swapped with Amber.

Scene Eight: Kayden Kross, looking every bit as fresh as when she stepped out of her stasis chamber, was up last on the bed with a cleaned up Violet Marcell, and the mighty Evan Stone since the Prince could not perform (a side effect of his longevity, no doubt). Violet tossed Kayden to the bed and started orally working her over when Evan joined in to hold her down, Kayden using loudness again to convey her appreciation for the head she was getting. That was when Evan fed her some cock and she was just as enthusiastic as in the first scene to blow a guy, not taking his full length into her mouth but at least willing to lick his balls to make up for it. I especially appreciated Violet stepping up to the plate to compensate for Kayden's inability to handle the massive pecker, the two ladies slobbing his knob as the Prince watched from the shadowy background. I also appreciated how Kayden finally came through to ride actively when on top of him, part of me knowing she had it in her (long before she had it in her, if you catch my drift), nearly as solid a performer as Violet this time. For her part, Violet generated a decent amount of chemistry with her partners, not relying on Kayden's performance to suffice for the ending scene but really getting into the action as she impaled herself on his meaty member. She truly enjoyed both sexes here and took the mouth pop though Kayden just did not seem willing to share it. Still, it was a solid ending scene and I hope to see more of Violet in the future.

Summary: The 8TH Day by director Ren Savant for Adam & Eve had a whole lot going for it, the sex not as hardcore as other features by the same crew (think Corruption and Upload) but the feature elements well above the norm for porn, even high end porn. I enjoyed the entertainment value of the movie on several levels though, not just the sexual material, and as far as ambitious fuck flicks are concerned, the exceptional package of extras elevated it a whole rating to obtain a rare Xcritic Pick. If you're looking for the hardest smut available, look towards some of the equally impressive gonzo offerings on the market or if you want a lighter bit of stroking pleasure you can check out one of the hilarious sitcums populating the market, but The 8TH Day was something special all the same. In short, while Adam & Eve usually partner up with other companies to finance blockbusters (such as Conquest, Pirates, and Roller Dollz), The 8TH Day proved that with the right crew, they can compete against the very best the industry has to offer. With extensive extras that were as enjoyable as the movie itself, copious quantities of fuck for the buck, and some serious replay value, this is the movie to beat come awards time, so check it out when it is officially released next month.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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