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Studio: Vivid » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 8/28/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Gonzo
Director: B. Skow
Cast: Hanna Hilton, Jerry, London Keys, Mick Blue, Rebecca Lane, Riley Evans, Trent Tesoro, Voodoo, Whitney Stevens
Length: 03:20
Condoms: None


Bounce is a five-scene look at ten absolutely outstanding all-natural queen sized breasts and the horny girls who own them. There is a boy/girl/girl threesome in which bouncy blond Vivid girl Hanna Hilton pairs up with delectable Whitney Stevens to pleasure each other and Voodoo. Of particular note is a very unique scene that begins as girl/girl, morphs into boy/girl/girl for hot foreplay and dildo fun, and then morphs again into a one-on-one boy/girl fellatio scene. There are also three conventional boy/girl scenes.

If you read my reviews, you know I absolutely adore big tits--especially natural ones. So, as you can imagine, I was really looking forward to seeing blond and bodacious Hanna Hilton and her co-stars in this bouncing-boobs-intensive flick. The girls--and their male partners--don't disappoint in any way. However, I must say that, even though director B. Skow did a hell of a nice job casting the movie; choosing the locations, sets, wardrobe, and make-up; and planning the scenes, the videography is way less than adequate. Poor lighting, bad color balance, and amateurish camera movements and editing all abound. However, these problems shouldn't prevent you from experiencing the five magnificent girls and their grade-A tits. I do suggest you at least rent a copy of this flick to check out the girls and their tits...they are really worth a look!

Check out some photos of the girls in Bounce here. Pay particular attention to the photo identified as simply Hanna Hilton. Once you see it, you'll know why I'm in love with her! Enjoy!


Note to readers: My reviews are provided in two parts. This webpage provides you with an overview of the scene's setup and action as well as my ratings for sex, video, audio, and production values. A separate Word document checklist details the foreplay activities, positions, pops, and features of each scene...as well as the calculation of each scene's ratings. The checklist for Bounce can be downloaded here. You'll need a password. It's drjay2009.

Look for scenes and movies with a 4.5 or higher (A) sex rating and at least 4.0 (B) in video, audio, and production values. Those are my favorite scenes and I'm quite certain that you'll like them, too.

Scene 1
Scene Type: Boy/girl/girl threeway
Performers: Hanna Hilton, Whitney Stevens, Voodoo

Scene: Scene One begins with an absolutely outstanding striptease segment that features Hanna Hilton, Whitney Stevens, and their four magnificent breasts. The girls, initially clad in panty-less outfits that match in every way except color, dance, pose, caress their own--and each other's--stunning bodies (especially their breasts), and strip off each other's clothes. Once the girls are naked, the camera spends lots of time zoomed-in tight on all four titanic tits as the girls shake, squeeze, and pose them for us. Fucking outstanding! Of course, we also get to see lots of video of the rest of their bodies, too! Of particular note is some outstanding footage, shot from beneath a clear glass table, in which the naked and hard-bodied girls jiggle their gigantic boobs--and smash them against the glass--for us. Whew! I also enjoyed how the girls constantly look at us...to include us in the action (this characteristic continues throughout the movie). This superb set-up footage also includes lots of ass cheek kneading, spanking, and squeezing; eye contact with us; smiling faces; and trampoline action (wait until you see their boobs bounce!) guaranteed to make your cock swell or pussy drip. In due course, Voodoo joins the girls in an outdoor patio, plays with their pussies and strokes their bodies with his fingers, and squeezes, suckles, and spanks their tits (lucky bastard). Of course, the girls reward him with stringer-intensive fellatio (one-on-one and two-on-one!) and by caressing his naked body with their hands. Of course, Voodoo gropes the girls, too! And, he goes down on their pussies with his fingers, mouth, and spit. Hanna, the star of the movie, gets fucked first--in missionary--and, while Voodoo pounds her vagina balls-deep, Whitney kneads, spanks, and suckles Hanna's fine bouncing breasts. Whitney also provides lots of lube by spitting on Voodoo's rod and Hanna's cunt. Meanwhile, Hanna jacks her own clit. After a brief respite, during which Hanna sucks her juices off of Voodoo's rod, Whitney gets her first pounding...in standing doggie. While Voodoo slides in-and-out of Whitney's slippery cunt (and occasionally gapes it for us), Hanna sucks on Whitney's big fucking tits and squeezes and spanks her flawless ass cheeks. And, Hanna repeatedly performs pussy-to-mouth as well. The girls continue to share Voodoo's dick--and each other's bodies--as they enjoy gorgeous-looking round-robin sex in cowgirl (lots of naughty talk as well as hot girl-on-girl, masturbation, spanking, and pussy-to-mouth action), reverse cowgirl (you'll really enjoy the girls' bouncing tits as they fuck the shit out of Voodoo; Hanna uses her powerful and sexy moves to make herself cum), spoon (the girls share pussy-to-mouth after Whitney's turn in spoon), and missionary revisited (Voodoo works himself up to an orgasm by fucking Whitney hard and deep). To finish up, Voodoo pulls out of Whitney's pussy and jacks spasm after spasm of semen all over her beautiful belly and incredible tits. Hanna, wanting part of the action, smashes her tits against Whitney's boobs (what a shot THAT is!) as cum spews from Voodoo's rod. Then, Hanna sucks him dry and uses her hands to massage the semen into Whitney's flesh. Bottom line, I really enjoyed this scene's striptease setup footage and the massive volume of female breast flesh. But, the sex is a bit tame and, inexplicably, only Hanna came in this 40+ minute scene.

Foreplay: Trampoline play, striptease, tit sucking and squeezing, spanking, fellatio, stringers, cunnilingus, finger-fucking, clit-jacking.
Vaginal Positions: Missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, spoon, standing doggie.
Anal Positions: None
Girl cums: Yes, Hanna cums in reverse.
Pop: Tits

Sex rating: 4.55
Video rating: 3.50
Audio rating: 3.50
Production values rating: 4.50

Scene 2

Scene Type: Boy/girl
Performers: Riley Evans, Jerry

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Scene: Like Hanna in Scene One, Riley Evans begins her scene with a striptease show. Initially dressed in a white frilly blouse and shorts, Riley poses for us, locks her mesmerizing blues eyes with ours, smiles seductively, caresses herself, squeezes her boobs, tugs up her blouse to give us flashes of her breasts, and, little-by-little reveals her body to us for our viewing pleasure. Of course, she jiggles her pretty, large, and all natural breasts for us. And, she kneads and licks them erotically, too. Once Riley tugs down her shorts, she spends some time masturbating, tugs on her "landing strip" of pubic hair, and then bends over in doggie to show off her ass and dangling tits. Before Jerry joins Riley, she spends a bit of time outdoors bouncing up and down on a trampoline (great bouncing boobies!). Then, back indoors, Riley reclines on a comfy couch with her legs splayed wide so that Jerry, kneeling between her legs, can squeeze and jiggle her titties (she licks her own nipples), stroke and kiss her womanly belly, feast on her succulent pink pussy, and rim her asshole. Meanwhile, Riley jacks her own clit. In due course, Riley slips Jerry's fully erect cock from his pants and attacks it with her greedy mouth. She makes lots of stringers from his tip to her mouth, swallows almost all of--and gags on--his shaft, makes jawbreakers, suckles his balls, and looks into our eyes with her lust-crazed eyes. As foreplay continues, Jerry gets a chance to fuck Riley's spit-lubricated cleavage (great POV footage). Vaginal sex begins in spoon after Riley and Jerry lie face-to-back on a couch. As they fuck, they share open-mouthed kisses and Riley groans ecstatically and jacks her clit while undulating her body erotically. Jerry makes Riley cum, but continues to fuck her to prolong her ecstasy. Later, after a short break for pussy-to-mouth, Riley kneels on the couch in doggie so that Jerry can ream her cunt (nice gapes) and spank her butt from behind while Riley pants with delight and encourages Jerry with naughty talk. Riley's my kind of girl and cums hard and often during doggie. Then, after gag-inducing pussy-to-mouth, Riley mounts and fucks Jerry in cowgirl. As Riley does the "work," Jerry grips and squeezes handfuls of her ass flesh, massages and finger-fucks her asshole, and, in general, enjoys the ride. Jerry, in effect, DPs Riley with his cock (in her pussy) and finger (in her ass). But, the best part of this segment is Riley's powerful moves. In due course, Riley pounds Jerry's cock in reverse (a great position in which to enjoy her bouncing boobs and sexy moves!). Of course, Jerry does his share of the fucking and, as a result of both their efforts, Riley cums again. Afterward, she lies on her back, atop the couch cushions, to enjoy some cunnilingus and then some balls-deep and multiple-orgasm-inducing missionary action. Jerry pounds Riley incredibly hard...and causes her big tits to gyrate uncontrollably as she vociferously screams with delight. After a particularly intense orgasm, Jerry slows down a bit to give Riley a chance to recover. But, he continues to thrust in-and-out just enough to keep the pleasure flowing--and building inexorably. After making Riley climax again, it's Jerry's turn. He pulls out of Riley's cunt and, as she scrambles to get into position, he shoots an incredibly powerful jet of semen--the first of numerous high-powered ejaculations--that entirely overshoots Riley's body. Eventually, several spasms of semen land on her squeezed-together tits (Jerry's is one fucking amazing orgasm!). Then, greedy Riley sucks his rod dry, massages the semen into her breast flesh, and laps up some cum with her tongue. 

Foreplay: Body licking, striptease, masturbation, trampoline play, tit squeezing and sucking, hair pulling, fellatio, deep-throat, jaw breakers, stringers, balls gobbling, cunnilingus, clit jacking, tongue-fucking, rimming.
Vaginal Positions: Missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, spoon, kneeling doggie.
Anal Positions: Finger only; DP with cock (pussy) and finger (asshole)
Girl cums: Repeatedly
Pop: Tits

Sex rating: 4.65
Video rating: 2.50
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 3.90

Scene 3

Scene Type: Girl/girl; Boy/girl/girl; Boy/girl (fellatio only).
Performers: Hanna Hilton, London Keys, Jerry

Scene: I'm going to tell you very little about Scene Three because I think it's quite extraordinary and would prefer for you to see it yourself. I think, in fact, that it's one of the most creative sex scenes I've ever had the pleasure to review. You see, it morphs from a very hot striptease scene (like the previous scenes) replete with trampoline bouncing, stripping, titty play, and posing into a very hot girl/girl scene featuring buxom blond Hanna Hilton and definitely-worth-a-look multiply-pierced London Keyes. Then, Jerry joins the girls and uses his hands, toys, and mouth to please both of their pussies as the scene incorporates boy/girl foreplay (God, I'd give almost anything to be in Jerry's shoes right now!). Finally, the scene morphs again, into a boy/girl/blowjob/titty-fucking POV scene during which Hanna polishes Jerry's rod with her mouth and cleavage until he's ready to jack off all over her massive and gorgeous breasts. I really congratulate director B. Show for this very unusual--and very satisfying--scene. 

Foreplay: Striptease, trampoline fun, kissing, masturbation, tit sucking and squeezing, hair pulling, handjob, fellatio, cunnilingus, multiple-finger-fucking.
Vaginal Positions: Missionary (girl/girl)
Anal Positions: None
Girl cums: Often
Pop: Tits

Sex rating: 4.75
Video rating: 2.00
Audio rating: 3.50
Production values rating: 4.10 

Scene 4

Scene Type: Boy/girl
Performers: Rebecca Lane, Mick Blue
Scene Set-up: Rebecca Lane, a busty redhead with an extremely impressive body, an absolutely gorgeous face, a beaming smile, and mesmerizing blue eyes, begins Scene Four like the girls before her...by giving us a hot dick-stiffening striptease during which she poses erotically, shows off her huge rack of grade-A tits, gradually strips off her clothes, sits on our laps (POV style) and shakes her boobs--and then her naked ass and pussy--in our faces (this is very hot!), and then reclines on a couch to masturbate and gape her gorgeous vagina. After a bit of outdoor trampoline bouncing (her dancing tits are to die for!), Rebecca returns indoors, lies on a couch, looks us in the eye, and demands, "Touch my titties!" Yes, ma'am. NO PROBLEM! Mick Blue, our surrogate, does the lady's bidding and he makes her squeal with delight as he squeezes her nipples to erection. In first-class POV action, he also squeezes and slaps her magnificent mams. Then, Mick slips his cock into Rebecca's pussy and happily pounds her juicy cunt in mish. He also teases her clit with the tip of his dick as she undulates her sumptuous body, jacks her clit, moans with pleasure, and uses her words to encourage him. Of course, her bodacious boobs dance and gyrate in sync with Mick's thrusts. Mick takes a break to multiple-finger-fuck Rebecca's gaping pink pussy and then gives her his fingers and cock to suck clean. And, she uses her commodious cleavage to fuck his cock, too (she sucks and licks his tip when it emerges from her tits). Then, after Rebecca spends some quality time letting Mick fuck her throat while pulling on her flowing red hair, Mick frantically multiple-finger-fucks her increasingly slushy vagina (it sounds like she squirts, but there's no visual evidence). Next, Rebecca straddles and fucks Mick in cowgirl as he lies back on the couch. As she thrusts her body back-and-forth on his dick, she slaps his face with her dangling tits. In return, Mick spanks her butt and suckles her titties. Mick, too, gets into the action and, his lust inflamed, pistons in-and-out of her pussy at redline speed as she groans ecstatically and trembles through an orgasm (she turns her lust-crazed eyes toward us when she climaxes). Afterward, Mick spends a brief time rimming Rebecca's asshole and licking her vagina. Then, he again uses his thumb and fingers to rapid-fire-ream her cunt and stroke her clit in kneeling doggie (beautiful gaping pussy shots). He also uses this position again to ream her pussy and make her whimper through another orgasm. Rebecca and Mick take another slobbery and deep-throat-intensive pussy-to-mouth and open-mouthed kissing break (excellent chemistry) and then they return to vaginal sex...this time in reverse. As always, reverse gives us the absolute best look at gorgeous--and oh-so-busty--Rebecca as she fucks and grinds herself--and her partner--to orgasmic heaven. However, I must admit that excellent camera angles made this segment even better than the average reverse-cowgirl sequence! To end this high-energy scene, Rebecca drops to her knees, tilts her head back, and opens her mouth wide to receive Mick's load. She briefly vacuums his rod empty and then, sadly, she spits his semen out onto her tits. To me, spitting out cum is so disrespectful. But, I must admit that gorgeous Rebecca redeemed herself by scooping up some of the semen and eating it. So, no points off for spitting! 

Foreplay: Striptease, trampoline fun, masturbation, tit squeezing, spanking.
Vaginal Positions: Missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, kneeling doggie.
Anal Positions: None; rimming only.
Girl cums: Repeatedly
Pop: Open mouth

Sex rating: 4.65
Video rating: 3.00
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 4.10

Scene 5

Scene Type: Boy/girl
Performers: Hanna Hilton, Trent Tesoro
Scene Set-up: Drop-dead-gorgeous Hanna is back for a third romp--this time a boy/girl with Trent Tesoro--in Scene Five. Gloriously topless, Hanna walks through the door of her bedroom and then gives us a sultry striptease performance that could give the Pope a hard-on. Of course, the camera gives lots of time to Hanna's boobs. But, it also pays homage to her very pretty face, bright blue eyes, beaming smile, and short-cropped blond hair, too. Eventually, of course, Hanna gives us a peak at her beautiful panty-clad ass cheeks and then, after tugging aside those panties, reclines on a fur-covered chair to masturbate and pose her spread-wide pussy for us (superb video is very close-up and personal). As this excellent scene set-up winds down, Hanna rolls around on her bed for a bit and then, outdoors, bounces on a trampoline for us (HOT!). Back in the house, Hanna lies on her bed and undulates her fine flesh as she eagerly awaits us. Meanwhile, the camera zooms in tight on her superlative tits. When Trent, our surrogate, joins Hanna, he simply cannot resist rubbing his hands all over her body and squeezing her tits before bending down to kiss her mouth and suckle her nipples. Even though the lure of Hanna's tits is strong, her pussy is even more intoxicating. So, Trent quickly moves between her legs for some ravenous cunnilingus that makes Hanna purr with delight. After a bit of tit slapping and open-mouthed kissing, Trent works several of his fingers into Hanna's cunt and pounds it relentlessly. Then, he returns his attention to her tits and mouth. (You know, with a girl like Hanna, who is perfect in so many ways, it's like a Chinese buffet...you simply can't keep your mind on any one morsel...you've got to have it all...NOW!) To repay Trent for the cunnilingus, Hanna soon goes down on his cock, sucking and stroking the lucky thing to full mast while Trent, in ecstasy, watches and squeezes her bouncing boobs and pulls tightly on her pretty blond hair. Then, the lucky SOB gets to experience that which you and I can only dream about...he fucks her abundant breasts as she squeezes them around his dick (nice chemistry develops between Trent and Hanna). Next, Trent returns his attention--and his hands--to Hanna's pussy when he frantically finger-fucks her to orgasm while she arches her back with pleasure. Afterward, she kneels on all fours so that her tits can gyrate beautifully while she again blows his lucky cock. Indescribably beautiful vaginal sex begins in mish when Hanna lies on her back atop her bed, spreads her legs, and enjoys a first-class fucking as Trent pistons in-and-out balls deep. Of course, Hanna's fine tits bounce joyfully in sync with his strokes. As the scene unfolds, Trent also reams Hanna's welcoming vagina as she lies on her side (Hanna keeps his cock clean with pussy-to-mouth), cowgirl (Hanna does most of the fucking as her powerful and energetic moves force Trent's dick into her juicy vagina balls-deep; she dangles her big tits over Trent's lucky face; she makes lots of eye contact with you; Trent redlines; she does pussy-to-mouth), reverse cowgirl (Hanna's body is must-see as she dances and bounces on Trent's dick; Trent mildly chokes Hanna's throat to increase her pleasure), and spoon (they kiss and Trent pulls her hair while they fuck). To work himself up to his pop, Trent returns to missionary and plows Hanna's cunt with increasing intensity until he's ready to explode. "I want you to cum...CUM FOR ME" she begs. Fulfilling the lady's desire, Trent pulls out and shoots his load all over her fantastic boobs and onto her pretty face. As Trent shoots stream after stream onto her body, Hanna rubs the semen into her breast flesh while gazing triumphantly into your eyes through the camera lens. Although I absolutely adore Hanna's body, I'm somewhat disappointed that, even though their chemistry was intense, Trent didn't make her cum with his dick...only his fingers. Well, at least a finger-induced orgasm is better than none. 

Foreplay: Striptease; kissing; masturbation; tit sucking, squeezing, and fucking; hair pulling; handjob; fellatio; jaw breakers; stringers; cunnilingus, multiple-finger-fucking; clit jacking, tongue-fucking.
Vaginal Positions: Mish, cowgirl, reverse, spoon, on-her-side.
Anal Positions: None
Girl cums: Yes.
Pop: Tits

Sex rating: 4.55
Video rating: 3.50
Audio rating: 3.50
Production values rating: 3.90


In contrast to most Vivid releases--which contain outstanding selections of Extras--Bounce has less of an assortment of freebies than I expected. Perhaps, since the movie itself is quite long, there just isn't room on the DVD-9 disc. In any case, you'll find a full-motion chapter selector, multiple chapters per scene; a "Positions Room" you can use to jump to footage of pussy eating, blowjobs, missionary, doggie, and cum shots; a seven-minute behind-the-scenes (BTS) featurette; a nicely-constructed four minute and 20-second self-running slide show of still photos shot during production of Bounce; two and one-half minutes of trailers for three Vivid releases; phone sex ads; two ads for Vivid's e-tailer stores; and Vivid Girl Extras. The seven-minute BTS contains some bloopers, extra hot footage of the trampoline tit-bouncing action, video of the still photo shoots, behind-the-camera footage, impromptu interviews, on-set-tomfoolery, and, of course, lots of bouncing boobs. I am always appreciative of the Vivid Girl Extras on Vivid DVDs. Usually, in addition to biographies of the stars, Vivid Girl Extras contain several full-length bonus scenes. However, the five "bonus scenes" on this DVD, four of which feature buxom Hanna, are really more like trailers...indeed, all five of them play in 13 and one-half minutes. These extras are about average in today's marketplace. Three stars.


Final Thoughts

The best things about Bounce include: 
  • the ten magnificent all-natural tits and the girls who own them. Every girl is not only supremely buxom, but she's also drop-dead gorgeous in every way. Whitney Stevens, always a delight for lovers of large natural breasts, looks better each time I see her. London Keys, with her cute smile, upbeat attitude, and pierced nipples, is an absolute delight. Rebecca Lane owns an extremely impressive body and Riley's a first-class seductress. However, the most impressive girl--by far--in Bounce is Vivid's new contract star Hanna Hilton. Her picture ought to be in the dictionary next to "perfect breasts."
  • the scene set-ups. Although simple, the bouncing-breast-intensive set up scenarios--replete with trampoline action--are guaranteed to make your juices flow!
  • the uniqueness of Scene Three, which begins as a girl/girl romp, morphs into boy/girl/girl for foreplay (only), and then morphs again into a boy/girl fellatio-only encounter.

Bounce could have been better if:

  • more attention would have been paid to the technical aspects of videography and editing. Poor lighting, poor color balance, extremely jerky camera movements, annoying ambient noise, and amateurish editing are too much in evidence in this otherwise well-planned and executed gonzo flick. I believe that two cameras were used during taping and the footage from each was stitched together fairly well. But, the color balance seems to change from one shot to another. People should not be orange, videographers. And, they should not drastically change color from indoor shots to outdoor ones. Learn to use your white balance control!
  • the scenes were a bit shorter. The movie is composed of a conventional five scenes, but lasts three hours and 20 minutes. That's 40 minutes per scene. Even though the set-up footage is hot and sexy, 40 minutes is a bit long to pay attention to one couple or threesome.

Things I didn't like about Bounce include:

  • the copy on the box that advertises: "It's got facials, squirting, trampolines, and the hottest natural girls in porn." There are trampolines and, arguably, five of the hottest large-natural-breasted girls in porn. But, there's no visual evidence of any squirting and only one facial. The marketing hype on the box is just a tad misleading.
Overall sex rating: 4.63
Overall video rating: 2.90
Overall audio rating: 3.70
Production values rating: 4.10

Dr. Jay

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