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Big Poles Tight Holes

Studio: Citi Boyz » Review by Rod Woodman » Review Date: 8/29/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


RUNNING TIME: 1 Hour 31 Minutes


GENRE: All-American 'Boys Next Door' Having Sex

CAST: Ashton Meyers, Caleb Shelton, Korey Haze, Jayon Masters, Sean Tyler, Bret Lawson, Shane Stone, Karter James, Giovanni Summers and "introducing" Cody Kyler.

MODEL TYPES:  Attractive to average looking, well-hung guys, 20-25 years old, not dazzlingly handsome or gym buffed, but "real" and sexy.


OVERVIEW:  On the box, it says that it is "a hybrid DVD, combining new footage with re-mastered fan favorites."  This is their 56th DVD, so they must be doing something very right.  Big Poles Tight Holes features four scenes - two duos and two three-ways - depicting guys in everyday type settings - bedrooms, a garage and a kitchen-dining room.  The guys are horny as hell, and, after a little hesitation, obviously eager to have sex with one another.  The scenes were probably created for web viewing and then made into DVDs, although that isn't stated. (Note: Because of the way the credits are presented, it's impossible to know for sure which guys are which, especially in Scene 3.)


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SCENE 1 - ASHTON MEYERS & CALEB SHELTON -  Ashton is on his bed in just his shorts, reading a "male magazine".  Caleb comes in and lies next to him on the bed, checking out the photos.  There's a little talk of 'girls' - very little - and Caleb questions Ashton about whether he likes what he's looking at.  He squeezes his nipple, gropes his crotch and they kiss. "You like a big dick" Caleb asks?  Ashton says he doesn't know.  "Why don't you look at this one," Caleb asks, as he whips his hard-on out. Ashton quickly gives in and goes down on Caleb's huge cock.  He can get only about half way down Caleb's thick choker, but he keeps right on going.  Caleb lies back, closes his eyes and enjoys the effort.  His hand tweaks Aston's nipples as he sucks.  Caleb suggests they get more comfortable.  He shoves his pants down, and Ashton keeps right on sucking.  Caleb then kneels on the bed and shoves his dick in Ashton's mouth, all the while playing with Ashton's dick as he works its way out of his fly.  Caleb gets out of his shirt and continues playing with Ashton's dick.  "You're pretty good at that," Caleb remarks.  "You done that before?"  Caleb then sucks on Ashton. as he now lays back.  Caleb is an experienced cock sucker.  Ashton is now up on his knees for some more sucking.  And then suddenly, he is on his back, legs in the air, getting easily fucked by Caleb.  No problem.  There are some great shots of Caleb's super-thick dick driving into Ashton's ass during this long session.  "Oh, fuck yeah," Ashton moans in appreciation.  Ashton is now jacking off, and Caleb is stroking his dick over him.  Ashton shoots a thick load, followed by Caleb spraying across him.  And they kiss.  (What was that they were saying earlier about 'girls'?)

SCENE 2 - KOREY HAZE & JAYON MASTERS - Jayon's busy washing his truck, parked in his driveway.  His friend Korey comes over and wants to help, and maybe get into a little sex.  They talk back and forth, but the sound of the hose covers up much of their banter.  They're both wearing tank top undershirts and jeans which they manage to douse with water.  Korey's definitely on the make, teasing him sexually, grabbing a lick or a feel when he can.  Soon the truck is washed and inside the garage.  Korey gets out of his pants. Soon their dicks are out and they're rubbing them over each other.  Korey goes down on Jayon, and Jayon reciprocates.  They both have big dicks.  AND they are both experienced cock suckers.  Eventually Korey wants to get his ass fucked.  He lies back on the truck bed, and Jayon, standing on the ground, shoves his dick in him.  Korey loves it, taking the fucking for a long time.  He finally shoots his load getting fucked, and then Jayon jacks-off.  After a while, he shoots over Korey, all the way up to his face.  And they kiss.

SCENE 3 - SEAN TYLER, BRET LAWSON & SHANE STONE -  Lovers dark-haired Shane and Sean are out for a jog in the park.  They run into Bret who wants to get into some sexual stuff with them.  Bret gets his semi-hard dick out to tempt them, and they quickly decide to head back to the couple's place for some afternoon fun.  Sean and Shane immediately go for Bret's dick, sucking on the now naked guest.  Shane works on Bret's front, and Sean works from behind.  The two get their shirts off and continue sucking.  Shane gets his big piece of meat out, and Sean works on him for a while. Sean loves to give head, but finally he, too, gets his hard dick out of his pants, so that Shane, at Bret's insistence, can suck on him.  All three of them have generous sized dicks.  Shane sucks on both Bret and Sean, and then Bret goes back and forth between the lovers.  Suddenly, Sean has settled his white ass down on Bret's dick, as he lies on his back on the bed.  Eventually, Shane stands up on the bed to get his cock sucked by his lover, as he bounces up and down on Bret.  Bret jacks Sean off from time to time, and takes a few whacks at Shane's ass hovering above him.  Here, the scene gets really hot.  Sean fucks his lover Shane on his back, legs held high alot.  Not to be outdone, Bret then fucks Shane doggie-style as he sucks on the now reclining Sean.  They finally lie side by side to jack-off and cum.  Bret cums first, and then Sean shoots over onto his lover Shane.  He is the last to erupt.  (It's all a lot more athletic and fun than a jog in the park.)

SCENE 4 - GIOVANNI SUMMERS, KARTER JAMES & CODY KYLER - These three are already into sex as the scene begins.  They quickly get naked in a kitchen-dining room area.  Karter seems to be the designated "bottom", and the scene, for Giovanni and super-hung Cody, is all about having their dicks sucked by Karter and then fucking his hot ass.  At first, Karter drops to his knees and goes back and forth sucking on the two top studs.  Giovanni is Italian, and typically dark-haired, muscular and hung. Cody is slimly muscular and amazingly well-endowed, even longer and thicker than Giovanni.  Even he looks impressed by the newcomer's equipment.  Karter is a super-sucker and works them both hungrily, back and forth.  The question to Karter, "You wanna fuck?", is a no-brainer.  Yes, Karter wants to get fucked, and fucked by both of them.  He lays back in a chair, still sucking on Cody's big thick dick, as Giovanni  licks and eats out his ass.  Giovanni takes great care to work his hole open and lube it up with his spit and tongue.  He also takes the first turn, slipping his condom-covered dick up Karter's ass.  He starts off slow and builds up the power of his thrusts.  He likes to fuck, and Karter loves to take it.  Karter continues working on Cody, sucking him at the same time.  Then Cody gets his turn at fucking.  It doesn't just slip right in.  He has to take his time, but he finally gets his dick all the way in.  Giovanni opened the tunnel part way; it's Cody's job to ram his dick all the way home, his balls slapping against Karter's ass.  While Cody is fucking Karter, Karter again sucks on Giovanni.  After a long fucking session, the two studs change places, and Giovanni lays into Karter again, this time jacking him off as he pounds him with his dick.  Cody stands by, stroking his own dick and offering encouragement.  Karter cums cums as Giovanni is stroking his dick.  Cody shoots next, on Karter's chest, and then Giovanni shoots a hot load on Karter's abs.  For sheer sexual involvement, this scene is definitely the best.

VIDEO: The DVD is presented in widescreen.  The lighting is fine throughout, although, a few shadows appear from time to time.  During Scene 4, the bottoms of the light stands and cables were frequently in evidence.

AUDIO: Because hand-held cameras are in constant use, with the microphones mounted on them, the sound got louder and clearer, the closer the camera got to the models.  In Scene 2, the water from the hose interfered with whatever it was they were saying during the washing sequence.

EXTRAS: The only additional footage is three trailers.  Unfortunately, only Boys Night at the Baths would play on my copy. Looks hot! Tight Ass Twinks and Getting Off are the others listed.

FINAL THOUGHTS:   I have watched some of the scenes two and three times, which indicates to me that I had a good time.  The director is very clear on why people watch the videos and what turns them on.  The title Big Poles Tight Holes says it like it is. The feeling from the guys (I resist calling them models) seems to be, "I'm not a pro, but I love to have sex with other guys".  Or perhaps, "I'm not a porn star, just a guy with a big dick who loves to get off." It doesn't feel like the guys are gay for pay, although who knows?  They may be a bit hesitant at first to jump right in, but they all ultimately seem to really enjoy what they're doing. This semi-pro attitude can be a big turn on.  For anyone who responds to this and big dicks in action, I would definitely rate it RECOMMENDED.

Rod Woodman

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