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Out At Last 6: Web Site Stories

Studio: Bel Ami » Review by Rod Woodman » Review Date: 9/8/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

DATE OF RELEASE - April 1, MMVIII (2008)

RUNNING TIME - 2 Hours 10 Minutes

DIRECTOR - Lukas Ridgeston

GENRE - Young Men mostly from Slovakia in Duo Sex Scenes Shot for Website Use and Then Released on DVD.

CAST - Tommy Hansen, Hans Klee (2), Rocher Ferik, Ron Compto, Renato Amoroso, Danny Saradon (3), Rick Fontana, Wayne Wallace, Matthew Gray, Neil Ferris, Sven Olafsson, Rick Martinez, Stefan Keller (2), Timothy Hamilton, Ethan Clarke, Alex Orioli, Henri Gaudin, Casper Watts & Boris Malkin.

BODY TYPES - Smooth-Shaved, Lightly to Very Muscular, Really Handsome, Well-Hung, Friendly Eastern European Young Men - a Nice Mix of Blonds and Brunets.


OVERVIEW - Producer George Duroy at BelAmi surely gets the cream of the crop of handsome young European men, eager to train their bodies to BelAmi's standards and appear on their Website and in their DVDs.  They set the standard for all young Eastern European Adult Film performers.  The words "gay" and "straight" are never addressed.  This DVD is titled OUT AT LAST 6, which would suggest that they are gay, but I doubt that that's really the case.  But who really cares?  This is the 6th Volume of scenes.  The guys are all young, sexual, smooth-skinned, well-hung and horny.  These 21 young men range from fully developed sex performers to newbies, with a desire to please their director and producer.  The scenes all fairly brief, and many times underdone, ranging from 8-15 minutes.  Rarely are the performers allowed to really get into a hot relationship, that in turn gets the viewer really involved.  Just when you start to go with a scene, it's over.  But there ARE twelve of them, all duos except for one three-way.


SCENE 1 - TOMMY HANSEN & HANS KLEE - (There is always a director's on-screen explanation of how the scenes came about or how and where they were filmed.  Read FAST.  They aren't on the screen for very long. My quotes are abbreviated versions.) "This was filmed atour webmaster's flat.  He wanted to stay and watch.  I sent him shopping."  Hans is naked and in bed asleep, when Tommy, dressed only in a pair of briefs, enters and opens the blinds.  He checks out the beautiful, now wakening Hans and his already hard dick.  He goes down on him and gives him a "good morning" blow job.  Tommy drops his shorts, and Hans sucks his huge dick now, kneeling on the bed while stroking his own.  Hans cums and Tommy licks it up.  Tommy then lies back, jacks-off and shoots, as Hans caresses his chest from above.

SCENE 2 - ROCHER FERIK & RON COMPTO - "2 new models arrived at the same time for an audition and decided to do it together.  They had chemistry together."  The two handsome young men are in their shorts and sitting on a couch, watching a DVD and jacking-off.  Ron seems to the better hung, but it's sort of a draw.  Their shorts comes off and they reach over to stroke each other's dicks.  They both a nice big hangers as well.  Rocher jacks Ron until he cums, and then Ron works Rocher until he cums.

SCENE 3 - RENATO AMOROSO & DANNY SARADON - "These boys met at BelAmi and continued to meet away from work."  The two are in a bed together naked.  They kick the covers off and kiss.  Renato immediately goes down on Danny's big cock.  He sucks on it and  only comes up for air and a kiss.  They switch, and Danny goes down on Renato.  Danny works a finger into Renato's hole as he sucks.  Then he gets two fingers in and his legs up in the air.  And soon, Danny goes in to fuck his ass.  And then they switch, and Renato fucks Danny on his side, as Danny jacks-off.  Then Danny fucks Renato doggie-style kneeling on the bed, and then missionary-style on his back.  Suddenly, they are lying on the bed side by side and stroking their dicks.  Danny cums, followed by Renato, shooting a huge spray of jizz that goes everywhere.  They end with a kiss.

SCENE 4 - RICK FONTANA & WAYNE WALLACE - "This was shot in George Duroy's home. They're going to try 3 positions, to see how they work together."  Both guys are naked on a bed.  After they kiss, Rick goes down on the longer-haired Wayne's big cock.  They kiss and get right back into sucking.  Rick kneels on the bed, so that Wayne can simply lie back and suck on him,  while jacking his own cock.  Rick has a notably nice chest, but all the guys are some degree of "well-built."  They move to 69 side by side, each one apparently enjoying working on the other.  As Wayne starts to fuck Rick, the director must have said something to them that came up in the subtitles as "Start with a steady tempo".  Wayne's lying behind him, pounding him from the rear (an apparently favorite position there).  Rick's leg is in the air, and it stay here as Wayne moves around to face him and fuck missionary-style.  Both of Rick's legs are now raised.  Soon, they switch to doggie-style, and Wayne reaches around to kiss him from the rear.  Wayne then lies on his back, so Rick can jack him off and shoot a river of cum on his stomach.  Rick then jacks himself off, cumming on himself, and even hitting Wayne in the face.

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SCENE 5 - MATTHEW GRAY & NEIL FERRIS - "This is a scene with gift giving."  The two are on a couch, with some gifts to give.  There are shirts and jocks, and they all seem to be going from Matt to Neil.  But Neil has a special present for Matthew, a strange jock that looks like a blue elephant's head, it's open trunk made to accommodate a man's penis.  Matt tries it on.  They kiss and fool around.  Neil goes down on the "full trunk", causing it to be even fuller.  He sucks on Matthew's nipple and works that trunk.  Their shirts come off, so that Matthew can sit on Neil's lap and play further.  The elephant jock comes off and the two jack-off together.  Neil's shorts come off.  Neil lies back on the couch and sucks Matt's dick as he strokes his own.  Then Matt sucks on Neil's cock, as he jacks-off.  Neil then kneels on the couch, ass out, to get rimmed and his cock stroked.  Matt's tongue and finger do their work in Neil's butt, readying him for his dick.  Matt teases Neil's hole, rubbing his big hard dick across and around it.  And then in it goes to fuck him doggie-style.  Matt takes long strokes in and out, in and out.  Neil then flips over to take it missionary-style.  Matt is really into fucking Neil as he jacks off.  Matt pulls out and cums on Neil and they kiss.  (This is the best scene yet. Lots of chemistry between these two.) Matt then jacks Neil off and he cums over himself.  After which they kiss again.

SCENE 6 - SVEN OLAFSSON & RICK MARTINEZ - " We were filming a jack-off scene withRick, when a bored Sven wandered in to spice things up."  The dark-haired, super-handsome Rick is sitting naked on a couch jacking on his already huge and hard dick for the camera, when blond Sven, wearing only briefs, happens in.  It's a meeting of opposites, a Latin looking Rick and the Nordic Sven.  Hot pairing.  Sven knows a good thing when he sees it, and goes right down on him.  No objections are heard.  After sucking on him for quite some time, Sven has the nerve to ask Rick if he likes it.  Apparently so.  Sven jacks him off with his hand while devoting his mouth and tongue to licking and sucking on Rick's generous balls.  Sven's gets his own cock out to jack, as he works on Rick.  In the next shot, Sven's shorts are off as well.  Rick can only hold back so long before shooting a thick gluey load on his pubes.

SCENE 7 - HANS KLEE, DANNY SARADON & STEFAN KELLER - "We got all three to play"twister" on the floor, and it became a 3-way."  And why wouldn't it?  As the scene begins, the three (two in their second appearances) are practically naked and playing the game on the floor.  Danny is already hard.  They're all into each other, feeling and caressing.  Danny and Hans are kissing, and Stefan is down on Danny, the hit, I'm sure, of any threesome.  Stefan's big dick is getting sucked by Hans.  Suddenly, the three are in a circular daisy chain, each sucking the one in front.  Danny then sucks on Hans - then Stefan - then both together.  Danny fucks Hans missionary-style, while Hans sucks on Stefan.  And then Stefan strokes on Hans.  Danny now fucks Hans doggie-style, which makes it much easier for him to suck on Stefan at the same time.  Danny slides out and cums on Han's back and ass.  And then Danny helps stuffing Stefan's dick up Han's ass from the rear.  He grabs onto Stefan's balls and literally pushes him into Han's hole to help fuck him.  Finally, Stefan jacks-off, as Danny (ever helpful) sucks his balls and nipples to send him on his way.  He cums on himself.  Hm, Hans will have to wait for another day, unless he shot while being fucked, and I missed it.

SCENE 8 - DANNY SARADON & TIM HAMILTON - (The scene credits say it's Renato Amoroso, not Danny.  But I'm reasonably sure, the credits are wrong.)  The two are naked and kissing on a bed.  Blond Tim immediately goes down on Danny's big cock.  And then Danny takes a turn on the super-sexy Tim, as he sits on the bed.  They soon 69 with one another, Danny lying on the bottom and Tim sucking on him from the top.  Tim turns the versatile Danny around to fuck him missionary-style, legs in the air, his hands holding on the head board for leverage.  Tim next rams his hot ass from the rear, and then doggie-style, kneeling on the bed.  Tim pops his load on Danny's ass.  We next see Danny on his back, whacking off as Tim licks his balls.  He cums, but admits to Tim that he's sort of squeezed dry.

SCENE 9 - ETHAN CLARKE & ALEX ORIOLI - "They stayed over night at BelAmi.  In the AM,they were so horny, they started shooting right away.  They shot the fucking first and then went back to shoot the foreplay."  The scene begins with the two in bed, naked and erect. (The credits were unclear which boy is which, but I'm guessing that Alex is the brunet.)  Ethan goes immediately down on Alex, switching after a time, so that Alex can go down on Ethan's exceptionally thick pole.  They can't wait to 69 and try out their own brand of cocksucking.  They were probably so sexed up coming out of the gate, that they move fairly quickly on to fucking.  Ethan is eager to butt-fuck his friend, which he does from the side and rear.  Alex loses his erection a bit - a common occurrance for those being fucked - but the fucking is hot none-the-less.  Alex next sits on Ethan's dick and allows his friend to pound up into him for a long session, regaining his erection.  Then they both lie back and jack-off.  Ethan goes first, and then Alex.  (If they shot "foreplay", as it says at the top of the scene, it ended up being edited out.)

SCENE 10 - STEFAN KELLER & HENRI GAUDIN - The two are helping to move and rearrange sets and furniture at the studio.  Fooling around, they grab a couple of wooden sticks and "duel" a bit with each other.  Stefan goes off to wash his hands, and when he returns, Henri's lying back on the bed.  They playfully grab at each other, and Stefan gets pulled onto the bed.  They kiss and soon manage to get each other's shirts off.  Henri sucks on Stefan's nipples and kisses him some more.  Stefan opens the front of Henri's jeans and his huge dick pops out for him to suck.  Then Henri goes to work on Stefan.  Soon, Stefan is back on Henri's huge piece of meat.  They are both super-hung young men, and they manage to switch again.  The looming question is, "Who's going to get fucked?"  They compare dicks; Henri's is probably a little bit bigger.  But it's Henri who throws his legs in the air, to allow Stefan to rim and finger his furry fuck hole, as he jacks-off.  Then he lies on his side, to let Stefan slip his dick in from the rear and ram his butt.  Henri stays hard throughout and enjoys the plowing.  Then he goes onto his back, legs in the air, for some missionary-style pounding.  Stefan's butt, as he's banging away at Henri, looks invitingly like one that needs someone to come along and give him some fucking action as well, and make it a three-way.  But that never happens.  Henri jacks Stefan's dick off for a while, before Stefan takes over and showers him with cum.  Stefan then strokes Henri, who shoots all over Stefan's abs. 

SCENE 11 - CASPER WATTS & BORIS MALKIN - "We asked Casper to call newbie Boris tocome into the bathroom to help him."  These two are especially muscular young men.  Casper's in a tub in the bathroom, soaping up his body.  He calls Boris in to help. He, fully dressed, comes in.  Casper gets his shirt off and they kiss.  They head for the bedroom where Casper get's Boris' dick out, pulls his pants off to go down on him.  And yes, its a big one.  (This isn't really news with BelAmi boys.)  Casper loves Boris' dick.  Boris pulls Casper over and sucks on his dick, while Casper jacks his own.  Boris is now on his back as Casper sucks on him some more.  Casper moves around behind  Boris and takes his ass from the rear.  Boris stays excited throughout.  He may be new to BelAmi, but certainly not to sex.  He turns a bit sideways, so Casper can fuck him sideways.  Boris then rolls over onto his back and spreads his legs wide, so that Casper can ram him missionary-style and jack him off at the same time.  He then climbs up on Casper, now sitting, to ride him.  They finish by jacking each other off.  Casper shoots first.  Then Boris lies on his back, as Casper strokes his dick and licks his balls.  He cums and cums - a lot of stored up jizz.

SCENE 12 - RAMON FEDER & NIALL DAWSON - This last scene has a distinctly different feel.  The guys are much "twinkier", slighter and giddier - due most probably to on-set champagne.  It's New Year's Eve, and they're partying.  Paper hats and noisemakers are the props.  They're already stripped to their underwear and out for a good time. Again, it's all taking place at George Duroy's home.  They fool around, and Ramon heads down on Niall's dick.  Niall's briefs come off, then Ramon's.  They jack each other off a bit.  Ramon has an especially nice big dick.  Ramon goes down again on Niall.  Niall squeezes his own nipples, as Ramon energetically sucks his dick.  (Rimming is not a big part of any of these scenes.)  Niall's legs go in the air, as Ramon fucks him on his back, jacking him as he rams it in.  Niall moves over to his side, and Ramon fucks him from the rear.  Then Niall slips on a condom and gives it to Ramon from the rear.  Ramon jacks off, as Niall fucks.  Ramon then moves to sit up on Niall's dick, and riding him, shoots a load.  They kiss, and Ramon jacks and sucks-off Niall until he cums as well.  The scene ends with them sound asleep in each other's arms.

VIDEO - There is little to say.  It is well lit and shot to capture the sex and the handsome guys having it.

AUDIO - Not much attention is paid to the sound.  When there is dialogue or talking, it is usually in a foreign language and translated in subtitles.  Whether or not the talking is audible is really not an issue. 

EXTRAS - All the scenes are cut apart and re-presented as ORAL, ANAL, ORGASM and FRENCH KISS ones.  I found that by just watching the "ANAL", I witnessed a long, long session of hot guys just fucking.  It seemed to offset the brevity of some of the sex in the individual scenes.  I would imagine that if your interest was "ORAL" or "ORGASM", you would find those composites just as satisfying. 

FINAL THOUGHTS - As I look back over the scenes, I discover that there are a lot of repetitive positions and actions.  The flow of the scenes becomes rather predictable, almost "cookie cutter".  The  first scenes are shorter, with less to recommend them, but they build in length and interest.  The guys may not be fully developed or ready for feature DVDs by BelAmi's high standards, but they are uniformly fresh, handsome, engaging, and well-hung.  If any of this is a turn-on, I would definitely label it RECOMMENDED.


Rod Woodman

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