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Studio: Titan » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 9/19/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Date of Production: 2009

Length: 105 minutes

Director: Brian Mills

Cast: Rick Van Sant, Andreas Cavalli, Charly Diaz, Drake Jaden, Revel Milan, Tyler Saint, Xavier St. Jude, Marco Blaze, and Slade

Body Types: body builders, guys with tattoos and piercings, naturally hairy and smooth guys

Condoms: yes

Things to see: romantic sex, voyeurism, threesomes, outdoor sex

Plot: no plot

The Movie:

It's rare to find style or much artistic flair in porno films.  Many directors would rather devote one day to briskly shooting scenes in a gloomy porn warehouse or at their own LA modernistic architecture inspired house.  Rare is the case where quality sets are constructed to create a unique backdrop for the erotic action.  Flux demonstrates that director Brian Mills possesses both style and artistic flair.  He uses his creative eye to generate a moody landscape including darkened theaters full of shadows and candle lit bathrooms with romantic bubble baths.  The attention to detail serves to make each scene that much more enjoyable.

Of course, the film would be nothing more than an erotic tease if it weren't for the passionate and erotic sex scenes.  Composed of four lengthy segments, Flux features some great action, full of tasty looking models who possess large dicks, perfect bodies, and look all around hot and hunky.  Take for example cover boy Marco Blaze, who is the proud owner of a lovely thick, uncut cock as well as one hell of a hot ass.  You would think that he would be a top, but he turned out to be such a voracious bottom, able to take a cock in his mouth and his ass at the same time while still remaining rock hard.  Tyler Saint also looked mightily impressive, reminiscent of a runway model while he wears his tuxedo.  As soon as that boy removes his clothes, however, he becomes one of the biggest sex pigs in the film.

There is much to like in Flux, so let's see exactly what it offers up for our enjoyment:

Scene one: Tyler Saint and Drake Jaden

In a darkened room Tyler Saint smokes a cigarette, watching the stage in front of him with lustful anticipation.  The curtains rise, revealing Drake Jaden drenched in bright stage lights.  The intensity of the illumination shows off Drake's perfect dips and crevices of his finely sculpted muscular chest as well as his concealed bulging package.  Drake gently glides his hands around his smooth chest in an attempt to seduce his sole audience member.  Tyler then pulls out a laser pointer (no euphemism intended!) and begins to aim its red gaze on Drake's erogenous zones.  Drake goes along with the erotic light play; using his hands to touch and tug on any area that Tyler aims his light at.  With Tyler's laser pointed on the prize, Drake unties his tight underwear and pulls out his hard member for Tyler to see in all of its natural splendor.

Drake then pulls out his own laser pointer and begins to shine its light on his sexy voyeur.  Tyler playfully removes his clothes wherever Drake points his laser until his thick cock is out in the open.  Drake gives Tyler a come hither look, so Tyler walks over to the stage and begins to passionately kiss his favorite go-go boy.  Drake then drops down to his knees and begins to suck on Tyler's cock and balls.  Tyler demonstrates his adept oral skills as well, giving Drake a lengthy and wet BJ.  While Tyler licks Drake's furry taint, Drake can't help but release a load onto Tyler's smooth chest.  Tyler climaxes nicely on his own chest as well. 

After that, the guys head over to a leather ottoman for some fucking.  Drake fucks Tyler on his back, looking into his eyes while he pounds away forcefully.  After a change in positions, Tyler fucks Drake in a photogenic straddle position; Drake's abs look fantastic while they gyrate to the fucking.  Drake ultimately releases more cum onto Tyler's chest, followed by Tyler spurting off his second load as well.

Scene two: Revel Milan and Charly Diaz

On a dark and stormy night, two hunky Latin men lust after each other in the bathroom.  Charly, looking like a beefy Spanish God, rises from the soapy bathtub suds and looks lustfully at his lover across the room.  Revel immediately walks over to Charly, gets on his knees, and begins to suck on Charly's thick cock.  Charly gently face-fucks Revel and has his furry nuts licked all over.  Charly then starts to rim and finger Revel's tight hole.  Unable to control his sexual desires, Charly shoots off a load into the bathtub while he rims Revel. 

We then find Revel bent over from behind with Charly grinding his thick dick into Revel's well lubed hole.  Charly fucks his lover like a machine; plunging his cock in and out like a well greased piston.  Revel then shifts to resting on his back, with his legs held up.  Charly continues to screw Revel passionately, occasionally pulling his cock out, only to plunge it back in a second later.   It doesn't take long for Revel to climax, resulting in a creamy load onto his own chest.  Finally, Charly rips off his condom and unloads his love nectar onto Revel's groin and chest. 

Scene three: Xavier ST. Jude and Rick Van Sant

In the great outdoors, a bearded and furry Xavier ST. Jude strokes his cock.  Indulging in the call of nature, Xavier doesn't notice Rick Van Sant watching the action on the sidelines.  As soon as Xavier catches the eye of his hunky voyeur, Rick walks over and begins to passionately kiss him.  Xavier then heads south, where he begins to suck on Ricks large and curvy dick.  Xavier gives Rick a lengthy blowjob, paying special attention to Rick's balls and foreskin.  Xavier then lies down on the ground, allowing Rick to press his hole against Xavier's face.  Rick rides Xavier's tongue until he unleashes his cum onto Xavier's furry chest.  Xavier shoots off a load as well. 

The guys then enter a darkened room where the walls are draped with a shimmering fabric that vibrates to a gentle breeze.  Xavier is bent over so that Rick can fuck him from behind.  Rick rides Xavier's hairy hole without a hitch and Xavier manages to maintain a consistent erection.  Xavier then holds his legs up in the air for more penetrating action.  His moist hole is fucked into submission, thanks to Rick's deep and forceful pumping.  As soon as Rick starts to pull out and tease Xavier's hole, Xavier unleashes a forceful cumshot onto his own hairy chest. 

Scene four: Marco Blaze, Slade, and Andreas Cavalli

Hunky cover model Marco Blaze gently shows off his smooth and built body.  His plump cock eventually emerges from his tight green shorts, which he then shows to Slade, sitting below.  As soon as Marco starts to pull back his foreskin, Slade walks up to stage and begins to passionately kiss him.  Slade eagerly gets on his knees to suck on Marco's plump pecker.  Marco face-fucks Slade and then bends over to show off his perfect ass cheeks.  Slade can't help but bury his face in that fine piece of ass.  Slade then alternates between rimming Marco's hole and licking down to the cock and balls.  

When Slade starts to finger probe Marco's tender hole, Andreas walks over and offers his cock to Marco.  Marco immediately starts to suck on Andreas's dick until he strokes off his own dick.  Slade then creams Marco's hole with his own spunk.  After the copious cumshots, Marco is bent over for some fucking.  Slade fucks him from behind while Marco continues to suck on Andreas.  The guys then switch so that Andreas gets a turn with Marco's perfect ass.   With his legs held up and being power-fucked by Andreas, Marco rims Slade's hole and manages to stroke his own cock as well.  The stimulation proves to be too much for Marco to hold back so he oozes out a wet load while being fucked.  Andreas then unloads onto Marco's chest, followed by Slade adding even more spunk to Marco's chest.

The DVD:


Presented in anamorphic widescreen, the transfer is beautiful, full of rich blacks and profound colors.  The image was consistently sharp, regardless of indoor/outdoor locations.  Kudos to the directorial staff for such a lovely transfer! 


The sound mix was very nice.  Light, non-distracting music plays throughout the feature.  All of the action can be heard without any distortion.  Very nice.   


Extras include animated scene selection, a breezy three minute behind-the- scenes footage (mostly consisting of models being photographed), cumshot selection, and five trailers for other Titan films. 

Final thoughts:

Flux is a straight-to-the-point porno flick with high production values, well shot scenes, and some startlingly hot sex acts.  You really can't go wrong with Flux because each scene is just so darn sexy.  Highly recommended!

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