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Private Moments

Studio: Cal Vista Classic » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 9/27/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Classic

Director: Robert McCallum 

Cast: Janney Robbins, Laura Lazarre, Honey Wilder, Eric Edwards, Herschel Savage, Jon Martin, Tom Byron, Jesse Adams, Billy Daniels aka Billy Dee, Blair Harris. Non-sex role: Scumbag

Length: 74 minutes

Date of Production: mid 1980's 

Extras: There are four nice bonus scenes. They are Sweet Throat, Vista Valley PTA, Tower of Power, and Visions of Clair. In addition, four vintage trailers are included. Those are for Pleasure Palace, Flesh Fever, Tramp, and Two At Once. A photo gallery and a tribute to the legends of porn round out this special features section.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are good. The soundtrack is very entertaining. It is easy to groove to it. The song will stay in your head for a while.

Overview:Private Moments is a classic adult film from the early 1980's. It is about three married couples who have dinner together at their favorite restaurant regularly. The husbands are lawyers who enjoy discussing their cases while their horny wives enter sexual banter among their conversations. Since their husbands are workoholic robots who don't have much time for their sexual needs, the women enjoy fantasizing about some sexscapades. Legendary stars Janney Robbins, Honey Wilder, Eric Edwards, and Herschel Savage have super performances. Laura Lazarre in a vampiress costume is hot looking. This fine production comes from the studio Cal Vista Classic. In March of 2008, VCX purchased the entire copyrighted library of Cal Vista Classics. .

Scene One: After some sexual banter with their husbands at the table, the three women head to the restroom together. Janney Robbins tells Laura Lazarre that she fantasizes about her hubby. Moments later, Laura and Honey Wilder leave while Janney stays behind to tinkle. While she is sitting on the toilet, Eric Edwards barges into her stall and both of them kiss passionately and fondle each other. He sucks her breast and feels her kitty. Laura's spouse removes her pretty blue dress and sucks her good looking boobies energetically. Then, she deep throats his manhood repeatedly. Her oral technique is very enticing and stimulating. Afterwards, he drills her doggystyle. Ms. Robbins' dirty talk is effective and nice sounding. The man caresses her tits during the action. Finally, she sucks his cock with good energy.

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Scene Two: While the three couples are sitting around the table, Laura Lazarre and Jon Martin flirt with each other without anyone noticing. Suddenly, the horny lady mentions that she may had lost her contact lense underneath the table. She immediately crawls to him and orally pleasures his pecker. Her blow job performance is quick, but to the point. The lady strokes him off on her cute face.

Scene Three: While everyone is still at the restaurant, Honey Wilder fantasizes about being on a game show in which she must identify her husband's penis while being blindfolded. There are three dicks that she must work on. Ms. Wilder has a difficult time with the first one since she could not control it. The woman had a much better effort with the second dick. She sucks it very sensuously. As to the third cock, Honey worked on it very aggressively. At the end, she selected her husband correctly.

Scene Four: At home, Laura Lazarre is dressed in a vampiress costume because she loves to suck. She and her spouse Eric Edwards kiss sweetly and then, she provides her lovely oral skills on his plaything. Later, he reciprocates the sweet intentions by eating her sexual garden and then, screwing her with good rhythm and style. The energy level increases mid-way through their missionary session. Next, he fucks her from behind briefly. The smile on her face looks very sweet. Lastly, he jacks off on her pleasure zone right after another mish activity.

Scene Five: In the bedroom, Honey Wilder tells her husband Herschel Savage that she wants to make love to him very badly. They kiss on the bed. Then, he eats her peach sensually. All of a sudden, the passionate man rips off her nightgown. He moves up her hot body and kisses her breasts and then, her lips. Soon, the guy sticks his cock into her sex spot. They roll around the bed quite a bit. At times, she is laying on top of him. He pumps her with good force and passion although the scene looks out of control at times. Their doggie session feels more heated and full of intimacy. A mish screw follows where he pulls out and sprouts his love juice all over her body.

Scene Six: After persuading her hubby Jon Martin to set aside his law book, Janney Robbins kisses him. Their lip lock action looks hot. Next, he sucks her pretty tit. More cool kissing activity follows. Then, she takes out his meaty plaything and applies a sensuous love massage on it. Soon, he lays on top of her. The guy sucks her titties and they kiss. Moments later, he orally stimulates her beauty spot. More hot kissing occurs before he inserts his love rod into her. Janney's vocal comments are sexy. The camera shots throughout the scene heighten the great chemistry of the couple. She rides him briefly. A high energy screw follows. They kiss intimately during this session. Finally, after some aggressive fuck action and very good eye contact, he shoots his load on her beautiful body and face.

Scene Seven: Laura Lazarre dreams about Blair Harris who is a rock singer with his guitarist Scumbag by his side. He is singing in front of his fans. Later, she crawls up to him on stage and gives him a nice looking blow job as he continues to sing his song. The singer does not lose focus on his gig even when she makes him cum.

Scene Eight: Honey Wilder is walking through town. She ends up on the beach where the horny woman spots a jogger. He sees her and she walks towards him. Suddenly, the scene shifts to where Tom Byron is in his room. Ms. Wilder is watching him through his window. When he does not see her at first, the woman taps on the window so she can join him. He turns off the lights so that his parents won't notice anything. They fondle each other and kiss. She rubs his groin continuously. Later, he sucks her breast. Then, the woman sucks his cock on the bed. Later on, the guy sticks his hard-on into her the missionary way. His humping technique is effective. They have very good eye contact. She urges him on well. A cool looking doggie fuck follows. Finally, she rolls over onto her back and he cums on her chest.

Scene Nine: Janney Robbins is looking at an adult magazine in bed. Next, she takes a shower and towels off. While using her hair dryer, she plays with her nipple and vaginal plaything. Ms. Robbins looks hot while finger fucking herself. Her facial expressions look cool. Afterwards, she fantasizes about being in an adult bookstore. She caresses her bosoms and kitty. Jesse Adams and Billy Daniels notice her. Suddenly, Jesse runs at her and they head off to a private room. While he eats her on the bed, Billy enters the room. She and the customer kiss. Janney caresses her tits. Next, she sucks Billy's cock and then, Jesse's dick. Soon, she has both peckers in her mouth at the same time. Then, she pleasures each cock one at a time again. Later, the blond guy fucks her from behind as she orally works on Billy's manhood. Afterwards, Ms. Robbins rides Billy's tool while sucking Jesse's wiener. Soon, the customer mishes her as the woman continues to suck on Jesse's dick. Finally, she strokes off the customer on her. Then, the store owner fucks her missionary style in an aggressive manner before cumming on her mouth.

Final Thoughts:  Private Moments is a definite oldie, but a goodie. Despite this movie only being seventy-four minutes in length, there is a lot of fuck for your buck. There are nine entertaining and solid scenes that showcase the womens' talents in an effective manner. Each woman has three sex scenes. Furthermore, the screenplay is well done. The banter around the restaurant table is very enjoyable and funny especially when the men rant on about laws from different states. Needless to say, the chemisty between the couples is very enticing. I recommend this super blast from the past.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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