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Visions of Clair

Studio: Cal Vista Classic » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 9/27/09

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Genre: Classic

Director: Zachary Youngblood

Cast: Annette Haven, Bonnie Holliday, Susan Bates, John Rawling, Jay Gamble, Richard Pleasance, Enrico Alioto, Bruto Stranzo, Joaquin Delicato, Roger Rosenbaum, Michael Morrison, David Colson, Sharon Thorpe, Mary Feingold, Elizabeth Krough, Rebecca Collingsworth

Length: 72 minutes

Date of Production: 1977

Extras: There are four nice bonus scenes. They are Sweet Throat, Vista Valley PTA, Tower of Power, and Two @ Once. In addition, four vintage trailers are included. Those are for Trinity Brown, Dear Fanny, Second Coming of Eva, and Practice Makes Perfect. A photo gallery and a tribute to the legends of porn round out this special features section.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are good. The soundtrack is very romantic.   

Overview:  Visions of Clair is a classic adult film from the disco era. The wardrobe on some of the characters is classic attire of this era. It is about Annette Haven's character Claire who lives in a stately mansion with Daphne (Bonnie Holliday). She likes to pose for portrait. The description of the movie on the back of the DVD cover states that "Clair has a powerful, almost supernatural attraction to those around her. Living alone in her stately mansion she attracts the most beautiful and fascinating men and women to her estate, where seemingly bound to her desires they freely give themselves sexually to her and each other. Is it her phenomenal beauty, her sexual aura or the mysterious necklace always around her neck? See how ordinary people become extraordinary sexual participants in her games of eroticism..."

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Scene One: An artist played by John Rawling is sketching a portrait of Claire (Annette Haven). During the middle of it, Ron loses his inspiration. She walks around him to try to get him back into the mood, but it does not work. He even feels her breast, but that action still makes him not to want to sketch her. Soon, Claire runs her hands along his groin and penis. Then, the woman stimulates it with her talented mouth. Afterwards, she rides it with good effort. By now, the artist is inspired. Next, he holds her around his waist a while. Soon, the man sets her down on the couch and kisses his way down her nude body. Suddenly, he thumb fucks her flower and licks it too. After more sweet lovemaking, she gets off him and strokes him off.

Scene Two: A fantasy sequence on the part of Roahne (Susan Bates) occurs in which Claire (Annette Haven) is overlooking a whole bunch of fornicators. There are several guys who fondle Claire's bod. She is also making love in this scene. The action shifts from one couple to the next. Blow jobs and fuck moments are common place. At the end, Claire walks away from the people.

Scene Three: Another thought sequence by Roahne (Susan Bates) is shown in which Claire (Annette Haven) is being seduced by a couple of men. The fornicators from the previous scene are back in action. Blow jobs, pussy eating, and screwing are shown. Annette Haven looks good in this scene. The shots of Bonnie Holliday being fondled by two men are cool.

Scene Four: As David (Jay Gamble) gives Roahne (Susan Bates) a massage on the bed, she has thoughts of Claire and Daphne. While David roams his hands along her body, there are shots of Annette Haven and Bonnie Holliday making love with other people. Roahne is very stoic as David removes her clothes. She is lost in her thoughts. There is plenty of sex that she thinks about. It's only fantasies since David only caresses her body.

Scene Five: Daphne (Bonnie Holliday) turns on the music and dances in front of Claire (Annette Haven). Soon, both of them are dancing together. Their chemistry and dance moves are very sensual. Later on, they are dancing in the nude. Then, they feel each other's bodies. The music is very romantic. Roahne (Susan Bates) sees them from the door. The two friends kiss. Next, on the bed, there is more caressing that occur and then, they kiss again. Meanwhile, Roahne walks away disappointed. Daphne sucks Claire's bosoms. Roahne walks to the portrait that she made for Claire. By now, the lovemaking by Daphne and Claire feels more intimate and personal. Shots of Roahne with a dagger are shown. The pussy eating moments by Daphne look enticing. Later, Clair eats her rose in a sexy manner. As they kiss again, a shot of Roahne puncturing herself with the weapon is shown. Blood appears. More self-afflicted wounds occur during the pussy eating moments. Later on, Roahne is fine, but she is still in deep thought. Then, she still tempts herself with the dagger.

Final Thoughts:  Visions of Clair is a difficult thought-provoking production. Nevertheless, it still receives a rental recommendation. The first and final sex scenes are the standouts. However, the middle three episodes use too much of the fornicators in the thought sequences that make it difficult to understand what is going on. There is simply too much going on there. Annette Haven and Bonnie Holliday create sexual heat whenever they are on screen together. Susan Bates and Jay Gamble also make a nice pair. The storyline is good, but those three middle sex scenes mess the movie up to garner a higher rating. Overall, it's a nice movie, but overrated.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
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