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Studio: Blowfish Video » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 10/1/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Lesbian Feature

Director: Shine Louise Houston

Cast: Syd Blakovich, Dallas, Jiz Lee, Dylan Rion/Ryan, Javier, Madison Young. Non-sex roles: Trouble Royale, Brooklyn Flaco, N, Eleanor Digby, Ian Sparks, Johnny, Shine Louise Houston

Length: 82 minutes

Date of Production: 6/20/2008 to 6/22/2008

Extras: There is a Behind the Scenes segment that lasts over nine minutes. It contains many bloopers and goofing around on the set. A trailer package that provides sneak peaks of The Crash Pad, Crash Pad Series Volume 3, Superfreak, and In Search of the Wild Kingdom.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very good.

Overview:  Champion stars Syd Blakovich who is a real-life mixed martial artist. She is a very promiscuous lesbian who her manager (Dylan Rion/Ryan) tries to promote as a wholesome person especially when a lesbian scandal breaks out through the Internet. Drama with her ex-girfriend and an old enemy on throwing an important fight make Syd contemplate on what is important to her in life. Is winning and integrity or the creation of a fake image more important? The supporting cast enhances the good storyline. Jiz Lee portrays Syd's ex-girlfriend as someone who wants a more personal relationship with her rather than only a sexual one. Syd's reluctance and work ethic drive her away that will set up a major twist in Syd's life. There is sexual heat between Syd and Dallas, her main competitor in the ring. Furthermore, Syd's manager is a well-intentioned person who is trying to take her fighter into the big level of corporate sponsorhips and getting into the circuit. In the end, Champion is about being comfortable in one's skin and not caring about what other people think about yourself. It is directed by celebrated feminist porn director Shine Louise Houston. Ms. Houston is a three-time winner of the Feminist Porn Awards. Champion comes fron the studio Blowfish Video. This movie has real lesbian sex with real body shapes and body hair. There are no fake boobs and other such things. Champion is the winner of the "Movie of the Year" award in the 2009 Feminist Porn Awards. Dylan Rion/Ryan also won Hearththrob of the Year at the same ceremonies.

Syd Blakovich, Jiz Lee (laying on the bed)

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Scene One: While Jessie (Syd Blakovich) is finger fucking and rubbing Cathy's (Jiz Lee) vaginal plaything, the phone rings and the athlete must leave for her training session. A disappointed Cathy stimulates her own sexual urges by rubbing her own kitty with good effort and form. There are shots of Jessie training throughout Cathy's solo routine. The woman does a swell job in getting off and handling her inner frustration with her mate.

Syd Blakovich, Madison Young

Scene Two: After being warned by her manager on keeping up a good feminine image, Jessie (Syd Blakovich) is seen in bed with an unidentifiable female toy (Madison Young). The athlete is drinking some liquor. Suddenly, Jessie's strap-on dildo is sucked by the woman. Then, Jessie rubs her pussy rough and sucks her breasts. Next, she concentrates on fingering her peach. Afterwards, the skillful martial artist's pussyeating and manual work behavior are driving her partner insane. The scene is very emotional. Jessie's actions on the woman's most intimate area are very rough and forceful. She screams with much emotional intensity. Then, Jessie sticks the dildo inside her already worked over pleasure spot. She humps her nicely. The woman has a broad smile. The sex becomes rougher. Jessie eats her peach again. Then, they kiss. Next, the athlete spanks her kitty several times which makes it very red. She eats it again while her foot is shoving the woman's head into the bed. A very aggressive doggie screw follows. The woman's moans continue to sound emotional and painful. Next, her partner sucks the rubber toy. Suddenly, Jessie rubs and fingers her pussy very aggressively again. The woman is about to cry. Nevertheless, at the end of the scene, she is very satisfied with the sex. This scene is one of the best raw lesbian sex action that I have ever scene on film.

Syd Blakovich, Jiz Lee

Scene Three: Jessie (Syd Blakovich) shows up at Cathy's (Jiz Lee) place. They kiss on the bed. Their attraction for each other is very evident. Jessie eats her snatch and then, manually heats up her love biscuit. The passion between them increases. There is more solid pussy eating that occurs by Jessie. Cathy is enjoying it a lot as she sits on her mate's face. A large vein is bulging out on the side of her neck as Jessie works her over with her talented mouth. They kiss. Then, Jessie fingers her kitty even more. Her hands are soaked. She uses both hands to work over Cathy's mound. Her facial expressions are cool especially her smile. Later, the athlete tastes her wet feminine sponge. Next, Cathy sits on her friend's face while she rocks her bush on Jessie's mouth. Later on, they kiss. Their sexual chemistry is hot.

Dylan Rion/Ryan, Javier

Scene Four: Jessie's manager (Dylan Rion/Ryan) is making out in Bobby's (Javier) van. They kiss. Then, Bobby fucks her with the strap-on missionary style with good enthusiasm. Next, the manager has her flower finger fucked with nice technique. It becomes very wet. Then, another hard mish occurs. The manager's sexual area is soaked. Afterwards, a doggie follows in which Jessie's manager has the strap-on on and takes good control of the action. A mish follows.

Syd Blakovich, Dallas

Scene Five: After the fight, Violet (Dallas) and Jessie (Syd Blakovich) kiss. They continue their lip lock action while Violet pinches her rival's titties. There is more lip lock action that occurs. Suddenly, the woman moves down Jessie's body and orally pleasures her plaything. Afterwards, Jessie takes control of the situation and eats her peach. Next, Violet sucks and squeezes her tits. Then, she fingers her sex spot with good effort while they kiss. Moments later, she puts on more energy into her manual application on her sex mound. A 69 follows with Violet on top. Soon, they kiss as Violet rubs her vaginal plaything. There is more good looking finger fucking by Violet occurs. Suddenly, Jessie eats the woman's beaver. After some focus on Violet's pussy by both athletes, they kiss and Jessie finally figures out what is important in life.

Final Thoughts:  Champion is a very fine lesbian movie that encorporates real lesbian sex with some mixed martial arts action in a nice packaged storyline. The standout sex scenes are the Syd Blakovich-Madison Young and the second Syd Blakovich-Jiz Lee moments. The first one feels and looks very raw and animalistic in nature while the other one is more sensual and tender. It provides a great range to the character of Jessie's sexual being and an insight to how the woman views the importance of these women in her life. It is no surprise that this movie won "Movie of the Year" at the 2009 Feminist Porn Awards. The sex is genuine and the main character grows as a person from the first scene to the final one. Champion leaves the viewer with a good message on being comfortable on who you are regardless what the public may think. You have to be happy with yourself fully before being able to fully satisfy the ones who are closest to you. I recommend this feature presentation.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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