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Crash Pad Series 3

Studio: Blowfish Video » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 10/11/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Web-to-DVD compilation, Lesbian

Director: Shine Louise Houston

Cast: Dylan Rion, Dallas, Shawn, Princess Donna, Jake, Lorelei Lee, Billy Jack Gunn, Paul Gunn, Red, Javier

Length: 100 minutes

Dates of Production: 12/8/07, 1/27/08, 3/15/08, 3/22/08

Extras: The highlight is the very informative and entertaining commentary by Shine Louise Houston and her unidentified special guest. The entire film is shown without any audio while in the background, the comments by the director and her guest are easily heard. The two ladies have good chemistry. There are also five trailers that are included. Those are Champion, The Crash Pad, In Search of the Wild Kingdom, Crash Pad Series Volume 2: Unlocked, and Superfreak.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very good.

Overview:Crash Pad Series is a web series that sprouted from Shine Louise Houston's magnificent directorial debut film The Crash Pad. Crash Pad Series, Volume 3: Keyhole is the third installment to this fine series. In this package, the five scenes are the best episodes from the third season. Of course, the director remains Shine Louise Houston who is the leading indie feminist porn director around. Ms. Houston is a three-time winner of the Feminist Porn Awards. Crash Pad Series comes from the studio Blowfish Video.

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Scene One: A very pretty Dylan Rion enters the pad. Unfortunately for her, Dallas and Shawn want to use the room as well. She hides in the closet before they can see her. Shawn ties Dallas' wrists together behind the chair. Her ankles are also tied too. Then, a controlling Shawn sucks on his subordiante's strap-on dick with a lot of passion. Afterwards, she rides it with confidence. Meanwhile, Dylan and the voyeur are watching them. Next, Shawn unties Dallas. Then, the action moves onto the bed where the cowgirl ride continues in a more aggressive fashion. A doggie fuck follows. They kiss next as Dallas works on Shawn's sex hole hard with her hand. Dylan is getting very turned on by the couple's behavior. Afterwards, Shawn removes her partner's strap-on and rubs and slaps her sexual mound. Finally, they kiss as Shawn is on top of her. The sexual heat between them is high.

Scene Two: As soon as the pair leave the room, a horny Dylan Rion comes out of the closet. Now, she is even more sexually aroused after witnessing the couple's lovemaking session. The woman humps and smells the used up sheets. Soon, she plays with herself very attentively and sensually. Dylan looks very beautiful as a brunette. Her body movements are turn-ons. Miss Rion's smile is cute and it brightens up her face to a glow. The camera pans her body nicely. She has true star power. The woman really feels the intensity of her solo workout when she fucks herself with a rubbery toy. It is a super performance. Her moans are incredible. Later, Dylan uses an electronic vibrator on her cute kitty. She squeezes the sheets with her hand while she feels the sensations run through her body. Her facial expression gives off a sense of pleasurable satisfaction.

Scene Three: Princess Donna, Jake, and Lorelei Lee enter the crash pad. Jake makes out with Lorelei first. Then the Princess sucks the woman's beauty spot. Next, Lorelei and Jake kiss. Suddenly, Donna eats her peach as the blond sucks Jake's toy cock. Thus far, the trio look great together. Soon, Jake eats Lorelei's pussy as Donna stimulates her friend's love spot. The action is hot and heavy especially between the two femmes. Afterwards, Jake doggies the blond while cutie Lorelei Lee orally takes control of the Princess' royal gemstone. Jake and Lorelei kiss as Donna finger fucks the hottie's pussy. Then, Donna sucks Jake's toy cock. Lorelei plays with Donna's kitty with her fingers. Soon, Lorelei sits on the femme's mouth while Jake eats Donna's peach. Miss Lee's ass is hot. Lorelei is enjoying herself so much. Then, Jake and Lorelei pleasure the Princess' royal kitty. Later on, Miss Lee rides the cock in a nice manner. The strain on her face heightens. Then, Donna sits on Jake's face as she and Lorelei kiss. Moments later, the pretty femmes switch positions. Donna bounces on his tool rapidly. Lorelei is feeling the strain from Jake's oral work. Next, Lorelei and Jake kiss as Donna fingers Miss Lee's pussy and makes her squirt. At the end, the trio kiss and cuddle.

Scene Four: Cousins Billy Jack Gunn and Paul Gunn kiss and fondle each other a bit. Then, Paul sucks the guy's cock with much enthusiasm. Later, he fucks Billy Jack from behind. A mish follows. The action is intense each time. The energy level rises even more when Paul manually rubs and fucks Billy's sex muscle with his hands. Afterwards, they kiss. It's sweet. They have remarkable chemistry. Next, Billy plays with Paul's plaything with both hands. He does a super job on working on it. It is so good that Billy makes Paul squirt.

Scene Five: Red and Javier are kissing as their scene begins. Soon, Red eats her kitty briefly before playing with it. She returns to concentrate on her sex spot with her talented mouth. Later, Javier helps her to put on a strap-on toy. Then, Javier sucks on it before Red missionaries her with some gentle fucking. A doggie follows. The motion is still fairly tender. Another mish occurs. Later on, Javier removes Red's contraption and rubs her intimate gemstone. Next, she orally stimulates it with nice technique. The intensity level rises when Javier works on Red's priceless ruby very vigorously.

Final Thoughts: Volume number three is a much more spectacular package from the previous installment to this series. Each scene has its own remarkable sexual heat and chemistry. Dylan Rion is a true star. No matter if she is a blond or, in this case, a brunette, she looks very beautiful and garners so much sexuality that when she plays with herself, the screen catches on fire. She should get more opportunities to show off her talents from other studios in the business such as Girlfriends Films and Sweetheart Video. Princess Donna and Lorelei Lee have chemistry that sizzles despite having to share screen time with Jake who still delivers in a very good way. These three femmes should be paired together to make an incredible threesome on screen. However, it is not just the femmes who have great performances and chemistry. The butches also show off their skills in the hotness factor. Billy Jack Gunn and Paul Gunn bring off a sense of masculine intimacy that feels tender in nature whereas Dallas and Shawn go all out to satisfy the other's sexual needs and hunger. I recommend this fine collection of the best moments of season three of this hit Internet series.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
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