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Studio: Jet Set Men » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 10/16/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production: 2009

Length: 90 minutes

Director: Chris Steele

Cast: Adam Campbell, Marcus Steele, David Dakota, Benjamin Bradley, Josh Griffin, Luke Cassidy, Jesse Santana, Blu Kennedy, and Conner O'Reiley

Body Types: young athletes, mostly smooth chests, well groomed pubes, guys with some tattoos

Condoms: yes

Things to See
: locker room sex, orgies, spanking, dirty talk

Plot: Coach Steele has "big" plans for his football players.

The Movie:

God bless gay porno films!  Gay porn allows us to safely fulfill nearly any erotic fantasy we desire.  Like many of you, I have lusted after football players ever since I was in junior high school.  I was always intrigued by their secret protective cups and I couldn't help but fantasize about the players washing up in gang style showers after the big game.  Fortunately, Tackle gives us a taste of what it must be like to be young, attractive, and on a football team.

Tackle features several erotic scenarios that show off the model's beautiful physiques, both in and out out their football jerseys.  While most of the scenes were shot in stereotypical locker room settings, one of the film's best scenarios takes place in the coach's office.  Here, the mean coach Steele, played by Marcus Steele, catches a student trying to jokingly show off his ass while he's on the phone.  The coach then proceeds to teach the player a lesson he'll never forget.  This scenario works so well because of Marcus's authentic acting chops.  Throughout the scene he talks dirty (really dirty) to his submissive twink, and in the end (sorry, couldn't resist the pun) the twink absolutely loves being so roughed up.  If a lesser, amateur acting model had been cast then the scene would have come across as silly and inauthentic.

The rest of the sex scenes are good, if not great.  Therefore, Tackle should satisfy any of you who love watching those sexy football players.   

Scene One: Jesse Santana and Benjamin Bradley

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Cover-boy Benjamin (spiky brown hair, smooth body, and a perky cock) bullies Jesse (with curly brown hair looking like a young Skeet Ulrich) into taking care of his "needs."  Jesse unties Benjamin's drawstring with his teeth and slowly pulls out the star player's cock.  Jesse sucks away, paying special attention to Benjamin's thick shaft and shaved balls.  Benjamin also sucks on Jesse's cock and plays with his tight hole.  While the boys continue to wear their football gear they proceed to fuck against some of the lockers.  The horny players then move over to a locker room changing bench for more ass pounding.  Benjamin's eventually shoots out his huge load all over Jesse's back.  Jesse then proceeds to deliver a similarly impressive load onto the wooden bench.

Scene Two: Blu Kennedy, Adam Campbell, David Dakota, Josh Griffin, and Luke Cassidy

Several of the hunky jocks share a kegger in the locker room.  The combination of sweaty jockstraps and the booze make some of the guys horny.  Blu (redhead with a creamy complexion) starts to make out with the hunky brunette Josh.  While Blu sucks on Josh's dick, another brunette (Luke Cassidy) walks over and starts to suck on Blu's red-headed monster.  A blond and tanned lad (David Dakota) then joins in on the fun, sucking on any available cock he can find.  Finally Adam Campbell (young brunette with angel wing tattoos on his back) walks over and starts to suck on some cocks.  All of the players then take turns rimming out Adam's tender young hole while Adam sucks on their dicks. 

On a familiar locker room bench, we find Blu fucking David from behind while Luke is screwed by the other boys.  David is then fucked on his back by Adam while the rest of the players stroke their cocks over David's chest.  David ultimately shoots off his thick wad while being screwed.  Each of the players then proceed to drop their loads onto David's chest.  Give that boy a towel!

Scene Three: Marcus Steele and Conner O'reily

While coach Steele talks on the phone, a frisky player (Conner) shows off his ass, hoping to make the coach laugh.  The coach is furious at Conner's idea of a joke so he decides to teach him a lesson.  He yanks Conner into his office and forces him to pull down his pants, revealing his bulbous and smooth ass cheeks.  Marcus proceeds to spank the boy for his naughtiness.  Coach Steele then pulls the twink toward him, shoves him down on his knees, and makes him suck on his thick cock.  While Conner services him, coach Steele gives him quite a verbal scolding, which only serves to turn on Conner even more.  Marcus then shoves Conner over to his desk where he proceeds to blow and talk dirty to his little bitch. 

On the same desk, coach Marcus proceeds to fuck the hell out of Conner's young hole.  At one point Marcus holds Conner up in the air and proceeds to fuck him royally while he supports Conner's weight.  Marcus then yanks his cock out, shoves Conner against the wall, and then continues to fuck him even more from behind.  Finally, Conner shoots out a huge load onto the ground.  Coach Marcus follows by dropping his spunk onto Conner's face below.

Scene Four: Benjamin Bradley and Adam Campbell

Benjamin knocks on Adam's door where he finds Adam lounging on the bed with a book.  Benjamin tells him that he lost the football bet so now he has to give him what he really wants; his young ass.  The boys begin by romantically kissing and undressing each other before they proceed to suck on each other's cock.  Adam ultimately submits to Benjamin's desires by offering up his hole.  While Adam rests on the bed, Benjamin plunges his thick love wand into Adam's hole.  Benjamin fucks the boy hard and deep, making him moan and grunt.  Adam is then fucked more on his back, with his legs held up.  While being fucked, Adam spurts out a load onto the sheets.  Finally, Benjamin releases his white load onto Adam's smooth chest. 

The DVD:


Presented in anamorphic widescreen, the image was sharp, colorful, and properly lit.  Both the models and the sets look fantastic thanks to consistent light levels. 


The sound mix was consistently pleasant.  All of the action and dialogue can be heard without any distortion.


Extras include animated menus, scene selection, behind-the-scenes footage, cumshot review, an animated photo gallery, and several trailers.  The behind-the-scenes segment lasts for about 15 minutes.  It features candid interviews with some of the actors and footage of the director giving guidance to the models.  The best moment occurs when the director is telling Benjamin Bradley how to interact with Jesse Santana; Benjamin continues to stroke his cock regardless of the mundane conversation he's having with the director. 
Final Thoughts:

If you enjoy watching hunky football players getting it on with each other in the locker room then Tackleis the film for you.  The models are very attractive and the scenarios are playfully erotic and well staged.  The DVD also boasts a few decent extra features and a sparkling transfer.  Therefore, why don't you go for the touchdown and pick up TackleHighly Recommended!

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