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Shaky Down Boyz

Studio: Marina Pacific Distributors » Review by Rod Woodman » Review Date: 10/24/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

DATE OF PRODUCTION - February 28, 2008

RUNNING TIME - 2 Hours 5 Minutes   


CAST - Andre Starr, Klint, Vitas, Malvin Bond, Michael Hodler, Kopner Young, Jordan Thorr, Serij Grever, Seva Ocean, Kosha Grim, Oscar Wade  & Marek Settler

GENRE - Bareback European Twink

BODY TYPES - Smooth skinned, slimly muscular, uncut & well-hung, handsome European men, 18-22


OVERVIEW - S.E.V.P. is out of Stockholm, Sweden, and has been producing bareback films for a number of years.  The young men featured are handsome, smooth-skinned, swimmer-muscular, with uncut generous cocks.  It is totally bareback action, but the guys resist cumming inside, or re-insertion.  Producer-Director Rosenbaum has gathered 12 hot young men together for 6 scenes - 3 duos, 2 threesomes and a 5 man orgy.  It is set primarily in a night club / sex club, with only the second scene at another location.  It starts with five guys (who sometimes, due to mirrors, appear to be twice that many) dancing and getting into sex - for viewing patrons.  Although all 5 guys cum at the end of the opening scene, they go on to have more personal sex in the next five scenes.  The SHAKY DOWN BOYZ of the title are what we would call go-go or club dancers, as seen in the first scene.


SCENE 1 - ANDRE STARR, KLINT, VITAS, MALVIN BOND & MICHAEL HODLER - Starting off with Andre Starr and then Klint, these great looking boys, already naked to the waist, take to the stage to gyrate and dance for the patrons of this club.  One by one, the others join them on stage, and the action quickly turns to physical sex.  Pants come off, then underwear.  Cock sucking becomes the first sexual action, which turns eventually to rimming and bareback fucking.  As mentioned above, the stage is wrapped in mirrors and reflects all the action, so that 5 guys often appear to be 10.  It isn't quite choreographed, but it is staged.  Two of the guys get head back to back, all five sit on the stage apron to suck cock in a a kind of open daisy chain, three train fuck and so forth.  As about 32 minutes speed by, they all shoot a load, mostly spewing over one guy, and "the orgy/act" comes to a close.  The boys are off for more personal encounters.

SCENE 2 - KLINT & VITAS - These two race out the door and head to Vitas's place for sex.  After all that dancing and sex, you'd think food would be on their minds, but no, the only thing they're interested in eating is each other.  Getting naked quickly, Klint pulls Vitas's clothes off and goes down on him.  They work on each other and then turn around to 69 with each other.  Eventually, Vitas wants ass, and so he rims and fingers Klint's hole, and then fucks him doggie-style.  Flip-flopping, Vitas next sits on Klint's big hard cock and shoves it up his ass, as his friend stretches out on his back.  Klint then turns him over and rams his cock up his butt, as he lies on his stomach.  When Klint is ready to shoot another load, he lets go in Vitas's eager mouth.  And then Vitas cums in Klint's.

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SCENE 3 - KOPNER YOUNG, JORDAN THORR & SERIJ GREVER - Back at the club, several guys are discovered in a "private area", looking for some hot action.  Jordan is lying back and jacking his big dick, hoping to stir up some interest.  Super-sexy Kopner (the cover model), wearing a black t-shirt, is standing nearby and doing the same thing.  Serij wanders up and immediately goes down on Kopner through a leafy curtain-like hanging in a wall opening, with Jordan watching from behind.  A few minutes of that, and the two join Jordan to suck on one another.  Serij continues to blow Kopner, as he goes down on Jordan - all sitting in a row,  Kopner stands up on the sofa to get his big dick worked on by both the others.  Kopner eventually drops down to sit again, as the three reverse positions.  Kopner goes down Serij, and Jordan is deep throating Kopner.  Jordan gets out of his shirt to slide into and fuck the now kneeling Serij, who is busy sucking on Kopner.  Then Kopner, now naked, lies behind Jordan to fuck his ass as he is sucking on the now standing Serij.  They change positions again, so that Jordan can slam his dick into Kopner, as he takes over sucking on Serij.  Kopner's dick swells to its thickest and spurts its juice in Jordan's mouth who sucks it down.  Then Jordan cums in Serif's mouth, and Serij cums in Jordan's, in return.

SCENE 4 - SEVA OCEAN & KOSHA GRIM - In another area of the club, flame-haired Seva is lying back on a bright blue chaise, stroking his big dick, just waiting for some attention.  He spots Kosha approaching and sticks his hard-on through another of those leafy hangings for him to suck.  Kosha waists no time and immediately goes down on him.  They move back to the chaise, where Kosha kisses him and continues to give him head.  Seva's big cock is pushed upward by the red briefs stretched beneath his balls.  Kosha gets his equally thick dick out for Seva to work on.  Both of these guys now have their pants off, and Kosha sits on Seva's big dick and sucks it up his butt.  After he's ridden it a while, they switch to let Kosha fuck Seva doggie-style until he's ready to cum.  Kosha lets his load flow into Seva's mouth, and he sucks him clean.  Then Seva shoots an "ocean" of cum over Kosha's face, a load that hits his nose and drips down his face like so much candle wax, into his mouth and onto his chest.  Kosha sucks some of it down.

SCENE 5 - MALVIN BOND, JORDAN THORR & MAREK SETTLER - There's nothing going on in the club's little sit-down bar room.  A tall hot bartender, Malvin, in there alone, stripped to the waist and waiting for a "good time" to materialize.  In walks Jordan (only slightly used from his threesome down the hall) and Marek, looking for a night cap.  Jordan orders a couple of Heinekens, gives Malvin a credit card and settles down with Marek on a banquette.  Malvin takes the bottles to the boys and wedges his hot, semi-naked body down between them.  Holding onto the bottles, he first kisses Jordan, and then Marek.  He doesn't seem to have a preference - he lusts for them equally.  Jordan reaches over for Malvin's crotch.  He then thinks better of the bottles and takes them from Malvin and puts them aside.  He then pulls Malvin's pants off, licks his dick through his turquoise briefs and pulls it out to suck.  Marek kisses Malvin as Jordan pushes his shorts off and sucks.  Then Marek takes a long turn on Malvin's dick as Jordan makes out with him.  Jordan gets his dick out, as Marek continues to work on Malvin.  He finally gets to go down again on Malvin.  Marek and Jordan go back and forth sharing their lust.  Marek, still wearing his black designer t-shirt, kneels center, in front of the banquette, to suck back and forth on Jordan and Malvin, who are now both standing.  Jordan and Malvin reach across Marek to kiss each other.  Malvin kneels, and the two undress Marek.  Malvin and Jordan go to work on Marek.  They are all naked now, kissing and sucking back and forth.  Jordan bends over a table and offers his naked ass to Marek for butt-fucking which he takes advantage of.  Malvin, not to be left out, comes up behind Marek and gently inserts his dick, to make it a "train fuck".  Marek is the man in the middle who is getting it from both front and back.  He then sits of the floor to suck on Malvin and jack himself off, while Malvin, who's kneeling on the banquette, gets butt fucked for a long time by Jordan.  Switching paces, Jordan sits on the now seated Malvin's big dick, as Marek sucks him from above.  Everybody's going at it.  Jordan finishes by cumming on Malvin's face, and Malvin in turn licks his cock clean.  Malvin cums on the two of them as they kiss, taking time out to suck the cum out of him.  Marek then ends the session by again cumming on Malvin.  (I've been a "Malvin Fan" for some time.  He seems a little older, extremely well-hung and sexually wiser than his friends.  His performances are always hot.)  This scene, for me is the icing on this cream-filled cake of a fuck film.

SCENE 6 - KOSHA GRIM & OSCAR WADE - This last scene shifts to a bathroom, where Kosha (who earlier had sex with Seva Ocean) is taking a shower.  Oscar has been watching him from a seat in the sauna and comes out to join him, at first kissing him and then going down on him.  Kosha then takes a turn on Oscar, still in the shower stall.  They kiss and then move over to a bench in a sitting area to continues Oscar's sucking.  Then Oscar settles down on Kosha's dick and rides it.  Eventually, Kosha stands up and sticks his butt out, so that Oscar can have a turn at fucking him.  Oscar eventually sits on the chair himself and throws his legs high in the air, so that Kosha can slide his dick up his butt and pound away until Oscar spews his cum.  Kosha shoots his load on Oscar's face and mouth, and he sucks it clean.

VIDEO - The DVDs from S.E.V.P. are always clearly shot, with the camera always finding the best view of the sex.  Lighting in some parts of the club is "atmospheric", but the sex is always visible.  The club lighting and video work  in the first scene gives the viewer the sense of being in the club watching a show, but always being in on and close to the sex.

AUDIO - The talking - I'm not going to call it dialog - is in accented English.  "Fuck me", "Suck me" and "Let's go to my place" is about it.  But the sounds of sex are clearly all there.  A light musical track accompanies and usually emphasizes the sex.

EXTRAS - Trailers of other S.E.V.P. DVDs and a Photo Gallery fill out the already long film.

FINAL THOUGHTS - This is a "tasty smorgasbord" of bareback sex from Sweden, supporting their reputation for hot action. It isn't nasty or mean, and the pace is often relaxed. Some times, the action seems more directed than inspired by the guys engaging in the sex, but it generally sucks me in.  Leading off with a five-man orgy would seem to be a bad idea, making the following scenes less effective or anticlimactic, but that is not really the case here.  For me, the hottest is Scene 5.  If, like me, smooth young muscular bodies and bareback action with big, uncut cocks turn you on, I would label it HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Rod Woodman

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