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Studio: Blowfish Video » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 11/3/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Feature, Lesbian, Queer Porn

Director: Shine Louise Houston

Cast: Madison Young, Dylan Rion, Vasa, Shawn, Rozen, Guy Handful, Dana DeArmond, Lorelei Lee, Princess Donna, Shine Louise Houston (non-sex role)

Length: 69 minutes

Dates of Production: 5/26 - 31/06

Extras: Their is a second DVD that has most of the extras on it. There are five separate interviews. Each one has the actresses that are focused in their own scene. An over fifteen minute segment of outtakes is provided. These are very good and entertaining. An over twenty-three minute behind the scenes footage called Behind Kink is also included. A portion of this segment is the director giving her take on lesbian porn and her career. There are comments from some of the stars interspersed throughout this segment. Four trailers are provided as well. Those are The Crash Pad, Clearly Sex, Superfreak, and Friends & Lovers. On the main DVD that has the Superfreak movie, a selection to listen to the Director's Commentary as the film is running is included.

Condoms: Condom over fingers

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very good.

Overview:  Superfreak is a feature production from Blowfish Video and Pink and White Productions. The premise to this film is about the funky spirit of Rick James who enters the bodies of women to get their groove on to have sex. Shine Louise Houston's portrayal as the funk master is quite funny and enjoyable to watch. The screenplay is also well done and the casting is unbelievable. The director is Shine Louise Houston who is the leading indie feminist porn director around. Ms. Houston is a three-time winner of the Feminist Porn Awards. Awards. She is best known for her movies Champion and The Crash Pad.

Scene One: While Madison Young is playing with herself, the ghost of Rick James enters her horny body. Later, she is masturbating with a glass dildo while stimulating her clit with an electronic vibrator. The woman really gets into the mood of pleasuring herself. Her moans sound sweet. Her subtle gyrations are cool. The camera shots are very effective especially when it is above her body. The tight shots of her pink womanhood are hot. Later on, the scene shifts to where she is preparing to head off to a party.

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Scene Two: Once at the party, a still possessed Madison Young selects a boyish looking Dylan Rion and they kiss. Soon, she sucks on the lady's strap-on cock with good lustful energy as shots of the party crowd are shown. Then, they embrace as Dylan fucks her standing up. Madison's butt looks very cute. The humping action is solid and it gains more enthusiasm as the action persists on. A nice looking screw from behind occurs. The energy level remains very heated. The various camera shots are highly effective. Afterwards, Dylan fingerfucks the lady. She is wearing a condom over her fingers as she applies a good amount of force with her nice technique. Finally, they kiss.

Scene Three: Later at the party, Vasa is peeing in the kitchen sink and Shawn walks in on her. Suddenly, Rick James' spirit enters Shawn's body. She puts the moves on Vasa and they kiss. Next, Shawn spits a mouthful of water onto her vaginal sponge and sucks it energetically. In between the action, Vasa spits on her partner's mouth and face with water. Later, they kiss and Vasa shoots water on Shawn. Next, Shawn wets Vasa's kitty with the water and then, she eats it with much gusto. Then, she carries Vasa onto the counter where the possessed woman continues her skillful pussy eating and then, finger fucking antics. Her technique with two hands is very cool. Later, Shawn applies unbelievable pressure on Vasa's sex spot when she only uses one hand. Afterwards, Vasa undresses her on the floor. Some nice looking energetic finger fucking occurs by Vasa. Moments later, Shawn lays on her back while the woman continues her dedicated work on her. The time comes when Vasa tastes her hard work by sucking on Shawn's wet feminine sponge.

Scene Four: Rosen and Guy Handful are in the bathroom. The ghost enters Guy's body. Meanwhile, Rosen is upset with her for not paying enough attention to her. Suddenly, they are kissing. Next, the femme sucks on the strap-on cock from the floor. A 69 occurs. Rosen's ass is hot. There is a good amount of footage from both ends of the 69 activity. A reverse cowgirl ride follows. The various camera shots are cool. Afterwards, Guy fingerfucks her girlfriend's beauty spot with much enthusiastic fervor. Rosen's loud screams are amazing. It is a remarkable scene. I really enjoyed Rosen's body reactions and facial expressions. Rosen squirts a bit. Their overall performance is emtional, intense, and personal. The quivers of her body are sensational. This exceptional scene ends with Guy on top of her as they kiss.

Scene Five: At the end of the party, Dana DeArmond and Princess Donna are about to leave when their friend Lorelei Lee joins them. Immediately, the two friends work her over on the table. Donna fingers her pretty lovebox. Dana spanks it briefly. Later, the Princess fucks Lorelei with a dildo with good energy. The threesome look very beautiful together. Soon, Princess tastes her wet clit and Dana kisses Miss Lee. The action becomes more intense when Dana rubs her clit aggressively. Then, she and Donna switch positions and roles. Afterwards, Lorelei is on her stomach while the Princess fingers her vaginal and anal holes. Next, a 69 occurs with Lorelei on top of Donna. Dana kisses Lorelei at times. Then, she sucks Miss DeArmond's peach with good feeling. The intensity level heightens when Donna four fingers Miss Lee's asshole vigorously. Lorelei's facial expressions are very cool. She also sucks on Dana's bosoms. Then, both friends work her over with Dana fingering the lady's vaginal plaything and Princess Donna finger fucking her shit hole. Some spanking occurs. Donna's right hand is soaked. Lorelei's moans become much more louder when Dana rubs her clit. The ladies' teamwork is amazing. Finally, the trio kiss.

Final Thoughts:  Superfreak is super. This movie is Shine Louise Houston's best film ever. Packed with humor, genuine fondness and attraction to one's partner, as well as hot sex, Superfreak is a must-see for anyone who is interested in the world of queer porn. It is not as intense or rough as other Shine Louise Houston's projects so it is a good stepping stone into this kinkdom. I would say that it's as close to a mainstream lesbian movie that queer porn would ever involve itself in. Thus, a larger audience would appreciate this superb Superfreak production. The best scenes are the final two episodes. True porn amateurs and real-life couple Rosen and Guy Handful are the main standouts. No one would ever suspect that this was their first porn scene ever. The more experienced threesome of Dana DeArmond, Lorelei Lee, and Princess Donna also sparkle in their own right. These three hot femmes scorch the screen with their unrelenting performances. In addition, a second DVD worth of extras along with a Director's Commentary that runs through a copy of the entire film is a major plus. I highly recommend this sensational film.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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