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Eva Angelina

Studio: Ninn Worx » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 10/30/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Note: This is one of my "legacy" reviews, written for a site that is now off-line. Since Eva Angelina has recently returned to porn after a year-and-one-half hiatus, I thought I'd help you celebrate by publishing some of my reviews of her early work.

Genre: All Sex
Director: Halle Vanderhyden
Cast: A.J. Bailey, Angela Stone, Eva Angelina, Jenner, Joey Valentine, Marcus London, Rick Masters, Van Damage
Length: 01:41
Condoms: None.
Bonus: One bonus star for condom-free sex!


At last! An extremely well-crafted and sublime movie dedicated to the incomparable Eva Angelina. In my humble opinion, Eva is at the top of a very short list of absolutely must-see performers in 2006. She's built, she's beautiful, she's sexy, she's passionate, she's nasty, and she absolutely loves sex. Yep, she's my kind of woman!

Eva Angelina is composed of six highly captivating and extremely sumptuous vignette scenes. There's no plot, no dialog, and no wasted time. Instead, there's one hour and forty minutes of couples-friendly pure heaven as Eva masturbates, blows three different guys, fucks Van Damage, and shows A.J. Bailey what girl/girl lovin' is all about. Eva is body-and-soul involved in four of the scenes and plays a cameo role while Joey Valentine takes on Marcus London.

Eva Angelina builds up your desire for Eva's superb flesh little-by-little. In Scene One, she only strips and masturbates. During Scene Two, she helps Angela Stone keep two cocks happy by blowing and/or sucking one guy's dick while Angela fucks the other. Eva's role in Scene Three is cameo in nature: she participates in Joey Valentine's strip tease and then watches her fuck Marcus London from the sidelines. Eva is absent from Scene Four when beautiful A.J. Bailey strips and teases us. By Scene Five, when Eva teaches gorgeous A.J. the intricacies of lesbian sex, I was so desperate to see Eva's spread-wide pussy penetrated that I nearly cheered when A.J. shoved a toy up Eva's cunt. Then, when Eva took Van Damage's cock into her insatiable pussy in Scene Six...well, I don't mind sharing that I lost my load. Is Eva worth the wait? You betcha!

As is always the case with Ninn Worx releases, Eva Angelina is a masterpiece of video. The locations, sets, wardrobe, makeup, camera angles, lighting, and editing are all way above average and are a worthy setting for one of the most desirable porn stars to ever grace the blue screen...Eva Angelina, of course.

Halle Vanderhyden directed Eva Angelina. This is the first of her movies that I've reviewed and I must say that I'm very impressed. She must have studied at the knee of consummate director Michael Ninn, for whom she now works. Congratulations, Halle.

If you're a fan of Eva, you've simply got to get your hands on Eva Angelina. If you don't know who Eva is, you're really missing out.
Check out some photos of Eva Angelina here. Enjoy!


Scene 1

Scene Type: Solo
Performers: Eva Angelina 

In Scene One, Eva introduces us to her remarkably alluring and oh-so-photogenic body by stripping and masturbating for us. Initially dressed in what reminds me of a costume a 1950's showgirl might wear (replete with feathered headdress and skirt), Eva strips down to her black pink thong, shoves her fingers inside, and, while undulating her body provocatively, spreads her gorgeous labia, fingers her already-protruding clit, and probes her inviting hole with multiple fingers. Absolutely stunning video captures the action from below and highlights Eva's adorable face, perfectly sculpted tits, firm young body, pierced navel, and to-die-for pussy. Eva loves the taste of her own cunt juice and repeatedly sucks her fingers clean. She also knows that we like to hear almost as much as we like to see. So, she groans lustily, pants with pleasure, and talks deliciously naughty to us while she pleasures herself. Fuck, I could watch Eva masturbate all day! Of course, being a female orgasm junkie, I about jumped out of my skin when Eva makes herself cum like a volcano--and then smiles angelically. Although I really enjoyed this solo scene, I would have liked it more had Eva whipped out some of her favorite toys. Four stars.

Scene 2

Scene Type: Boy/boy/girl threesome; Eva Angelina "lends a hand."
Performers: Angela Stone, Eva Angelina, Jenner, Rick Masters. 

Scene Two features Eva along with Angela Stone as they take on two guys...Jenner and Rick Masters. This isn't really a foursome. Instead, it's more like a series of one-on-one couplings featuring Angela and the guys...Angela does one guy while Eva keeps the other cock hard and happy with her hands and mouth. The guys switch back and forth so each of them gets repeated opportunities to fuck Angela's pussy and/or asshole and enjoy Eva's remarkable fellatio skills. This pleasantly long scene rates five stars on my boy/girl scale.

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  • Tease: While high-energy music supports the on-screen action, Angela Stone, dressed in straps of black leather, strips and teases us outside in a unique--yet attractive--garden. Her tease is the kind that a first-class "feature girl" would give you at a strip club...you know the kind...designed to make you slip lots of singles into her panties! She gives lots of glimpses of what we want to see. However, she holds back her awesome assets for later on.
  • Foreplay 1: Fondling and Stripping. Inside a magnificent home on the steps of a circular staircase, Rick Masters, dressed in a business suit, kisses and fondles Angela's leather-clad body as she wiggles and writhes with pleasure (her ass cheeks look superb!). Meanwhile, Eva Angelina, a few steps beneath Angela and Rick, reaches her hands inside her panties to play with herself while undulating erotically. She also squeezes her awesome tits. Angela stokes and licks Rick's cock through his dress pants and methodically and sensuously undresses him.
  • Foreplay 2: Fellatio. As soon as Angela frees Rick's cock from the confinement of his pants, she, of course, takes it entirely into her insatiable mouth. The look of pleasure on her face is unmistakable (especially in the POV sequence) as she licks, strokes, sucks, and slurps his lucky rod. Eva's look of penis envy--she wants what Angela has--is also patently obvious. Damn! Eva's fucking jealous! However, she grudgingly resigns herself to masturbation while she waits for her earnest prayer for cock to be answered.
  • Position 1: Doggie; Foreplay 3: Fellatio. Rick bends Angela over the staircase rail, slides his cock into her welcoming bald-shaven pussy from behind, establishes intense eye contact with her, and fucks her with long and deep strokes. Angela fingers her own clit to increase her pleasure and groans ecstatically as pleasure courses through her randy body. She even leans back so we can get a better view of the in-and-out action (excellent close-ups as her cunt swallows Rick balls-deep). Meanwhile, Eva's fervent prayer is answered when Jenner magically appears on the staircase. Eager to make up for lost time, Eva immediately unzips Jenner's dress pants and gives him one of her signature five-star and deliciously slobbery deep-throat-intensive blowjobs that would make me pop in two minutes or less! Believe me when I tell you that Eva worships cock--especially when they're in her greedy mouth. Even her beautiful face beams with bliss.
  • Foreplay 4: Fellatio. Eva trades Jenner's cock for Rick's and shows him what a real blowjob looks, sounds, and feels like. Believe me, his spit-soaked dick loves every second of Eva's attention!
  • Position 2: Reverse cowgirl. While Jenner sits on the staircase, Angela straddles him and begs him to stick his cock into her juicy vagina. Jenner does the lady's bidding and, once he's inside, she tosses her horny body up and down to force him deeper and deeper inside her hole. Meanwhile, she talks naughty and groans with pleasure as her cunt juice lubricates Jenner's lucky rod. At one point, Jenner slips his fingers--along with his cock--into Angela's pussy and then lets her lick her juice-covered fingers clean. In due course, Angela's increasingly frenzied and energetic thrusts cause her to scream through a volcanic orgasm.
  • Position 3: Doggie anal. As Eva provides inspiring and very naughty words of encouragement, Jenner bends Angela over the stair rail, inches his cock into her accommodating asshole, and fucks her hard and deep. Meanwhile, excellent camera angles and close-ups capture both Angela's accommodating anus and oh-so-pretty pink, swollen, and very juicy pussy (don't you love how a woman's labia wink open and closed like fluttering butterfly wings when her asshole is being reamed?). Angela's eventual ass-gasm is strong enough to make her scream ecstatically. During this segment, Eva continues to please Rick's cock by squeezing and milking it with both hands--enough to keep him in heaven, but not enough to make him pop.
  • Position 4: Doggie anal. After Angela's ass cums through Jenner's handiwork, Eva asks her, "You want some new cock in your fucking ass?" Angela agrees: "Give it to me!" So Rick, his cock achingly hard due to Eva's ministrations, steps behind Angela and, once Jenner's out of the way, he slips his cock inside her ass and pounds her relentlessly. Again, Angela's dripping-wet genitals look superb as Rick pounds her tight ass with "nice long strokes." Throughout this segment, Eva keeps Jenner's cock hard by stroking, kissing, and sucking it. And, she keeps everybody's juices flowing through the use of provocative and nasty talk: "C'mon, you dirty slut. Fuck back!" Insatiable Angela is, in due course, rewarded with another earthshaking ass-gasm.
  • Position 5: Reverse cowgirl anal. Again, Angela trades cocks. This time, Rick sits on the treads of the staircase and helps her slide his rod inside her now-accommodating anus. Once his tip has cleared her sphincter, Angela tosses her oversexed little body up and down enthusiastically, causing Rick's cock to bottom out in her asshole (great close-ups highlight Angela's gorgeous dripping cunt as it drips enough girl-juice to lubricate her commodious asshole).
  • Popshots: I fucking loved the popshots! As Angela squats on the floor beneath the guys' cocks, Eva grabs a dick with each hand and jacks them off until they both spew their loads on Angela's face and into her mouth. Eva then uses her fingers to scrape gobs of semen off of Angela's face and into her mouth. The popshot is shown repeatedly from different angles and in slow motion. Angela's cum-slathered face is also shown in extreme close-up. Yum!

Scene 3

Scene Type: Boy/girl
Performers: Joey Valentine, Marcus London; Eva Angelina "lends a hand." 

In Scene Three, Joey Valentine takes on Marcus London in a scrumptious boy/girl encounter. Eva participates in the scene-opening tease, but then steps off camera as the scene progresses. Four stars.
  • Tease: The scene begins with what appears to be video shot while still photos were being shot. Eva poses in a cute pink and black outfit and, as the photographer snaps shot after shot, she strips and teases us. In due course, Joey joins her and the girls kiss and make out for the camera. This highly erotic tease has an MTV feel to it...luscious clips of the girls are stitched together in a very sensuous way designed to make your blood boil. Joey strips naked during the tease; shows off her very nice ass, medium-sized all-natural tits, and intricate shoulder-blade tattoo; jacks her clit; and finger-fucks her cleanly-shaven and juicy hole. Even better, she cums volcanically for us and then eats her juice.
  • Foreplay 1: Fellatio. Marcus and Joey kiss and fondle each other. Meanwhile, Joey strips off her polka-dot top and peels off Marcus' suit and dress shirt. As soon as Marcus' semi-erect cock is released from confinement, Joey, grinning happily, takes his shaft into her greedy mouth. Believe me, Marcus' cock isn't "semi-erect" for very long! Joey's enthusiastic sucking and stroking technique soon has him titanium hard! She also deep-throats every inch of him, suckles his balls, and lubricates the action with lots of her saliva. Meanwhile, she establishes intense and lusty eye contact with us through the camera's lens.
  • Foreplay 2: Cunnilingus. As the camera captures the action close up, Marcus goes down on Joey's taste twat as she sits back on the hearth in front of a fireplace. He suckles and licks her labia, uses a rapid-fire tongue action on her clit, and finger-fucks her vagina. Joey reacts by shoving Marcus' face tight against her crotch, by heaving and undulating her body, and by groaning ecstatically as her pleasure builds inexorably toward orgasm. Her climax leaves her breathless and her body glistens with sweat.
  • Position 1: Standing doggie. Without benefit of transitioning footage, the video cuts to standing doggie. Joey supports herself by standing on her right leg and by holding on for dear life to the fireplace's mantle. Meanwhile, Marcus lifts her left leg high in the air while he fucks her. In this way, we can see not only the in-and-out action (great close-ups), but also savor Joey's hard, all-natural, and sex-flushed physique. Joey loves being pounded and is soon fucking him back, stroke-for-stroke. And, she encourages him with fervent and nasty words.
  • Position 2: Missionary. Joey lies on a beautiful hardwood floor that's covered by a velvet blanket and reaches her arms behind her head to support herself as Marcus pounds her pussy missionary style. Joey's lust is evident as she shouts her bliss, as her breath shortens, and as her body becomes crimson with passion.
  • Position 3: Spoon. Marcus slides behind Joey as she continues to lie on the velvet-covered floor. Then, he slips his cock into her pussy and fucks her balls-deep with long and hard strokes. Lusty Joey fucks him back, matching him stroke-for-stroke (great camera angles and close-ups). Marcus and Joey fuck each other with increasing intensity until Joey has an explosive, prolonged, and back-arching orgasm.
  • Popshot: As Joey kneels before him, Marcus jacks his cock until he ejects his load into her wide-open mouth and onto her bright red face and chest. She then sucks him dry. The pop is shown from two different angles and is occasionally displayed in slow-motion.

Scene 4

Scene Type: Solo
Performers: A.J. Bailey 

A.J. Bailey strips and teases us in Scene Four. At first, A.J. shows off her black-fishnet-clad and never-ending legs as we follow her when she struts across a beautiful room. A.J. then sits on a plush chair, crosses her superb legs, and then caresses her black-leather-clad body. Her leather jacket has small zippered openings that she uses to reveal her pert and very erect nipples. Of course, it also has the main zipper that she, in due course, opens to reveal her firm young breasts, rock-hard abdomen, and pierced navel that is surrounded by an intricate--yet elegant--tattoo. Eventually, A.J. pulls aside her black leather-looking panties and strokes her pretty pink labia and sensitive clit with her nicely manicured and spit-lubricated fingers. A.J. loves the feel of her own touch and is soon groaning with pleasure as her body undulates erotically. A.J.'s self-love soon pays huge dividends when she has a body-trembling orgasm that leaves her breathless. She finishes up by eating her own cum as she looks at us lustily (SUPERB video!). As was the case in Scene One, I would have preferred for A.J. to use toys. Otherwise, I enjoyed her striptease. Four stars.

Scene 5

Scene Type: Girl/girl 
Performers: Eva Angelina, A.J. Bailey 

In Scene Five we finally get to see Eva's pussy penetrated. Damn, I've waited for you, girl! Since A.J. just completed her tease sequence, the action moves directly into foreplay and takes off from there as the girls use fingers, tongues, and toys to make each other cum time and again. Five stars! 
  • Foreplay: A.J., again dressed in her leather outfit, sits on the floor and enjoys Eva's attention. Eva unzips A.J.'s jacket to get a good look at her pretty lover and then immediately begins to lick, squeeze, and suckle A.J.'s pert nipples. Eva sucks A.J.'s breasts so hard that her lipstick soon encircles A.J.s nipples. Eva's hands eventually wander southward toward A.J.'s pussy. After Eva impatiently removes A.J.'s panties, A.J. spreads her legs--and hence her labia--super wide so that Eva can go down on her with tongue and spit-soaked fingers. God, Eva really knows how to eat a pussy...in fact, if I had a vagina, I'd beg Eva to lick, squeeze, stroke, and multiple-finger-fuck it! Of course, A.J.'s cunt reacts like you'd expect and is soon dripping wet! And, her clit stands hard and proud, especially when both Eva and A.J. stroke it. Eva's superb cunnilingus and finger-fucking skills soon cause A.J. to cum. Then, she eats her cum off of Eva's fingers: "My pussy tastes good, baby!"
  • Position 1: Missionary. Eva strips off her top (gasp, I love her tits!) and then grabs a colorful glass dildo. While A.J. sits back on a velvet-covered chair and splays her legs wide, Eva expertly slides the toy into A.J.'s accommodating cunt. Then, Eva uses her thumb to jack A.J.'s clit while pounding her pussy with the dildo. A.J. responds by squeezing her own all-natural tits and squealing with delight. And, her body heaves with unbridled lust. After A.J. cums again, she sucks the dildo clean. Remarkably, Eva's not finished with A.J. yet. So, she shoves the dildo back into A.J.'s pussy and reams her with redline speed while A.J., of course, screams through another prolonged--and very intense--orgasm. Afterward, Eva slowly brings A.J. back to earth by gently massaging her clit with the tip of the dildo.
  • Position 2: Missionary. To repay Eva for multiple orgasms, A.J. attacks her pussy with lips tongue, and fingers as Eva sits back on a chair and spreads her legs super wide. Damn, Eva is so fucking beautiful! Eva truly enjoys A.J.'s technique, giggles with delight, and pants in ecstasy as pleasure flows through her awesome body. And, her pleasure increases exponentially when A.J. multiple-finger-fucks Eva's cunt while frantically jacking her clit. Eva likes it so much that juice literally flows out of her pussy (A.J. feeds that juice to Eva) as her pleasure builds toward climax. Believe me, her subsequent orgasm is delightful!
  • Position 3: Doggie. Eva bends over and presents her pulsing pussy to A.J. A.J. then uses a multifaceted toy (it has a rotating beaded head and clit-pleasing "rabbit ears") to pound Eva's cunt from behind (superb close-ups highlight Eva's goose-flesh-covered butt). Eva derives extreme pleasure from the toy. However, that pleasure is heightened even more when A.J. spanks her ass cheeks and when Eva jacks her own clit and squeezes her own abundant breasts. When Eva cums again, she's reduced to a breathless pile of oversexed flesh. Wicked A.J., however, doesn't stop fucking Eva with the toy. So, Eva's orgasm flows and flows as her legs tremble. Meanwhile, horny A.J. pleases her own cunt with her fingers. After Eva licks her cum off of the dildo, toy play continues as A.J. pounds Eva through another screaming orgasm.
  • Interlude: As both girls turn their pretty cheek-to-cheek faces to the camera, they erotically use their tongues to lick every drop of Eva's cum off of the dildo's shaft. Talk about gorgeous footage! Pause your DVD player to savor Eva's big brown eyes and A.J.'s pretty blue-gray eyes as they lick the toy clean.
  • Position 4: Doggie. It's A.J.'s turn to get fucked again. So, Eva dons a wicked strap-on and uses it to pound A.J.'s pussy as she kneels on all fours (very nice camerawork). Eva wields the cock like a guy and soon has A.J. screaming with delight. A.J. increases her pleasure by jacking her own clit. The combination of Eva's deep and forceful in-and-out action and A.J.'s clit-jacking technique causes A.J. to squeal delightfully and, in due course, to cum again with a back-arching orgasm. Afterward, A.J. sucks the toy clean.

Scene 6

Scene Type: Boy/girl 
Performers: Eva Angelina, Van Damage 

At long last, we get to see Eva pounded by a real-life cock in Scene Six. The cock belongs to Van Damage and, as his name implies, he uses it to inflict some real damage on Eva's pussy (just kidding!). Four and one-half stars.
  • Foreplay 1: Fellatio. When the scene fades in, Eva's already deliciously naked and kneeling in front of Van, who's dressed in a suit and dress shirt. Eva quickly unzips him and gives him one of her passionate, yearning, focused slobbery, worshipful, and totally pleasurable blowjobs. Meanwhile, Eva finger-fucks herself and Van tosses away his jacket and shirt. If you've seen Eva gobble a cock, you know how good she is. If you haven't seen her perform fellatio, then get this movie! All I know is that if Eva ever sucked my dick I would surely die a very happy man! The video in this segment, shot close-up and at times in POV, is likely as close as I'll ever get to an Eva Angelina blowjob. Believe me, it's a good second choice!
  • Foreplay 2: Cunnilingus. Eva leans against a stair rail and lifts her right leg up onto the railing so that Van can kneel before her and worship her gorgeous cunt and erect clit with his tongue and multiple fingers. Superb. Tasty. Pleasurable. Juicy. Slippery. Pink. Orgasmic. There's no need to say more.
  • Position 1: One-legged standing doggie. Eva stands on her right leg with her left leg high in the air so that her body is perpendicular to the floor. Van then slides his cock balls-deep in-and-out of her as the camera captures the action so close that Eva's pussy fills the wide-screen display. Meanwhile, Eva fingers her clit as Van pounds her deep and enthusiastically. Then, as the camera pans across Eva's magnificent body so close that you'll want to reach over and lick it, Eva talks nasty, shouts, and growls with pleasure as her pleasure engine overloads. Eva fucks Van back hard as she screams, "I'm gonna cum, baby!" Her orgasm is amazing and is the reason I enjoy Eva so much. During this segment, be sure to freeze-frame your player when Eva's pussy fills the screen so you can enjoy her pretty, hard, and proud clitoris.
  • Position 2: Doggie. After Eva's incredible orgasm, she drops her left leg to the floor so that Van can fuck her in the traditional doggie position. Eva's fleshy labia look particularly delightful as Van continues to ream her balls-deep.
  • Position 3: Reverse cowgirl. Watch the insertion frame-by-frame as Eva lowers her incredible cunt around Van's oh-so-lucky rod. Her engorged clit is fucking amazing! After you spend some time savoring one of the prettiest vaginas you'll ever see, press "play" and enjoy Eva's energetic ride as she pounds Van with powerful strokes that coat his cock with her juice. Now, savor Eva's perfectly-sculpted body as she fucks and grinds her heart out, growls with pleasure, talks deliciously naughty, and experiences one incendiary screaming orgasm after another. During reverse, Eva pounds Van so hard that he almost prematurely ejaculates. However, she knows what's about to happen and saves the day by lifting herself off of him. Damn, she knows how to fuck!
  • Popshot: Eva kneels at Van's feet and presents her big tits to him as a target for his cum. He jacks off furiously until he splatters spasm after spasm of semen onto her glorious chest. Then, she sucks every remaining drop of cum out of his cock and spits it onto her already-plastered breasts. Superb footage captures the action as Van's semen dribbles down Eva's voluptuous titties and womanly belly. Gorgeous.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The 16:9 widescreen video is very good. The lighting, color balance, camera angles, and close-ups are all first class. I didn't notice any hint of pixelization or other digital compression artifacts. However, I did notice the lower torso of a crewmember on the right side of the screen when Eva blows Van's cock in Scene Six. Most of the editing is effective, too. In particular, I liked the MTX-style back-and-forth editing during the girls' tease segments. However, I must admit that I would have preferred to see the performers transition from position to position as well as the initial insertion after each transition. Four stars.

Audio (technical): The audio was well recorded and is of sufficient and consistent volume throughout the movie. Music accompanies some of the footage. However, it never becomes obtrusive. Four stars.

Extras: In addition to a full-motion chapter selector and multiple chapters per scene, this DVD-9 disc contains a nearly 12-minute-long self-running slide show (superb photos) and a very well made 21-minute Behind-the Scenes MTV-style featurette (behind-the-scenes tomfoolery, still-photo-shoot video, wardrobe, hairstyling, behind-the-camera footage, and impromptu interviews). From a quantity perspective, the extras are below average when compared to recent adult releases. However, I must admit that the BTS is really well done...especially the music-video-style segments. Three and one-half stars.

Aesthetics: Very effective locations were used during the filming of Eva Angelina. In addition, the locations were used effectively. In particular, I'm happy to say that director Halle Vanderhyden did not succumb to the ubiquitous "let's fuck on that couch" routine. Instead, fireplaces, staircases, and other non-couch sets were effectively employed for first-class and highly erotic fucking. I also like the wardrobe (for both the men and women) and I think the make-up is first-class. Music nicely supports the tease segments and is skillfully employed when the sex begins to reach a climax. Most of the time there is no music--so that the lusty sounds of the performers are front-and-center. However, when music begins to support the action, you know something great is about to happen. So, even though the music itself is not particularly inspiring, its use to support the on-screen action is superb. Five stars.

Dr. Jay

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